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Drew's plane vanished. Andre Maddox was stabbed. Nelle made Shiloh an offer. Sonny and Carly made a decision about Dev's future. Alexis and Neil went on a first date. Franco and Kim shared a passionate kiss. Sasha began to improve.
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ENCORE PRESENTATION: Willow opens up about her time in Dawn of Day

ENCORE PRESENTATION: Willow opens up about her time in Dawn of Day

Monday, September 2, 2019

Due to the Labor Day holiday, ABC aired an encore presentation of a General Hospital episode that originally on May 6, 2019. To read a complete recap of the episode, visit our Daily Recaps Archive here.

This was a planned rebroadcast and there were no "lost" episodes as a result. Regular programming resumed on Tuesday, September 3, and picked up where the Friday, August 30, episode concluded.

Jax begins to rethink his working relationship with Hayden

Jax begins to rethink his working relationship with Hayden

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

"Told you so," Jordan taunted Curtis at the Metro Court, regarding his firing from Aurora. He thought that avoiding working with Valentin was "the way to go," and he assured her that he had a lead on a new job. He admitted that it was from Hayden, which didn't make Jordan feel any better. Jordan's phone went off, and she revealed that she was being called to the hospital. They shared a kiss, and she left. A short while later, she arrived at the hospital, and Epiphany led her to a room. Jordan entered the room and found an unconscious Andre hooked up to all kinds of machines.

Jax was on the phone with Carly as he approached Elizabeth's home. Carly informed him that she'd broken her foot, and the minimum healing time was six weeks. She promised that she was resting, and he assured her that if she wasn't, he would carry her home himself. When he was off the phone, Hayden let him in, and she told him that she was "bringing Curtis in" on their plan. "Absolutely not," Jax replied, but Hayden informed him that it was already done. He divulged that Curtis had been spying on Jax for Valentin, so he was just going to cut his losses and move on. Just then, the doorbell rang, and Hayden let Curtis in. Jax walked out, but Hayden wanted to make things work.

Curtis informed Hayden and Jax that he was no longer working with Valentin, but Jax didn't know whether or not to believe Curtis. Hayden reminded Jax that if their plan worked out, he would get a huge reward, but if it fell apart, he would lose nothing. Curtis thought things sounded "shady" so far, so Hayden clued him in about the codicil to Mikos Cassadine's will. She explained that the "rightful heir," Spencer, was eager to "bring it to light." Hayden wasn't sure if Valentin knew about the codicil, and Curtis knew that it would kill Nina if Valentin had lied to her about it. Curtis' phone went off, and it was Jordan summoning him to the hospital. Although reluctant, both Curtis and Jax declared themselves "in."

Later, Curtis entered the hospital room and saw an unconscious Andre in bed. Jordan explained that no one knew what had happened, as Andre hadn't regained consciousness since he'd stumbled into the ER. Curtis thought that Drew could explain, but Jordan revealed that Andre had been alone.

At the hospital, Cameron found Elizabeth, and she thanked him for taking Jake and Aiden back-to-school shopping. He admitted that it had actually been fun. She apologized for being distracted enough that the school year had "snuck up" on her. He assured her that no one expected her to remember everything, especially with what had happened to Franco. She insisted that she was working hard to find a way to get Franco back, but she needed Cameron's help until then. She hoped that he didn't feel like he was shouldering too much, and she hugged him, promising to figure it out.

Dev lightly complained about being Josslyn's chauffeur all day so she could get a gift for Jax for Australian Father's Day. He wondered why she couldn't have just shopped online, and she admitted that she'd forgotten. He wondered if she was excited to start school. She shot back that she wasn't, but she would deal with it. She wondered if he was nervous, but he replied, "Nah." She warned him that everyone would ask him questions, since he was the "new kid," so she hoped he had his stories straight. He thought that practice wouldn't hurt, so she quizzed him about the family.

A few minutes later, Trina and Cameron entered, arguing about how big of a deal going back to school and being an upperclassman was. Trina showed Dev a map and gave it to him. Josslyn had to meet Jax for lunch, so she and her ride, Dev, left. Cameron noticed that Trina was "into" Dev, and she asked for Cameron's help making Dev like her. She advised Cameron to bond, "become bros," and steer Dev in her direction.

At the Metro Court, Mike was excited to "take family out to lunch," but Carly realized she'd never met the woman with Mike. The woman introduced herself as Gladys Corbin, Mike's cousin from Bridgeport. She related that Mike had been telling her all about his family and successful son. Carly figured that Sonny would want to be there, so she texted him, "Cousin Gladys at MC with Mike. Thought you'd wanna know."

