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Will Sonny and Nina live happily ever after, or will Michael spill his secret before the bouquet is thrown? Will Dex choke Mason on his lollipop to get Ava home? Cyrus is out of Pentonville, but where exactly is he heading next? So many hot topics to discuss in this week's Two Scoops!

Dear readers, Sonny is in Puerto Rico again, and that can only mean one thing. Disaster is looming. It's all too perfect. The island wedding where Michael, Willow, Kristina, Wylie, and Donna are attending. Nina's daughter Willow finally accepting her as a member of her family and helping her get ready for her special day. When things are that perfect at a GH wedding, you just know something is about to go terribly wrong.

Maybe gunfire, maybe a secret will come out, but something will ruin the moment. When they played that "It's always been you" song, I laughed and laughed and laughed. I can't even count the number of women Sonny has bedded, impregnated, or married. So many! Lily, Brenda, Karen, Emily Q, all four Carlys, Claudia, Nina, Sam, Alexis, that FBI agent lady whose name escapes me, Kate Howard (a.k.a. Connie Falconeri), Olivia Falconeri, and Ava Jerome. I know there are more, but I can't remember all of them. Oh, wait, I think the FBI lady was named Reese? I am trying not to Google. It's one of my stupid rules. So... no, Nina, it has not always been you.

But let's switch gears for a minute. I think that Donna Corinthos may be the cutest child ever to grace the halls of GH. Scarlett Spears's little dimples are so much like Sonny's, I would swear they must be related. She's a fantastic little actress. I love it when she shows up. GH's kid game has always been on point.

Is it silly that I was excited to see the Puerto Rico set? It's been so long. I can almost see the beach. I love Puerto Rico. Everyone coming out of the ocean and talking about their wonderful swims makes me happy, and I can't explain why.

Readers, if Carly hears Donna call Nina "Mama Nina," it's all over. Michael seems to have discovered that Nina is the mystery whistleblower who turned Carly and Drew in to the SEC. His look is shooting daggers into her right now, and I wonder what he is going to do with the information he now holds. I am ready for the kaboom. I want the explosive scenes we are bound to see between Nina, Carly, Sonny, and Drew. But Willow is so happy -- will Michael expose Nina's part in Drew's troubles or stay silent for Willow's happiness?

I am glad to have the Michael I love back and not the petty, vindictive, spiteful version of Michael. I loved the nice father/son scenes with Sonny and Michael this week. Will Sonny forgive Michael if he blows up Sonny's new marriage with the ugly truth about Sonny's new bride?

Nina's one ally, Ava, is holed up in some creepy basement with Mason, trying to climb boxes in her Jimmy Choo's. I am so sick of this Mason and Austin bit. I want to choke Mason on his lollipop.

I saw a great line on Twitter, something like "I need Ava Jerome to remember who she is and kill Mason and use his lollipop for a grave marker." It made me laugh and laugh. But seriously, Ava going along with Austin and Mason all this time is out of character for her. Too bad Julian is gone -- it would have been fantastic if she had her brother to be in cahoots with. There are some characters I will never stop missing, and Julian Jerome is on that list.

Cyrus was released from Pentonville, which is apparently in a suburban condo neighborhood of California. The gates of Pentonville opened to some tri-level California condos in what looks to be a gated community. He walked out and caught an Uber back to Port Charles, and I could almost hear the palm trees rustling.

Austin and Warden Ellen lied to the judge about Cyrus' health and rehabilitation, and it worked. The warden is on her way out, and we may never know what that storyline was going to be. I think my happiest moment of Friday's episode was when Dex choked out Austin.

It appears we have had an abrupt direction shift. There was a big buildup of some plot that the warden had enlisted Cyrus in, and poof -- she's off to Texas. She made clear she had erased all record of her and Cyrus meeting. It feels to me like our original writers are back from the strike and trying to undo all the things that were taking their stories in a direction not to their liking.

