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Peter escaped from jail, but a mystery person drugged and kidnapped him. Kiki filed a sexual harassment complaint against Dr. Bensch. Carly was sent to Pentonville, pending trial. Nelle was delighted that her plans had succeeded.
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ENCORE: GH aired a repeat episode due to the Memorial Day holiday

ENCORE: GH aired a repeat episode due to the Memorial Day holiday

Monday, May 28, 2018

Due to the Memorial Day holiday, General Hospital aired an encore presentation of the episode that originally aired on April 13, 2018. You can read the recap for that episode here.

This was a planned programming change and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the preemption. Regular programming resumed on Tuesday, May 29, and picked up where the Friday, May 25 episode concluded.

Peter has a proposition for Drew

Peter has a proposition for Drew

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

In the courtroom, Diane made sure that Carly knew how she was supposed to plead. Carly wasn't thrilled to plead not guilty by reason of insanity, but Diane insisted that it was the best option. The D.A. entered, and Diane muttered to the woman that she didn't appreciate the delay for the arraignment. D.A. Dawson innocently replied that she wanted to make sure that the police had finished their preliminary investigation. Diane returned to Sonny and Carly as Judge Horowitz entered. He read out the charges and asked Carly for her plea.

Carly stammered that she was pleading not guilty by reason of insanity. Diane began by stating how much mental and psychological duress Carly had been under between Morgan's death and Mike's Alzheimer's diagnosis. Diane requested that Carly be set a "reasonable" bail so she could go home and heal. D.A. Dawson stood and requested that Carly be denied bail, as she was a danger to others in addition to being a flight risk. Diane countered that Carly had deep ties to the community, including her family and her business.

Diane also offered that she and Carly were open to the possibility of house arrest, which would basically serve the same purpose as jail. However, the judge revealed that he'd already decided to deny Carly bail, remanding her to Pentonville to await trial. "Wait!" Carly yelled. She wondered if she could change her plea, and Diane glared daggers at her client. She conferred with Carly, again insisting that Carly's original plea was her best chance. The judge asked for a decision, and Carly meekly replied that she would stay with her original plea.

The judge adjourned the arraignment. Carly quickly gave Sonny instructions on what to tell her kids as an officer handcuffed her. "Tell Jason to hurry up," she added as the office led her away. He promised to fix things for her. "Your client seems like a formidable woman," the D.A. commented to Diane. "She doesn't look crazy to me," she added, and she left the courtroom. Diane promised Sonny that Carly's plea was the best option. "You better be right," Sonny growled.

Franco and Elizabeth discussed possible wedding dates, but neither wanted to wait long to be married. She suggested they elope, but he wasn't sold on the idea. He thought that it was time he met her family, and he wondered why she never wanted to talk about them. She reasoned that they were always busy, and she'd never been close to them anyway. She had to get back to work, so she kissed him and walked away.

Peter stated to Robert that he wouldn't be going to Steinmauer, as he had some valuable information that the WSB would want. Robert refused to negotiate because he wanted to see Peter punished for trying to kill Anna. Peter demanded his phone call, but Robert reminded him that the WSB didn't play by the same rules as local police. Peter threatened to tattle to Anna, and Robert angrily agreed.

Drew entered the hospital and bumped into Andre, who explained that the WSB had allowed him to consult on a few cases. He informed Drew that he'd gotten his notes back from the WSB about the memory-writing procedure. "When can we start?" Drew asked, but Andre cited the unknown side effects and complications as a reason to not go through with it. He warned Drew that losing the foundation of memories on which his relationships were built could impact all of them.

As Franco listened in, Drew insisted that he accepted all of the potential risks, as he didn't want his relationships based on things that had never actually happened to him. Andre was finally satisfied, and the men shook hands. Andre promised to be in touch and walked away. "I hope you know what you're doing," Franco said to Drew, who wasn't sure why Franco cared. Franco admitted that he wanted to return the favor of saving Drew's life. Drew's phone rang, and he left to answer it.

