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Trina refused to accept that Taggert had conspired to frame a criminal. Cyrus was released from jail. Molly slept with Brando. T.J. woke up in the hospital. Jason ended things with Sam. Carly and Nelle rehashed the past. Nelle's past revealed a shocking link to Nina.
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Nelle's past revealed a shocking link to Nina
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Cyrus is released from Pentonville

Cyrus is released from Pentonville

Monday, April 6, 2020

Sam and Jason arrived at a safe house and shared a kiss. Jason divulged to her that he'd gotten a call from Diane that Cyrus was being released that night, and he had to go to Sonny's. He advised her to go home and stay there. She wondered when they could meet next, but Jason replied that they couldn't see each other anymore. He related that Cyrus targeted families, and he wanted to do his best to protect Sam and the kids.

Sam didn't want to waste any more time without Jason. Jason replied that it had been different before they'd had kids, and he didn't want her to take such risks anymore. A tearful Sam reluctantly agreed to stay away from Jason until he dealt with Cyrus. They shared a kiss and expressed their love for one another. When Jason was gone, a frustrated Sam screamed, cried, and trashed the room.

In the elevator at the hospital, Ava told Nikolas that they needed to start acting more like family. They got off the elevator and found Laura and Kevin. Ava invited them out to dinner with her and Nikolas, but Robert interrupted them. He informed Laura that he'd gotten an update on Cyrus' release. Ava recognized that it was a bad night for Laura and Kevin, and she pulled Nikolas away. Laura wondered if there was a way to delay Cyrus' release, but she hoped that he would go back to Seattle when he was released. Kevin believed that Cyrus would stay in town.

Ava revealed to Nikolas that Trina had told her about Cyrus' release. Nikolas was concerned for his mother, and Ava was surprised to learn that he had a heart, after all. Ava wanted to talk to Laura about it, but Nikolas insisted that Laura didn't want to hear anything from Ava. "See you at home," Ava said coldly, and she left. Nikolas approached Kevin with his concerns for Laura, and he wanted Kevin to back down on Cyrus. Kevin refused to ask his wife to back off from her duties, as he loved and supported her and her choices. "It's called mutual respect. You should try it sometime," Kevin added. Nikolas got back into the elevator and played with his wedding ring.

At Pentonville, the warden commended Jordan on her respect for the law, and he thought that many public officials could learn from her example. There was a knock on the door, and Cyrus was escorted in. The warden explained to Cyrus that, once the paperwork was done, Cyrus would be free that night. The warden left the office to confirm the procedures with the Department of Justice. "Good job, Jordan," Cyrus remarked. Jordan demanded T.J.'s release, but Cyrus reminded her that Cyrus wasn't free yet. She threatened that if T.J. wasn't released unharmed, Cyrus would be "too dead to enjoy" his freedom.

Trina banged on Curtis and Jordan's front door until Curtis opened the door. She stormed into the apartment and demanded to know where Jordan was. Curtis replied that Jordan was out on police business, so Trina stated that she would wait until Jordan returned and took back her lies about Taggert. Curtis told Trina that good people sometimes did bad things for good reasons and that Taggert wouldn't want Trina to expend so much energy on clearing his name. He thought that the best way for Trina to honor Taggert would be to live her best life and make him proud. "You're the commissioner's husband. Of course, you'd want me to back off," Trina spat, and she stormed out.

A short while later, Jordan returned home with a bottle of wine. Curtis suggested that they wait until T.J. returned, so they could use the wine for celebration. However, Jordan wanted to make the night count if it was to be their last one together. She'd decided that if T.J. wasn't released, she would kill Cyrus and turn herself in. She thought it would be justice, but Curtis urged her not to throw away her life over Cyrus. "Just love me," she pleaded, and they shared a kiss.

Josslyn let Cameron into the house, and he babbled about Trina. Josslyn slowed him down, and he told Josslyn about the news Trina had received about Taggert and Cyrus. Josslyn lamented that she'd been on lockdown while Trina had gotten the news, and she wanted to go find her friend. As she was leaving, Trina arrived, and Josslyn expressed her sympathy. Trina didn't want sympathy; she wanted help clearing Taggert's name. Trina wanted to sue Jordan for slandering Taggert.