I was confused before; I thought Cyrus had had Drew attacked, but now he's asking about Drew's welfare. I think perhaps I was wrong, Does Cyrus genuinely care for Drew? Is he in the process of real redemption? I can't tell anymore. I am too confused by this storyline. I guess I will have to wait and see what happens, which I hate and love in equal measure.

Laura visited Cyrus and seems to be trying to give him the benefit of the doubt. We wondered all this time why Cyrus had a beef with Sonny, and now that has come into focus. He's envious. Sonny is a criminal, and Cyrus is a criminal, but the town treats Sonny like a king instead of a villain, so Cyrus is trying to do the things Sonny does -- donate his "dirty money" to charity, get religion, and bond with his family, especially his sister the mayor.

Laura's tight relationship with Sonny seems to be the thing that is so irksome to Cyrus. How can Laura accept Sonny and not him when they are in the same business? Well, Sonny never held Laura hostage or tried to kill her, so there's that. But at least they wrote a motive for his madness. Where is he headed now? What will Cyrus do next? Why is he connected to Austin and Mason?

The highlight of today was a Spinelli sighting. I don't think GH values its eccentric characters as much as I do. Give me more Spinelli, please. Connect him to everyone in town. And bring back Liesl Obrecht. I love the oddballs who dance around the edge of Port Charles, bringing character to the town.

Spinelli was able to hack into the dock security cameras and to reveal Mason's identity. I have to say when Military Dex activates, he becomes a force to be reckoned with. He could almost turn into a Jason with his keen powers of observation and surveillance. I have really come to appreciate Dex and Joss as a couple, even though I was mad Cam got hurt. But then I had to admit to myself that when I was Joss's age, I did the exact same thing. More than once.

I love that Joss took the lead to look for Ava. Ava and Joss have come a long way since Morgan's death and almost kind of respect each other now. I hope Dex calls Sonny immediately and busts up the wedding by telling Sonny that Ava has been kidnapped.

Not that I didn't enjoy the wedding, because I did. For all these months, I have been hypercritical of Sonny and Nina's relationship, and I still am, but I genuinely enjoyed the wedding scenes, the dresses, the vows, the kids, and the whole island vibe. But I know it can't last because I know that what Nina has done would be unforgiveable to Sonny. If he could forgive Nina, then he has to retroactively forgive Brenda for wearing a wire and take her back. I demand it! I still think Brenda was supposed to be endgame for Sonny.

The writers' strike is over, and the original writers are back. But I will always be thankful to the interim writers for finally letting Spencer and Trina make love. Those scenes were beautiful. To be honest, I don't know who wrote them, but since the writers' strike ended just as they aired, I feel like it had to be the interim team? If anyone knows otherwise, please correct me.

Trina is at home with that shiny afterglow, waxing poetic to Curtis about her perfect romantic weekend in NYC. I am happy Portia was not home. She would have ruined the moment. While I understand the parental instinct to think no one is good enough for your precious child, my hope is that since Portia accepted the co-CEO role with Terry, she will be too busy working to plot against Spencer and Trina.

In my opinion, Terry must not be the best judge of character, because lately, I have found Portia to be whiny and immature. I doubt she will have the leadership skills that Britt used to have. But time will tell.

Our beautiful Chase is sitting on the floor, weeping, after discovering that his dad has ALS. The scenes with Josh Swickard and Amanda Setton were very moving. So often the writers make Brook Lynn the problem child, and it's nice when they show the wonderful and warm side of her. Because if she's just all drama all the time, why would someone like Chase be with her? It's wonderful to see her comforting him and helping him find his way at such a heartbreaking time.

Brook Lynn blames Tracy for Chase's pain, but this was not a typical Tracy Q attack. Tracy was legitimately concerned when she thought that Chase was crying. Tracy meant no harm, but still, Chase found out that his dad was sick and that everyone else knew before he did. It hit him hard. Gregory showed up at his door, and the two of them had some warm and wonderful scenes. When Finn arrived, the three Chase men had some very tender scenes. It's time for Jackie Templeton to visit again and help Chase and Gregory get through this heartbreaking time.

