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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 20, 2006 on GH
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Monday, March 20, 2006

Nikolas walks into Carly's house and sees her making out with Jax. He is furious that they would both betray Courtney so soon after her death. Jax reminds him that Courtney left him long before she died, so what does it matter who he sees now. After Nikolas leaves, it is apparent that both Jax and Carly were hurt by Nikolas' accusations. They decide to cool things off for now.

Jax goes to the hospital and finds Nikolas there wanting to see baby John. Jax has taken out a restraining order to keep Nikolas away from the baby as a preventative measure, though. Alexis soon comes to try to straighten out the mess. Nikolas announces that he just wanted to see his stepson. Besides, Jax was busy having sex with Carly when he walked in on them. Alexis and Liz are both stunned at this revelation, and Alexis pulls Jax aside to talk some sense into him. He tells her that Carly is an attractive woman and he finds comfort in her right now. He's going to follow his own intuition at the moment.

As Emily lies on the couch, she hears footsteps approaching and closes her eyes. She says that she's not going to open them until she gets a kiss. Unfortunately, it is not Sonny but Jason that has walked in on her. She makes an excuse that her and Morgan were playing Sleeping Beauty and he acts like he buys it. She makes a point of telling him that she came over to see the boys because they missed her. Jason asks her about her trip out of town, and she lies and tells him she went to a spa with a friend from college. Jason lets it slide and leaves. Emily is grateful to be out of that tense situation, when Carly appears. She's come to get the boys, but then changes her mind when she finds them already in bed. Carly tells Emily that she needs to get Nikolas under control. He walked in on her and Jax in a private moment and exploded. Emily tells her that she doesn't need her help to control Nikolas. She needs to convince Jax to release the restraining order and Nikolas will be fine.

Sonny and Sam run into Alexis on the docks. Sam starts to badger her mother, but Sonny steps in and gets her to leave. Alexis is furious with Sonny for allowing Carly to be Kristina's guardian should something happen to both of them. Sonny can't get over the fact that Alexis is Sam's mother, though, and tells her they will talk about it later. He goes back to Jason and Sam's penthouse to talk to Sam. He wants her to keep her mother a secret because Kristina won't understand. Sam tells him to leave Kristina out of it, because Alexis is always bringing her into arguments. They agree that Sam's mother should be kept a secret. When Jason gets back he tells Sonny that he was just over at his place and Emily was there. Sonny tells him that the boys have really missed her so she came to see them. The atmosphere is very tense as Jason asks about Sonny's trip to Puerto Rico and whether or not he got his messages about Manny. After Sonny leaves, Jason tells Sam that Emily and Sonny both lied to his face. He tells her about running into Emily and how he knows they're sleeping together. Sam tries to get him to understand that maybe it's not such a bad thing. Jason tells her that Sonny gets depressed and gets violent and loses himself. If he hurts his sister, he will have to kill him.

Patrick is hurt when Robin tells him that she knows he bet another doctor $100 to sleep with her. When she overhears the two doctors in the locker room again talking about how Patrick convinced a mother that her child needed brain surgery, she realizes she had jumped to conclusions. She decides she's going to apologize to him and finds out he went to Jake's for a beer. When she gets there, she sees Carly and Patrick dancing.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Sonny tells Emily that he loves her, too. He is worried that he will hurt her, though. Emily tells him to trust her. She's not as vulnerable as everyone thinks. Sonny confides in her about Alexis being Sam's mom. He is disgusted that he fathered a child with both mother and daughter. Emily tells him that it is a little creepy, but he didn't know Sam was Alexis' child at the time. There's nothing he can do about it. Later, Sonny goes to confession to talk to the priest about his past love affairs and how he is worried he will hurt Emily. Sonny tells the priest that he's never felt so content as when he's with Emily. When Sonny comes out of the confession booth, Jason is sitting in one of the pews. They talk about Sonny's past of hurting people, and Sonny asks him if they are talking about Emily. Sonny continues to lie to Jason and tells him that he and Emily are over. Later, Jason finds Emily on the docks. He tells her that if she is close to Sonny, then Manny could come after her. She tells him that she used to worry about him, too, but he always told her not to worry. Jason tells her no matter what she wants, he is going to protect her.

