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With another year in the books, it's time to look toward the future. Here are some things our columnist hopes to see on General Hospital in 2022. How about you?

Dear readers, the old year is over, and the new one is beginning. We have all lived a couple of highly challenging years, and we could use a little joy, right?

General Hospital overall delights me -- it has for years, and I still love it. But due to the world's cruel reality lately, I hope the writers will see that we are starved for something to comfort us, a dose of romantic escapism, and to have a few familiar faces visit us in the coming year.

A trend I would love to see continue is bringing our favorite daytime actors from defunct soaps to Port Charles. I applaud GH for being great at this, but I want even more. Like the joy we felt when they brought in Michael E Knight and Cameron Matheson from All My Children, and Amanda Setton, Michael Easton, and Roger Howarth from One Life to Live -- those were inspired and welcome moves. In fact, in the past few weeks, since Drew Cain arrived back in Port Charles, the heart of the town grew three sizes. Every scene he is in is soulful and warm. More, please.

If GH found roles for a couple of classic soap divas like Robin Strasser and Erika Slezak from time to time, I'd be thrilled. Let them be in Monica's bridge club or something. Offer Tony Geary a crap ton of money to come on for a month to visit his cupcake Lulu in the hospital and bring her out of her coma. Let us find out that Julian is alive and imprisoned with Holly, and they escape together, and his heroism makes everyone forget his crimes. Bring Jonathan Jackson back as Lucky and let him reunite with Liz. Bring Rebecca Budig back, and let Violet have her parents together. Give me some joyful stunt casting for a day or a week or all year. Let me get excited to see an old familiar face that makes me feel like I am visiting with a long-lost family member.

I'd also like to see more romance. GH is on the right track right now with Martin and Lucy; Scott and Liesl; the slow-brewing and finally simmering pairing of Anna and Valentin; the build-up with Chase and Brook Lynn; the early heat of Sam and Dante; the young, fresh love of Joss and Cam; the heartbroken love of Sasha and Brando; and Curtis and Portia's sweet, uplifting, and encouraging love. I love seeing lovers in love.

But we still have a lot of lonely hearts in Port Charles. Britt is brokenhearted over Jason, and Brad is out of prison and still hoping to woo Lucas. Drew is flying solo, Austin hasn't found a partner, Terry isn't dating, and Alexis and Shawn are in the friend zone right now. Trina and Spencer sizzle in their scenes together, but he's still with Esme.

Readers, I want to see mad passionate love all over my screen, but...I am not always sure who I like together. I thought I was rooting for Sam and Dante until Drew showed up. Then I thought I was rooting for Sam and Drew and Scout to be a family. But then Carly and Sonny's relationship exploded in the courtroom, and Sonny went home with Nina, and Carly and Drew ended up together on Jason and Robin's bridge, alone on New Year's Eve, and that could be a fun one-night stand, too. Sometimes I love Anna and Valentin, but other times, I want Valentin and Nina to reunite and Anna back with Finn. My husband, who pretends he doesn't watch GH, said I could tell you that he wants Duke to come back from the dead to be with Anna. I kind of like Sonny and Nina, but I also like Sonny with Brenda, and she has that kid that I am certain secretly belongs to Sonny, and I'd love to see Vanessa Marcil again. I'm fickle.

And sure, I like the soapy scheming, too. At present, we have Esme, Uncle Victor, and possibly even Ryan that might be stirring things up all over town. Great, just don't let them win so often. But then there is Peter. Let me just side with Maxie, who said what she wants for the new year is Peter's death. I second that emotion.

I also hope that GH continues to tell meaningful and impactful stories. I love that Olivia and Ned finally took Leo to the doctor to be diagnosed and that we know he's officially on the autism spectrum. Keep telling that story and continue to allow Easton Rocket Sweda to shine. This is an important story, and I hope it's not dropped and forgotten.

This brings me to another wish: continuity. I am sure that sometimes writers have great ideas that must be changed due to the availability of actors, the ratings, and other factors, but if you must drop a story midway through, at least address it. We saw Holly taken hostage, but then nothing. We heard everyone on Crete say Victor had another hostage in the compound, but then, nothing. Was it Hayden? Holly? Helena? Another H name? Who knows? Why is Emse poking around Ryan? Is she still doing her internship since Alexis was sprung? Who knows? Where is Robert? Who knows? He vanished into thin air. What became of Nurse Chloe? Dunno. I guess they just left her in Crete after she escaped. Where is Kristina? Does she still work at Charlie's for Phyllis? Where is Valerie? Is she still on the PCPD? Where is Jordan? Does Curtis or T.J. ever go visit her?

I am hopeful to hear that Kristina Wagner is bringing Felicia Jones back to town. I am intrigued to hear Constance Towers is bringing back Helena -- is it as a ghostly visitor flashback, or was Helena the prisoner Victor had captive? I'm down for either option.

Another hope I have is that GH may try on a little This Is Us sort of storytelling and let us see glimpses of the backstory for some of our favorite Port Charles residents. Instead of just hearing Monica say, "This is my house. Alan gave it to me!" -- give us a stand-alone episode showing Monica growing up in the orphanage and the hard life she had so we can see why the house means so much to her.