Josslyn had heard from Cameron that it seemed like there was proof of Taggert's wrongdoing, and Trina was offended by her friends calling her father a dirty cop. Josslyn explained that Taggert had probably known how bad Cyrus was and that falsifying evidence had probably been the only way to keep him off the streets. She continued that the right thing was sometimes breaking rules, and if he'd acted in favor of the greater good, "he's still a hero in my book." "I just miss him so much," Trina cried, and she, Josslyn, and Cameron embraced.

Carly and Sonny arrived at his office, and she demanded to know what was going on. He told her about Cyrus' imminent release, and he filled her in about the plan he'd put into motion with Jason, Jordan, and Curtis. She hoped that Cyrus would go back to Seattle, but Sonny knew that Cyrus would stay. He thought that backing down would make Cyrus look weak, and the weak were usually "eliminated." He assured Carly that he would move the family if things escalated, and Carly worried what Jax would think about the situation.

Later, Carly was gone, and Jason arrived at Sonny's office. Sonny figured that Cyrus would stay in town, so he gave Jason two options. He said that Jason could take Cyrus out immediately, or they could wait and figure out Cyrus' weaknesses. Jason thought eliminating Cyrus immediately was better, and he promised to only take the shot if there was a clear vantage point and if he could get away clean. In that case, Sonny instructed Jason to "take his ass out tonight." Jason loaded up a gun and left.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Nina wondered if Jax wanted to go home and rest after his fall, but he insisted that nothing was hurt except for his pride. He'd observed that Charlotte had enjoyed watching him fall. Nina admitted that she worried about Charlotte being alone and sad and also partially blaming Jax for taking Nina away from Charlotte and Valentin. Jax revealed that Josslyn had been through something similar at around the same age, and she'd also acted out.

Ava approached Nina and Jax after having looked for Nina at Crimson. She'd noticed that the more time Nina spent with Jax, the less time Nina was at the office. Jax commented that he never saw Ava and Nikolas together, but neglecting his wife would be "the least of Nikolas' failings." Ava didn't think that Jax had a right to judge her marriage, considering how many times he'd been married. She added that Jax had Nikolas to thank for having Nina in his life, as Nikolas' return had contributed to Nina and Valentin's split. "So, on behalf of my husband, you're welcome," she said, and she slinked off to the bar.

Jax vowed to enjoy every minute he had with Nina, but she wondered how many times he'd been married. Carly arrived and asked for a minute with Jax to talk about Josslyn, so Nina joined Ava at the bar. Carly update Jax on the Cyrus situation, and she assured him that Sonny had many security measures in place to keep Josslyn safe. However, she insisted that she would understand if Jax wanted to take Josslyn and leave town. It wasn't what she wanted, but she left the decision up to him. He appreciated her involving him, and he told her that he trusted her judgment. He advised her to let him know if the situation escalated.

At the bar, Ava thought that Nina was too good be "second place" to anyone, as any woman in Jax's life would always be second to Carly. Nina wondered why Ava was there and not at home "with your doting husband." Ava played with her wedding ring as Nina observed the closeness with which Jax and Carly talked.

In the warden's office, Robert informed Laura that he'd petitioned a judge for a delayed release of Cyrus. The warden revealed that he'd heard from the Federal District Court, and the paperwork had already been processed. There was a knock on the door, and an officer escorted in Cyrus, who had changed into street clothes. The warden invited Robert to look over the release paperwork, so the two left the office.

Laura admitted that she wanted Cyrus to be someone else's problem, so she suggested that he return to Seattle to conduct his business. "And if I don't?" he asked smugly. "When you're killed," she started, she promised to do her best to find his murderer, and he laughed at that. He told her that he couldn't look like he was running away and lose respect from her and from his business associates. She informed him that he had never had -- and never would have -- her respect. "We'll see," he shot back.

Robert and the warden returned with Cyrus' release paperwork, and the warden instructed that Cyrus would be free once he signed it. Cyrus gleefully signed the paperwork and shook the warden's hand. He held his hand out to Robert, who only stared. Cyrus held out his hand to Laura, who only glared, and he left.

