General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 22, 2021 on GH

Jax returned to Australia. Jason was presumed killed a tunnel collapse. Peter was taken into custody. Drew returned to Port Charles. Valentin learned that he was not "Bailey's" father. Chase made a surprising confession. Sasha gave birth to a baby boy, but there were complications. Olivia apologized to Austin.
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Valentin learned that he was not "Bailey's" father, and Jason was presumed dead in a tunnel collapse
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Chase claims to be the father of Brook Lynn's baby

Chase claims to be the father of Brook Lynn's baby

Monday, November 22, 2021

Jax ran into Carly at Rice Plaza. He told her he was out for a walk and some coffee, and she was surprised to see him in the cold. He revealed that he would miss it, as he was leaving town and heading back to Sydney to take care of some business. They bickered over Josslyn's safety, although Jax admitted that he hoped it was safer with Sonny back in town. He assumed that Carly had taken a step back from the business, although he knew that Jason would always be "front and center" for her.

Annoyed, Carly informed Jax that her life was none of his business, and she no longer considered him a friend. Jax wasn't sure when he would return, but he proposed that Josslyn could visit him. He felt that he was on the "outs" with everyone in Port Charles, anyway. Carly suggested the reason for that was his allowing Nina to "screw up" his life. Jax denied that everything had been Nina's fault, but Carly argued that Nina had shown her "true colors." Once Jax had gone, Carly phoned Jason and left him a message that she missed him, and she needed to talk to him.

Sonny and Nina both showed up at Charlie's Pub. Nina guessed that they both wanted to turn to Phyllis when they had something on their minds, but Phyllis wasn't there. Nina told Sonny she was waiting for news about Sasha's emergency C-section. Sonny decided to head over to the hospital, but after glancing back at Nina on his way out, he changed his mind.

Sonny beckoned to the bartender for a drink and took a seat at Nina's table. Sonny thought they should hope for the best. He realized that Nina still thought of Sasha as a daughter, and Nina agreed that her heart had forgotten what Sasha had done to her. "Hearts tend to do that," Sonny replied. Nina stated that she and Sasha had a real bond, and she had forgiven Sasha.

Nina was sorry about lying to Sonny, and she tried to explain that she'd had too much to lose. He had shown up in Nixon Falls when she'd been in pain, and she hadn't been able to give him up. Sonny stressed that there was no "Mike," and he wondered why she would have kept him from his family. Nina knew she had been wrong, but she hadn't wanted him to leave. Sonny accused her of controlling him, and Nina admitted that everyone in her life had controlled her.

Nina went on to say that she had walked away from her controllers each time, just as Sonny had done to her. Sonny maintained that they had not had love because it had all been a lie, but Nina thought it had been close enough for her. Suddenly, Nina realized they hadn't heard any news from the hospital yet. She wondered how things would have turned out if Sasha had actually been her real daughter. She grew teary, and Sonny comforted her. Jax walked in and observed.

Sonny decided to go the hospital, after all, and he said hello to Jax on his way out. Jax warned Nina to be careful, but Nina assured him that nothing had been going on. Sonny had only been comforting someone in need, and there was no future for them.

Chase walked into Valentin's hospital room and interrupted the conversation with Brook Lynn. Valentin divulged that he had learned that he wasn't "Bailey's" father, and Chase announced that he knew because he was the father. "No, you're not," Valentin argued. He didn't believe it. Chase proceeded to say that Brook Lynn had lied to everyone, and he had done some investigation. Brook Lynn denied it, but Chase stated that he had a DNA test. He told her off and added that he would never forgive her.

Brook Lynn declared that she had never meant to hurt Chase, but she had heard him say that he never wanted kids. She had been trying to do the right thing. Valentin maintained that she had only wanted her ELQ shares returned. Chase demanded to know why Brook Lynn had kept it a secret, and she replied that she had wanted to make things right with her father. She hadn't thought that Valentin would fall in love with the baby. As Chase pushed Brook Lynn out of the room, Valentin vowed never to forgive her. Chase was sorry for Valentin's pain.

Out in the corridor, Brook Lynn hugged Chase gratefully. She stated that no one could know who the real father was. Chase disclosed that he was aware that the baby was Maxie and Peter's daughter. He had only just realized it. Brook Lynn was shocked, and she wanted to talk somewhere else. She was also relieved. She had wanted to tell Chase the truth because she trusted him. Chase wished she had told him.

Brook Lynn admitted that she hadn't thought it would go on for so long, and she had been hoping that Valentin would understand once he learned the truth. She added that he was a decent and loving father. Chase couldn't imagine how Valentin was feeling after losing his baby. Chase vowed that he would do whatever it took to get people to believe him because he wanted the baby to be protected from Peter. Brook Lynn was worried about Valentin's revenge.

