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Monday, November 24, 2008

At Wyndemere, Jax taunted Nikolas and Carly with his plans to develop Spoon Island. When Carly tried to broker a deal that would have Nikolas sell his shares of the Metro Court back to Carly and have Jax sell Spoon Island to Nikolas, Nikolas agreed, but Jax refused.

Nikolas responded to Jax's threats with threats of his own. He told Jax that he would keep him tied up in court and eventually take everything that Jax owned. Jax told Nikolas to bring it on. Carly tried to get Jax to see that he was taking out his anger over their divorce on Nikolas, but Jax was not moved. Before he walked out, Jax said he was not upset, that it was all about business and business opportunities.

After Jax left, Carly apologized and made excuses for his behavior, but Nikolas was not interested. He was determined not to let Jax have Spoon Island and Wyndemere. He told Carly that he was ready to take on the challenge.

Claudia noticed Olivia standing outside Sonny's patio door and asked Sonny to let her in. Claudia enjoyed telling Olivia that she was engaged to Sonny. Olivia told Sonny that she was sorry, but not surprised, that he was marrying Claudia. Olivia said that she would go immediately and tell Kate. Sonny said that Kate would understand that he had to marry Claudia to protect those he cared about. After Olivia left, Claudia asked Sonny which cousin he was in love with, Kate or Olivia.

Mac put a handcuffed Jason in the interrogation room of the Port Charles Police Station. He blamed Jason for all the mob violence in Port Charles and vowed that Jason would pay the ultimate price.

Sam, Liz, and the boys were having fun at the cabin in the woods. Sam went outside for firewood and noticed a man hiding in the bushes. She calmly took some wood inside and locked the door. When Liz tried the phone, the line was dead. Sam told her they were on their own. Sam helped Liz move mattresses over a bedroom window to make a safe room for the boys. They built a fort and played a game that kept the boys entertained and willing to stay hidden.

Sam found a shotgun and gave Liz her handgun. As they waited, Liz blamed herself for not listening to Jason's advice to stay away from him. Sam told her to focus on their survival and let the adrenaline kick in. When Liz asked, Sam told her that she would lay down her life rather than let harm come to Liz's children.

Johnny and Lulu were in Jake's bar discussing Johnny's job options outside of the Zacchara family. He pointed out that all he knew how to do was drive fast and shoot guns. Lulu said that he could give piano lessons. Coleman offered to let him play the club's piano and put out a tip jar. A very inebriated Johnny decided that it was time to move on. Lulu said she would drive because Johnny was too tipsy.

Kate was at home giving Maxie a dressing down because Maxie had made all the decisions about what would appear in the magazine without Kate's input while Kate was in the hospital. Olivia arrived and overheard. She told Kate that Maxie had tried to see Kate about the magazine, but Olivia had prevented it because she wanted to keep stress away from Kate while she was healing. Maxie slipped away for the kitchen while Olivia told Kate that Sonny was marrying Claudia.

When Sonny told Claudia that he did not want her to speak disrespectfully about Olivia and Kate, and that, in fact, he preferred it if she avoided them completely, she wondered if it went both ways. She told him that she would respect his friends if he respected her brother and father.

Sonny and Claudia agreed to treat each other with respect. They sat down and discussed the terms of their marriage. Both understood it as a business deal. Sonny told Claudia that he was in charge of everyone, including her and her brother. She said that she understood. When he asked her what she got out of the marriage, she told him that, for the first time, her father needed her and she liked that.

Diane visited Jason at the Port Charles Police Station. Jason wanted out of the clink and told Diane that they had no evidence against him. Diane spied Alexis outside talking to Mac and feared that getting Jason out on bail might be a hard sell.

Olivia was having beer and shots at Jake's when Carly blew in. Olivia encouraged Carly to have a shot, then told her about Sonny's impending nuptials. Carly was flabbergasted and downed another shot. They talked and bonded. Carly told Olivia that even though she no longer loved Sonny, she was still connected to him and would always help him out of a jam, no matter what it cost her.

