Perception, deception... or both?

by Nel
For the Week of May 3, 2021
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Ashland Locke's heart attack might have scared him, but has it scared him enough to become benevolent? How will Ashland exact his revenge on Victor? Will he take Victor to court or use his own kind of punishment? Will Cyaxares remain with Victor, or will Victoria take it over? Will Tara finally believe what Billy had told her about the events surrounding Ashland's heart attack? Can Chelsea's new plan fool Victor? Is Victoria still trying to win back Billy's heart, or is there a new man on her horizon? Please join our columnist as she explores these questions in this week's Two Scoops.

Without a doubt, I know exactly where to start this week. Loyalty to family first. Those were Victor's words. Too bad he doesn't practice what he preaches. Victor waxes poetic when it's to his advantage. That phrase was directed at Victoria when Victor and Victoria discussed Cyaxares. Victor was upset because Victoria had bid for Cyaxares against him, and Victoria claimed it was just business. How many times has Victor said that to Nick and to Victoria -- it's just business? Where was his family loyalty then? A galloping horse can see he has something up his sleeve to punish Victoria, but what form will it take? I really liked the kinder side of Victor; however, after watching him protect Adam like he's never protected Victoria or Nick, and then with the cruelty to Ashland while he was in medical distress, the scales tipped in the other direction for me.

I think Victor is a cruel and cold-hearted "bastrich!" The pitter-patter of my heart that was for Victor has disappeared. I can't imagine anyone being that cruel. Victor was taking a big risk, withholding medical care for Ashland, because if Ashland had died, Victor wouldn't have gotten the signature he so desperately wanted, unless he tried to forge Ashland's signature. He took a gamble and got the signature, but how long will that contract last? You know that Ashland will find a way for payback. Look what Ashland did to Jabot. He seems to have a very long arm. Victor better have eyes in the back of his head because he won't see the vengeance coming his way. I always thought Victor was ruthless, but he's an amateur compared to Ashland.

Victor claims to know the ins and outs of business. He can't be that smart because Ashland can have Victor arrested for withholding medical care, and he can take Victor to court over the contract because he was told he would get medical care as soon as he signed the contract. If memory serves, that contact isn't valid because it was signed under duress. Nikki protected Victor's egregious act, and my opinion of her has plummeted, as well. I thought she was the glue that kept the family together. I understand protecting her family, but to cover up what Victor did to Ashland is just unspeakable. A line must be drawn between loyalty and the right thing to do. Ashland has survived, and what Victor did to him will come out one way or another, proving Nikki lied to Tara.

Why did Victor tell Nikki that buying Cyaxares would get Adam back on his feet? Is he kidding? Adam doesn't need to get back on his feet. Has Victor become senile? Has he forgotten that Adam took over Dark Horse, sold it off, and pocketed the proceeds, and Adam accepted, I think it was 50 million dollars, from Victoria to leave town, and he chose not to leave town? So, with the 50 million from Victoria and the proceeds from the sale of Dark Horse, how does Adam have to get back on his feet? I see this as favoritism/obsession at its worst, especially after everything Adam has done to Victor and his family. I'm waiting to see when Adam is going to betray Victor yet again.

Was anyone surprised when an angry Victor told Nikki that he was having second thoughts about inserting Victoria as the CEO of Newman Enterprises. She shouldn't have bid against him in the Cyaxares deal. Nikki claimed Victoria had earned that position. Victor asked, "Did she?" Another one of Victor's axioms, "I giveth, and I taketh away." This is how he has treated his kids, other than Adam, since I can remember.

Victor told Michael that Adam was on the run because Rey had accused Adam of poisoning him. Did Victor bump his head while getting out of bed, or am I just crazy? Yes, Rey has accused Adam of poisoning him, but that was only after he'd gathered all the evidence that pointed to Adam. Victor seems to be ignoring that little nugget of information. Does anyone recall Victor ever fighting this hard for Nick or Victoria? I don't. This begs the question: why is Adam more special to Victor than his other offspring? None of his other kids have done anything that compares to the vile things Adam has done, especially to Victor, yet he seems to be obsessed with Adam.