Valentin cried as he lay on his bed and looked at "Bailey's" photo on his phone. Soon after, he made a phone call and told someone he had a job for them.

In the operating room, Dr. Navarro explained that Sasha's baby was heading to the NICU as Brando did his best to calm Sasha down. Suddenly, Sasha passed out as monitors began to beep, and Brando was pushed from the room. He began to sob.

In the corridor, Maxie learned that it was too late to talk to her kids on the phone. She ended her call with Felicia and spotted Brando, who was crying. He told her he had a son, but something had gone wrong. Maxie gave him a hug and did her best to reassure him. Brando declared that he would do whatever it took to protect his son.

Maxie picked up a couple of coffees and handed one to Brando. They sat on a bench, and Maxie asked him questions about his feelings for Sasha. He admitted that Sasha had changed his life, and they had a son. He promised to pull his weight, even if it meant changing diapers. He couldn't imagine being without Sasha.

Elizabeth showed up and informed Brando that his son was out of danger. He was in the NICU with a specialist. Brando asked her to check on the baby in order for him to give Sasha some news. He asked to go to Sasha's room and entered quietly. He sat down by the bed and began to talk to Sasha, who was not conscious. He exclaimed that he was there for her, and Sasha opened her eyes. "Where's our baby?" she asked. Brando revealed that their son had had trouble breathing. Dr. Navarro walked in, and Sasha wanted to go to her baby. The doctor replied that there was a problem.

As the rock crumbled, and the others in the tunnel on Cassadine Island remained unconscious, Peter stumbled to his feet. He saw a large rock and picked it up as he stood over Drew. Before he could proceed, Drew awakened and grabbed Peter's leg. Peter fled the tunnel, and Drew finally freed himself from his trap. He made his way to Britt and called out to her, and Liesl awakened. They finally managed to rouse Britt, who called out for Jason. Liesl stated that Britt had a concussion. Drew called out for Jason and vowed not to leave without his brother.

Peter made it back into the house, but Robert was standing there and ready to shoot him. Peter lunged for the gun on the floor, and Robert stepped on Peter's injured hand. Peter yelped in pain, and Anna made her appearance with her own gun drawn. Peter informed them that the wine cellar was in rubble, and Britt and Jason were underneath it all. Peter laughed and announced that he was the only one alive.

Anna received a phone call from Valentin, and she told him that Peter had been caught. Valentin began to cry but caught himself and replied that he was only checking in. Anna sensed that something was wrong, and she promised to be home soon to chat. "Don't turn your back on Peter," Valentin told her. Anna headed to the wine cellar.

In the wine cellar, Liesl only wanted to get Britt out, but Britt gave her a hard time. Anna arrived, and Liesl updated her on Britt's condition. Drew refused to leave without Jason. Anna announced that Peter was in custody. The crumbling rock continued to fall, and Anna persuaded everyone to leave. They returned to the house, and Peter taunted them. Everyone wanted to kill Peter. "If Jason is dead, you're gonna join him," Drew exclaimed.

Robert finally escorted Peter outside to remain with several WSB agents. Inside, Drew apologized for his behavior in the tunnel, and Anna told him that there was much evidence against Peter. Anna revealed that Chloe Jennings had been saved, but Peter disclosed that there had been another female prisoner in the jail.

Robert announced that there was no sign of Jason, but Drew was sure that Jason wasn't dead. Britt grew hysterical; she didn't want to wait for the excavation team. Drew refused to give up.

Outside, Peter asked to have his cuffs removed, and he convinced his guards to allow him to use a phone. He called Maxie and told her that he was coming home for her. Maxie informed him that she hated him.

Brando and Sasha get heartbreaking news about their son

Brando and Sasha get heartbreaking news about their son

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

On Cassadine Island in Greece, Anna answered a call from Maxie. Maxie told Anna about the phone call that Peter had made to Maxie earlier, but Anna assured Maxie that Peter was in custody -- and in handcuffs -- waiting to be transported to Port Charles to stand trial. Maxie asked about Liesl and Britt, and Anna assured Maxie that both women were fine. Relieved, Maxie asked when everyone would be home, but Anna was not sure because the situation remained "fluid."

In the main house, Liesl tended to Drew's injuries. Britt worried about her mother and asked to see if Liesl's stitches had ripped open. Liesl promised that she was fine, but she feared that Britt might have suffered a concussion. Britt recited a part of the alphabet backwards to assure her mother that everything was fine. The conversation shifted to Peter's plot to have Drew kidnap Maxie. Liesl was happy that Peter had failed, but Britt pointed out that it had been at the cost of Jason.