Alexis bumped into Kevin at the hospital and asked him to consult on something "personal." In his office a few minutes later, she wanted him to help her figure out why she was drawn to men who were bad for her. She started with Finn, who was nice but unavailable, and she'd known it from the beginning. She talked about the "interminable list of violent, ruthless, power-obsessed criminals that inhabit my life," which included her father, her brother, Sonny, Julian, Rick, and Jerry. She added that she'd almost married Ned, who was also nice, but she'd "[run] screaming" from the altar.

Alexis wondered what was wrong with her, and she needed Kevin to fix it. Kevin informed her that he'd need to see her for regular sessions, and he scheduled her an appointment for the next day. He advised her to be proud of the big step she'd taken, and she sarcastically replied, "I'm elated," as she left.

Later, Kevin bumped into Franco and observed that Franco hadn't been by Kevin's office in a while. Franco replied that he remembered everything he'd tried to unlock, and he'd reached out to the rest of Jim's victims. Kevin wanted to help Franco find his closure, but Franco only wanted to focus on his future. Kevin advised Franco that he could simultaneously focus on his past and future, and he walked away. Franco took out his phone and typed "Doctor Jeff Webber" into a search engine.

Dr. Bensch asked to speak to Kiki in his office, and she followed him there. He revealed that her time shadowing him was ending, and she related that she appreciated his guidance. He hoped they could work together again, but it would depend on her evaluation. He handed his "first draft" to her to read. A shocked Kiki read the bad evaluation, which said that she was too focused on her social life, frequently late, and sensitive to criticism. He revealed that there was still time to revise the evaluation, and she asked what she could do to improve it. "I have an idea," he said, and he tossed a keycard for the Metro Court hotel on his desk.

Bensch divulged that he'd been staying at the Metro Court since the earthquake had damaged his house. He told a horrified Kiki that she should be waiting for him in his room, number 611, to "prove that you deserve a better evaluation."

A short while later, Elizabeth asked a clearly distracted Kiki for a chart at the nurses' station. Kiki eventually got the chart and apologized for moving slowly. Kiki caught sight of Bensch watching her, and she ran off, catching Elizabeth's suspicion. Minutes later, Elizabeth was rounding a corner when she heard crying from inside a supply closet. She entered and found Kiki, and she asked what was going on.

"I shouldn't have let it get this far," Kiki sobbed, adding that she hadn't known what to do. She told Elizabeth about her meeting with Bensch about her evaluation. She revealed that Bensch had offered her a "more favorable evaluation" in exchange for sex.

Finn let Anna into his room, and she believed that "a lot was left unsaid last night." She updated him on Peter's extradition to Steinmauer, and she revealed that she wasn't going to assist the WSB because she owed Peter, even though he hated her. She apologized for "dumping" on him, but he told her that she was exactly where she should be. She explained that his potential feelings about her son were why she'd pushed Finn away, but she still believed that her life was too dangerous. "Anna, please shut up," he said gently, and he kissed her.

When Anna and Finn finally broke apart, he told her that she was worth the risk. "We all have to go sometime, and I've been close enough on enough occasions that I'd like to make the most of the time I have left," he told her. He asked her to never push him away for his own good again, and she agreed. She realized how much of a mess she'd made, and he assured her that she wouldn't have to clean it up alone. However, he had a mess of his own to clean up first. He promised to visit her later. He kissed her, and she left.

Anna bumped into Andre at the hospital, and he revealed that he'd heard about what had happened at the pier. She replied that she didn't know how to tell Robin. Andre wondered if Anna had told "anyone else you care about," and she confirmed that Finn had been at the pier, and he hadn't judged her. For the time being, she was going to focus on Peter, as she was on her way to the station to visit him. She felt that she owed him, even if no one else understood why.

Alexis entered her A.A. meeting, and Finn was already there. The leader asked if anyone would like to start, and Finn volunteered. He introduced himself and explained how he'd gotten hooked on drugs. When he'd gotten sober, he'd replaced his addiction with a relationship. He'd cared a lot for the person, but it had ended badly. Instead of dealing with it, he'd begun a new relationship, even though the woman hadn't wanted to get invested if she was a rebound. He'd insisted that it wasn't, but it had been, and he'd broken her heart. He vowed to make amends and hopefully earn her trust back.