Gladys commented on the "lucrative business" Carly seemed to be running. Carly wondered if it was time for Mike to go back to Turning Woods, as Yvonne probably missed him, but Mike thought that he had time. Jax entered, and Carly wished him a happy Australian Father's Day. She introduced Gladys to Jax just as Josslyn and Dev entered. "Nana," Dev called out awkwardly, and he went over to hug her. She wanted her "grandson" to tell her everything about living in Port Charles.

Julian entered the hospital and asked Epiphany if she'd seen Kim around. Epiphany figured that Kim would be around soon. He walked up to Elizabeth and asked the same, and Elizabeth revealed that she'd spoken to Kim earlier. She admitted to being worried about Kim and about Kim's ability to grasp that Franco wasn't actually Drew. Julian believed that Kim understood, and he thought things would be easier to navigate when he and Kim lived in Manhattan.

Olivia was in Charlie's, taking some measurements for construction, when Sonny arrived. He joked that he was there to see if the rumors about Julian leaving Port Charles were true. Olivia reminded Sonny that Julian still had family in the area, so he would still be visiting. She just hoped that Kim found peace, which made her think about Dante. She related that, when Dante returned home, she would throw a big pizza party at the restaurant with her new pizza oven. Just then, Sonny's phone went off, and he got Carly's text. On his way out, he promised Corinthos Coffee to Olivia, and he hugged her and left.

A short while later, Julian arrived, and Olivia promised to be out of his hair soon. He urged her to take her time, as long as it got the sale closed. She wondered if he wanted to talk, and he only said that he was ready to move on with Kim. Olivia was happy for him and for his happiness. She marveled over how civil they were, and he cracked that it was probably because he was leaving town.

Sonny arrived at Metro Court, and Carly told him that Gladys and Mike wouldn't leave. Sonny approached the table, and Mike got up to call Yvonne. He asked Dev to go take care of "what we talked about before," and Dev left the table. Sonny hoped Gladys wasn't going to try to renegotiate their deal. A few minutes later, he returned to Carly, having seen Mike and Gladys go. Carly wondered if Gladys was "under control," and he insisted that he'd given the woman the message "loud and clear." Carly demanded to know what they would do if Jax started asking questions, as she didn't want Josslyn to have to lie to her father.

Across the restaurant, Jax asked Josslyn what the awkward moment between Dev and Gladys had been, but he took back the question. He wanted to focus on their day, and Josslyn remembered Father's Days past. She reminded him of a horrible cake she'd tried to make him years before, and she apologized for not spending the last few Father's Days with him. He thought that all that mattered was that moment. The waitress approached and put a small cake down, and Josslyn revealed that she'd made it, only better than before. Jax loved the gift and expressed his love for his daughter.

Elizabeth arrived home, and she told Hayden that she felt optimistic. She told Hayden her plan about getting Franco committed in order to keep him in town. "Good for you," Hayden rooted. Hayden thought that Franco would hate Elizabeth for locking him up. Elizabeth knew that once the real Franco returned, he would be glad that she'd done everything in her power to get him back. Hayden wondered if it was possible for Andre to give Franco his life back. "He has to," Elizabeth whispered.

In the park, Franco told Kim that he'd put every song on the mix CD that would remind Kim of what they'd had together. He revealed that he planned on leaving Port Charles as soon as the ankle monitor was taken off, because he could never be who everyone wanted him to be. He didn't know where he'd go, but he figured that he was "in a body too old to enlist." Before he left, he wanted Kim to tell him more about Oscar, but she didn't want to talk about Oscar.

Franco and Kim both revealed that they'd thought at the time that breaking up right before his deployment had been for the best, but neither had been able to stop thinking about the other. She admitted to living with "what ifs," while he'd envisioned a perfect future for her without him. She regretted not telling him when she'd found out that she'd been pregnant, and she told him a story from Oscar's childhood. He stroked her hair and wondered why she'd left her seemingly good life in Cleveland.

Kim replied that she'd found out that Oscar had been sick, and she'd done an ancestry test and found that he'd had family in Port Charles. She called the Quartermaines a "blessing," and she'd been relieved to find out that Drew hadn't been a deserter. She wondered where he'd been, and he cracked that the information was "redacted." She told him about a man she'd dated but hadn't had fireworks with, like she'd had with him. She'd never dated, knowing there was "more out there for me." He repeated the sentiment, and they shared a kiss.

Cameron confronts Franco

Cameron confronts Franco

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

At the hospital, Epiphany explained to Jordan that Andre had had "catastrophic blood loss," and he would be "touch and go" for a while. A few minutes later, Jordan called Curtis and updated him on Andre's condition. She asked if he'd gotten in touch with Drew and asked him to keep trying. When she was off the phone, she asked if Epiphany could wake Andre up, as it could be a criminal matter. She thought that, the longer they waited, the thinner the trail to follow would be.

