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Michael and Willow were married. Sasha succumbed to temptation. Brook Lynn turned to Julian for help. Nelle arrived at court, wearing a wedding dress and flashing a new ring. Robert had hope that Holly was alive. Sonny faced a difficult decision as Mike's health declined. Nina decided to find her daughter.
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Michael and Willow got married -- and so did Nelle
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Willow agrees to marry Michael Willow agrees to marry Michael

Monday, May 11, 2020

On the phone in the police department's interrogation room, Brook Lynn explained to Ned that her arrest hadn't been her fault, and she begged him to bail her out. She suddenly realized that he'd hung up, so she did the same. She explained to Chase that Ned was a busy man, and she asked for another phone call. He initially denied the request, but his curiosity got the better of him about who would help her if not Ned, so he pushed the phone to her.

A few minutes later, Brook Lynn held the phone to her ear and begged Dustin to pick up the phone, but she scoffed that she'd only gotten his voicemail. "Did you run out of people?" Chase cracked, but she shot back, "Bite me, you himbo man-slut." She accused him of abuse of power and false arrest after being called out on betraying his girlfriend. "I may have a big mouth, but at least I'm not a lying jerk like you," she concluded. After thinking back to good times with Willow, Chase admitted that she was right. He added that she'd still broken the law, so she would have to be bailed out or spend the night in custody. He told her that he didn't care which happened, and he left.

Nelle arrived at Charlie's, and Julian called out that they were closed to her. However, Nelle told him that she was there "with a generous offer from the heart." She continued that, through all of their differences, the one big thing they had in common was that they were both victims of Brad. Julian refused to believe that Brad had "pulled one over" on Nelle, but he humored her. Nelle wanted to offer Julian a spot in Wiley's life if he testified on her behalf at the custody hearing.

Julian dared Nelle to invite him to court, as he would testify that Wiley was better off with his father than with a mother who was a "heartless monster who uses her son as a weapon." Just then, Julian's phone went off. He listened for a few moments and refused to go to the caller, but he changed his mind and promised to be there. He told a waitress not to serve Nelle, and he left.

A short while later, Julian entered the interrogation room and grumpily assured Brook Lynn that he'd paid her bail. She promised to pay him back, and he replied, "Damn straight you will." She thanked him, but he replied that he'd only helped her because her phone call had "stopped me from throttling someone."

Nelle observed as Chase entered Charlie's while looking at his phone. She interrupted his thoughts about Willow by sitting down across from him and offering him a drink. He shot back that no one should accept a drink from her without first getting a toxicology report on it. Nelle said that they were both single, and she proposed giving him a second chance. He called her delusional, but she informed him that she always got what she wanted. She thought that anyone who underestimated her was delusional, but an exasperated Chase rolled his eyes and left.

Later, Julian was surprised to see Brook Lynn enter Charlie's, as he figured she would have been home already. He wondered why she'd decided to call him. She answered that, while he hadn't been her first, second, or third call, she was tired of hearing "I told you so." She also thought that Julian showing up for her was proof that her "leverage" was real. He clarified that she'd gotten him out of a bad conversation.

As Julian poured drinks for himself and Brook Lynn, she expressed how glad for Lucas she'd been that she hadn't had to use the leverage. As an unseen Nelle listened in, Brook Lynn assured Julian that if he could "accommodate an occasional favor," she wouldn't have to go to Sonny about Julian cutting the brakes in Brad's car. Julian reluctantly toasted, and the two drank.

Chase was sitting on the pier when he answered his ringing phone to Finn. Finn lightly scolded Chase for not telling Willow the truth about the "affair," but Chase wasn't in the mood for a lecture. Finn invited his brother out for a beer at the Floating Rib, but Chase declined the invitation. Chase hung up and thought back to meeting and dating Willow. A few minutes later, Finn arrived with a six-pack of beer, and Chase appreciated his brother's support. Finn told Chase about his interaction with Willow, who probably thought that Finn was all right with Chase cheating on her. Chase wished that Finn had left her alone and said that telling her the truth would have been selfish.

"To Willow," Chase said as he held up his beer. He talked about how he would always love her, and how he could have been happy with her for the rest of his life. He added that he'd had to let her go and that it was how he showed his love. He couldn't believe that he wouldn't have a future with Willow, but he thanked Finn for respecting his decision. Finn thought that Chase was "a well-intentioned idiot." Chase wanted some alone time, so Finn instructed Chase to call if he needed anything. Finn hugged Chase as Chase cried, and Finn left.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Diane coached Michael and Willow about not letting Nelle bait them in court. She instructed Willow to let Nelle's lawyers "try" to discredit her as unstable, but Diane assured her that Willow's documented history of doing whatever it took for Wiley would be a plus. Diane thought that Michael and Willow made an excellent team. When Diane was gone, Michael thought the only thing they could do to help their case more was to get married.