Molly and T.J. reunite

Molly and T.J. reunite

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

As Nina sat at her desk at Crimson, she received a text message and photo from Charlotte. The little girl had written that she missed Nina. Nina picked up her broken-heart necklace and held it up and dangled it. Willow rushed in and asked if Nina had given any thought to her idea. Nina was annoyed that Willow had walked right in, but Willow made it clear that Nina's assistant had not been at her desk.

Willow noticed the necklace, and Nina explained that her mother had left it to her. Willow called Nina fortunate because her own mother had "traveled light" without heirlooms. Nina stated that the necklace was only half finished because it had been implied that her biological daughter had the other half. Nina wondered if that had ever been true, and she quickly apologized for going off.

Willow was speechless but recovered and made it clear that she wanted to talk about Nelle. "How can we make sure she doesn't get Wiley?" Willow asked. She divulged that Wiley needed another surgery, but Nelle had refused to give her consent and would put the baby's life at risk. She felt certain that if Nina was in the same position with Charlotte, she would do the same thing as Willow.

Nina maintained that she couldn't do a magazine piece on Nelle because she wasn't a public figure. "We have something in the works," Nina confessed. Willow was confused on the "we," but before they could discuss it further, Nelle walked in with Nina's coffee. Willow demanded to know why Nelle was there, and Nelle wanted to know the same about Willow. Nelle added that she was Nina's new assistant. "You chose her?" Willow said. "Excuse me -- right here," Nelle called out.

Willow turned to look at Nina in disbelief. Nina recalled the meeting she'd had with Carly, which had started things in motion. She told Willow she'd needed a new assistant, and Nelle declared that it would look good in front of a judge. Willow continued to challenge Nina's decision, but Nelle maintained that it was none of Willow's business, asserting that Willow wasn't Wiley's mother. "You mean absolutely nothing to him," Nelle snapped. Willow turned and left the office.

Sasha, Michael, and Sonny gathered around the kitchen counter at the Corinthos house. Sonny wanted to know what was so important that they'd had to meet, and Diane told him that the custody case was her first priority. She revealed that Martin Grey had filed notice of a change of attorney, and he would be representing Nelle, who had also been busy in other areas.

Diane disclosed that Nelle had filed a suit against General Hospital for medical malpractice and gross incompetence and had included Monica and Bobbie in her suit. Nelle had claimed that she'd never signed a consent form for surgery, and the hospital had lost the form. Diane found the disappearance to be "convenient."

Diane explained that Monica was the chief of surgery, and Bobbie had been the highest-ranking nurse on duty at the time of Wiley's surgery. Diane concluded that Nelle was trying to force a compromise on the custody issue, especially with including Michael's grandmothers in the suit, but Michael vowed that that would not happen.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Cyrus stepped up to the bar and asked if he could charge his meal to his room. Carly said it was okay but then looked up and stopped short. She recalled a conversation she'd had with Sonny about the dangerous man, and she stated that she hadn't been aware that Cyrus was a hotel guest. She quickly announced that she couldn't accommodate him because the room had been reserved for someone else.

It dawned on Cyrus that he was talking to Carly. Just then, Jason walked over. "Is there a problem?" he asked. Carly explained that she couldn't furnish a room for Cyrus. Just then, she received a text message from Sonny, who asked that she get home, and she told Cyrus his luggage would be placed outside. She had to leave, and Jason promised to explain hotel policy. The men glared at each other. "This meeting is long overdue," Cyrus said. He added that he'd heard that Jason had been responsible for destroying his property.

Jason remembered the explosion he'd set at Cyrus' warehouse while Cyrus admitted it had been impressive. He envied Sonny for having Jason as his associate. Jason noted that he'd heard that Cyrus had suffered a loss of both what had been inside the property as well as the building itself. He thought it could happen again. Cyrus assumed that Jason thought Cyrus' associates would be unwilling to do business with him, but he said Jason would be disappointed.

Jason reminded Cyrus that his luggage would be at the curb, and he walked away. Cyrus followed and asked if he would encounter an accident along the way. Jason declared that Cyrus shouldn't have been at the hotel, and he shouldn't return. Cyrus firmly stated that he wasn't going anywhere, and he wanted Jason to give Sonny the message. "It's time for you to go," Jason said.

