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All roads led to Finn this week as it became incumbent upon him to relay the news of Sheacon, and he discovered his cousin Luna at Forrester Creations. But if you're picking up on the "things that make you go hmm" vibe with him and Hope, you're not alone! Get Finn-atical with Two Scoops' Mike!

Has your week been bold and beautiful? Were you glad you weren't raised in an "aunt" farm? Did you follow in your father's footsteps and fall for a girl without even a single date? Did you get the sense someone would like to ditch the apple a day and not keep the doctor away? These and more situations faced the Forrester-Logan-Walton-Finnegan clan this week!

Things are starting to get interesting, Scoopers! Questions are getting answered about what's up with Luna, yet the mystery surrounding her keeps expanding like the universe. At Il Giardino, Deacon should have known that marrying crazy ladies doesn't sit well with Hope. Speaking of Ms. For the Future, why does it seem like she and Dr. Finn will soon be doing more than commiserating about their parents? Let's Scoop about it!


Finn was confused by his sudden invite to Deacon's restaurant, but when Finn got there, he found out it wasn't to taste the new tiramisu recipe. "Liberty-bibberty" was about all Finn could squeak out when he found out that Deacon was in love with Finn's would-be murderer. Deacon promised to make sure Sheila never hurt anyone again, which would surely mean Finn could tell Steffy to come home!

Deacon avowed that Sheila would be working beside him at Il Giardino. Well, hey! Her employment records should still be on file, considering she bussed tables there from 2017 until she disappeared off the canvas the following year. Finn wasn't having Sheacon's claim that love had mellowed Sheila. In fact, Finn roared that Sheila needed to leave Los Angeles. "Go back to Genoa City!" he added as Sheila had boo-boo face.

Finn didn't want to touch Deacon having any relationship with Sheila but said that any fresh start she had should be somewhere not near Finn. I think the good doctor is right on that one. If Sheila really loves Finn, she should see that being in the same town as him -- make that state -- is only hurting Finn. Maybe it would be best if Deacon took Sheila and moved her away to Utah or somewhere.

That might also help Deacon's argument that Sheila has changed. No, she hasn't. But if Sheacon was gone for six months or a year, it could be bought that Sheila actually did make a legitimate effort to rise above her basest instincts. Too bad we'll never see those efforts, like we did from 1992 to 1998 when Sheila truly did try to better herself. Sheila battling her demons on-screen again might make for some damn good soap.

So, Finn made a beeline for Hope and was so cryptic that Hope showed up on Deacon's doorstep when Hope's new buddy would only say she should pay her pop a visit. When Deacon promised that the new lady in his life wouldn't endanger Hope or anyone in the family, Hope already knew on a gut level who D's paramour was. Out came Sheila...and Hope could only growl a guttural "no."

Annika Noelle's whole performance in that scene was top notch. She didn't let Hope get histrionic; but we saw the full range of fury, fright, and tears. It was also cool that the script had Hope quietly asking Deacon if the romance was another setup to entrap Sheila, like the one Bill nearly pulled off this spring. Nice touch! But Deacon confirmed his batty bae was legit, causing Hope to yelp, "Dad, this is insane -- just like she is!"

Deacon should have known this reveal wasn't going to land well. The last time he wanted to marry a wacko woman, Quinn, Hope jumped on a video call and begged her dad not to go through with it. Sure, when that happened in 2015, maybe Hope wasn't as mature as she is now, but the past should have been a prologue for Deacon here. And Hope's not wrong to dispute Deacon's claims of Sheila's redemption, either.

"You cannot convince me that she has done that kind of work!" Hope fumed. Hell, Thomas has gotten more therapy than Sheila recently, and that's saying something. Sheila almost pulled off at least quasi-normalcy once before -- could she again? As I said, that would be thrilling to watch. Now, last week, Chanel wondered if Hope was being hypocritical giving Thomas multiple fresh starts, but not Sheila.