Maxie, Felicia, Robert, and Mac toasted to "the new chief of detectives." Robert's phone went off, so he got up to answer it. Maxie didn't seem very enthusiastic for Mac, as she made sure that the job was mainly behind a desk. She knew that most of the men in her life were "driven by some idiotic macho desire to be heroes all the time." "God help us," Felicia interjected. Maxie knew that Mac would be "brilliant" at the job, but she wanted him to stop and think about his family as he put his badge on in the morning. He promised, and she appreciated it.

Peter entered the Metro Court and smiled at Maxie and her parents. Robert informed him that he'd missed the toast, so there was no point in Peter hanging around. "I see three good reasons," he replied. Robert promised that the family would soon see Peter's "dark side." Peter invited Robert to keep attacking him, but he knew that Maxie and her parents loved him. Robert warned Peter that Faison's "undoing" had been his ego, and it would be "yours, too, junior." Robert asked when Shiloh's interview would be hitting the press, and Peter replied that he was "working on it."

Peter and Robert joined Maxie and her parents just in time for Maxie's toast to Mac. Later, Maxie asked Robert about how his case against Shiloh was going, and he was optimistic about finding out about Shiloh's "little secrets." Mac's phone rang, and he answered it to Jordan, who summoned him to the hospital. Moments later, he got off the phone and announced that Andre was back in town, but he couldn't discuss it further. He kissed Maxie and Felicia and left as Peter looked nervous.

Maxie talked about all the work she had to do for Crimson, and Peter told Felicia and Robert about Hayden's suggestions for Maxie. Felicia and Robert urged her to follow her dreams, but Maxie insisted that it was the worst possible time to even think about it. Peter excused himself, and Robert gave a snarky explanation as to why. "The news waits for no one. Read all about it!" Peter said, and he left. Maxie appreciated everyone's faith in her, but she had a lot to do and excused herself to finish the latest issue. Felicia scolded Robert about how hard he was on Peter, and she demanded that he leave Peter alone unless he had a real reason to pursue Peter.

Mac arrived at the hospital, and Epiphany congratulated him on the new job. Mac revealed that he'd looked on the ER security footage, and he'd seen a car roll up to the door. Andre had stumbled out of the car into the ER. Jordan handed Andre's phone to Mac, and he hoped that his technicians could get into it so they could retrace Andre's steps.

At the park, Cameron complained that it had been the worst summer of his life, and he deserved a do-over. Trina urged him to attend school for her if not for himself, as she needed him. She proposed that, if he was busy solving her problems, he would be distracted from his own. He conceded that she had a point, and they walked away.

Franco and Kim each admitted how big of an impact the other had had on their lives, and they shared a kiss. Cameron and Trina walked by, and Cameron started to yell at Franco, but Trina covered his mouth and pulled him to the ground. She urged him not to make a bigger mess of things, and she suggested that listening in could prove useful. Just then, Kim pulled herself away from Franco and told him, "Drew, I can't do this." He called her on using his "real" name, and she backtracked that it wasn't his name.

Kim continued that Elizabeth was her best friend in town, and Elizabeth had stood by Kim while her son had been dying. "Our son," Franco corrected, but Kim spat that Oscar had had none of Franco's DNA. Franco reminded her that the "real" Drew didn't remember what it was like to love Kim. Kim shot back that an entire lifetime had passed since they had been together, but he asked her to leave town with him, anyway. She told him that he would be destroying the lives of Elizabeth and her kids, and she clarified that he was biologically Franco.

Franco said that Kim was his family, but she stated that she loved Julian. "Who's the love of your life?" he questioned. He took her silence to mean that the answer was him. She growled that "one thing science got right" was his arrogance. He urged her to take her time and think about it, because when his ankle monitor was taken off, he was leaving town and taking her with him. She shook her head and stormed off. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" Cameron bellowed at Franco.

Cameron reminded Franco that he'd sacrificed himself for Cameron, but Franco was tearing apart the family who'd loved and stood by him when no one else had. Trina beckoned Cameron away, but Cameron stayed put. He told Franco that they were in Oscar's Meadow, and not a day went by when he didn't miss his friend. However, he was glad Oscar was dead, because there was no way he'd want Oscar to see Franco posing as Drew. "He'd kick your ass, but that's not his style," he said.

Cameron concluded that Oscar would just be disappointed, and while Franco appreciated knowing what kind of person Oscar was, he admitted that it changed nothing. Cameron stormed off, followed by Trina. Addressing Oscar, Franco commended Cameron for being a good friend and for fighting for his family. He hoped Oscar would understand and forgive him one day, but "this is how it has to be."