"That was some speech," Alexis commented to Finn after the meeting. He answered that he'd only spoken the truth. Their friendship meant the world to him, and he recognized that he'd done "an awful job respecting it -- and you." She hoped that he would stick around, as the meetings weren't the same without him. She smiled at him and left.

Anna entered the police station and informed Robert that she was going to accompany Peter to Steinmauer. He revealed that the transfer had been halted, as Peter was talking to a "visitor."

Drew arrived at Peter's cell and wondered what Peter could possibly have to say to his former employer. Peter was surprised to learn he'd been fired, but Drew reminded Peter that he'd stolen Drew's life, so he was "very fired." Drew would take solace in Peter being in jail for life. Peter replied that Drew was going to make sure that didn't happen. Peter promised that if Drew helped him, he would give Drew "the means to remember your whole life as Drew Cain."

Drew decides get a memory procedure

Drew decides get a memory procedure

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

At Charlie's Pub, Julian tried unsuccessfully to reach Kim on the phone to apologize for his behavior the night of the Nurses Ball. He was surprised to see Lucas, who confessed that he needed help to try to learn about the biological mother for his planned adoption. Julian was surprised that Lucas wanted to see him after asking Julian to stay away, but Julian was happy to help.

Lucas admitted that the adoption was "far from a done deal," and he was nervous about it. Julian tried to reassure him. Lucas explained that there was a 30-day period in which the mother could take the baby back, and Julian was appalled. He suggested that Lucas and Brad meet with the mother so that she could see them as real people. Lucas explained the adoption procedure and noted that she knew them but not the opposite. Julian didn't want to see Lucas hurt. Lucas told him not to look; it was his family and not Julian's. Lucas left the bar.

As Alexis sat on her couch and looked through a box of family items, Valentin knocked on the door. Alexis was annoyed, but Valentin convinced her to allow him inside. He asked her to represent him in his desire to move his assets into a trust for Charlotte. Alexis was family, and he thought they should help each other.

Alexis expressed how happy she was to have escaped the family, and Valentin agreed it was the same for him. Alexis pointed out that he still had the same lack of morals and scruples. Valentin saw the box and offered to tell her everything about the family, including their father, Mikkos, whose photo sat on top. Alexis wondered how Valentin knew about their family, and he revealed that he'd done extensive research. Valentin mentioned that they were "drawn to the thing that hurt us the most."

Alexis declared that Valentin had been left the estate as a "last resort," though as a female, she wouldn't have received it -- and she wouldn't have wanted it, anyway. Alexis stated that she could do her own research, but Valentin proceeded to mention family members that he had researched. He pointed out that Alexis had blocked certain memories of them. Alexis decided to help Valentin and asked for his portfolio.

Valentin provided the material, although Alexis told him that it would take her a while, as there was so much. Valentin offered to pay her double because he wanted it done quickly. Alexis advised him that he would need to talk to Nina if he wanted Nina to oversee the trust, but Valentin insisted that his wife wouldn't take his calls. Alexis counseled him to make his amends through his actions, not his material things.

Later, Alexis returned to the box and stared at Mikkos' photo. She received a call from Julian, but she ignored it.

Jason was on the phone with Spinelli, urging him to help gather the evidence to prove Carly's innocence. There was a knock at the door, and it was Kim, who wanted to discuss something important about Drew. She told Jason about the risk that Drew wanted to take to get his memory back, and she wanted Jason to stop him. Jason insisted that he couldn't help and that Carly was his first priority. He thought that Drew could take care of himself.

Kim explained that Dr. Maddox would perform the procedure, and the best-case scenario would be that Drew would be rid of Jason's memories and retrieve his own. The worst would be that they would see Drew suffer with brain damage, and she didn't think he should risk it for Oscar's sake. Her son, and Jason's nephew, was just getting to know his father. She wanted Jason to talk to Drew.

