FOR LUKE FANS ONLY: Find out what you DON'T know about GH's Luke Spencer (Questions 21-30)

by Kambra Clifford
Posted Monday, July 20, 2015 12:40:15 PM
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General Hospital's legendary actor Anthony Geary will exit the show after an astonishing 37 years. But how well do you know the actor and his character? Take our special quiz and find out if you're a Luke expert... or just a Fluke.

Do you really know all there is to know about General Hospital's Luke? We dare you to take part three of our Luke Spencer quiz to find out.

21. Shortly before revealing she was pregnant with Lucky, Laura beat Luke with a pillow. Why?

a. He made a joke about her being a bad mother
b. She found out Holly had been with him on an out-of-town trip
c. She found out he slept with Holly again
d. He wanted to have sex and wouldn't let her talk before they got hot and heavy

22. How many times have Luke and Laura been married?

23. Luke once bought Tracy what for her birthday?

a. A Porsche
b. A pony
c. A pirate ship
d. A piano

24. On the day of Luke's wedding with Jennifer Smith, Scotty found a letter that revealed Laura had been raped by the groom and had fallen in love with him. Scotty confronted his wife about the information and said what shocking thing to her?

a. He told Laura she was a tramp
b. He told Laura she wasn't the only unfaithful one in their marriage because he'd been seeing another woman
c. He told Laura he hated her and that she was worthless to him
d. He told Laura she deserved to be raped again

25. True or false: Luke nearly died after being infected with a toxic earring.

26. Upon winning his most recent Emmy in 2015, Geary promised executive producer Frank Valentini what privilege?

27. Who played Luke's sister, Patricia?

28. Anthony Geary took an extended break from playing Luke during what years?

a. 1981-1991
b. 1983-1990
c. 1984-1993
d. 1985-1993

29. What stressful thing happened in Luke's life that resulted in him raping Laura at the Campus Disco?

a. He found out his sister, Bobbie, was a prostitute
b. He was ordered to kill someone for the mob
c. He had flashbacks of killing his own parents
d. He was knocked semi-unconscious by Frank Smith and was delirious

30. Luke and Laura once went undercover as which of the following couples?

a. Lloyd and Lucy Johnson
b. Larry and Lina Meyers
c. Boyd and Betty Adams
d. John and Jolene Jenson


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