Jason arrived at Elizabeth's with a back-to-school gift for Jake. Jake wasn't there, so Elizabeth invited him in to wait. Jason was sorry that she'd "caught the fallout" from Shiloh's craziness, but she believed that Franco would return. He was concerned that she was wrong, and he didn't want her to be disappointed. She laughed that her disappointment was his "dream come true." He admitted that he still didn't like Franco, but he didn't want to see Elizabeth hurting. Elizabeth vowed not to give up on Franco without a fight.

Elizabeth's phone went off, and it was Epiphany telling her that Andre was at the hospital. Elizabeth excitedly said that she would be right there and hung up. She told Jason, but she realized that she couldn't leave Aiden, who was upstairs. She asked Jason to go to the hospital and tell Andre that Elizabeth would be there to talk to him as soon as Cameron returned home to look after Aiden. He left, and Elizabeth ran upstairs.

A few minutes later, Cameron and Trina arrived outside of the house, and Trina offered to stay with him. He assured her that she'd already gone "above and beyond," and he hugged his friend. She left, and Cameron entered the house as Elizabeth descended the stairs. She asked him to stay with Aiden while she went to the hospital, but he stopped her and said that there was something he needed to tell her.

Jason arrived at the hospital and asked about Andre. Epiphany revealed that she, Jordan, and Mac couldn't discuss a patient's condition with him. Jason insisted that someone had to talk to Andre, as Drew had traveled around the world to send Andre back to town. Peter got off the elevator as Jordan and Mac updated Jason on Andre's state. Epiphany yelled about HIPAA laws, but Mac insisted that Jason was helping with the investigation, "right, Jason?" Jason nodded, and Epiphany commented, "Good enough for me." She revealed that Andre had been stabbed twice in the abdomen. Around the corner, Peter entered Andre's room and glared at the unconscious man.

Alexis entered Charlie's and broke it to Julian that the sale of Charlie's was off. She explained that she'd talked to a colleague whose specialty was tax law, and she'd found that Olivia could save a lot of money by buying the restaurant under a corporation. She assured him that it would probably only take another week, but Olivia was willing to pay more for the inconvenience. He complained about the timeframe, and Alexis wondered if one week would really make that much of a difference. He revealed that he would normally give Olivia all the time she needed, but he had other people to consider. Alexis cracked that he sounded like a grownup.

Julian continued that, if it wasn't Oscar that Kim was seeing everywhere, it was Franco, who was tearing Kim apart. Alexis was owed a favor, so she offered to try to cut down the wait time for the sale, and he thanked her profusely. She reminded him that he would be cutting his family time short, but he recognized how lucky he was to have family at all. Lucas entered a few minutes later and asked about the "weird" email he'd gotten from Sam about a family get-together. Julian wanted to celebrate his family before he left town, but he suspected that Sam was celebrating his departure. Julian had something for Lucas, so they went upstairs as Alexis left.

Julian and Lucas returned downstairs with paperwork, and Julian explained that he was establishing a trust for Wiley. Lucas wished he felt good about it, and Julian hoped he hadn't offended Lucas. Lucas was sad that Julian thought money was more important than his presence in their lives. Lucas didn't want to insult Julian by refusing the money and shook Julian's hand. He reminded Julian that they didn't need money, but they did need Julian, and the two embraced.

As Alexis left Charlie's, she saw Kim walking toward the door. She informed a distracted Kim that Julian had stepped away for a minute. "Are you okay?" she finally asked. Kim admitted that she was overwhelmed, and Alexis offered free legal advice about keeping Franco away from Kim -- if Kim wanted it. Kim reasoned that she was the only familiar face in town to Franco, but Alexis offered to discuss a restraining order. Kim thanked Alexis but thought it was unnecessary. Alexis commented that Kim and Julian would be staying longer than anticipated, and she was doing what she could to speed it along. Kim was all right with however long it took, and a skeptical Alexis was glad to hear that Kim wasn't anxious about leaving.

Drew disappears; Andre wakes up

Drew disappears; Andre wakes up

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Carly was sitting at home and looking at her tablet when Diane and Sonny walked in. Diane revealed that they had been discussing a legal issue, and Sonny invited Carly to join the conversation. He disclosed that he had been thinking about adopting Dev. Carly was perplexed that Sonny had never mentioned it, and he insisted he had only thought about the possibility.

Diane offered to give Sonny and Carly privacy to talk, but Sonny wanted her to stay. Carly wondered when Sonny had decided on adoption, and he noted that Gladys had been hanging around. Carly reminded him that he would need Gladys' cooperation, since she was Dev's legal guardian, but he indicated that if he removed Gladys from the situation, he'd be able to deal with Dev legally himself.

Carly wondered if Dev's real identification could be used, but Diane stated that Dev had just missed the age cutoff for a minor. Carly didn't think it was a good idea to use Dev's new U.S. identity, but Sonny was all for it. Carly thought Sonny was asking for trouble, but Sonny declared that he'd been told the new identity would be okay to use. Diane found it questionable but agreed it was up to Sonny and Carly. She left, and Sonny admitted it was a "sticky situation." He didn't think he'd go through with it unless he could get away with it.