Later, Anna gave the group an update on the search for Jason. Both Drew and Britt wanted to assist the excavation team, but Anna insisted they leave it to the experts. Instead, Anna questioned Drew, Britt, and Liesl about what had transpired in the tunnels. Liesl told Anna about Peter's attempt to escape, and Drew revealed that Peter had used mind control to force Drew to comply. Drew was shocked when Anna explained that she had been the target when Peter had first activated Drew.

Meanwhile, Liesl took a moment to pull Britt aside because she was worried that Jason's disappearance had taken an emotional toll on Britt. Britt began to cry as she admitted that Jason had been in Greece at Britt's request, and Britt had no idea how to live with that if Jason died. A short time later, a member of the excavation team reported to Anna. Anna ordered the man to "run the scans" again.

As soon as Anna entered the house, Drew and Britt asked for news. Anna chose her words carefully as she explained that the team had penetrated the tunnel, using radar technology to search for a heartbeat, but nothing had been found. Upset, Britt walked over to the window as Liesl suggested that the equipment had been faulty. Anna revealed that the team had used both audio and video devices, and there had been no sign of life in the area where Jason had last been seen.

In Port Charles, Nina approached the nurses' station while Epiphany scolded Valentin for wanting to leave the hospital. Epiphany explained that the doctors wanted Valentin to remain another 24 hours for observation, but Valentin was determined to check himself out. Frustrated, Epiphany warned Valentin that he would be required to sign forms acknowledging that he had left against medical advice. Valentin assured Epiphany that he would sign whatever was necessary, but he wanted it done quickly.

After Epiphany stormed away to fetch the forms, Nina greeted Valentin and asked why he was in a hurry to leave. Valentin choked up with emotion as he explained that he had to get out of the Quartermaine mansion and to find the strength to hug his daughter one last time. Alarmed, Nina asked if he intended to send Charlotte to boarding school. Tears filled his eyes as he revealed that "Bailey" was not his daughter. Valentin told a stunned Nina about Brook Lynn's plot to use "Bailey" as a means to get Valentin's shares of ELQ.

Nina urged Valentin to give Brook Lynn the benefit of the doubt because Brook Lynn might have lied to protect her baby from the child's father, but Valentin revealed that Chase was "Bailey's" father. Nina was shocked. Valentin realized that Nina been in his shoes when he had done the same thing to Nina by having Sasha pose as Nina's daughter. He accepted that it was karma, but Nina had no desire to gloat because she understood that love could drive people to do anything.

Valentin was amazed that Nina would forgive him, but she admitted that it was easy to forgive when a person was seeking absolution. Nina hoped that Valentin found a way to forgive Brook Lynn the way that Nina had forgiven him. Valentin was grateful to Nina, and he suddenly realized that he hadn't checked in with her since she had returned to town. Nina assured him that she was good, in part because she hadn't been met by a group of people carrying pitchforks. Valentin reminded Nina that he was there for her if she needed someone to talk to.

Nina admitted that she might take Valentin up on it, but at that moment, she was more concerned about Sasha because Sasha had gone into labor, suffered a complication, and been rushed into surgery. Horrified, Valentin told Nina to focus on Sasha and to know that he was sending both mother and child his best. Nina smiled in gratitude, prompting Valentin to commend Nina for taking the high road. Nina reminded Valentin that he could do the same with Brook Lynn, and she hoped that he would at least try.

After Nina left, Epiphany returned with a clipboard and forms for Valentin to sign. She slammed everything down on the counter and asked if that had been fast enough for him.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Carly caught up to Sonny and thanked him for calling her. She asked how Sasha and the baby were doing. Sonny filled her in on what he knew, including that Sasha was recovering in ICU. Carly assumed that Brando had reached out to Sonny, and Sonny didn't correct her. Just then, a distracted Maxie passed by. Sonny and Carly asked for an update on Sasha. Maxie told them that Sasha was fine, but the baby was in NICU. Maxie glanced down when her phone alerted her of a text message from Brook Lynn.

After Maxie left, Sonny asked if Carly had noticed that Maxie had seemed all over the place. Carly attributed Maxie's odd behavior to Sasha's situation dredging up the trauma surrounding Louise's birth. Sonny agreed because it invoked memories for him of what he and Carly had gone through with Donna. Carly felt the same, but like Sasha, Carly had had one advantage that Maxie hadn't -- a loving, supportive partner by her side. Carly took her husband's hand and smiled.