Olivia asked Carly which man she would choose, if she had to choose at that very moment. Carly thought about it and then said "Jax." Olivia was surprised, but not as much as when Carly asked Olivia what she felt for Sonny when they were kids. Olivia admitted that Sonny was very important to her when she was a teenager. Carly then wanted to know how Olivia felt as an adult.

Diane went to talk to Alexis and Mac. Alexis took her aside and advised her to drop Jason as a client. Alexis said that Jason was going to pay for all the violence that was going on in Port Charles, and that Mac intended to hold Jason until they had evidence against him. Diane scoffed as they walked to the interrogation room.

Alexis told Jason that she knew that he was supposed to be the "good" mobster, but that no longer held any sway. She told him that he was going to pay and that he could count on going away for a long time.

Kate was still berating Maxie about what a bad job she did on Crimson when Jax arrived. His first words were compliments to Maxie on what a fine job she had done getting the magazine out while Kate was in the hospital. He noted that sales were up, especially in the younger, coveted demographic. Kate did not like hearing that and dismissed Maxie, who was grateful to get away.

Kate and Jax drank champagne and toasted their escapes from Sonny and Carly. They each told the other that they were better off the way things turned out. After more champagne, Jax took the glass out of Kate's hand and started kissing her. She put her arms around his neck and kissed back.

As a mark of respect, Sonny put the engagement ring on Claudia's finger as she had asked. Then he told her that he wanted to be married immediately, on that very night.

Sam and Liz waited for the Russians to strike, but nothing happened. Just when Liz started hoping that the killers had left or that Jason and Lucky would show up in time to help them, the quiet was broken as a gunshot came through the window, scattering broken glass all over the living room floor and barely missing Sam.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Jason waited in the interrogation room as Diane and Alexis argued over whether Jason would be released or not. Diane thought Alexis was just being hard on Jason because of Jerry. She had turned a blind eye to Jerry's dealings, so someone had to take the fall. Alexis said she owed it to the public to do her duty as prosecuting attorney.

Spinelli interrupted the two attorneys when he came in and asked to speak with Jason. At first, Alexis said Jason couldn't have any visitors, but Diane said she was just being spiteful. Spinelli said he had an alibi for Jason, and an exasperated Alexis said she knew Spinelli would lie for Sonny, along with a group of other people. Alexis finally relented and left the room with Diane to give Spinelli five minutes with Jason.

Once they were alone, Spinelli told Jason he had learned his lesson and decided not to try to be like Jason. Spinelli realized his technological prowess was what Jason needed, and he hacked into INTERPOL and created a file saying the bombing was from a rival gang in another country. As they talked, an INTERPOL agent could be seen from the interrogation room talking to Alexis and Diane and showing them paperwork. Soon, Alexis and Diane came back into the room and told Jason he was free to go. INTERPOL was taking over the investigation and confiscating all the evidence.

Alexis was upset with Diane for making her look like a fool. Diane asked Alexis to take off their lawyer hats so they could talk as friends. She knew Alexis was upset about Jerry. Everyone wanted to believe that Jerry had changed.

As soon as Jason was released, he talked to Bernie and said he needed to check on Liz and the boys. He tried calling the cabin but the phone line was out of order. Jason decided to go check on Liz, Sam, and the boys in person.

Meanwhile, Sam and Liz were doing their best to keep the Russians at bay. Sam came up with the strategy to be quiet and make the Russians think the girls were dead. Sam and Liz would lie in wait and shoot them as they entered the door. Liz asked how Sam could take another person's life, and Sam told her about her upbringing and how she first shot a person when she was only eight years old. Sam's theory about lying in wait for the Russians seemed to be working but was very slow. She killed one Russian before Cameron started to yell out for his mother. Liz needed to get to her boys and calm them down. Sam promised to protect them-or die trying.