That's a tough one. Surely, Thomas' misdeeds, the biggest being keeping secret from Hope the fact that Beth hadn't died, had the most personal effect on Hope. But for all that, Thomas didn't shoot anyone in cold blood and leave them to die in an alley. Hope praised Deacon for how far he had come with his own redemption and asked if he was willing to risk their bond for supposed love with Sheila.

Once alone, Sheila seemed legitimately worried that Deacon might indeed lose his beloved daughter. Yet she felt that Hope not simply walking out upon hearing the news was a good sign. Perhaps Finn's mother and Hope's father finding love would lead to everyone becoming one big happy family -- something Sheila repeated three times in a few episodes. The dialogue was less repetitious this week, but it still needs work.


Hope barged over to Finn's for their next most recent visit. Last week, Finn, who has shared very little screen time with Hope, told "the little puke's" almost ex-wife that she could do way better than Thomas; it seemed to register with Hope when Finn recounted Thomas' bad behavior for her. Now, fresh from finding out their parents were shacking up, Hope felt that Finn was the only one who knew what she was feeling.

Hmm...anybody else getting da vibe from these two? Steffy is AWOL, Liam has divorce papers sitting between tofu wrappers on the floor of his car, and Finn is saying stuff like "I just want what's best for you." And with Hope grooving on the idea of a man who wants only her (forgetting that Wyatt and Oliver were already all about that), I'm wondering if Hope and Finn aren't going to get together.

I'd actually be for that. Steffy probably wouldn't care -- she'd likely be just as happy to play house with Liam again. Thomas...well, he doesn't deserve Hope, their quasi-incestuous pairing is barf worthy, and it might be fun to watch Tom-Tom struggle to keep his head above the whackjob waters. As for Finn, he's got a lot of the qualities that Hope looks for, and they've been pulling together a lot lately over their problems.

Hope decided she couldn't let Deacon's relationship with Sheila stand, so she ratted Sheacon out to Bridge. And didn't La Logan and her daughter get a shock when they discovered that Ridge already knew about Sheacon's involvement! Yep, part of the deal Ridge had made with Deacon was that Ridge would keep quiet about Sheila in exchange for Deacon's help in framing the naughty nurse.

Brooke didn't have much time to digest that bit of news, as Hope asked her mom to pull an intervention on Deacon. Ridge joined Brooke, who demanded that Deacon ditch Sheila now! Shame Brooke didn't tell Deacon about how Sheila shot her (well, that happened accidentally as Brooke and Eric tried to wrestle Sheila's gun away) or how Sheila was ready to boil Brooke in a foundry in South America.

Yes, a little personal recollection might have helped Deacon to realize just how long Sheila's string of "hits" really is. Hell, Deacon should be remembering that the last time he rode the marital crazy train, he ended up getting pushed off a cliff by Quinn. What do you think, Scoopers? Does any relationship between Deacon and Sheila have a chance of surviving? Would you buy a redeemed Sheila if you saw her working on it on-screen?

Hope reconnected with Thomas (eww) and resumed her lip-locking with him but only after Thomas noted that Hope hadn't been as available in recent days. Indeed, Hope remembered Finn's words about Thomas not being worthy of her. See what I mean? Thomas may lose Hope to Finn, and I wouldn't be sorry about that one damn bit. I wonder if the Hope mannequin is still stashed somewhere? Tommy gonna need it!


Finn was a busy boy this week, with his fingers in an assortment of pies. We learned that his family tree grew another leaf...and that leaf was Luna! Miss We-Don't-Know-Her-Last-Name-Yet got it from all sides over these five episodes, from two sisters -- her mom and her aunt. Then there was R.J., who balanced things out with seeming undying devotion, despite having just met the object of said devotion.

Yes, R.J.'s got it bad. He admitted thinking about fabrics and colors that would look good on Luna, and added, "I was struggling to find my calling...and then I met you." Wow, slow your roll, Junior! And R.J. decided the mysterious Luna was either a princess or a spy. Ironic when you recall that his last girlfriend, Coco Spectra, actually was a spy, however inadvertently. Whatever happened to Coco, anyway?