At the hospital, Jordan and Curtis rushed into T.J.'s room and sat by his bedside. T.J. appeared to be asleep, and he was hooked up to a monitor and a couple of tubes. Out in the hallway, Chase spotted Sam, who quickly went into a lengthy explanation about not meeting up with Jason. Chase announced that he had wanted to tell her that T.J. was there as a patient. He'd been dropped off in front of the hospital and had been beaten and unconscious.

Sam flashed back to a conversation she'd had with Jason about T.J.'s disappearance, and she assured Chase that she would let Molly know. She apologized for her earlier outburst. Curtis and Portia found Chase. Portia revealed that T.J. had lacerations and bruised ribs, and he had been dehydrated. Tests had been ordered, and he had a possible concussion. Portia believed he'd been chloroformed.

Curtis returned to T.J.'s room and updated Jordan, who promised to kill Cyrus. As the couple spoke gently to T.J., he slowly opened his eyes. He asked why Jordan was crying, and he tried to sit up quickly. He was in pain and lay his head down again. Chase showed up to ask questions and mentioned that T.J. had been missing for several days. Curtis thought the young man had needed some space after his failed marriage proposal, and Jordan noted that she'd received T.J.'s text messages.

T.J. confirmed that he'd never sent any messages. He recalled that he had been going to work and had heard someone race up behind him. The person had jumped him and laid him on the ground. He'd woken up and had found himself tied to a chair in a basement. He couldn't identify anyone.

Sam banged on Molly's apartment door until Molly opened it and let her inside. Sam informed her that T.J. was in the hospital, where he'd ended up after a possible kidnapping. Sam added that he'd been beaten and dropped off, and she urged Molly to get dressed quickly. She'd attempted to reach Molly on the phone but had been unsuccessful. Molly stated that her phone had to be charged.

Sam needed to get back to her double-parked car, and Molly promised to get ready right away. After Sam had gone, Brando walked out of the bedroom, wearing nothing but a towel.

Carly rushed into her kitchen at home, and Diane and Sonny filled her in on the latest news. Carly couldn't believe what she was hearing, and she pointed out that the surgery had helped Wiley. Michael wondered if they could use something against Nelle, but Diane reminded him that the consent form had been forged. She thought she could render the suit ineffective without having the ability to stop it.

As Diane talked about the suit, Sonny received a text message from Jason that told him about the encounter with Cyrus. Sonny announced that he had to leave, and he told Diane to do what she could to make sure Nelle didn't get near his grandson. "Okay, if it were only that simple," Diane muttered. She proclaimed that she would push for an earlier date for the custody hearing due to Wiley's health issues. They needed to know who would be making decisions for his medical care.

Diane added that without being able to marry the perfect woman with a clean past, Michael looked as good as any single man could look to be a father. She apologized to Sasha for her remarks. Michael gave Diane the go-ahead to pursue the change of date.

After Molly and Brando were dressed, they sat on the couch. Molly told him about her boyfriend, who she'd thought had dumped her. That was why she hadn't told Brando about him, although Sam had informed her that he'd actually been kidnapped. Molly grew agitated, and Brando did his best to calm her down. She wanted him to know that the previous night had been a mistake and had never happened. She rushed out of the apartment.

Molly ran into T.J.'s room and leaned over the bed to hug him. She told him how scared she'd been and kissed his hand. Curtis moved everyone else out of the room in order to give Molly and T.J. privacy. T.J. apologized, but Molly didn't understand why. She'd been the one to lose faith, but T.J. thought that he would have felt the same way if the roles had been reversed.

T.J. thought they were okay, and he assured her he looked worse than he felt. He didn't think anything had happened that they couldn't take back, and he'd thought about what he would have said sooner if he'd had the chance. Molly looked uncomfortable as he continued. T.J. had assumed they had both wanted marriage, and she'd thought the opposite. They were both stubborn, and he'd been disappointed. He'd thought of a compromise.

T.J. explained that he and Molly could be domestic partners, which would give them many of the same rights and benefits as a married couple. He added that they would still be able to have a party. Molly agreed that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him, and she accepted his proposal. She thought the idea was "genius" and "very us." She confessed that her tears were "happy tears," and he admitted that he couldn't wait to get home.