Robin goes searching for Patrick and finds him dancing with Carly at Jake's. He forces her to apologize in front of Carly. Robin is humiliated, but apologizes anyway. She goes back to the hospital and vents to Alan and Monica about Patrick. Meanwhile, Carly decides to leave Patrick. She can't help it, but she wants to be with Jax, instead. When Patrick gets back to the hospital, he baits Robin and tries to get her to ask him if he and Carly slept together.

Alexis and Ric have dinner at the Metro Court, and Alexis tells him that Sonny made Carly Kristina's guardian. He promises to try to talk to his brother and see if he can be made his stepdaughter's guardian. Alexis is relieved, but believes he has ulterior motives to try to get closer to his brother.

Luke tries to convince Tracy to be the hostess of the Haunted Star the next night. Lulu goes in the back and has a worker call Skye to tell her that Luke is putting holes in the wall of her investment. The bait works and Skye and Alcazar show up at the Haunted Star. Skye has no interest in becoming hostess of the Haunted Star, though. She and Alcazar just got finished discussing living arrangements and their relationship seems to be going in a good direction. Lulu is disappointed with Skye leaves without Luke.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Jax gets to the hospital and sees Carly holding baby John for the first time. The doctors said that he was strong enough and she just couldn't wait. Jax isn't offended, and Carly offers up the baby to him. She goes to get a bottle, but Jax is wary of feeding baby John so Carly does it. Jax relays his happiness for Carly. She saved baby John's life, and he is forever grateful.

Jason awakens from a nightmare about Sonny and Emily to the phone ringing. It's Michael. He couldn't go on a field trip, because his dad forgot to sign the permission slip. No one can find Sonny, now. Jason goes and tries to fix the problem and then comes back to Sonny's place. He finds Benny's twin brother there and starts making financial decisions for Sonny. Benny starts to question him, but Jason tells him that when Sonny is gone he is in charge. Carly shows up after hearing about Michael, and she and Jason figure out that Sonny and Emily have run off somewhere together.

Skye shows up at the Haunted Star after another phone call, and Luke realizes that his daughter is behind all of this. He calls her out and she tries to defend herself by saying that the two of them are obviously in love. Her attempts to reunite the two fail, though. When Skye leaves, Luke pretends like he is setting Lulu up on a date which freaks her out. She realizes that her father is trying to point out for her to butt out of other people's love lives.

Georgie starts to throw away all of Diego's letters, but one misses the trash can. As she's starting to walk out the door, Maxie shows up. She warns her sister that Diego has feelings for her and she needs to set him straight. Later, Lulu ends up finding some of the letters Diego sent Georgie. Georgie finds Diego and tells him they can't see each other anymore. It's too late, though, as Manny as already associated the two together. Later, Dillon finds out that Georgie got a B on an assignment. He is furious that she is letting her grades slip.

Patrick tries to find his father with the help of a nurse, Epiphany. He is pointed in Emily's direction since she was the last one to see Noah. Emily is nowhere to be found, though.