Jason insisted that Drew would never listen to him, and Kim continued to try to persuade Jason. She thought that Drew wanted to know his true feelings about Sam. Jason looked at Kim's stricken face as he refused and gently said that if he were in the same spot, he would want the procedure, but he didn't think it mattered what he thought. Kim was curious as to what would make Jason not do the procedure.

Jason thought that he could be convinced to change his mind by people he loved, especially Carly. He thought that maybe Drew would listen to Kim, who thanked him and left.

Curtis and Sam sat outside of Kelly's, and they chatted about Curtis' public marriage proposal to Jordan. He was impressed that Sam had figured out that Peter was Henrik. Sam explained all that had happened, and she revealed that Anna was Peter's mother. She added that the WSB wanted to extradite Peter, and Drew had put out a press release about the story.

Sam clarified that she had wanted to support Drew and their family with Aurora, but she had only remained at Aurora to investigate Peter. She wasn't really cut out to sit behind a desk. Curtis had a solution, and he asked Sam to partner with him in an investigative firm. He thought they could merge their resources and clients. Sam and Curtis bickered over the name of the firm, although Sam revealed that she had gone back to her maiden name of McCall. She played with her wedding rings as she spoke.

Drew showed up at Peter's cell in the police station, and Peter wanted to make a deal. He reminded Drew that Drew's memories were in his possession on the flash drive. He would give it to Drew "for a price." Drew was angry that Peter had had the flash drive since Christmas and had planned to use it for his own advantage. Peter suggested that Drew get him out of jail, and it would be Drew's.

Drew gave a sarcastic chuckle, but Peter declared that Drew was capable of doing it. Drew replied that he would have Dr. Maddox perform the procedure even though Peter insisted that it couldn't be done without the flash drive. Peter wanted to trade Drew's past for his own future, but Drew refused to make a deal. He headed out as Peter continued to shout Drew's name.

Sam paid a visit to Peter and told him she was grateful that he had saved Jason's life and might have the answer to Drew's life. Peter wondered how grateful she was, and Sam snapped that she didn't owe Peter anything. Peter mentioned that Drew planned to have the procedure, but he thought that Sam should tell him not to do it without the flash drive because without it, there wouldn't be anything to replace Jason's memories with.

After Sam had gone, Peter heard footsteps, and another visitor appeared. It was Valentin. Peter called out that Valentin was his "oldest friend." Valentin glared at him.

After Kim had gone, Jason was back on the phone with Spinelli when there was another knock on the door. It was Sam, and she wanted Jason's help.

Drew found himself at Kelly's, where he thought about a previous conversation he'd had with Jason when he'd mentioned that he didn't want Jason's memories. He called Dr. Maddox to tell him that he'd made his decision. On his way out, he bumped into Kim. She wanted to continue their previous conversation, but he was in a hurry. He would talk after everything was over, he told her. He was getting his procedure, and hopefully he'd be himself the next time she saw him. She was in shock as he walked away.

At General Hospital, Nina spoke to someone on the phone and stated that she wanted to start divorce proceedings. She saw Liesl, who was newly returned from out of town, and they shared their happiness over Maxie's new baby. Nina pulled Liesl to a bench, and they sat down. She filled Liesl in on the events concerning Peter. Liesl confessed that she'd known him as a boy, but he was not the same as he had been then. Nina advised her that Faison had been looking for Peter, and Nathan had been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Liesl was angry, but she wanted to see her new grandson. She rose, but Nina grabbed her and told her there was more. She divulged that Valentin had been Peter's mentor and had also known the identity of Peter's mother. Liesl mentioned that the mother had been a "streetwalker" -- one of many who had resembled Anna. Nina told her that Peter's mother was actually Anna herself.

Liesl grew furious as Nina gave her the details. Liesl admitted that it was good that Faison hadn't known about Anna because Peter would have never escaped from him. She didn't think any of it was worth their energy, and she wanted to see the baby who was a reminder of Nathan.

The women headed to the NICU and looked in on the new baby in their lives. Nina revealed that the baby's name was James, and Liesl was pleased and teary. The women hugged.