Carly wasn't sure the move was right, but Sonny wanted to make sure that Dev would be taken care of, especially after the teen had saved his life. Carly announced that she was okay with Dev living in their home, but there was a big difference between that and adopting him and making him a permanent member of the family. She declared that she wouldn't consider the "forever decision" unless their kids were on board.

As Elizabeth tried to rush out of the house to see Andre at the hospital, Cameron finally managed to stop her. He announced that he'd seen Franco and Kim together at the park, and they'd been kissing. Elizabeth tried to explain that it was a complicated situation, but Cameron was angry and wondered why his mother wasn't. She told him she had many emotions, and a solution had to be found.

Cameron indicated that help had better be found quickly, as he'd heard Franco ask Kim to go away with him once his ankle monitor was removed. Cameron admitted that Kim hadn't committed and had rushed off. He hadn't been able to sit and do nothing, so he'd told Franco off. Elizabeth appreciated Cameron's standing up for her, but she didn't want him fighting her battles. She wanted him to stay strong for his brothers, and she said Andre would be able to help their temporary predicament.

Sam ran into Michael at Metro Court, and they sat at the bar. He updated her on Sasha's condition and stated that Sasha's health was the most important thing, above all else. Sam pressed him for further information, and he finally admitted that Sasha had always been secretive. He didn't know much about her past, and she'd recently told him she would tell him more, though he wouldn't like it. Michael wasn't sure he wanted to know.

Sam thought it was weighing heavily on Michael, and he admitted it would be bad if Sasha had been deceiving him all along. He thought that she had probably just done something bad in her past. Sam declared that secrets always had a way of showing themselves. Michael thanked her for not mentioning Nelle, who had had lots of secrets. He didn't think Sasha was like Nelle, though, and he thought he and Sasha were good for each other.

Michael thought Sasha's secret couldn't be that bad, and he also informed Sam that Sasha was too independent for him to ride in on a white horse to save her. Sam called Michael a rescuer, and she thought that Nelle had taken advantage of him. Sasha had been honest, and honesty was the key to a healthy relationship. Michael wanted to head to the hospital to check on Sasha, and Sam announced that she was headed there, too, after receiving a text message. She suggested they go together.

Outside Charlie's Pub, Alexis informed Kim that while she was aware Kim had wanted to leave town quickly, the sale of Charlie's would take longer than expected. Kim replied that it would take as long as it took, and she rushed inside. Alexis followed and told Kim she was glad that Kim wasn't in a hurry. Julian walked over to the women and apologized for the delay, but Kim told him they'd adjust. Just then, Franco walked in, and he joined the group.

Julian introduced himself, and Franco acknowledged that he knew that Julian was Kim's boyfriend. Julian offered a round of drinks on the house, and he suggested they chat. Franco admitted that he hadn't known it was Julian's bar, and he thought he should leave. He blamed himself for what had happened earlier, and Julian's interest was piqued.

Franco stammered and revealed that he had run into Kim at Oscar's Meadow, the spot named for his and Kim's son. Julian quickly retorted that Oscar had been Drew's son. Franco continued that he had upset Kim, and he was sorry. Alexis noted that she had to leave but mentioned the bar closing to Julian first. Julian asked Franco for a rain check on the free drink, and Franco left, as well.

Franco encountered Alexis outside, and he asked if she was a lawyer, since he'd heard her mention the closing. He told her he might need her services. Alexis was curious, and she replied that Franco's father was a lawyer. Franco noted that he had his ankle monitor thanks to Scott, but he would want another attorney in order to have the monitor removed.

Alexis told Franco it would be a conflict of interest to represent him because of her daughter. She stated that Franco had committed "unforgiveable actions," and she thought he should find other representation. She wished him luck and confirmed that she meant it.

Inside, Kim had a drink and told Julian she'd been "frazzled" over her encounter with Franco. It had also been painful to hear about Drew's memories. Julian asked why Kim hadn't told him about it, and she admitted that he would have run off and made a scene. Julian thought that Kim was under too much stress, and he suggested they leave for Manhattan right away. His staff could watch the bar, and he didn't need to stay. Kim agreed.

At the hospital, Finn told Valentin, Nina, and Liesl that he was waiting for a new dose of medicine for Sasha. He thought that people in contact with Sasha should be tested due to the weaponized strain of the avian flu that Sasha suffered from. Liesl realized that the particular test that Finn had mentioned would involve DNA testing.