Lainey does a psychiatric evaluation on Lucas, and then settles in to do another for Frank. When she walks in, Frank erupts that he would have to talk to a black person. He insults her and she starts to leave. Justice hears what he is saying, though, and the two men get in a fight. Afterwards, Lainey is upset by the remarks Frank made to her.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Georgie meets up with Diego on the street. He is happy she is there to meet with him. Georgie cuts him off and tells him she can't be friends with him because it upsets Dillon and she doesn't want to hurt him. Diego thanks her for writing to him and caring about him while he was in prison. Diego heads out to cross the street and Georgie goes after him to talk to him. She grabs him before he crosses the street. One of Manny's hired men pulls out of his parking space and hits the accelerator hard and starts to bear down on them with the car. Diego pushes Georgie onto the sidewalk to protect her and gets hit in the leg. He goes down hard on the pavement as the car speeds away. Georgie worries when she sees Diego laying face down on the pavement. She goes over to check on him. He rolls over and grabs hold of his leg in pain. She asks him if he is o.k. and thinks the car hit him on purpose. Diego snaps at her that it was just an accident and that it was probably a drunk driver. Georgie thinks he should go to the hospital and get his leg checked out in case it is broken. Diego tells her he can move his leg and that he will be o.k. She helps him walk back to Kelly's. Meanwhile, Dillon talks to Luke at the "Haunted Star." Luke offers to pay him to stay close to Lulu and be a good friend to her so she will stop focusing on his personal life for a change. Dillon thinks Luke should just talk to her and tell her how he feels. Luke rather have Dillon stay close to her. Dillon turns him down and leaves. Lulu shows up at Georgie and Dillon's room. She lets herself in the room and writes a note for them. She notices an envelope on the floor and picks it up and throws it in the trash. She then finds the trash bag filled with more letters from Diego from prison stuffed just barely under the bed. She looks through them and reads them. She realizes that Georgie has been writing to Diego since he went to prison and that Dillon doesn't know about it. She takes one of the last letters and goes downstairs to Kelly's to read it. Dillon shows up at Kelly's. She quickly hides the letter under the table on her lap. Dillon sits down and tells her he just talked to her father. He confesses that Luke offered him money to get close to her and be a friend to her. Lulu can't believe her father would do such a thing and is disgusted with it. Dillon defends Luke and tells her that Luke has a hard time talking to her without her coming to the wrong conclusion. Lulu tells Dillon he is a good guy and she misses not having him around the Quartermaine mansion. Georgie brings Diego up the back stairs to her room to check out his ankle. She applies first aid to his leg and tries to persuade him to get help from the police so they can protect him from whomever is trying to hurt him. Diego refuses to go to the police. Georgie tries to persuade him to go to his father for protection. Diego doesn't want to burden his father and thinks his father isn't happy he got out of prison so soon and because he snitched on an in-mate. Georgie thinks he should let his father help him. Diego thinks Lorenzo is more interested in his unborn child right now to want to deal with him. A knock on the door prevents them from talking anymore. Diego hides in the closet while Georgie answers the door. Lulu pushes her way through the door and confronts her about the letters she found. Georgie gets very defensive about the letters she wrote and received from Diego. Lulu accuses her of lying to Dillon about not seeing Diego anymore. Georgie tells Lulu she loves Dillon and wouldn't want to hurt him for the world and claims the letters were not love letters. Lulu threatens to tell Dillon about the letters if Georgie doesn't stay away from Diego. Dillon comes upstairs and into the room and tells them he can hear them fighting from downstairs. He asks what is wrong. Lulu apologizes to Georgie for snapping at her and blames it on being upset with her father still. She never reveals what they were really arguing about and leaves the room. Diego overhears the whole argument and is bothered that Georgie is married and loves Dillon so much. He is not any happier when he overhears Dillon and Georgie having an intimate moment when Dillon kisses Georgie. Meanwhile, Lorenzo (being temporarily played by Jay Pickett) waits for Skye to finish up her pre-natal appointment with Dr. Lee.

Skye tells him that the doctor said she is progressing nicely with her pregnancy and that the doctor wants to be extra careful because of her history. Lorenzo suggests they spend a quiet evening together having dinner. Skye suggests that they go to Luke's re-opening of the "Haunted Star" since he is still her friend and she is still a partner in the business. Lorenzo agrees to escort her. Back at the "Haunted Star" Luke makes last minute preparations. Jax shows up and wonders why Luke borrowed most of his hotel staff to help at the casino tonight without his permission. Luke tells him Carly gave her permission and Luke points out that he is the one who is responsible for bringing the two of them together as partners. Jax reminds Luke that he had no choice because he was blackmailing him at the time. Luke offers Jax $50 in free chips and a free drink later if he shows up for the re-opening. Jax accepts the invitation and free chips. Tracy overhears the conversation and isn't happy that Luke is being so generous with her money. Jax leaves them alone to talk. Tracy confronts Luke about spending $50,000 of her money for this re-opening and predicts that only losers will show up at the casino tonight. Luke tells her that he received RSVPs from everyone he invited.