Curtis stopped at the hospital and gave Nina a teddy bear for the baby. Nina hugged him, and she admitted that her husband had turned out to be exactly like everyone had said he was. She asked for and receive a tissue as she cried that she was getting a divorce.

Liesl stayed by the nursery and looked at James. She spoke to him through the window and told him how beautiful he was, just like his father. She vowed that she would never be far away again, and there would be no one and nothing to fear. "I will make sure of it," she announced.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Kiki and Elizabeth had a conversation. Elizabeth clarified that Bensch had sexually propositioned Kiki, and she learned that it hadn't been the first time. Kiki went on to describe her history with Bensch and how he'd originally been encouraging and nice. She'd thought his gifts and meals had been given to her as mentor to student, and after his kiss, she'd thought it had been a misunderstanding. She'd told him that she had no feelings for him, and she'd thought he'd accepted it.

Kiki revealed how terrible her evaluation had been, and she told of Bensch's suggestion for a revision. Bensch was "about to get what's coming to him," Elizabeth replied. Kiki didn't think she could confront Bensch, but Elizabeth suggested they go to the administration. Kiki didn't think that would help without proof, and then she'd have more difficulty. She suggested it was another misunderstanding, but Elizabeth was adamant that that wasn't the case.

Elizabeth revealed that she'd had a similar experience that had left her feeling powerless and thinking it had been her fault. She insisted that Kiki speak up. The pair walked around the hospital as they discussed the issue. Elizabeth promised to support Kiki, but she didn't think Kiki should keep quiet. Bensch would continue to be after Kiki or go after someone else. She emphasized that Bensch was responsible for his own behavior, and she didn't want Kiki to have any regrets.

Kiki was afraid that no one would believe her but finally decided that she should report it. "Okay, let's go," she said.

Kiki moves forward in her fight to take down Dr. Bensch

Kiki moves forward in her fight to take down Dr. Bensch

Thursday, May 31, 2018

At the hospital, Liesl ran up to Anna, screaming that Anna's actions had caused Nathan's death. As Griffin listened in, Anna asked Liesl to keep her voice down. Liesl yelled that Anna deserved all of the embarrassment she got over her son, and Griffin intervened. "This isn't over, Scarecrow," Liesl growled. "What goes around comes around," she said as she got on the elevator, glaring at Anna. Griffin asked for clarification on what Liesl had said, and Anna admitted that Peter was Henrik, who was also her son.

In Griffin's office, Anna told Griffin an abridged version of what had happened to Peter as a child. She mentioned Faison's Huntington's disease, and she made the connection that Griffin had tested Peter for the disease. Griffin looked uncomfortable; as Anna's phone went off, he remembered a confrontation with Peter. When she returned to the conversation, she regretted not knowing that Peter was Henrik sooner, as she would have helped him evade the WSB.

Griffin had something to tell Anna, but a knock on the door interrupted him. Deanna poked her head in and cheerily advised Anna that phlebotomy was ready for her. Anna promised that they would talk soon, and she thanked him for the support. "I don't know what I'd do without you," she told him, and she left the office.

Andre met up with Drew, and Drew handed the doctor a "Do Not Resuscitate" order, just in case his procedure didn't go as planned. Andre thought it would be irresponsible to try the procedure without having Drew's memories as backup. Drew admitted that while he was willing to take the risk, he'd found out that Peter had the flash drive. He informed Andre that Peter had agreed to hand over the drive in exchange for Drew breaking him out of jail, but Drew had refused.

Andre suggested that Drew negotiate with Peter or offer to use his wealth to help Peter, but Drew had faith that Andre could help Drew. Andre related that he'd reserved a room at a medical facility "for the next three days." He promised to do the procedure if Drew agreed to wait until the end of the last day to have it done. "A lot can change by then," Andre added hopefully. "Fine," Drew agreed unhappily. Andre slid the DNR back to Drew, saying that it might not be needed, and he left.