Victor has also blamed Rey for Adam being on the run, believing that Rey's motivation was revenge, not justice. Victor makes up excuses for Adam as he goes. Rey is after Adam because all the evidence points to Adam. Rey is suspicious of Chelsea, as is Victor, but suspicion isn't evidence. After Victor received news of Faith's health crisis, he was wrong telling Rey that Faith was none of Rey's business.

Rey and Faith were close, and it doesn't matter what the marital situation is -- Rey and Sharon are still married, and Sharon should have called him to let him know Faith was in crisis. Rey moved out of the marital home, but that was only a day or two previously. That didn't negate his and Sharon's marriage, and Faith certainly didn't know there were problems in the marriage. He had a right to know. Sharon wasn't endearing herself to Rey. Some fans have said the reason Sharon didn't call him was because she was busy with Faith. Doing what, sitting at Faith's bedside, or in the waiting area, fretting? During that time, she couldn't call Rey to let him know about Faith?

I have mentioned this before, and I think it's worth another mention. I don't believe Sharon was really in love with Rey. I feel like she saw him as a comfortable place to be because he was kind and good-hearted, but I never really saw the love there. Perhaps it would be better if they went their separate ways, but not during Faith's health crisis.

I loved seeing Nick and Victoria leaning on each other. Nick offered Victoria some sage advice, and he warned her not to let her guard down when it came to Victor, because Victor would find a way to make the piper pay. Victoria took that advice to heart, or at least she appeared to. I love that, for the most part, they always turn to each other.

It looks like Victoria is going to try a different approach with Victor. Frankly, I don't believe any approach with Victor will change anything. He is his father's son, after all. He says, "Jump," and everyone asks, "How high?" and there is no deviation. Victor will have his way, no matter which way he is approached. It appears Victoria will be working with someone. I hope it will turn out to be a new romance for her and get her off the Billy train.

Don't you love miraculous recoveries? Well, it appears that Chelsea has been the recipient of such a miracle after her stroke. We, and non-medical people, might be gullible enough to accept it, but for Nate to believe that Chelsea went from 0 to 75 in about a week and a half is mind-boggling. He's a doctor, and he knows how long it takes to recover from a stroke, yet there he is, pleased as punch over Chelsea's progress. Chelsea showed off how she could stand, walk, and talk like a Chatty Cathy doll, and Nate bought this miraculous recovery. Chelsea claims she wants to get away from the toxic people in Genoa City. I wonder if Chelsea has checked the mirror lately. Next to Adam, she is one of the most toxic people in that town.

At this point, Chelsea believes she has outsmarted everyone, but Victor is onto her, as is Rey. I can't wait to see who exposes her first. I believe that exposing Chelsea for framing Adam will be the beginning of Melissa Claire Egan's maternity leave. Congratulations to Missy and Matt, and I wish them all the best with their new little one.

I wonder if Chloe will be the one to turn Chelsea in. Rey has been questioning Chloe, and I believe she is becoming very nervous about the possibility of being implicated as Chelsea's accessory. She is terrified of being arrested and taken away from her family. Who do you think will expose Chelsea? My guess is Chloe will sing like that proverbial nightingale they talk about in the old gangster movies.

Kissing on set is back! Yay! These scenes are so much more believable now. Those kisses shared between Billy and Lily were hot, hot, hot! I just love how Lily puts Billy in his place. She knows exactly how to do that. She does it without yelling or arguing; she did something as simple as saying they'd had a great night until his obsession got in the way, and she left for her own suite. When she later returned, Billy told her he'd been wrong and would drop his obsession. Then, more kissing.