Michael knew that it wasn't how he or Willow had imagined marriage, but he thought that they could make their partnership work. Willow warned him that she was still in love with Chase, despite what he'd done, and she wondered if he could marry someone who could possibly never be in love with him. He replied that they could raise Wiley together with respect and support, which was all he could ask for. He did warn her that marrying into the Quartermaines and Corinthoses was like entering a club that she couldn't resign from, and her life would be very different.

Michael continued that, while he and Willow weren't in love, he did value her friendship, and she felt the same. They talked about the qualities they admired in each other, and they both agreed that they loved Wiley, and he loved them. If she agreed to marry Michael, he believed it would still be a marriage based on love, and he had faith that it could work. She thought that Wiley deserved a safe and happy future with parents who loved and cared for him, and she wanted to be a part of that. She said, "My answer is yes. I'll marry you."

Willow and Michael get married Willow and Michael get married

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

At the Floating Rib, Lucy sat at a table with Sasha and urged her to keep the ice pack on her nose because of the photoshoot that had been previously scheduled. Lucy was disturbed, but Sasha was sure she'd be okay. The women argued back and forth over the ice bag, and Sasha noted that her cheeks were frozen. "They'll thaw," Lucy retorted. Lucy also admitted that she was familiar with being the "town tramp," and Sasha was upset that people might have been thinking of her in that way.

Lucy tried to wiggle out of her description of Sasha, and assured her that not everyone condemned her. Lucy promised that she would be there for Sasha, and she confessed that she understood all about a good person cheating on their partner. She had done the very same thing to Kevin, but they had finally grown into being friends.

Martin sat at a nearby table and waited anxiously for Nelle. "Where is that little nutcase?" he muttered.

At the bar in Charlie's Pub, Brook Lynn and Julian toasted, "To Lucas," and downed their drinks. Brook Lynn made it clear that as long as Julian could do an occasional favor for her, she wouldn't tell anyone that he had tampered with the car brakes. Julian noted Brook Lynn's gratitude for her jail release was actually blackmail. As Brook Lynn went over the old history of what had happened with Brad and Lucas, Nelle remained unseen and listened to the conversation.

Just as Nelle's phone began to buzz, Julian received a call from Olivia's phone, but it was a distraught Leo. Julian couldn't quite understand why his son was upset other than it had something to do with Ned. Although he had already refused to give Brook Lynn a ride home, Julian changed his mind when he decided to rush to the Quartermaine house to find out why Leo was crying.

After Brook Lynn and Julian left the premises, Nelle returned Martin's call. She assured him she was on her way, and she was certain that her lateness would prove useful.

Willow and Michael stepped off the elevator at the Metro Court restaurant and spotted Sonny and Carly. Michael revealed that they were there for a toast because they had decided to get married. Carly was thrilled and hugged her future daughter-in-law while Sonny asked when the event would happen. Michael revealed that he was getting the jet ready for that night. Sonny wanted to speak to Michael privately, and they walked off.

Carly welcomed Willow to the family and assured her that she had shown herself to clearly be up to being Wiley's mother by her actions, and Michael couldn't have picked a better person. She wondered how Willow really felt, because she knew that Willow loved Chase. Willow flashed back to a conversation she'd had with Chase about moving in together. Carly asked if Willow could let that part of her life go.

Sonny expressed the thought that Willow was courageous, and he asked if Michael was sure of what he was about to do. Michael said that he was, and he needed to present a strong case to the court. He thought that Willow would be the perfect stepmother. Sonny asked if Michael was willing to live in a loveless marriage, but Michael reminded him that love hadn't worked for him in the past. He respected Willow, and they both loved Wiley. He was doing what he had to do.

Michael noted that Willow would be making a sacrifice, also, and they would give Wiley a happy home. He thought it was a win, and Sonny accepted Michael's choice. They returned to the bar, and Michael told his parents that he was readying the jet for Las Vegas in order to get married there. Sonny offered to make a few calls in order for the wedding to be performed in Port Charles.

At General Hospital, Portia hugged Trina just as Cyrus Renault walked by. Trina confronted the drug trafficker and began to tell him off. At about the same time, Curtis and Jordan walked by, and Curtis ordered Cyrus to stay away from Trina and go elsewhere. Cyrus complained that the teen had been the one to confront him first. Curtis and Cyrus stood nose to nose, but Jordan suggested that she and Cyrus separate from the others to talk.

Curtis asked Trina if she was okay, but she began to verbally attack Curtis. She accused him of leaving her father behind to die. Portia stated that Curtis wasn't to blame and had been following Taggert's wishes, but Trina didn't want to hear it. Her father had been left alone with four men with guns.

Cyrus noted that Curtis was protective of Jordan, and she replied that she didn't need anyone to protect her. Cyrus thanked her for justice being served, but Jordan snapped that he should save it because he didn't have an audience. Cyrus looked forward to Jordan's acting on his behalf, especially in the community that she was sworn to serve. Jordan retorted that she served all the people. Cyrus said goodbye and noted that he was sure their paths would cross soon.