When Liz got back from checking on the kids, she was forced to shoot a mobster herself. She was upset about taking another human life, but Sam pointed out that the very same man Liz had shot would have easily killed them if he had not been shot first. Unfortunately, the Russians changed tactics and decided to kidnap Jake. Jason pulled up just as Liz discovered her missing son. She screamed for Jake and told Jason to get her baby back.

Olivia and Carly sat in Jake's, talking about Sonny. Carly wanted to know if Olivia still had feelings for Sonny. Based on the way Olivia dodged the question, Carly had her answer and knew Olivia still wanted Sonny. Coleman interrupted them and said if they had too much to drink he wouldn't mind joining them in his suite to sleep it off. The ladies just laughed and Carly said Coleman knew how much Jason didn't like it when Coleman hit on her. They laughed and bantered good-naturedly until Coleman left the two ladies alone. Olivia asked about Carly's connection with Jason, and Carly said they were best friends. Sonny used to be friends with Jason, too.

Carly told Olivia that Sonny had changed when Michael had been shot. He had decided to live a fake life by leaving the mob and marrying Kate. Carly asked if Olivia had any kids, and Olivia admitted she had a boy. They talked about Sonny's decision to marry Claudia Zacchara. Carly said she wasn't sure which was worse, marrying Kate or marrying Claudia. Olivia knew her cousin could be shrewd and shallow at times, but she wasn't the black widow that Claudia was. Olivia and Carly decided to flip a coin to decide who should talk to Sonny about his bad decision to marry Claudia.

At Kate's house, she and Jax shared their second kiss. Kate said she wasn't ashamed that time around, though. Jax asked if they had kissed because of Jax's irresistible charm or because of Kate's need to get back at Carly. Kate thought it might be a little bit of both, and Jax was okay with that. They were interrupted when Sonny came to speak with Kate privately. Kate said Jax didn't need to leave and Sonny would have to talk to her in front of Jax. Sonny explained that he still loved Kate, but was marrying Claudia Zacchara for business. Kate knew because Olivia had already told her, and Kate told Sonny he could leave, since he had obviously told her what he had come to say. Sonny looked at Jax and asked Kate not to do something she would regret, but she said she already had.

Carly lost the coin toss and went to Sonny's house to talk to him about his bad decision. Max had just gotten done telling his boss that he didn't think marrying Claudia was a good idea when Carly arrived. Carly told Sonny he was putting himself in a position to be killed by joining forces with the enemy. Sonny tried to give Carly a gun and told her she might need it if Sonny's enemies came after her. Carly asked if Kate knew what Sonny was about to do. He said he went to talk to her, but Kate was with Jax at her house.

Once Kate and Jax were alone again, Jax applauded Kate's behavior towards Sonny. She acknowledged that Jax was the only reason why she wasn't running after Sonny. Jax said that if Kate did go after Sonny, the mobster would leave Claudia for Kate but eventually end up with Carly again. It was an endless cycle. Kate and Jax's bond seemed to grow as they talked about Carly and Jax. They started kissing again, not realizing Carly was spying on them through the windows.

After learning from Sonny that they would be getting married that night, Claudia went home and told her father the plans. Anthony said the wedding would take place at the Zacchara home and he would start to make the arrangements. Claudia asked if the arrangements meant flowers and candles, but Anthony just laughed at her. Johnny walked in and learned what was going on. He said he would leave the family if Claudia married Sonny. Anthony asked Claudia to explain everything to her brother so he would understand that it was all being done for his future. Johnny wasn't really interested in excuses. He commented on Claudia's choice of wedding attire, a black evening gown, and said it was very fitting.

Johnny left his father's house and went to see Lulu. He told her about Claudia's wedding to Sonny and said he didn't want any part of it. He was leaving the family and the business. Johnny wanted Lulu to go with him. Meanwhile, Claudia and Sonny exchanged vows in front of the same justice of the peace that Claudia and Jason had been to previously.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Patrick arrived home after a hard day at the hospital. Robin was tired from her day, also. She apologized for smelling like baby spit-up. Patrick understood. When Robin told him that Uncle Mac had bought a huge turkey for the following day, Patrick reminisced about the days when he had left town for the holidays to find a warmer climate and chase women. Robin remembered their first meeting, when she had surprised Patrick in the shower with a nurse.