Ava tried to take a picture of a piece with her phone, but she found that the phone had "insufficient memory." She flipped through the pictures to see what she could delete when she stumbled upon the picture of Griffin's mysterious DNA test results. She went to delete it, but she was interrupted when someone entered the gallery. She called out that she was closing soon, but Dr. Bensch had hoped to "pick up something beautiful tonight."

Realizing that the customer was Kiki's mentor, Ava offered to stay open for Bensch, so he could pick out something for his "barren" office. He related that, while Kiki had lots of potential, she'd seemed "off lately." Ava explained it away as residual effects from when Avery had gone missing. He warned Ava that sometimes the pressure of medical school got to students, which caused them to "snap." Ava was confident that Kiki could handle it. She asked Bensch to send her a picture of his office, and she would have some suggestions for him the next morning. They exchanged information. Bensch believed that Kiki was lucky to have a support system like Ava and Griffin, and he left.

A few minutes later, Griffin entered the gallery and thought back to his night with Kiki. Ava demanded to know what was going on with Kiki, and she updated him on her conversation with her last customer. She took the question back and said she'd talk to Kiki herself. She noticed that Griffin looked "anxious," and he told her about his conversation with Anna. Ava realized that the DNA test Griffin had run had been on Peter, and he told her the circumstances of the test.

Griffin thought that Anna needed to know the truth, but Ava reminded him that he could be fired if the truth surfaced. She advised him to stay out of it and not create conflict where it was unnecessary. She added that Anna needed his support, and Anna might not let him lend support if she couldn't forgive him for not telling her about Peter. Ava promised to keep his secret and gave him a hug.

Kiki and Elizabeth entered Monica's office, and Kiki declared that she wanted to lodge a complaint against Dr. Bensch for months of sexual harassment. She told Monica everything up until earlier that day, when Bensch had asked for sex in exchange for a good evaluation. She admitted that Bensch had only made advances while they'd been alone, so Monica regrettably revealed that she couldn't do much without proof. She informed Kiki that HR would take the lead and launch an investigation. She assured Kiki that steps would be taken to protect Kiki's anonymity. However, Kiki protested that Bensch would know immediately that it was her who'd put in the complaint, and he would make her life "hell."

Elizabeth wondered about the steps taken to keep Kiki and Bensch separate, but Monica couldn't suspend Bensch until the claims were proven -- unless Kiki was suspended, as well. If the claims were proven true, Bensch would be suspended, and she regretted that he could not be fired. Kiki thought about others who could become victims of Bensch, and she vowed to do everything in her power to hold him accountable.

A few minutes later, Kiki, Elizabeth, and Monica got off the elevator, and Kiki agreed to go to HR the next day to give a statement. Elizabeth hoped all of the truth would surface. Monica told Kiki to "hang in there," and she walked away. Elizabeth's phone went off as Bensch entered. Elizabeth saw how anxious Kiki had suddenly become, and she turned and saw Bensch. "Come on, we have work to do," Elizabeth said, ushering Kiki away. As the two passed by, Bensch smirked at Kiki.

Valentin visited Peter in his cell and apologized for what was happening. "You should be. You put this in motion," Peter spat. He was livid at Valentin for using him as leverage, but Valentin insisted that he'd regretted his actions ever since. Valentin explained his actions and insisted that he was a real friend to Peter, who happened to be his "only friend." Valentin urged Peter to accept help from Anna, but he refused. Valentin wondered if there was something he could do for Peter instead.

Sam arrived at Jason's and asked for his help. She told him about her conversation with Peter about the flash drive, and she wanted to get the drive. He didn't want to break Peter out of jail, as it would be too dangerous for Anna. Sam turned to leave in order to "take care of something," and Jason countered that she would get caught if she went by herself. "This is my choice. Like all the choices you made that I hated, and they broke my heart. I respected them," she reminded him. "You're gonna respect mine," she finished. "How about a compromise?" Jason conceded.