Jordan returned to Curtis, Portia, and Trina as Trina continued to argue with her mother. Trina thought that Jordan was the reason that Cyrus was free, and she believed that Curtis and Jordan were as bad as Cyrus. Curtis agreed that Cyrus belonged in prison, and Trina wanted it known that her father had been innocent. Portia wanted Trina to calm down, and she wanted her daughter to promise that she would stay away from Cyrus. Trina agreed but wanted Portia to promise to keep Jordan and Curtis away from her.

Ned finished up a phone call with Tracy at the Quartermaine mansion and told her he couldn't force Michael out as CEO of ELQ. Monica walked into the room and asked why she had received a phone call from the police station. She asked if Brook Lynn had been arrested again. Ned admitted that he'd refused to rescue his daughter, and Monica warned him to be careful because he could make matters worse.

Ned was ready for bed, and Monica expressed her thanks for his stepping into the position to help Michael out. They were surprised when Brook Lynn and Julian walked in, and Julian disclosed that he had received a phone call from a very emotional Leo. The boy had told him that Ned had been mean. Monica noted that Olivia had gone to bed with a migraine, and Ned insisted that Leo had played Julian.

Ned explained that Olivia had turned down Leo's request for a pet snake. Julian wanted to have a chat with his son, and Monica offered to lead the way upstairs. Ned turned to Brook Lynn and demanded to know why she was with Julian. Brook Lynn ripped into him for not extending any questions or comments like a loving father after her arrest.

Ned only wondered if it would be a regular occurrence, but Brook Lynn told him how she'd defended Michael's honor at the gym when her mitt had accidentally collided with Sasha's face. Brook Lynn flashed back to the incident as Ned asked if Sasha intended to file charges or broadcast it all online. Brook Lynn assured him the answer was no on both counts, and she explained what had happened. Just then, the doorbell rang, and it was Josslyn. She was there for Michael's wedding, and her family members were surprised.

Monica descended the stairs and was happy about the wedding news. Ned pointed out that he could understand it as a legal strategy, but Brook Lynn interrupted him before he could say anything further. "Excuse me, Mr. Blackmailed into bigamy by Katherine Bell," she said. Ned was shocked that she knew about it, and Brook Lynn clarified that her mother had told her about it. She didn't think he could preach. Ned argued that Michael had never dated Willow, but Josslyn and Monica defended Michael. Sonny, Carly, Willow, and Michael arrived for the wedding.

Nelle found Martin sitting at a table at the Floating Rib and told him she wanted to talk strategy. She spotted Lucy and Sasha on her way to get a drink and walked over to their table first in order to taunt Sasha.

Shortly after, Lucy announced that she had to leave for the Quartermaine house because she was going to officiate at Willow and Michael's wedding ceremony. She had received a call from Sonny. Nelle blurted out that Michael couldn't marry Willow, but Lucy assured her that he could. She added that he was a Quartermaine, Corinthos, and Spencer, and he could do what he wanted. Sasha recalled her conversation with Chase after their staged make-out session on the sofa. She had stated that she thought that Willow would eventually fall in love with Michael.

Lucy suggested that Sasha go home and rest because she didn't need any aggravation. She motioned toward Nelle in a sweeping motion. Nelle returned to Martin's table and sat down to tell him the news. Martin didn't think the court could object to the marriage. He called Willow a delightful woman who was devoted to Wiley, and Michael had known her for more than a year.

Nelle wanted to make a countermove, and Martin assured her that he would present his best case. Nelle retorted that Michael was a CEO who lived in a mansion and was marrying Snow White. Martin was sorry that he couldn't "conjure up" a husband for Nelle, but Nelle called him a genius. She stood up and told him not to worry because it wasn't him.

Brook Lynn welcomed Willow into the family. "God help you," Brook Lynn said. Willow planned on wearing the clothes she had on, but Brook Lynn offered to check her closet. Josslyn wanted to look around for something to use, and Sonny thanked Monica for the use of her home. Monica was upset to hear that Lucy would be performing the ceremony and called her "Alan's ex-bimbo."

Sonny explained that Lucy had been the only one available to officiate on such short notice. At that point, Julian descended the stairs, and Sonny asked why he was there. Julian replied that his son lived there, and Sonny noted that his son lived there, too. Julian offered his best wishes to the couple and added that he loved Wiley and cared what happened. He didn't want Wiley to be with Nelle.

Michael and Willow spent some time alone, and she promised that she was holding up fine and wasn't fragile. Michael was grateful, but Willow wanted him to stop thanking her. She felt grateful, also, and Michael declared that their "mutual gratitude" was a good foundation for their marriage.