In between R.J.'s worship sessions, Luna took a call from her mom, Poppy. I guess Forrester doesn't have a rule about its interns not taking personal calls while on the clock. Poppy came down hard on Luna and told her she couldn't be at the design house...and you know why. Intrigue! Plus, Aunt Li would never allow it. Poppy softened a little toward the end of the chat but remained firm that Luna had to quit FC.

Wouldn't you know, "Aunt Li" just happened to be across the hall, talking to Finn in the CEO office? Hearing how Finn had been even remotely associating with Hope, Li sniped, "You know the history between Steffy and Hope, right?" See? Hope and Steffy's biggest conflict has been fighting over a man, and even Li is hinting that we may soon get Fope. Well, that's better than Hinn. Or maybe not.

Li must have excellent vision, because she recognized Luna from behind and immediately took her niece to task. Li was sure that Luna must have known about Finn marrying Steffy Forrester; truly, Li accused Luna of stalking R.J. when she heard about Luna following him on social media. Li gave no quarter as she deemed both Poppy and Luna disgraces!

Dude, what a bitch! I still say Li could get Sheila to cower all on her own. Li did drop some more hints as to that family's history, but they only generated more questions. Li had gotten Poppy a job at the hospital gift store, only for Poppy to have an affair with a doctor. "There's a reason why your mother wasn't invited to Finn's wedding," Li snarled. So, what exactly -- or who -- did Poppy do? And...who is Luna's pop?

I keep feeling like the only reason Li would be so incredibly caustic and unfeeling about Poppy is because Jack is Luna's dad. We already know Jack cheated on Li with Sheila, so why not with Li's own sister? But Jack is a lawyer, not a doctor, so that doesn't quite track. The ambiguity is keeping me interested, though. Li then commanded Luna to write a resignation letter and bolt!

R.J. had just gotten through telling Carter, "there is someone; it's new" (kiddo, there's no "it" yet. At least not until you get home from a first date!), when he practically had to mop Luna up off the floor. Luna explained about Poppy and Aunt Li and fretted about "not being truthful." I dunno; there's nothing on an application where you have to list your relatives, even if one of them is peripherally connected to your prospective place of employ.

R.J. decided he wasn't going to let Luna go anywhere and laid a kiss on her! I must say, Joshua Hoffman has been bringing a warmth and softness to the youngest Forrester since R.J. got something to do; I can understand why Luna is crushing on him. And he was right: it's Luna's life, and "Aunt Li" doesn't get to dictate it. R.J. jumped into savior mode and called in reinforcements...in this case, Finn!

Finn was surprised to see his cousin Luna, who didn't recognize her cuz at first and stated that the reason they hadn't been close was because of their mothers' animosity. R.J. wanted Finn to present a united front with him against Li, who, upon being confronted, wouldn't budge, even when R.J. said that Li didn't have a say in who his family's company hired. Li dug in her heels and insisted Luna was out the door!

Yeah...I gotta see how this shakes out! Luna's saga is turning out to be even more interesting to me than Sheila's, and Sheila was my jam in the '90s. So was her nemesis, Lauren Fenmore, who made her home in L.A. from 1995 to 1999...and she's heading back October 25! Could it be? Could it finally be that Lauren is going to find out that Sheila wasn't who she popped in 2007? I also really want Lauren to be pissed that the Forresters didn't bother to tell her that her greatest enemy has been alive -- not even when Lauren paid a visit last Halloween. I need it!

What are your thoughts on Sheacon, the slow burn of Luna and her family, the fast burn of R.J. and Luna (Runa? L.J.?), and a possible Hope and Finn finn-ale? Finn-agle your way into the Soap Central message boards, or simply click here to submit feedback!

That's it for me for another two weeks! Eric's increasing illness is also a storyline I'm very interested in right now, so I'm gonna keep watching, be alert, and most of all, be bold! See you soon, my Scoopnesses!

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