Liesl told Finn he should do more working and less chatting, and he rolled his eyes and walked away. Nina went to visit with Sasha, and Valentin grabbed Liesl's arm and pulled her aside. He was worried that the test results would prove that Sasha wasn't Nina's daughter. Liesl wondered if it would be easier for Valentin if Sasha were to die, but Valentin insisted he would never wish for that. He declared that Nina would be inconsolable.

Jordan filled Jason in on Andre's condition, and Mac confirmed that Jason was involved in the case, so Epiphany finally agreed to reveal details. She announced that Andre had been stabbed in the abdomen. Jason wondered who would want Andre dead.

Peter walked into Andre's room. "Dr. Maddox, you shouldn't have come back," he said to the unconscious man in the bed. Peter wondered what he could do about it, and he wished there was another way. He began to interfere with the I.V. bags and tubing. Suddenly, a monitor went off, and Peter escaped through another door in the room.

Epiphany heard the monitor and ran toward Andre's room. She ran inside as Jason, Mac, and Jordan waited. Peter crept along the hallway and stood close to listen and observe. A doctor rushed into the room and injected a syringe into the tubing. She announced that Andre was stabilized. Andre opened his eyes. Jason, Mac, and Jordan gathered by the bed. Epiphany wanted them to leave, but Andre wanted them to stay.

"Someone tried to kill me," Andre announced. He said that Drew had found him in Ethiopia and had filled him in on Franco. Andre had offered to go to Port Charles, although he hadn't made any promises. He'd been alone, and a driver had met him at the airport. He'd believed that Drew had arranged the transportation, so he'd gone willingly with the man. They had ended up in an alley, where the man had knifed him. Andre had managed to fight him off and drive himself to the hospital. He concluded that Drew needed to know.

Jordan admitted that she hadn't heard from Drew, and Andre thought that Drew should have landed in Afghanistan. Epiphany finally ordered everyone out of the room. Elizabeth arrived and learned about Andre. She asked about Drew. Mac informed Jordan that Andre's room needed to be monitored full-time. He thought it was a bad sign that Drew hadn't turned up in Afghanistan yet.

Valentin and Liesl looked in on Sasha and Nina. Valentin declared that Nina would be destroyed if anything happened to Sasha or if she learned the truth. Liesl asked which was worse. Valentin reminded Liesl that she had used the truth for blackmail, and she would go down with him if the truth were to emerge. Liesl indicated that she would handle it.

Sasha woke up as Nina watched over her. Nina admitted that she was watching in order to keep Sasha safe, and Sasha confirmed that she felt better when Nina was there. Nina wished she could trade places with her daughter. Nina told Sasha about her relationship with her own mother and how she had vowed to do better. Nina said that Sasha had to get better because they had a lot of catching up to do. She didn't want Sasha to give up on their future.

Michael walked into the room. Nina ordered Sasha to think about Paris before she left the couple alone. Michael sat on the bed to chat with Sasha.

Brad spoke to Lucas on the phone and told him he'd be home for dinner shortly. He headed to the elevator but bumped into Liesl, who declared that she'd caught Brad just in time. Brad did his best to get away but reluctantly agreed to stay after Liesl promised to follow him home. Liesl told him about the genetic testing that would be done, and she wanted to ensure that Nina and Sasha's tests would match.

Brad replied that he'd thought that Sasha was Nina's daughter because DNA tests had already proven that fact. Liesl indicated that the tests were only as good as the security around them. Brad refused to break any more laws, but Liesl threatened to tell Michael that his son was alive and well. Brad was forced to give in, but he shouted that he would be finished after that.

Brad declared that Liesl couldn't hold the truth about Wiley over his head forever. Liesl gave her word. After she was gone, Brad sank to the floor.

Finn spotted Peter walking by, and he suggested that Peter call Anna to chat. Peter indicated that he didn't want to interrupt Anna's spy activities, but he did have a message for her. He wanted Finn to tell her that he was looking forward to seeing her, and he hoped they'd do better. He was sorry he'd judged her so harshly, as he understood that sometimes a person was compromised in unexpected ways. He wanted Anna to know he'd been thinking of her.

Valentin found Nina, and she told him how grateful she was to have known Sasha. She noted that at least they'd had some time together. She blamed herself for Sasha's illness because she was the one who'd had Sasha found in the first place. Valentin promised they'd beat the illness, and Sasha and Nina would have lots of years together.

Sam arrived and saw Jordan and Elizabeth. Sam learned that Drew couldn't be reached, and she revealed that she still had access to his account on his private jet service. She made a quick call and spoke with someone at the service. She ended the call and announced that Drew's flight had never arrived in Afghanistan. It had disappeared and was off the radar.