Michael sat down next to Willow and offered her a family heirloom: his great-grandmother's ring that he pulled out of his pocket. It was a sapphire surrounded by diamonds. He said that it had belonged to Lila, and he hadn't known her but had heard that she had been generous and kind and "nobody's fool." Willow was reluctant to accept it but finally gave in. She stated that she trusted Michael, and he placed the ring on her finger. "Perfect fit," he said.

Lucy arrived and handed the marriage license to Sonny. It was in a brown envelope. She noted the mandatory one-day waiting period, and Sonny laughed. He was looking forward to the ceremony once the clock hit midnight. Carly showed up with Wiley in her arms. He was wearing his pajamas, and Carly declared that he had woken up. He would be able to attend the ceremony. Josslyn found a flower arrangement for the bride to use.

Sasha found Chase sitting on the pier and told him about the upcoming marriage. She was upset but reminded him that that was what they had wanted. She explained that she had been with Lucy when Lucy had received a phone call. The couple had wanted to get married before the hearing. It had been especially tough to see Nelle at the Floating Rib, too, and Nelle had heard the news. Chase was concerned that Nelle would do something to disrupt the wedding, and Sasha suggested they warn someone. Chase wondered who would take a phone call from either of them.

Carly received a phone call from Sasha, who announced that she merely wanted to give Carly a "heads-up" about Nelle having heard the wedding news. Carly declared that nothing would get in the way of the wedding.

At the hospital, Curtis informed Jordan that he'd tracked down T.J., who had been observing a surgery. Jordan noted that Cyrus hadn't been seen leaving the hospital yet. Portia and Trina got onto the elevator, and Cyrus walked by. Curtis informed him that visiting hours were over, and Cyrus maintained that he was leaving. He asked if T.J. was currently working there.

Curtis spat that it was none of Cyrus' business, but Cyrus replied that his interests were "far-reaching" and not to be underestimated. He smirked.

Nelle returned to the closed pub and continued to bang on the locked front door until Julian was forced to open it. She was sure that Julian would want to hear what she had to say. "Trust me," she said.

Back at the pier, Chase shared his beer with Sasha. "It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known," Sasha quoted. She explained that it was from A Tale of Two Cities, and she told Chase about Sydney, who left his love by trading places with a man who looked like him. Sydney had taken the man's place at the guillotine. Chase joked that at least they weren't getting their heads chopped off. Sasha agreed they were getting off easy. They shared a toast, "To Sydney."

As Brook Lynn started the recorded music, Willow slowly walked down the stairs and down the aisle in a lacy white gown. All in attendance smiled. Michael was dressed in a suit and tie, and he took Willow's hands in his as Lucy began the ceremony. Michael stated his vows, and Willow followed suit. Michael replaced Lila's ring on Willow's finger, and Lucy pronounced them man and wife. They shared a kiss.

Sonny has a decision to make for Mike Sonny has a decision to make for Mike

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Willow woke up alone at the Quartermaine mansion and spied her rings on the bedside table. She thought back to her and Michael's wedding the night before and put her rings on.

Downstairs, Michael joined Brook Lynn in the living room, and she asked how he was feeling. He confidently answered that he felt ready for the hearing. She thought that he was lucky to have married Willow, and she sang Willow's praises. Michael acknowledged that he'd "hit the jackpot," but he thought about the sacrifices Willow had had to make. Willow descended the stairs and listened in as Michael confided in Brook Lynn that he didn't want Willow to regret her decision. Brook Lynn insisted that Michael was a "trade up" from Chase, and she sang Michael's praises. "Is that right?" she called out to Willow, who sheepishly entered.

Brook Lynn excused herself to get to a meeting. Michael thought it was funny that everyone was talking Michael and Willow up to each other even though they each already knew how amazing the other was. Michael admitted that he would have been nervous going to court without her as his wife, and he knew that he would win with her. Willow divulged that she'd heard part of his conversation with Brook Lynn, and she assured him that she would never regret marrying him. She excused herself to get ready for her "first appearance as Mrs. Michael Corinthos."

Sonny looked into Mike's room and saw Ava and Avery laughing with Mike. Ava caught sight of Sonny and advised Avery to show Mike more of her drawings. Outside the room, Sonny asked how Mike had been. Ava answered that, although it had taken Mike a while to warm up, he'd been smiling nonstop since, even though he hadn't been talking much. Sonny also asked about Avery, and Ava assured him that, since Avery didn't really understand what was going on, she was just happy to have a regular visit with her grandfather. Sonny informed her that Mike was having more bad days than good, but Sonny was trying to stay in the moment.

Ava admitted that she owed Sonny and Mike an apology. She expressed regret for threatening to press kidnapping charges against Mike when he'd taken Avery. Sonny appreciated the apology, and he thanked her for visiting with Avery. Sonny and Ava returned to Mike's room to see that he and Avery had done a drawing together of a boy on a bike. Ava asked who it was, and Mike proudly answered, "My son."