Sharon and Rey's marriage is hanging on by a thread because of her associating with Adam. Rey sees right through her and has realized that talking isn't going to fix their problems as long as Adam is the third wheel in their marriage. No one understands this pull she and Adam have for each other. Their past relationship was toxic before, during, and after they were married. I think Sharon perceives Adam as her knight because when she was out of control, Adam got her the help she needed. Now, she is grateful that Adam saved Faith after the car crash. Perhaps she is mistaking gratitude for love. I like Sharon with Rey, but I can't blame Rey if he chooses to leave her. At this point, I have to agree with him that she will never cut Adam out of her heart.

Rey deserves Sharon's heart completely, but she is unwilling to give it to him. Sharon used to be one of my favorite characters on this soap, but even I want to jump onto the set and give her a good swift kick and tell her to smarten up. Why the hell is she keeping Adam's phone call a secret? Victor is obviously onto her after his conversation. He asked point-blank if she'd heard from Adam. She didn't acknowledge that she had and chose to say she had no idea where Adam was. When Victor asked her to let him know if Adam contacted her, she couldn't look Victor in the eye, but she looked guilty and said she would let him know if Adam contacted her.

At this point, I don't believe Sharon when she tells Rey she wants to work things out. To me she doesn't look sincere. Generally, there is a certain amount of contrition and begging to work things out, but Sharon says it so matter-of-factly -- or is this simply my perception of her? Perhaps it's time for Sharon and Rey to call it quits after only three months of marriage. I never saw any bliss, only the wedding day glow.

Now, Faith is in a health crisis, Rey only moved out a day or two previously, and as I mentioned, Sharon hasn't bothered to call Rey to let him know. What is the matter with her? If she truly loved Rey, she would have called him. She gave him honorable mention when they first arrived at the hospital, but that was the extent of her thoughts for him. In spite of their differences, Rey should be with her. I would certainly want my husband with me in a crisis, even if we were at odds.

Poor Faith is facing another serious health crisis. This time it's an infection, and her body isn't attacking the infection, it is attacking her kidneys, and they have been damaged to the point that she needs a kidney transplant. Okay, here comes my galloping horse again. No one saw that Faith has a rare blood type and her only match is Adam, right? I think even a blind galloping horse could have seen this coming. This will give Sharon another reason to be grateful to Adam, and it will keep her connected to him. This is going to get Rey's shorts in a knot, and it will definitely bury Sharon and Rey's marriage. Poor Faith has gone from one crisis to another, but with Adam coming to the rescue, she will survive.

I read that Adam is getting a new love. Whether this is true or not, I don't know, but let's speculate. Let's suppose it's true. If Chelsea is sent to the big house, that leaves Adam single and free to choose a new partner. Who do you suppose it will be? Sharon or someone new? Sharon and Adam seem to have this crazy obsession for one another, so this is a possibility. I personally hope this doesn't happen.

First, there was too much not so great history between them, and second, Sharon and Faith can be forever grateful for Adam saving Faith's life once again, but Adam and Sharon don't have to be a couple. I don't believe Faith will ever accept Adam as a step anything, and I think she would resent Sharon for pairing up with him. I'm hoping, if this rumor is true, that Adam will be paired with someone completely new. I think some new blood on the show would be quite refreshing. That's my two cents worth on what could possibly be only a rumor.

I love Moses with Faith. They make an adorable couple. Moses seems to be so protective of her. I hope this develops into something other than friendship, but I will settle for the friendship. He is the knight in shining armor to her damsel in distress and a good influence on Faith. Did I hear Nick tell Nate that Faith was 16 years old? She aged three years overnight. I thought she was only thirteen years old. My, how fast they grow.

Which immature person should I comment on next, Summer or Sally? It is so difficult to figure out which one is more immature. Summer thinks she's all that and then some, and she is all about her engagement and wedding. Sally sounds like a teenager talking about Jack like he is her first boyfriend. She's trying to convince Summer she is truly and deeply in love with Jack. Whenever Sally talks about Jack, I'm trying to figure out if she truly and deeply means it or if she is trying to convince herself that she is truly and deeply in love with Jack. I think she is in love with the word "love."