Out in the hallway, Sam informed Jordan that she'd known all along that Jordan had been protecting T.J. She'd only told Molly what Chase had told them, and Jordan reminded her not to say anything further. She didn't want the kids to be in danger. Chase wanted to interview T.J., but Jordan insisted that she would handle the case. She recalled a previous face-to-face meeting with Cyrus.

Jordan continued that she was experienced, but Chase declared that she was also the victim's mother. He thought that could jeopardize their case, and Jordan finally agreed that he was right. Chase promised to get to the bottom of everything. After Chase was gone, Jordan admitted to Sam that that was what she was afraid of.

In another hallway, Curtis put in a phone call to Shawn in prison. He left a message with someone that Shawn was to be told that his son T.J. was okay. Portia was nearby and confessed that she'd overheard. She was confused because she'd thought that Thomas was T.J.'s father. Curtis explained that Shawn was the biological father, and Portia realized that that "explained a lot." She thought back to how Curtis had suddenly ended their affair after learning she had been married.

Curtis confessed that he'd been too strong, but he had not wanted to mess around with a married woman. Portia realized that it had been Curtis' brother who had been cheated on. Curtis declared that many mistakes had been made, but T.J. was nothing to regret.

Brando returned to his garage and looked at the receipt he'd written up for Molly's car. He recalled their meeting, complete with flirting and Molly leaning over the counter to kiss him. He looked dejected, although Sonny showed up shortly after. Brando told him about the new customer who he'd assumed had had nothing to do with Sonny's business.

Sonny warned him to always be careful because there was a bigger threat with Cyrus out of prison. He wasn't sure if his family was in danger, but Brando was a part of the family. "Watch your back," Sonny said before he left.

Sonny met with Jason at Pozzulo's, where Jason told him about what had happened at Metro Court. He stated that Cyrus had talked to Carly, but she had "kept her cool." He had made certain that Cyrus had left the hotel, and he gave Sonny the message from Cyrus.

Carly confronts Nelle

Carly confronts Nelle

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Jason was surprised when Josslyn showed up at his place. She admitted she'd convinced one of her guards to drop her off. She was there to ask Jason to stop Nelle from suing the hospital, Monica, and Bobbie. She proceeded to run down many of Nelle's wrongs and pointed out that Jason didn't care about the law, so he should be the one to fix things.

Josslyn flashed back to a meeting she'd had with Nelle on the pier that hadn't gone well. "You messed with the wrong family, bitch," Josslyn recalled saying. She had also mentioned how proud she was to be just like Carly. "I want you to promise me that Nelle won't get Wiley," Josslyn pleaded to Jason. She didn't want Wiley to be hurt, and she thought that Nelle was evil.

Josslyn didn't want to wait until after the hearing, and while she thought that Michael had all the right qualities to be Wiley's dad, she was afraid that Nelle would win. Jason thought that Josslyn was playing into Nelle's hands, and Josslyn had several more flashbacks that included meeting Nelle at Perks, learning that Nelle had been her kidney donor, and telling Nelle about Oscar.

Jason and Josslyn sat on the couch, and Jason explained that Nelle had the power for getting people to believe in whatever she wanted. Brad had had the power to do the right thing, but he hadn't. He made it clear that Nelle would lie on the witness stand, but the facts were on Michael's side. Josslyn recalled bonding with Michael and Wiley after learning that they were father and son.

At Crimson, Nina closed her office door after Willow's heated departure. She accused Nelle of crossing the line with Willow. Nina understood how it was to love a child one thought was their own and then lose them. Nelle whined that Willow had teamed up with the Quartermaines and the Corinthos family in order to take Nelle's child away from her.

Nina tried to explain that the surgery that Wiley needed was in his best interest. While she understood Nelle's concerns, as well, she thought it would look good for Nelle if she was to sign the consent form and show that she could be a good mother. Nelle remembered her conversation with Carly on the hospital roof when Carly had tried to convince her to sign the previous form and then had locked her out.