Ava had to get Avery to school, so she suggested that Avery leave the picture for Mike. Sonny offered to hang it up. Avery hugged Mike and Sonny, and the two left. Outside the room, Avery wondered if Ava would ever forget her like Mike had forgotten Sonny. Ava assured Avery that, even if she did, it would be so far in the future that Avery would have a family of her own. "Will I ever forget you?" Avery asked. "Just you try!" Ava answered lightly.

A few minutes later, Sonny had put earbuds attached to an MP3 player into Mike's ears. He explained that all of Mike's favorite music was loaded onto it, and he hit play. "Loud!" Mike exclaimed, and he took the buds out of his ears. Sonny offered to play the music another time. He sat down and asked Mike whether, in the future, he wanted "to stay or go." Mike stared off into space wistfully as Dr. Knox entered the room, asking to speak with Sonny.

Dr. Knox informed Sonny that a feeding tube could be implanted into Mike, and they would keep him as comfortable as possible with pain medication. Michael arrived and listened in as the doctor explained that it could further disorient Mike. The doctor knew that Mike had left his end-of-life decisions to Sonny, and Sonny asked for some time. When the doctor was gone, Michael offered to listen if his father wanted to talk. A distraught Sonny explained the situation. Michael advised his father to ask Mike if Mike was able to answer, but if not, Sonny would know better than anyone what Mike would want.

Sonny didn't think he was ready to let go of Mike, and he wasn't sure if Mike was ready to leave. He thought it would be easier to "let it be over," but it was about what Mike wanted. He talked about how Mike had had a "moment of connection" with Avery, and if keeping Mike alive for five more months could give him five more of those moments, "Who am I to say he can't have that?"

At the Metro Court restaurant, Olivia was looking on her computer at a happy birthday email she'd sent Dante when Carly slammed something on the bar. Olivia was surprised to see Carly at work, but Carly replied that she needed a distraction from the custody hearing. Olivia offered her support, and additionally, Carly asked for advice on "mother-in-law-hood." As Lulu arrived with Dustin, Olivia advised Carly to bite her tongue, be patient, and "slap on a smile." The couple approached the bar, and Dustin asked for Olivia's "culinary expertise," as he was making cupcakes. Lulu admitted to Olivia's fury that the cupcakes were for Rocco's "Take Your Dad to School Day."

Carly asked to talk to Dustin under the guise of questions pertaining to Josslyn's curriculum, so she took him aside. She knew that he was a good guy, but she advised him to think of things from Olivia's perspective. Brook Lynn arrived to meet Dustin, but she updated Carly on how calm and focused Michael and Willow were. She also mentioned how she usually had good instincts about people, so she hadn't pegged Chase, who'd arrested her three times, as a cheater. Carly seemed interested in the arrests, so Brook Lynn enlightened Carly.

Olivia accused Lulu of trying to erase Dante by sending Dustin to school with Rocco. Lulu informed Olivia that Rocco had gone to her and Dustin and asked for Dustin to go. As a family, they'd decided that Dustin would wear a Yankees hat to represent Dante. As Olivia calmed down, Lulu commented that the Dante she had known would have wanted Rocco to feel safe with a man like Dustin. Lulu left, and Dustin walked over and assured Olivia that he didn't want to impede on Olivia's relationship with Lulu or Rocco. He added that he would never try to take Dante's place, and he respected Dante putting himself on the line for justice.

Olivia refused to pretend that the situation was easy, but she was happy that Lulu had found a decent person like Dustin. Olivia added that she would never stop doing anything in her power to get Dante home, and Dustin knew that Lulu and Rocco would never stop hoping for the same thing. Brook Lynn approached, and she and Dustin walked off together. She wondered if he needed a drink, as even though it wasn't even noon, it was five o' clock somewhere.

Robert was asleep on a couch until he rolled over and right off the edge. He demanded to know where he was as Laura descended the stairs in a robe. She got him some coffee and suggested that they pick up where they had left off, making him worry that they'd slept together. She laughed and informed him that he'd shown up "falling-down drunk" the night before, and she'd put him on the couch and gone to bed. She wondered why he'd been in that state, and he told her about Holly. He revealed that Holly had been doing some classified work for the WSB, and she'd been on a ship that had gone down in a storm.

Robert continued that the last few times he'd seen Holly hadn't been under the friendliest circumstances. Laura knew that Holly had broken his heart, and he'd hoped to have another chance with her. He wondered what he was supposed to do. Laura answered that he was supposed to grieve and say goodbye to Holly, and she hugged Robert.

A short while later, Robert was gone, and Laura let Lulu in. Lulu revealed that she needed "advice and calming down," and she told her mother about her interaction with Olivia. She wondered if she'd been in the wrong and if she was supposed to run all of her parenting decisions by Olivia first. "Absolutely not!" Laura exclaimed. She explained that mothers didn't move on in the same way and that Olivia would wait for Dante to return home for the rest of her life. She advised Lulu to handle Olivia with compassion.