Across town, we found a out a shocking fact: Deception has more than four employees! When Lucy called the staff together and there was an entire room full of people, that was the first time we knew for certain that anyone else worked there! Lucy caved in to Tracy's blackmail and gave up 51% of the company so that Maxie and all the other staff could keep their jobs. It was a personal loss to Lucy, but she chose her friends above money and showed that, at heart, Lucy is more selfless than she gets credit for. Good thing because Maxie just moved her kids to that giant house.

Readers, were you as delighted as I was when Lois and her bedazzled nails showed up in Port Charles? She is as magical as I remember. I have always loved Lois and her gorgeous portrayer, Rena Sofer. The Bensonhurst scream between "Vivie" and "Lolo" about made me lose my hearing, but it was a welcome shriek. Even more welcome was that Eddie recognized his old love. Oh, wow, I hope he thinks they are still together and that GH makes use of every frame of footage at Coney Island from back when location shoots existed. I am anxious to see how this plays out, and if Olivia gets kicked to the curb so Eddie and Lois can ride again, I won't be mad. The scenes with Olivia and Lois were giddy fun, and I want much more Bensonhurst.

Also, I am thrilled that Laura and Kevin are home to keep a watchful eye on Esme, Ace, and Spencer. First, Genie Francis is why I watch GH. She's my favorite. I simply feel happier when she's there. I know that's weird, and I'm willing to own my weirdness. You know earlier when I said Donna may be the cutest kid ever on GH? Now I want to say that Ace may be the cutest baby (babies -- Ace is twins) ever on GH. His sweet little face is so lovable.

Laura was happy to see Esme and Spencer getting along so nicely, but Kevin warned Laura that Esme has no friends and nothing outside of her work and caring for Ace, and that is bound to blow up. Who in town doesn't care about Esme's past and might befriend her? Oh, man, I wish Cam would come home and take Esme on as a project, just because it would make Josslyn crazy.

Speaking of which, can someone explain to me why Joss is so hurt about not being invited to Sonny's wedding when she's spent a year telling anyone who would listen that she hates him? I mean, sure, she may have been his stepdaughter, but would you invite an ex-stepdaughter who hates you to your wedding to the woman you dumped her mom for? Nope.

When Laura filled Spencer in on their discovery that Nikolas is alive and well, his face fell into sorrow. My poor sad little prince. His heart is broken all over again when he realizes that his father left him willingly for a second time, as well as Nikolas' new son, Ace. When Nikolas finally comes home, it is going to take a very long time to rebuild trust and repair that relationship.

Some of you have been asking me if Adam Huss is back for the long haul, and I honestly do not know. He has wrapped for now. Will Nikolas be back soon, and if so, whose face will he wear? Marcus Coloma? Adam Huss? Tyler Christopher? I have no clue, but I would welcome anyone who brings my dark prince back to Port Charles. I want Ava and Nik to work things out, even though she tried to kill him. It's a soap, and I will suspend my disbelief.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Sonny's private jet leave Nina on the island to fly home coach? What is Harmony trying to warn Willow about, and will Willow learn to read lips to decipher the message? Will Liz and Finn not have sex in the hospital showers again, so Amy has new juicy fake gossip to spread? Will Alexis and Carly find enough dirt on the judge's fishing trips to get Drew's conviction overturned? Will breaking news preempt GH again next week?

Will anyone ever let Pilar know that it wasn't her fault that Avery got away from her? Will Curtis make workout videos for dudes in wheelchairs, since he is super hunky buff-alicious, even in that chair? Will Aunt Stella take on Ms. Wu and the mob and win to protect the Savoy for Curtis? Will Giles buy Ava new martini glasses? Will anyone discuss what sort of fans Sonny has at his Puerto Rican hotel that kept everyone from sweating in their suits and gowns in the humid 90-degree heat of Puerto Rico in fall?

Only tomorrow knows, dear readers, and I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.

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