Patrick makes several calls to bars in the area looking for a missing Noah. He is told that no one has seen Noah lately. He gets off the phone. Robin approaches the nurses' station and sees him. She asks him if he found Noah yet. Patrick reveals his frustration and worry over Noah for a second and switches gears and asks Robin to go to Luke's re-opening tonight. Robin can't believe he is interested in going out with her when his father is still missing. She tells him she will not go out with him and tells him off for being so insensitive concerning his father. The new nurse Epiphany overhears their conversation and just shakes her head. Dr. Lee comes over to the nurses' station and Patrick turns around and asks her to go with him to the casino. Dr. Lee accepts his invitation. He tells her to go find a gown to wear since it requires formal attire. Robin is incredulous watching Patrick walk away. Epiphany comes over and tells her she doesn't understand him any more than she does.

Jason gets suspicious when Carly seems to know something about where Sonny took off to earlier and won't tell him. Carly tells him it is best sometimes not to ask questions and to leave things alone. Sonny and Emily come home and overhear Jason and Carly arguing. Sonny comes into the room and asks them what is going on. Carly asks nervous around Sonny and is all apologetic about not handling the whole field trip thing with Michael and leaving it to him to take care of. Jason watches Carly and doesn't know what is going on with her but he knows she is lying about something. Sonny wonders what is going on with her when she suddenly takes off. Jason tells him that Carly has been spending a lot of time helping to take care of baby John and probably wants to keep the peace right now. Sonny asks him what is going on. Jason tells him that he told Vinnie, their new accountant what to do with the accounts in the Cayman Islands. Sonny is annoyed and asks Jason why he didn't call him and ask him first before making a move with the accounts. Jason tells him he couldn't reach him by cell-phone and had to be in charge while he was gone. Sonny is still annoyed with Jason but backs off. Luke shows up and notices the tension between them. He asks if there is a problem. Jason leaves them alone to talk. Luke invites Sonny to come to his re-opening tonight. Sonny doesn't really want to go but Luke persuades him to come make himself more visible and informs him that Alcazar may show up tonight with Skye. Sonny decides to go. Carly shows up to talk to Sam. Earlier Sam had run into Alexis and Kristina in Kelly's on her way out. Kristina invited Sam to join them for a tea party and asked Sam to pretend to be her sister since Molly is too small to play. Sam thanks her but tells her she has to get back home and she is working on being a lawyer someday. Kristina tells Sam that she wants to be a lawyer when she grows up just like her mother. Sam left and headed back to her penthouse. When Carly shows up without knocking Sam gets annoyed with her and asks her what she wants. Carly tells her she needs her help with Jason. Sam asks her what she needs her to do. Carly tells her that she is worried about Jason because of what Sonny and Emily are doing secretly. She tells Sam she wants her to talk to Jason and get him to back off of Sonny and Emily before it ruins their friendship. Sam tells Carly off for causing this problem to begin with when she got upset about Sonny and Emily and warned them all to stay away from each other. Sam listens to Carly in the end. Jason comes home to find Sam all dressed up in an evening gown. She tells him about Carly's visit. She tells him she has to agree with Carly about him interfering in Sonny's relationship with Emily. She asks him to back off of Sonny and Emily for awhile. Jason agrees to do it for her for a little while and let it go. Sam asks him to take her to Luke's party at the casino to keep his mind off of Sonny and Emily. Jason agrees to take her. Meanwhile, Alexis meets with Ric at Kelly's and asks him to take her to Luke's party since she likes Luke and thinks of him as a friend. Ric wants to go out to dinner instead but agrees to take her to the casino. Sonny gets dressed up and assures Max that he won't be taking a date to the casino and that he is going there to meet up with Alcazar to see what he is up to. Carly shows up to meet Jax at the hotel. He meets up with her and she comes into the one of the hotel rooms to find a dress lying out on a chair. Jax tells her he picked it out for her to wear tonight and thought she would want to go to her uncle's re-opening tonight. Carly accuses Jax of taking charge of her life just like Sonny use to do and thinks he is really only going out with her to upset Sonny. Jax tells her he never thought of Sonny once when he planned their evening and thought she would appreciate that he made all the arrangements because she has been so busy lately. Carly calms down and accepts his invitation but wants to pick out her own dress. They show up at the casino together and get everyone's attention.