Chase was in the shower when he felt a hand on his back. He turned and saw Willow, who informed him that he was always who she'd want, and she kissed him. Just then, Chase jolted awake and looked at Willow's empty side of the bed. He was looking through pictures of the two of them on his phone when he received an incoming call from Mac. Mac demanded to know where Chase was, and Chase stumbled out of bed, promising to be there soon.

A few minutes later, Mac was looking at a heavily redacted report while on the phone with Anna. He instructed her to let him know if she heard anything else, and he hung up. Chase arrived, and Mac wondered if Chase needed a day off to take care of something. Chase insisted that he was fine, but Mac shot back that Chase's arrest record suggested otherwise. He summarized Brook Lynn's arrest report, and Chase explained that Brook Lynn had been combative and belligerent. Mac replied that that was how Quartermaines were born, but Chase didn't think the family traits deserved special treatment. He insisted that all three arrests had been "by the book," but Mac thought that the Civilian Review Board could see it as an abuse of power. He advised Chase to make peace with Brook Lynn, and Chase went to sit at his desk.

Robert arrived at the police station, and Mac observed that his brother was wearing the same clothes that he'd been wearing the day before. Mac pushed Robert into the interrogation room and demanded to know what had happened to him. Robert explained how he'd gone to Laura's, and he'd decided to take the day off. "Take this with you," Mac said, handing Robert the report on Holly's death. Mac disclosed that he and Anna weren't convinced that Holly's ship had gone down by accident.

Chase was working at his desk when he caught sight of Willow arriving at the police station. She informed Chase that she and Michael had gotten married the night before, and she thought it would hurt Chase less if he heard it from her. He seemed surprised that she cared about how much he hurt, but she replied that it would always matter to her. He wished her luck in court, and she left. Carly entered the police station and glared at Chase.

Nelle reveals she's been married Nelle reveals she's been married

Thursday, May 14, 2020

As Anna absent-mindedly stirred her coffee at Charlie's Pub, where she sat at a table with Finn, Finn continued to talk to her. He noticed she wasn't paying attention and began to speak nonsense. "Yeah, that's interesting," Anna said when he stopped. Finn resumed talking about aliens until Anna realized it and admitted she'd been thinking about Holly. She noted that they'd been rivals and allies; she liked the term "frenemies." Anna related that Holly could always "run a con" better than her, and Anna had expected to see her again.

Finn suggested that Anna make a "life-affirming decision" instead, and he declared it was time to do something. Anna was confused, and Finn reminded her of their wedding. He wanted her to pick a date or send out invitations. Anna studied her calendar and decided that August would be perfect. Finn agreed, and they began to joke. Anna called Finn a romantic. They shared a kiss.

"Isn't this cozy?" Robert asked as he arrived. He went off on Anna and Finn for living life as usual, and he berated Anna. "You've got to stop running around telling people what I can and cannot be told," he ordered. Finn stood and told Robert to "tone it down." Anna suggested that Finn get Robert a cup of coffee, and Robert sat down. Robert wanted to know why Mac had divulged suspicions about Holly's death instead of Anna.

Anna declared that the WSB had continued to look into the incident, but there had been no proof of foul play. She added that Robert would be the first to know if she learned anything. Robert assumed that Anna meant there was positive proof, but she insisted there was no proof of anything either way. Finn returned, and Robert guessed that Anna believed that Holly was still alive. Anna denied it, and she accused Robert of jumping to conclusions, which would lead to him going off to chase down the truth.

Robert spoke of another time that Holly had been presumed dead, and Finn pointed out the coincidence of something similar happening again. Anna reminded the men that many other people had been on the ship, and Holly was not the only one missing. Robert thought there were many discrepancies, but Anna had discussed them with his brother. Finn didn't want Robert to get his hopes up, and Robert stood suddenly and announced that he had calls to make.

Finn noted that he'd never seen Robert so upset, and Anna described his "unique relationship" with Holly. She was afraid Robert would neglect his own life and try to find Holly. She didn't think Robert would accept that Holly was gone unless her body was found.

Maxie made a phone call to Sasha who lay on a bed in Metro Court. Maxie wanted to know where Sasha was because she was late for the Deception photoshoot, and the crew was waiting. Sasha sat up quickly and admitted she'd overslept. She promised to be at Deception in five minutes.

Lulu showed up with Charlotte, and Maxie went on about the awful day that she'd been having. She was afraid her career would sink, and she questioned her professional choices. As Lulu tried to give Maxie a pep talk, Maxie's assistant handed her a cup of hot coffee. Maxie didn't receive the talk well, and she complained that her "dreams and plans" were disintegrating.