Nelle wants to team with Shiloh

Nelle wants to team with Shiloh

Friday, September 6, 2019

Alexis and Diane sat at a table at Charlie's Pub, enjoying breakfast. They made small talk until Diane demanded to hear the details of Alexis' date with Neil. "Was the sex transcendental?" Diane asked. She thought that Alexis was glowing. Alexis assured Diane that she hadn't been close to having sex, but she'd had a nice time, anyway. She began to tell Diane about the date that had taken place at the Drag Queen Bingo Night at the Floating Rib.

Diane found the choice of venue to be peculiar, but Alexis explained that she'd wanted an activity to be involved in. Diane retorted that that wouldn't have been her first choice. The Floating Rib had been decorated like a disco, and it had all been very colorful. Neil had been enthusiastic and had announced that he would win if he could get one of the drag queens to "take a shine" to him. Alexis had been amused.

The game had begun, and Alexis and Neil had chatted as they'd played. Neil had talked about his ex-wife and how his marriage had ended badly, which had resulted in his daughter's problems. Alexis had been surprised that Neil had mentioned his wife, and he had replied that he'd thought he'd talked about her previously. Alexis assured him he hadn't, as they had really only talked during her therapy. Neil had called their time together valuable.

Diane was impressed that Alexis had handled the ex-wife conversation well. Alexis admitted that she had been happy to know that he'd handled a bad relationship, also. Diane called the pair "seasoned vets" and thought that that would be common ground. Diane thought that Alexis' tactics had been flawless but Alexis assured her that she had not had an agenda. Neil had told her that it hadn't felt like a first date.

"That's it?" Diane asked when Alexis seemed to have run out of details. She was appalled that Alexis and Neil might have put their conversation on hold to play bingo. Alexis continued her story. It turned out that she had been the one to win a bingo game, and she'd jumped up from her table excitedly. She'd proclaimed herself "The Queen of Bingo." "Stay in your lane, honey," one of the queens retorted as she had handed Alexis a stuffed animal.

Confetti had rained down from the ceiling, and Alexis revealed that, in her excitement, she had kissed Neil. Diane wanted to know what was next and if there would be a second date. "Who knows?" Alexis asked. Diane was dumbfounded.

Lucas, Sonny, Carly, and Wiley enjoyed breakfast at Kelly's. They talked about the family, and Lucas asked about Josslyn and her return to school. Carly thought that her daughter had been okay at school after Oscar had died, but she was worried about her first day of the new school year. Sonny thought that Josslyn had needed the time to process Oscar's death.

Carly handed Sonny a couple of coffees to take to Dev and Josslyn before school, and he left. Lucas wanted to get Wiley to daycare, but before he left, Carly told him she'd seen Brad and Liesl with their heads together. She was only looking out for Lucas.

Outside, Josslyn told Dev how anxious she was about returning to school. Dev offered to cover for her in the event that she decided to skip it. Jax walked up and stated that he normally wouldn't approve of that but agreed that no one would fault Josslyn if she decided to delay her return. Josslyn knew she had to go, and both Dev and Jax did their best to reassure her.

Jax and Dev introduced themselves, and Jax noted that he hadn't been aware that Sonny still had family in Bensonhurst. Dev explained that he had been in Bridgeport. Sonny walked out of Kelly's and handed the coffees and a bag of pastries over to the teens. Josslyn hugged Jax, and she and Dev departed. Jax informed Sonny that he would have appreciated a heads-up that a boy was living in Sonny's house.

Sonny and Jax headed into Kelly's. Sonny retorted that it was none of Jax's business, and he tried to explain why Dev had been at the house. Jax thought that Sonny had only invited trouble into his daughter's home. Sonny retorted that the apartment in Connecticut had been small, and the schools were not good. He'd taken Dev in because he was family. The men continued to argue until Carly shouted for them to stop.

Carly was sorry she hadn't told Jax about Dev earlier, but Jax thought that once he was settled permanently, Josslyn could move in with him. Carly was taken aback, and Jax suggested that maybe alternating weeks with each of them would work. Sonny thought that Jax could have picked another time to discuss it. Jax thought Josslyn would have a difficult year, and he and Carly should remain open to her.

Jax thought they'd done a good job of parenting so far, and he promised to check up on Josslyn's first day. "Sonny," Jax said as he left. "Always a joy," Sonny replied sarcastically. Carly told Sonny they needed to step back on thinking about adopting Dev. Carly pointed out that Sonny wouldn't like it if Alexis had decided to have a boy move in with Kristina, and Sonny admitted that was true.

Sonny thought that Jax should pay more attention to the danger in his own house at Aurora because of Nina being connected to Cassandra Pierce. He thought that Michael could be in the line of fire.

Josslyn and Dev stood at their lockers in school. She advised him to give fewer details next time someone questioned him. A new student opened his locker nearby, and it was Oscar's old locker. A photo of Oscar and Josslyn still hung on the inside of the door. Josslyn asked the student for the photo, and he handed it to her.