Lucky has lunch with Nikolas at Kelly's. He invites him to join Liz and him at the re-opening of the casino tonight. Nikolas tells him he has a meeting tonight and can't go. Lucky doesn't believe him and thinks he has become too much of a hermit lately wallowing in his grief over Courtney's death. Nikolas doesn't give him an answer. Liz meets up with Emily outside Kelly's and issues the same invitation. Emily tells her he has an exam to study for and can't. Liz manages to persuade her to come with them and keep her mind off Sonny whom she thinks is no longer with Emily. Emily agrees to go out with them tonight.

Guests start arriving at Luke's re-opening at the "Haunted Star." Luke assures Tracy that the hired help is borrowed from Jax and they won't have to pay for them. Tracy insists he turn a tidy profit tonight or he owes her. Luke wants her to be the host that greets his guests. She reluctantly agrees to and admits that she is having more fun that she thought she would. Skye and Lorenzo show up arm and arm. Skye throws her shall at Tracy and hits her in the head with it as Tracy greets them and realizes who they are. Skye nods at Luke when she comes in. Luke welcomes them including Lorenzo. Tracy notices how jealous Luke seems when he watches them and is annoyed. Liz and Emily get a drink. Liz thinks that Emily should not think about anyone or anything but having a good time. Emily is relaxed until Nikolas shows up all dressed up and meets up with Lucky. He comes over and says hi to them. He tells Emily she looks lovely. Emily lies and tells him she broke up with Sonny. Sonny shows up with Max and everyone stops talking and looks at him. Sonny notices Emily standing next to Nikolas and realizes this night is going to be more difficult than he thought.

Friday, March 24, 2006

At the Haunted Star, all the residents of Port Charles show up at the grand re-opening to celebrate except for Robin. She is at the nurse's station when Epiphany receives word that Noah has been found. A detox clinic nearby has called and is looking for his next of kin. Robin goes to pick him up and takes him back to the hospital. She looks at his file and realizes that he took himself to the clinic before he fell off the wagon and started drinking again. She goes to the Haunted Star and takes Patrick away from his date with Dr. Lee. Patrick appears unmoved when he first sees his father, but when Noah collapses after trying to leave, Patrick helps him back into bed.

At their apartment, Sam convinces Jason to go to the party with her, but she can't convince him to lose the gun. When they first arrive at the Haunted Star, they walk in and go straight to talk to Sonny. While Sam goes off to get drinks, Sonny tells Jason that Bernie is under strict orders to never take financial instructions from him again without first speaking to Sonny.

Meanwhile, Emily tells Liz that she and Sonny are through. That doesn't appear to be the case, though, when Sonny walks in. He walks behind her at the bar and she turns around and runs into him. They drop their chips and Sonny tells her she can have them all. Liz tells Lucky that there is still something going on between those two. After Emily leaves, Sonny witnesses Sam and Alexis going at each other's throats. Sam almost slips and tells Alexis that she is her mother, and Sonny can't take the pressure anymore and goes home. Emily goes to a table to gamble with Nikolas, where he is losing. She doesn't have much luck, either. Lucky wins a few rounds, though, after Liz gives him the money she cashed in from their spare change bin. Liz's prediction comes true as Emily makes an excuse to leave early to finish up a lab report. Jason watches her leave, knowing she is going to Sonny. He decides to follow her and steps up to the outside door of Sonny's place just as Emily and Sonny are kissing. Meanwhile, Sam is back at home when Ric knocks on the door. He wants to come to her and make peace so that her and Alexis can at least live in the same city without fighting. Sam wants nothing to do with a truce, though.

Tracy fails at her duty as hostess, making Skye think that she's deliberately trying to make Luke fail. Skye steps in and tries to help Luke out. She points him to a rich couple that are leaving. They've just lost a lot of money, but had a good time. She goes to take the coat to the mayor and Tracy steps in. She suddenly wants to do her job, and tries to grab the coat away from Skye. Skye falls down the steps, and Alcazar rushes to her side. He tells Tracy that if anything happens to Skye or the baby, it will be her fault.

Jax buys a private table at the casino to play poker with Carly. Carly tries to bluff, thinking she will win with the two aces she holds. She ends up losing the game. They go back to Jax's place, falling on the couch and kissing passionately.

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