Sasha dashed onto the elevator and nearly knocked Nina over. Sasha was a mess, and Nina asked her if she'd been having a tough morning. Her eye makeup had run down her face from crying. "You have no idea," Sasha replied. "Actually, I think I do," Nina said. Nina mentioned the breakup, and Sasha declared that Nina had been right. Sasha hadn't been good enough for Michael. Nina thought that Sasha had hurt herself the most, and she hoped that Sasha would find peace and love and that the pain would go away. Sasha stepped off the elevator first.

Laura spotted Jax in the restaurant and invited him to sit with her. She thanked him for the generous donation he'd made to the homeless center. She added that the fundraiser had been great. Jax praised Laura and told her that she was good for Port Charles and that she inspired people. "One can only hope," Laura replied. She said that she was "only as good as the people I represent." Jax revealed that he was waiting for Nina. Laura frowned as she spotted Martin head to another table to sit with Valentin.

Jax admitted he was surprised that Valentin hadn't fought harder to keep Wyndemere. Laura told him the estate was both a blessing and a curse. There was no doubt that Valentin would find a way to make more money.

Martin sat with Valentin and made it known that Valentin would be pleased with the work that he had done to acquire more ELQ shares. He had gone "far and wide" in order to obtain them from various Quartermaines. Valentin looked over the portfolio and realized he still didn't have a controlling interest. Martin stated that he had been unable to get Dillon's shares, and Valentin suggested that he check into the shares of Drew and Jason's children. Martin had to leave for court.

Sasha finally showed up at Deception, and Charlotte told her she looked horrible. Lulu wanted her daughter to apologize, but Sasha agreed that Charlotte was only "calling it as she sees it." Maxie called for the makeup person, and Charlotte went off with Sasha to watch. Lulu resumed her pep talk with Maxie, who admitted that it had been easier being number two. She often thought about what Nina would do in the same position.

Just then, Nina walked in and announced that she would always ask the opinion of the person she trusted the most. She made it clear that that would be Maxie. Nina disclosed that she'd seen Sasha, and she had shown up to offer her moral support. Maxie confessed that she was more nervous with Nina there.

Lulu revealed that she was already running late with her interview, and she asked if Nina would mind taking Charlotte to see Valentin before school. Nina gave Maxie her own pep talk and told her to "toughen up" and "get the job done." "You be a star," she said.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Diane welcomed Michael home. He told her he'd been at Turning Woods to see Mike, who wasn't doing well. He revealed that Sonny had to think about Mike getting a feeding tube. Diane was sorry but told him their priority had to be Wiley, and she wanted Michael to be prepared.

Just then, Willow walked in and asked Michael about his visit to the nursing home. Diane noticed Willow's ring and was happy to hear that Willow and Michael had been married. Diane thought that Willow was brave for marrying into both the Quartermaine and Corinthos families. She thought that the couple would be happy together, and she would send a gift later. Willow just wanted Wiley to be safe.

Carly paid a visit to Chase at the police station. She guessed he knew about the wedding. "I regret what their decision cost you," she said. Chase hoped that Michael and Willow would give Wiley a good life. He asked why she wasn't in court, and Carly told him she had to thank someone.

Carly admitted that she hadn't appreciated someone giving up their own happiness when Michael had been a baby. That person's sacrifice had changed everything, and Michael had had a better life. Both Chase and Carly hoped things worked out as well for Wiley. Carly wanted Chase to know that if he ever "crossed paths" with those responsible, she would cherish the selfless actions taken to ensure Wiley's happiness.

Charlotte and Nina met up with Valentin at Metro Court. The little girl told her father that she'd had fun at the photoshoot and had actually felt bad for Sasha. Nina hoped that she and Charlotte could manage a "girls' night out" soon, and they high-fived. Charlotte donned her book bag, and Valentin frowned as Jax and Laura made their way over. Charlotte hugged her grandmother and expressed her love. Laura did the same, and Valentin left with his daughter.

Laura took off, and Jax and Nina sat down at a table. Nina thanked Jax for his past "hand-holding" but told him it was time for her to take control. She told him about running into Sasha, who hadn't had a good morning, and she'd felt the need to comfort her. Jax wasn't surprised. Nina continued that she then had had an impulse to help Maxie, and she'd discovered that Charlotte still needed her.

After her pleasing and revealing morning, Nina confessed that she wanted to know about her own daughter. Jax offered to take steps to start the investigation. "Absolutely not!" Nina exclaimed. She appreciated Jax's offer, but it would be her journey to find out about the woman herself.

Back at Deception, Maxie gave orders to her staff, and Lulu joked that she would make a great general. Sasha returned in a robe with her makeup redone, and Lulu decided she could start her interview. Maxie went off to take care of other business, and Lulu asked several questions. She clarified that she wondered where Sasha thought she might find herself in five years. Sasha replied that she was taking things "one day at a time," but she began to cry.