Nina thought that if Nelle signed the form, she would receive joint custody. She did her best to try to persuade Nelle that it was the right thing to do, but Carly stormed in to talk to Nelle instead. Nelle called Carly rude for barging in unannounced, but Nina left the office in order to give the women privacy. Nelle planned to tell the court that Carly had been disrespectful for showing up at her job, but Carly wanted to give Nelle everything she ever wanted in a peace offering.

In the Corinthos kitchen, Willow told Michael and Sasha that Nina had hired Nelle to work at Crimson. She believed that it was all part of Nelle's scheme in order to share custody of Wiley, and she wanted to know how they could stop Nelle. There was a flashback to a previous conversation about Willow marrying Michael, and the trio all looked at each other.

Shortly after, Chase arrived and announced that he had been deposed as a witness in Nelle's suit. He explained that it was because he'd been at the hospital the day of Wiley's surgery when the signed consent form had gone missing. Michael made it clear that the suit was all about Nelle hurting his mother and everyone connected to her. He flashed back to Carly telling Nelle off after she'd learned she'd been wrong about Nelle.

Chase declared that the law was on Nelle's side. He further explained that if Carly had forged the document and the others had known, Nelle had a "cause of action." Willow thought it was just about Nelle targeting Michael's grandmothers, and she wondered if the others thought that Nelle would get Wiley. Michael thought it was all about Nelle wanting to "maximize the damage" and pay back his family's rejections of her.

Michael thought about the time that Bobbie had caught Nelle stealing at Metro Court and a couple of meetings with Monica that had resulted in Monica telling Nelle off. He told the others about some of the family history with Nelle, and Willow loudly proclaimed that it was important that they keep Wiley safe. She quickly apologized for her emotional outburst, and Sasha assured her they all felt the same way.

Michael stated that there was nothing that he could do and no magic bullet that would guarantee his getting full custody. Willow couldn't believe how little Nelle really cared. After a flashback to Jason and Michael talking about custody, Willow announced her intent to go to the hospital. Sasha offered to follow after her in order to talk. Chase told Michael he was worried about Willow.

As Nina paced outside her office in the lobby area, Jax arrived. She explained that Carly and Nelle had overtaken her office, and she thought that Carly had been harassing Nelle. Jax thought that Nelle deserved it, and he added that it was his fault that Carly had had to deal with Nelle in the first place. He started to think about his past conversation with Carly when he'd revealed that he'd been the one to purchase Josslyn's new kidney that had belonged to Nelle.

Jax noted that Frank Benson had walked out on Carly and her adoptive mother. The only times Carly had heard from him over the years had been when he'd needed money, and she'd ignored those letters. One letter had arrived after Josslyn had needed a kidney, and he'd opened it. Frank had been desperate, and Jax had offered him one million dollars to get a kidney. Jax remembered the days that Carly had learned the truth, Sonny announcing his respect, and Josslyn hearing the story.

Jax told Nina about how he'd obtained Josslyn's kidney and hadn't wanted to know where it had come from. He agreed that it had been "morally reprehensible," and Carly, Michael, and even Wiley were paying for his deed. He momentarily flashed back to a conversation with Carly when he'd told her he'd cut a deal with the government and had agreed to leave the country permanently.

Nina thought that she'd have done the same thing for her own child. "If I had a daughter to save," she said sadly. Jax admitted that while he hated what he had done, he didn't regret the outcome of being able to watch Josslyn grow up.

Inside Nina's office, Carly told Nelle that she had won because Carly had underestimated Nelle, and she was sorry. Nelle snapped that an apology wouldn't fix anything, and it was stupid. Carly wanted to know what she should do. Nelle thought the first thing would be for Carly to admit that they were alike.

In Jacksonville, Florida, in 1995, a young Carly (who looked just like Josslyn) announced to her mother that she'd gotten the job she'd applied for. Virginia Benson (who resembled Nina), was excited, but Carly revealed that she'd turned down the job. She didn't plan on staying in town forever because it wasn't the life she wanted for herself.

Still in the flashback, Carly didn't know where she would go, but she had to leave. She couldn't be the person who stayed in the same area her entire life. Virginia knew Carly was referring to her, but Carly stated that they merely wanted different things. Carly wanted a big house, lots of money, and to be able to travel, among other things.