Sam and Jason entered the holding area of the police station, and she assured him that Spinelli had looped the security footage. They entered where the cells were, and they were shocked to find Valentin in Peter's cell. Anna entered, equally shocked, and demanded to know what was going on. A few minutes later, Anna returned, having gotten an APB put out on Peter. She'd found out that the security cameras had been tampered with, and the guard had been "paged out of the holding area." She assumed that Spinelli had helped and wondered why Sam and Jason were there. Sam revealed that, with Peter and the flash drive gone, "so is any chance for Drew's memory."

Peter arrived at Metro Court and took a keycard off the housekeeping cart outside his room. He darted around the corner as two cops exited the room with a few full evidence bags. When they were gone, he entered the room and took a small bag out of a vent in the room. He pulled piles of cash and a passport out of the bag. He placed a note addressed to Maxie on the table.

Peter put the cash and passport into a duffel bag and opened the door, but he stopped. He went into the nightstand and pulled out a note addressed to Drew along with a flash drive. Someone entered the room as he looked at his notes. The intruder plunged a syringe into his shoulder. The intruder dragged an unconscious Peter out of the room.

Peter finds out who imprisoned him

Peter finds out who imprisoned him

Friday, June 1, 2018

Sonny paid a visit to Carly at Pentonville Prison. They sat on opposite sides of the glass and picked up their red phones in order to talk. Carly only wanted Sonny to get her out, and she asked if there had been any proof to show that Nelle had set her up. Sonny stated that there was no evidence of a scarf or baby blanket, but Carly was convinced that Jason would find something. She was sorry that they hadn't forced Nelle to leave town sooner.

Carly stressed that she hadn't pushed Nelle, but Sonny still thought it best for Carly to plead guilty by reason of insanity. Carly wasn't happy with the plea and thought that things could go wrong. She noted that in a "perfect world" she would end up at Shadybrook, but things hadn't been going her way. She was concerned that her children would no longer trust her once Nelle wormed her way into the family.

Sonny reminded Carly that it was her word against Nelle's. Carly asked about the family, and Sonny filled her in. He had been searching for a permanent caregiver for Mike, and he hadn't seen Josslyn, who had been busy with Oscar and school. Carly asked that Sonny plan something to do with Josslyn and Avery. She asked about Michael, and Sonny disclosed that Michael had planned to move back to the Quartermaine house. "So, Nelle got what she wanted," Carly said sadly. Sonny promised it wasn't forever, and they would deal with Nelle after Carly was out. Carly vowed to "expose" Nelle.

At Metro Court, Anna and Jason searched through Peter's hotel room. The pair disagreed over whether Peter would be after Anna, who thought that the incident at the pier had not been an "accurate" one. A cheerful Robert arrived and announced that he would have to put Anna and Jason on his payroll. He accused Anna of being happy that Peter had escaped jail. Anna insisted that she wasn't happy because Peter would be a target, and she wanted him freed.

Robert suggested that Anna might have lost touch with reality if she believed that Peter could be free. He reminded her that Peter had been Faison's accomplice. Anna clarified that Peter had been forced to do what he'd done, and a person couldn't be convicted for something that they might do. Robert accused Anna of having a double standard, and Anna agreed that she did. Jason located a spot where the flash drive might have been taped and hidden. Robert thanked Jason for saving Anna's life, and he told Anna to call Robin to tell her about her brother. Jason left.

Jordan arrived, and Robert showed her where they suspected the flash drive had been taped and hidden inside the drawer. Anna stated that they had no proof, and Jordan revealed that Peter had left behind a letter for Maxie, asking for forgiveness.

Jordan was called away, and Anna received a phone call from Robin. She answered and told Robin the latest about Peter and declared that she would fly out to Robin to give her all the details in person. Robert stated that he couldn't leave due to his work with the WSB, but he reminded Anna that she was Robin's hero. The news that Peter was her brother would throw Robin "for a loop," but he wanted Anna to give Robin space. He suggested that Anna not make it about her guilt over Peter. Robert left, Jordan returned, and Anna asked Jordan for a copy of Peter's letter.