Maxie returned and couldn't believe that Sasha's makeup would have to be corrected again. Her makeup person had left for the day. Maxie handed Sasha some tissues and went off about Michael and Chase. Sasha revealed that she wasn't with Chase. Maxie maintained that she wanted to care about Sasha's personal life, but she had to take care of business first. "Pull it together," Maxie urged. She promised to hold Sasha's hand after the day's work was done.

Sasha announced that she could do her own makeup, and she headed to the dressing room. She flashed back to Michael telling her and Chase off. As Sasha patted at her face, Maxie's assistant showed up and handed a vial to Sasha. She declared that it would help get Sasha through the "tough days."

Chase showed up. Lulu told him there was a break, and Sasha was a mess. Chase offered to help, and he headed to the dressing room. Maxie returned, and Lulu told her about Chase. Maxie admitted that she would "freak" if they had a "mutual meltdown."

Chase found Sasha and told her about Carly's visit and her appreciation for their sacrifice. Both Sasha and Chase admitted that they hadn't thought it would be so difficult. Chase thought they would know it had been worth it after Michael received full custody. Michael and Willow wouldn't know their part in it, but they had done a good thing. Sasha thought that Chase was doing better than she was, but he assured her he wasn't.

Chase sadly admitted that he thought about Willow's smile and voice. Sasha felt bad that she had ruined Maxie and Lucy's dream, but Chase urged her to "make it happen." He added that it was Sasha's dream, too. Sasha asked Chase to tell Maxie she'd return, and she sat down at the makeup table to complete the fix.

Chase found Maxie, and she confirmed that Sasha would be okay. Chase promised that he was still the same guy. Lulu didn't believe it. Sasha returned, smiling, cheerful, and dressed for the shoot. Maxie sent Chase away. In the dressing room, the empty vial sat on the table.

Back at Metro Court, Valentin sat down with Laura. She admitted she wanted to check in with him, and he told her about the morning with Charlotte. He appreciated what Laura had said to Lulu and admitted that letting Charlotte go hadn't been the right thing to do. Charlotte would have thought he'd abandoned her, and he'd been abandoned himself. He said to look what had happened to him. Laura didn't want him to make her regret what she'd said to Lulu.

Laura also wondered if Nikolas and Spencer would be free of Valentin or if he would seek some kind of retribution. Valentin assured her that, while he wasn't a fan of Nikolas, he had no plans to get back at him. Laura wanted Valentin to use his second chance wisely and be the man he had been meant to be. Valentin wondered who that was, and Laura maintained that it meant for him to put family first.

Carly ran into Martin in the courthouse, and he introduced himself. Carly admitted that she believed in justice for those who deserved it. Martin agreed with the sentiment, and Carly made it clear that she would let her husband, Sonny, know they had something in common. Martin knew about Sonny, who made people disappear if they displeased him. Carly denied any knowledge and stated that Sonny was only a businessman with powerful connections.

Diane arrived with Michael and Willow, and Martin learned of their marriage. He wondered if he should be surprised. Diane declared that the couple was loving, stable, and committed.

Inside the courtroom, Diane and Michael wanted to know what Carly had said to Martin. She replied that she had reminded him who Michael's father was. Diane assured her that Martin knew and couldn't be intimidated. She wanted Carly to be prepared because Martin would try to prove how much Carly despised Nelle. "Don't let him," Diane concluded. Martin walked in, and Diane called him a "shark ready for blood."

Judge Lowe entered, and everyone noted that Nelle was missing. Martin tried to call her and left a message that he couldn't stall any longer. He apologized to the judge. Diane thought the judge could rule in Michael's favor if Nelle didn't show. The judge finally announced that they'd waited long enough, and he asked Martin where Nelle could be.

A breathless Nelle, in a white dress and holding a bouquet, rushed into the courtroom. She apologized for being late and proclaimed that something "incredible" had happened. She held up her left hand, complete with a new ring on her ring finger for all to see.

ENCORE PRESENTATION: Mike gets a wonderful surprise (2018) ENCORE PRESENTATION: Mike gets a wonderful surprise (2018)

Friday, May 15, 2020

Due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, General Hospital opted to broadcast special throwback episodes every Friday in April and May, 2020. The move was designed to help stretch out the supply of new episodes until it was safe for the cast and crew to return to work.

This episode was a rebroadcast of the episode that originally aired March 30, 2018. In the episode, Sonny recreated Luke's for Mike, who had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

As Mike walked downstairs and looked at all the family photos on display, Sonny narrated about memories. He talked about how memories of connections made and people lost built a person's character. Without memories, a person's identity was lost. Sonny, Michael, and Dante entered the room in suits, and Mike wondered what the occasion was. "It's a surprise," Sonny replied. A short while later, all four suit-clad men arrived at the Metro Court, which was decorated to look like Luke's old club. "Welcome to Luke's, Dad," Sonny said, smiling.

You can read the full recap of that episode here or in our Daily Recaps Archive, which has comprehensive Daily Recaps dating back to 1995.

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