Sonny and Carly agreed that they had been lucky because their daughter had been strong. Carly hoped that Brando and Sasha were able to weather whatever was ahead as a team, just as Sonny and Carly had. Carly suddenly shifted gears by reminding Sonny that they hadn't finished their conversation about Nina. Carly admitted that there was something that she needed to say. Carly understood that Sonny had had a life in Nixon Falls, and she conceded that she had a big problem with Nina's role in things. However, it did not mean that Carly didn't trust Sonny because she had no doubts that Sonny would put her and their family first. Carly promised to try to respect Sonny's wishes to back off from Nina. Sonny was relieved because he was tired of fighting about it.

Carly agreed, so she suggested that they check on Brando and Sasha. They found Gladys sitting outside of Sasha's hospital room. Gladys tearfully told them that her grandson might not make it. Gladys admitted that she had overheard the doctor talking to Brando and Sasha through a door that had been cracked open. Gladys wanted to be supportive, but she didn't want to overstep.

Sonny took pity on his cousin. He assured Gladys that it was enough that she was there for Brando and Sasha and that she was thinking of them. Gladys appreciated Sonny's kindness, so he reminded her that family was family.

Meanwhile, Chase and Brook Lynn slipped into the hospital's chapel. Chase feared that it might be sacrilegious to hatch a plot in a chapel, but Brook Lynn argued that it was a nondenominational chapel. Chase didn't follow her logic, and she didn't offer an explanation. Instead, Brook Lynn pointed out that they had needed privacy. She wondered if Chase had any idea what he had gotten himself into by claiming to be "Bailey's" father. She warned him that the lie might gain him two enemies -- Valentin and Peter.

Chase admitted that he had been caught up in the moment and not thinking about the long-term effects of his lie. Brook Lynn wondered if he was prepared to tell everyone, including Willow, that he was "Bailey's" father. Brook Lynn's phone alerted her to a text message from Maxie. Brook Lynn quickly fired off a response and turned her attention back to Chase. She assured him that she wouldn't blame him for backing out and suggested that they tell Valentin the truth and end the charade.

Moments later, Maxie entered the chapel and saw Chase. She asked to speak to Brook Lynn privately. Brook Lynn revealed that it was safe to talk because Chase knew everything. Chase and Brook Lynn explained how Chase had figured things out and Valentin's reaction to learning that Chase was "Bailey's" father. Maxie warned them that Louise remained in danger until Peter was locked up in jail for life, which meant that Brook Lynn and Chase had to pose as "Bailey's" parents until Maxie was certain that her daughter was safe. Brook Lynn wondered how she and Chase should break the news to everyone.

Chase suggested that he act like he was mad at Brook Lynn, but Brook Lynn resented being made to look like the villain in the story. Chase explained that he would be furious if she had kept his child from him, and he reminded Brook Lynn that she had faked her pregnancy. Brook Lynn realized that he was right, and she suggested that they stick with Valentin's theory that she had lied about "Bailey's" paternity to get controlling shares of ELQ from Valentin. Relieved, Maxie thanked both Chase and Brook Lynn for helping her. Maxie took comfort in knowing that she had some control over Louise's safety, especially in light of what had happened to Sasha.

Chase and Brook Lynn had no idea what Maxie was talking about. Maxie told them about Sasha's emergency C-section. Both Chase and Brook Lynn felt terrible for Sasha, but the situation had put things into perspective for Brook Lynn. Some things were out of their control, so it was important to safeguard Louise from Peter. After Maxie left, Brook Lynn informed Chase that it was time to tell the Quartermaines -- and she refused to face her family alone. Brook Lynn expected it to be "one hell of a Thanksgiving."

At the nurses' station, Maxie saw Valentin signing forms. After they exchanged greetings, they discussed Peter's capture. Maxie told Valentin about Peter's unsettling phone call, but he assured Maxie that Anna would not let Peter get near Maxie. Maxie was skeptical because Peter was relentless and always seemed to escape justice. Valentin promised that those days were over.

Valentin insisted that Peter would pay for his crimes, and he hoped that Peter divulged something that would lead them to Louise. A shadow of guilt crossed Maxie's expression when Valentin's eyes suddenly welled up with tears as he admitted that he knew there was no greater pain than having a child ripped away.

In Sasha's hospital room, Sasha asked Brando to grab a wheelchair because she wanted to visit their son in the NICU. Dr. Navarro gently explained that Sasha needed to rest and heal from the C-section, but Sasha insisted that her son needed his mother. Dr. Navarro clarified that the baby needed his mother to be healthy and whole for what was ahead. Dr. Navarro understood that it was hard for Sasha not to be with her newborn, but the doctor strongly advised against it until Sasha had rested for the night and regained some of her strength.