At General Hospital, Maxie woke with a start and saw Nina. Maxie revealed that she'd been having a bad dream about Peter. Nina disclosed that Peter had escaped, and Valentin had been found in Peter's cell instead. Law enforcement had been looking for Peter, Nina added. Maxie was sorry that she'd tried to make Nina and Peter be friends. Nina revealed that she'd hired Curtis to investigate Peter, but she'd been talked out of it. She had been suspicious of the memento book about Nathan in Peter's possession.

Nina blamed herself for the fact that Nathan wasn't there. She also explained that Valentin had known Peter since Peter had been a baby, and there had been many lies and secrets where Valentin had been concerned. She also stated that it all went back to Anna, who had turned out to be Peter's mother. Nina related all the details as she knew them. Maxie admitted that she "almost" felt sorry for Peter, and Nina declared that many lives had been destroyed. She planned on getting a divorce from Valentin.

Just then, Deanna pushed baby James into the room, and Maxie was able to hold her son. She and Nina cried, and Maxie handed the baby to Nina so that she could hold him, too. The women fawned over the baby, and Nina remembered Nathan as a baby. They spoke about how Nathan should have been there, and Nina thought that Nathan knew all about his son. Nina promised to give James a lot of love, and Maxie asked her to be there for them anytime. Nina hoped Maxie wouldn't regret it.

Shortly after, the baby was wheeled out, and Nina received a message. She was evasive about it but had to leave. Maxie asked her to return soon.

Nelle and Michael sat on a couch at the Quartermaine residence. Nelle said that she felt bad that Carly was in jail because of her. She had never meant Carly any harm. Michael replied that Carly had had a breakdown, but she had plenty of people to look after her. He was more concerned about Nelle and their baby. Nelle was happy that he was there, and Michael was happy that she could feel safe with him.

Nelle added that she was glad Michael was in her life and that they'd grown closer. He announced that he was moving his things from the Metro Court back to the Quartermaines' so that he could be with her. Jason arrived to see Michael, and Nelle rose, left the room, and closed the doors so that the men could have their privacy. She stood outside to listen.

Jason advised Michael that he did not agree with Carly's plea of insanity because Carly had not pushed Nelle down the stairs. He wondered if Michael believed Nelle's story. Michael responded that he had to take care of his family, and Jason warned him to be careful. Jason left, and Nelle passed him on her way back into the room. Michael hugged her before leaving for the hotel, and he clarified that his family meant Nelle and the baby. He had a look of understanding on his face.

An unknown person dragged an unconscious Peter along the floor. Later, he awoke and found himself bound in a bed. "Where the hell am I?" he wondered. He didn't know how he'd gotten there, although he slowly recalled being knocked out from behind with a syringe. He recalled holding the flash drive, and he remembered being dragged. He shouted for someone to acknowledge him, but he was met with silence. Suddenly, a door opened, and Nina walked in.

Carly received another visitor, and she was happy to see Jason. They touched their hands in unison on the glass between them and picked up the red phones. They discussed her plea, and Jason vowed to find the blanket and prove that Nelle had been lying. Carly thought that that wouldn't help prove that she hadn't pushed Nelle. Jason thought that Spinelli could locate information on the scarf if Nelle had shopped and purchased it online, and they would prove that Nelle had been lying also.

Carly thought that the insanity plea was best, although Jason warned her not to fake her illness like she had the last time she'd been incarcerated at Shadybrook. He wanted her to listen to her instincts. Carly wanted to fight because her family needed her. Jason said that he would always back Carly, even if she turned out to be wrong.

Anna visited with Maxie at the hospital, and she admitted that she hadn't known about Peter's real identity. Maxie thought that if Anna hadn't known, then Maxie shouldn't feel bad for not knowing. Anna believed that Peter knew about his mistakes and regretted them. She accepted that because she'd made her own mistakes. She grew teary, and she handed Maxie a copy of Peter's letter.

At the hotel, Michael called Spinelli and asked him to investigate Nelle. He gave Spinelli several of Nelle's known aliases. He wanted to prove that Nelle had been lying about his mother.

Nelle grudgingly got up to answer the door at the Quartermaine house after Michael had gone. It was Sonny, and he was there to see her.

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