Josslyn gave Dev directions to his various classes, and she urged him to keep his story boring. She planned on telling people that Oscar was at peace, and she was looking forward to school. Josslyn placed the photo in her own locker.

At General Hospital, Brad told Liesl that he had the test results, and they would prove that Nina and Sasha were mother and daughter. He added that he was done, and there were to be no more threats. Liesl reminded him that she had given her word, but he snapped that he considered her word to be worthless.

Brad indicated that the test results could also pose a threat to Liesl. She realized that he was threatening her, and she told him it was a deal. Their families would be safe in each other's hands. She kissed Brad on the cheek and walked away.

Nina visited with a sleeping Sasha and gave her a pep talk. She also wanted Sasha to give her a second chance. She left a small stuffed animal by Sasha's side.

Later, Finn emerged from Sasha's room and announced that she was beginning to "rally." He thought they could be on the way to seeing her fully recover. Nina was ecstatic, and she shrieked before hugging Valentin and Michael. She was relieved, and Michael felt the same way. Michael told her how his casual relationship with Sasha had grown in importance.

Valentin saw Liesl and asked why she was wearing a lab coat. Liesl explained sarcastically that she wore it when picking up prescriptions or doing a story. She felt Monica would get sick of tossing her out of the hospital and would allow her to roam about on her own. Valentin noted that Finn wanted more test results, and Liesl assured him that Sasha would be safe. She'd seen to it for Nina.

Michael handed Nina a coffee from Kelly's and mentioned that he'd asked Sasha once if there was anyone from her past that she'd want him to call. She had told him there was no one. Nina thought it was because Sasha had spent so much time in Port Charles that her previous life had become distant. Nina wanted to focus on the present.

Finn called Valentin, Nina, and Michael into Sasha's room. Everyone ran in without their isolation room wardrobe. Sasha was sitting up and smiling. Finn confirmed that she was on her way to a full recovery. Finn noted that his work was done, and Nina was grateful. Finn called Sasha a fighter, and he left the room. Sasha was sorry for worrying everyone, and she told Nina she loved her. Nina expressed her love, too.

Nina wanted to look for Liesl to give her the news, and she suggested that Valentin call Charlotte. She pulled Valentin out of the room. Michael remained behind, and Sasha apologized for keeping him waiting for her. Michael knew they'd make up for lost time.

Lucas arrived with Wiley before heading to daycare. He told Brad he'd spent time with Sonny and Carly, and he'd heard that Carly had seen Brad with Liesl. Brad shrugged it off and stated that Liesl enjoyed "drive-bys" in order to find out if Brad had spoken to Britt. Lucas was uncomfortable with Liesl having contact with Brad, and Brad admitted he wasn't thrilled. Brad added that it would be a "dream come true" if he never saw Liesl again.

Nina found Liesl and gave her the good news. Liesl claimed that she could have accomplished the same results quicker. Nina announced that she was ready to proceed with her wedding, and it would be on time. She thought that the stars had finally aligned for her. Liesl replied that she was happy that Nina was happy.

Finn informed Valentin that he'd been keeping Anna updated, and she had a message for Valentin. She wanted him to allow the authorities to search for Cassandra. Valentin offered to take the suggestion "under advisement."

Nina confessed to Valentin that she was worried about Cassandra, and she thought he could act like the cold and ruthless killer that people thought he was. She wanted to choose to stand for her family, and Valentin asked how she wanted him to handle things. He informed her that Cassandra had ended up on Sonny's radar, and they could let Sonny take care of it.

Michael related to Sasha that Carly was joyful over her recovery. He and Sasha joked and flirted, and she told him how impressed she was that he'd spent days sitting by her side. Michael had something to do, and he told Sasha he'd be right back.

Brad said goodbye to Lucas and Wiley and stepped off the elevator as Liesl stepped on. Michael followed. "My, but isn't this cozy?" Liesl commented. She thought that Wiley was lucky to have two loving fathers.

Shiloh and Nelle ended up in the same waiting area at Pentonville. Nelle called it fate, and she told Shiloh that she'd heard stories about him from Harmony. Shiloh had nothing nice to say about Harmony, but Nelle informed him that she believed what Harmony had to say. Nelle noted that she'd read Shiloh's book, and she accused him of writing it to serve his own needs. He disagreed.

Nelle announced that she wanted to help Shiloh reunite with Wiley. She left for a psych evaluation and returned shortly after. She commended the guard for not judging her, and Shiloh was impressed with Nelle's technique. "Bravo," he said. He wanted to know what was behind Nelle's intentions, and she told him they had a common enemy in the Quartermaines.

Shiloh called the Quartermaines ruthless, and Nelle blamed them for her imprisonment. She had a plan to right the injustice, and Shiloh would get his stock and his son back.

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