"Caroline, you sound just like Frank!" Virginia said. Carly was annoyed that she'd been compared to the father she'd never known, since he'd left when she'd been a young child. Virginia retorted that Frank had always wanted to be rich and had always been making deals. She'd had a good job, and she'd had Carly; Frank had eventually run away. He'd always made the wrong choices.

Virginia thought that Carly should figure out what "better" actually meant. Carly thought that maybe Frank had made it big, after all, and he owed her years of child support. Virginia scoffed at that, and she claimed that she had no idea where Frank could be. Carly thought she would ask Mr. Richardson if he knew.

In Nina's office, Nelle made it clear that if she was trash and a gold-digging psycho, then Carly was, as well. Nelle pointed out that Carly had arrived in Port Charles in order to "take down" her mother, and Michael had been her "golden ticket." Nelle declared that Wiley was her ticket, and she wanted the same "magic makeover" that Carly had had. She proceeded to list several of Carly's misdeeds.

As Nelle remembered her first meeting with Carly and Michael, along with being hired as Carly's assistant, Carly stated that Nelle was going about things the wrong way, and she should want to give people a reason to like her. Carly added that the truth was she'd arrived in town, looking for her mother's love, but it hadn't happened. She'd decided to take everything from Bobbie, and Nelle was doing the same to her. A flashback showed Carly telling Nelle off and the Corinthos family finding out Nelle's real name.

Nelle cried that Carly was supposed to have recognized her. "Why didn't you?" she asked. She thought that Carly should have welcomed her as a sister. "We're not related, Nelle," Carly replied. Nelle reminded her that they had the same father, but Carly was adamant that he had merely married her adoptive mother. She had only met him once after tracking him down in Miami in order to get the child support he owed her.

"Oh, so he wasn't your father until you needed money," Nelle snapped. Carly informed her that she'd never received anything, and she had not known that Nelle had been the kidney donor. She hadn't even remembered that Frank had a daughter. "That's a lie. Carly, you knew. You saw me," Nelle insisted.

Carly and Nelle remember the past differently

Carly and Nelle remember the past differently

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Sasha found Willow crying at the hospital. Willow thought that she was too close and needed some "emotional perspective" about Wiley. Sasha informed Willow that emotional stress was the hardest for the body to handle, but Willow had the same love for Wiley that she'd had before she'd known that he wasn't her son. Sasha knew that Willow would still protect Wiley at any cost, and Willow thought back to all the things she'd told Wiley about wanting to be his mother. Sasha added that Willow was the closest thing Wiley had to a mother, and Willow insisted on standing up for him.

Michael and Chase agreed that Wiley was a priority, but they both worried for Willow, as well. Michael insisted that she didn't have to testify, but Chase knew that she would want to. He thought back to when Willow had gone to jail for refusing to disclose information about her child to the court. Michael thought that the only good that had resulted from switching the babies was the love that Willow had for Wiley. He thought that it would have been a "terrible loss" for both if they hadn't known each other.

In Sonny's office, Josslyn asked Jason if he thought that Michael would win the custody battle. Jason believed that "the facts are on Michael's side." Josslyn envied how clearly Jason could see things, and she wished that he'd been there when Nelle had first arrived in town. Josslyn thought back to all the time she and Nelle had spent bonding. Jason reminded her that there would be no Wiley if there was no Nelle, and they agreed that that would have been unfortunate.

At Crimson, Nina told Jax about her half-heart necklace and how she thought it was her mother's "last dig" at her. However, she couldn't shake the feeling that she had a daughter "out there somewhere." Jax offered to have one of his trusted security firms retrace Madeline's movements from back when Nina had been in the coma, but Nina didn't want to get her hopes up again.

Josslyn arrived at Crimson and asked if Jax was busy. Nina chimed in that he was actually distracting her from her work, so she lightly urged Josslyn to get Jax out of there. He offered to drive her to volleyball practice, and Nina listened as the two conversed about who would drive. Nina looked at the half-heart necklace again and thought back to when she'd given it to Sasha and taken it away.

In Nina's office, Nelle chided Carly for not welcoming Nelle as a sister, but Carly reminded her that Frank wasn't Carly's biological father. She remembered that she'd only met him once when she'd tracked him down in Miami to get the child support he'd owed her mother, but she'd never gotten anything from him. "Except my kidney," Nelle muttered. Carly swore that she'd had no idea that Frank had a daughter, but Nelle insisted that Carly had seen Nelle.