Jabot appears to be out of the woods from Ashland's antics, but is it? I don't think it is. That was just too easy. Ashland has provided Jabot with a contract that he sweetened, but for what purpose? I think Ashland has more up his devious sleeve than meets the eye.

Kyle seems confident that the Jabot crisis is over, and he suggested some alone time with Summer. If my guy suggested some alone time with me, I would think of a romantic dinner followed by a romantic evening alone with him. Not Summer. The first thing that pops into her head is "Let's announce our engagement and make wedding plans with our wedding theme, which should be 'unforgettable.'" Lame-brained Kyle agrees. Are these two ever going to grow up? When is Kyle going to see Summer for who she is, a selfish, self-centered, pouting princess who is hung up on herself and has to have things her own way?

Engagement and wedding plans put aside, Summer and Kyle wound up in Kyle's suite, and they made love. Then came the glaring difference. While Summer was in the shower, Tara arrived. There stood the very classy, poised, kindhearted and savvy lady that Kyle had an affair with, and then there's slutty Summer. Well, okay, to each his own, but being a guy, who would you rather be with, a lady like Tara, or not so ladylike Summer? Tara came to see Kyle with the sole purpose of giving him a photo of his son, Harrison, and to bid him farewell. I would like to see Kyle with a lady of Tara's stature rather than someone like Summer. But, hey! Summer and Kyle have been added to the kissing list.

Then there's Sally proclaiming her deep love for Jack after three dates. She has blamed Summer and Phyllis for destroying her relationship with Jack. Sally is another one who won't take the blame for any of her own actions. The things that have happened to her are always someone else's fault. She told Jack her convoluted story about blackmailing Kyle and Summer to ensure she remained in Genoa City, and she told him about the unfortunate events in Los Angeles that brought her to Genoa City.

I'm sure we all recall the argument Sally had with Phyllis at the hotel. Phyllis hadn't arranged for Jack to be present when Phyllis and Sally argued. Jack admitted that it had been his idea to pay Sally a visit. However, Jack's timing had been perfect. He finally saw the real Sally Spectra. Will Jack fall for Sally's phony plea to forgive her, or will he walk away. I really hope he walks away.

Amanda has a lot to deal with when it comes to her newfound family. Do we believe that, once Sutton Ames's trial is over, he will welcome Amanda into the family with open arms? I don't. I think he uses people to his advantage and then tosses them aside. He admitted he'd kept track of Hilary and Amanda while they had been growing up, but he had never contributed financial assistance to either one of them during that time. How callous was that? His timing to associate himself with Amanda is very suspect. He needs Amanda's help because she is a lawyer, and Naya had convinced him that Amanda was his best choice. I agree with Imani; there is no way Amanda will be brought into the fold after the trial.

From what little we have seen, Imani seems to be strong-willed, smart, and honest, but that remains to be seen. She is obviously a fighter. We haven't seen enough of her to really form a solid opinion, but from the few snippets concerning her interaction with Amanda, she is a "bitch." She'd seen Amanda outside Naya's house and immediately served Amanda with a restraining order without even seeking an explanation.

After Amanda agreed to take Sutton's case, Imani sent Amanda a warning stating that things wouldn't end well for her. Sutton would never accept Amanda into the family, and Naya would do as she was told. Imani also showed up at Amanda's suite with her arrogant attitude in tow. I have to wonder, is Imani being sincere in her concern for Amanda, or is she worried that Amanda will be welcomed into the family and knock Imani off her pedestal? I guess we will have to wait and see how this one plays out, but for the moment, I see it as jealousy until Imani proves me wrong.

I hope you have enjoyed my thoughts about what has been happening around our favorite town recently. I would love to read your comments and opinions, and perhaps you might like to offer up some of your own thoughts. In the meantime, it's a wrap for me. Until next time, stay safe!

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