Robin laughed about how nice it would be to drop Emma off with Mac and Anna, then come home and sleep for a few hours. Patrick agreed. Robin lay her head in his lap and started dreaming.

In Robin's dream, Epiphany, Kelly, and Lanie were waiting for her at the nurses' station when she returned from France. They told her about the new doctor, Patrick Drake, whom she met for the first time when she walked in on him and Leyla, both naked, kissing passionately while showering in the staff locker room.

Patrick and Robin continued to clash. Chief of staff, Alan Quartermaine, asked them to work out their issues. He also hired a new doctor, Matt Hunter, who turned out to be Patrick's half brother. Patrick was not very nice to Matt, and second-guessed him at every opportunity, even after Matt found and corrected a serious error on Patrick's part.

Patrick went to Jake's bar and met Coleman. He also met Carly, and they started dating. Robin started dating Matt, who took her to the Metro Court for dinner. Patrick and Carly were also there. Robin was very pleased to see Carly dump Patrick. When she went over to Patrick's table to taunt him, Matt walked away.

Maxie, sporting very long hair, came to the nurses' station to see Robin, but met Matt instead. They started flirting, but when Robin showed up, apologized, and asked Matt to give her another chance, he was all for it. Patrick went to Jake's and hit it off with Liz, and they started dating.

When Robin and Matt were ready to take their relationship to the next level, Matt told Robin that he knew all about her HIV status, thanks to Maxie. Robin was impressed that he was prepared and not scared off.

Robin had a hard time understanding what Liz saw in Patrick. Liz told her that he was really just a sweet lost little boy inside. Later, when Patrick lost a patient, Robin comforted him and told him that he had done all he could. Patrick was impressed, because he had expected Robin's scorn-or at least an "I told you so." Robin was equally impressed when Patrick asked for her opinion on a case.

Later, in the lounge, Robin told Matt that they should consider getting to know his brother better, because she was beginning to think that she had misjudged Patrick.

Patrick said the same thing about Robin to Liz. Liz broke it off with Patrick. She told Patrick that though she had fun with him, she wanted a man who wanted to be a father to her child. She wanted a family and she wanted to be with a man who wanted the same things that she did. Patrick was stunned to be dumped for the second time.

Epiphany asked Robin to drop off a sweater that Maxie had left in the lounge. Robin arrived at Crimson and found Maxie in a passionate kiss. When she broke away from her lover, it was Matt.

Robin went immediately to Jake's for comfort and found Patrick there. They commiserated with each other and shared a dance. Just as Robin said, "They're playing our song," she awoke to the sound of Emma crying.

Patrick brought Emma to Robin. They both held their child, and Patrick told Robin that even though life had not turned out as he expected, he would not trade the life he had with her and Emma for anything. Robin felt equally blessed, and both agreed that no matter what, fate would always see to it that the people who were meant to be together would get together.

Patrick proposed to Robin again. She said yes and he suggested a Christmas wedding. However, since it was Emma's first Christmas, they decided to be married the week after Christmas.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, ABC aired a special "repeat" of the General Hospital episode that aired September 29th -- Kate is shot at the altar. For a complete recap of the episode, click here.

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Friday, November 28, 2008

Due to the extended Thanksgiving holiday, General Hospital did not air today. This pre-emption was anticipated and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the scheduling change. Regular programming resumes on Monday, December 1st where Wednesday, November 26th's episode concluded.

If you're in the mood for a little Thanksgiving leftovers, this is a good time to check out some of our archived content. We have daily recaps dating all the way back to 1996. Take a trip down memory lane or, if you're a newer viewers, find out what you've missed out on! Click here for more information about our Daily Recaps Archive.

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