And I'd love to see Esme's backstory, too. Instead of just having her be clingy, jealous, and conniving, let us know that she is Ryan's daughter or that she was given up for adoption and sent off to boarding school by wealthy parents who never really cherished her. Perhaps she found out about her biological father and is terrified she's him. Maybe she clings to Spencer so tightly because he is the first person who ever valued her. I like Avery Pohl so much, and I don't want her to be the new Nelle, just all evil. Round her out and give her layers so we can keep her. That wish having been spoken, I am reasonably sure her couple weekend is some evil plot to rid Spence of his friends so she can keep him all for herself.

Roger Howarth. Okay, in my last column, I tossed out a wish that the powers that be would undo Franco's death, but when I saw Liz take off her wedding ring and drop it in the kitchen drawer, I realized my dream would not be coming true. I like the idea of Finn and Liz. They are both single parents, they are both medical professionals, and they thought they covered up a murder together. I could find myself rooting for them if not for Hayden. Back in the day when Finn was addicted to drugs and his best friend was a bearded dragon (where is Roxie, anyway?), Hayden saved him. I still hope for their reunion, and I like Liz and Hayden's sister relationship. I am torn.

But back to Roger...Can the writers please get to it if they have some big plans for Austin? Is he a good guy or a bad guy? Should we love him or hate him? Is he here for the reasons he says, or is there more? Is Jimmy Lee actually dead? Oh, how I would love to see Steve Bond show up in Port Charles. He was a honey when he was young, but in the last photo I saw of him a few years ago, he was a serious silver fox. I am just growing impatient with the unveiling of the genuine Austin. I honestly don't think the writers know what to do with him. They killed Franco off for no reason, created Austin for no real reason, and have no storyline for his character.

Since he arrived in town, he has only done three memorable things, 1) Delivered Maxie's baby. 2) Diagnosed Leo with autism. 3) Gotten Chase to snoop out Edward's will for him. He hasn't taken over ELQ. He hasn't had a romantic encounter. He just wanders around the outskirts, having exciting conversations with people. I need to repeat what I have said previously, I love Roger Howarth. He has fantastic comedic skills, intense dramatic skills, and adorable romantic storylines. But so far, Austin isn't worthy of Roger's gifts. I want the writers to give the man some material to sink his teeth into. I saw some fantastic scenes with Britt -- is that going to go somewhere or just fizzle like the ELQ lawsuit did?

Okay, switching gears now, and hear me out before you groan. What if Cyrus really did find God in prison? I love redemption stories. I love them more than any other kind of story. I grew up with a father who was an alcoholic, and when he found God, he became a pastor and became a chaplain at a children's psychiatric hospital for kids with substance abuse issues. I know lives can change. I know faith can take a sinner and turn them into a saint. I saw it happen before my eyes.

But the story isn't the change. It's the reaction to the change. Will anyone trust that you have changed? Would Laura and Martin give Cyrus a chance to prove he's a different man? I would love to see that story play out. I talked earlier about the backstory, and I would love to see flashbacks of young Cyrus and Marty with Mama and have Mama clearly favor Martin and be cruel to Cyrus, which would explain how he started down the wrong path. I doubt that's what the writers have in mind, but I would love it if he were really trying to be a better man.

I'd also like to see a slight reversal of fortune storyline. With this past year having a Great Resignation with people quitting their jobs, what if all the ELQ employees walked out and Michael had to learn to do some actual work? I mean, he got to be CEO of a major company without even a community college business degree. I'd love to see Valentin retain control of ELQ and make Michael work in the mailroom.

Another wish -- if you must show a repeat, make it a classic. Give us Luke and Laura's wedding, or B.J.'s death, or Brenda wearing a wire, or Stone dying of AIDS, or Duke and Anna's wedding -- or at least show a Christmas episode at Christmas and not a Valentine's Day episode.

Random Hopes

For Valentin to understand why Brook Lynn lied to him about "Bailey" when he finds out she was protecting her from Peter.

For Spinelli to have more of a presence in Maxie's life again.

For Laura to have more airtime, always.

For Ava and Spencer to get stuck on an elevator together for an entire day until they can make peace so Spencer can go home. Let Ava confess her vanity won out over doing right when her face was scarred. Let her tell Spencer that she felt her beauty was all she had to trade on. Let Spencer confess his broken heart and why he wanted to break up Ava and Nik's marriage. Let them come out of the elevator at peace.

For GH to stop changing kids and especially all at once. Way too jarring. Which one is Danny, and which one is Rocco now? No clue.

For Olivia and Ned to reunite for real.

For Sonny and "Mike" to meld into a kinder, gentler mobster.

For Monica to find romance, maybe with Victor -- and make an honest man of him.

For Kevin to see patients again instead of just being the sidekick in scenes.

For Carly to be single for a while and learn to be her own woman with no man at all to save her.

For us to have more scenes with Ms. Wu.

To never hear the words "Nixon Falls" again.

For Alexis to find her way as a P.I. or professor, but for her to use her dazzling wit and brain to be the advocate she wants to be.

For Willow and Michael to get a hobby or make some friends.

For all the drama surrounding General Hospital to be drama on-screen. I'll just leave that right there.

For Sasha and Brando to stay together despite their heartbreaking loss.

For more Scott and Liesl, and Lucy and Martin. Maybe even double-date.

For. Peter. To. Die.

What will happen tomorrow and next year, dear readers? I do not know, but I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows. Oh, yeah, I also wish for no more "breaking news" preemptions next year.

What are your thoughts on General Hospital? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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