Back in 1995, a young Carly, who looked a lot like Josslyn, arrived in front of an apartment and knocked. The door opened, and Frank, who looked a lot like Valentin, appeared. She told him who she was, and he invited her in. He revealed that she was lucky to have found him there, as he was soon leaving for a business opportunity in Tampa. He wondered what she wanted, and she replied that she wanted the fourteen years of unpaid child support that he owed her mother. Frank told her that Virginia had been the one who'd wanted to adopt, and the answer horrified her. A little girl emerged from another room and asked who Carly was.

Back in the present, Nelle knew that Frank had asked Carly to stay so they could spend time together as a family. Carly finally remembered seeing the little blonde girl in the apartment, and Nelle wanted to know why Carly hadn't stayed. Carly again thought back to that day in 1995. Frank shooed the little girl out of the room, and she left. A young Carly demanded to know about her birth parents. In the present, Carly informed Nelle that Frank had never asked her to stay, and he'd never considered her to be his daughter until he'd been able to ask her for money.

Nelle thought that Carly was twisting things to make herself look good, but Carly insisted that Frank was a "weak, selfish man who exploited you." Carly informed Nelle that Nelle didn't have to be like Frank, and she could go in a "different direction" like Carly had. She explained that she'd become a better person after she'd had Michael. Nelle wondered if Carly was suggesting that Nelle "hand over" Wiley to Michael. Carly promised that they would give Nelle visitation, and she and Wiley could build a relationship in a home where he was happy. Nelle questioned if she was supposed to give up her lawsuit, as well. She spat that the hospital would go bankrupt, and it would be Carly's fault.

As Nelle thought back to all she'd done to gaslight Carly and send her to Ferncliff, Carly observed that Nelle sounded like Frank. "I'll see you in court ," Nelle spat, and she stormed out. Carly thought back to that day in 1995 when a young Carly had demanded to know about her birth parents. Eventually, Frank had told her that, while he didn't know where her birth father was, her birth mother was a hooker named Barbara Jean Spencer. On her way out, Frank mentioned that he might give Virginia a call. Carly replied, "If you try it, I'll kill you," and she left the apartment.

A short while later, Carly arrived at Sonny's office, and Jason told her about his conversation with Josslyn. She wished that he'd told Josslyn that Nelle would "magically disappear" the next day and actually make it happen. Carly thought back to all the trouble her family had had with Nelle since Nelle had arrived in town. She remembered the day in 1995 when she'd finished packing her bags to leave Florida. Virginia, who looked a lot like Nina, arrived home, surprised to see that a young Carly was still there. Carly wanted to say goodbye, and Virginia sincerely hoped that Carly found what she was looking for. She embraced her adopted daughter. "Here goes nothing," Carly said, and she picked up her bags and left.

Back in the present, Carly told Jason about her conversation with Nelle at Crimson. She added that the presence of Michael and Jason in her life had "changed everything." She almost felt sorry for Nelle for not having what Carly had, but more than anything, she was grateful for Jason. She thought back to all of their good times, and he told her that the night she'd shown up in his life was the best thing that had ever happened to him. The two friends embraced.

At home, Nelle went through her memory box filled with returned letters, mostly addressed to Carly. She picked up Carly's old baby rattle and pushed aside the box, which also contained a half-heart necklace.

CLASSIC EPISODE: Jason rescued Carly from electroconvulsive therapy

CLASSIC EPISODE: Jason rescued Carly from electroconvulsive therapy

Friday, April 10, 2020

Due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, General Hospital opted to broadcast special throwback episodes every Friday in April and May, 2020. The move was designed to help stretch out the supply of new episodes until it was safe for the cast and crew to return to work.

Today's episode was a rebroadcast of the episode that originally aired Monday, July 30, 2018. In the episode, Jason rescued Carly from electroconvulsive therapy, Michael and Nelle were involved in a car accident, and Nelle later went into labor in the middle of the woods. You can read the full recap of that episode here or in our Daily Recaps Archive, which has comprehensive Daily Recaps dating back to 1995.

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