Moments later, Elizabeth entered the room to check Sasha's vitals. Eager for news about their son, the parents asked Elizabeth for an update. Elizabeth and Dr. Navarro exchanged a look. Elizabeth carefully explained that Brando and Sasha's son was on a ventilator to help assist with his breathing. Elizabeth also explained that the newborn had an umbilical line to administer steroids and antibiotics. Brando assumed it was because his son's lungs hadn't fully developed.

Dr. Navarro revealed that during the placental abruption, the baby had lost oxygen, and in some babies, the disruption of oxygen resulted in hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy. Dr. Navarro gently broke the news that it was a condition that -- depending on the severity -- might lead to disabilities, brain damage, and in some cases, death. However, Dr. Navarro rushed to assure the heartbroken parents that Dr. Fleming and the neonatal team had started an advanced therapy treatment plan called hypothermia therapy, which had shown that reducing the body temperature provided the brain an opportunity to slow down brain cell damage. Sasha began to sob, while Brando was in shock.

Sasha blamed herself because she hadn't reached out to Dr. Navarro when she had felt discomfort earlier in the evening. Dr. Navarro insisted that Sasha was not to blame for an involuntary medical condition, and Elizabeth reminded Sasha that most of the time, discomfort during pregnancy was harmless. Dr. Navarro added that the discomfort that Sasha had felt had had nothing to do with the abruption. Dr. Navarro urged Brando and Sasha to focus on the next steps because their son's therapy would last 72 hours, at which time, Dr. Fleming would order an EEG to determine the baby's brain function. Dr. Navarro agreed to let Sasha visit with her baby in the morning if Sasha rested.

After Dr. Navarro left, Elizabeth assured Sasha that Sasha had done everything right throughout the pregnancy. Sasha realized that all they could do was wait. "Wait -- and pray," Brando said. When Elizabeth finished up and left, Brando and Sasha talked about Brando's time in Iraq and his faith. Brando reminded Sasha that their son had their genes and that he would be cherished and loved, no matter what. When Sasha confessed that she felt like a failure as a mother, he insisted that she had been a wonderful mother to their son, even before the baby had been born. Sasha began to cry because she desperately wanted to hold their son and to protect and comfort him. She implored Brando to visit their son, but he was reluctant to leave Sasha alone.

A short time later, Brando passed the nurses' station. Gladys saw her son and ran over to hug him. Sonny and Carly followed Gladys. Sonny asked how Brando had been holding up, prompting Brando to admit that he was numb, but Sasha had asked him to check on their son. Gladys insisted on going with Brando to the NICU, but Carly tactfully intervened by inviting Gladys to go with her to the cafeteria to fetch Brando something to eat, since Gladys knew what Brando's favorite foods were. After Gladys and Carly left, Sonny invited Brando to talk.

Brando confessed that he was scared. Sonny wasn't surprised because Brando wouldn't be a father if he weren't afraid. Sonny reminded Brando that Brando had a son who needed his father, but Brando had no idea what to do. Sonny was confident that Brando would figure things out because love would guide the way. After Brando and Sonny exchanged a hug, Brando made his way to the NICU. Moments later, Nina exited the elevator.

Nina saw Sonny, but she didn't approach him as she made her way to the nurses' station to ask Elizabeth about Sasha. Elizabeth reminded Nina that she couldn't share patient information, but Nina was desperate for news about Sasha. Eventually, Elizabeth took pity on Nina and went to check with Sasha. Sasha had stopped crying, so she took the opportunity to thank Elizabeth for her kindness. Elizabeth asked if Sasha was up for a visitor. Sasha looked up and saw Nina standing in the doorway.

Meanwhile, Carly and Gladys returned from the cafeteria with food. Sonny and Carly kept Gladys company, while they waited for Brando to return.

In the NICU, Brando looked at his son's incubator through a window until Epiphany arrived to take Brando to change into a sterile gown. Brando wondered if his son was in pain. Epiphany explained that the baby had been sedated, and the heavy blanket that Brando had seen cooled the newborn. She urged Brando to talk to his son because if Brando had been talking to the baby throughout Sasha's pregnancy, then his son would recognize his father's voice.

Moments later, Brando entered his son's NICU room. He sat down by the incubator as he stared at the newborn. His expression filled with love. "Hello, son. I'm your dad," Brando said. Brando promised his son that both he and Sasha loved the baby more than anything. Brando slowly reached into the incubator and placed his hand on the blanket.

In Sasha's hospital room, Sasha tearfully confessed that she kept hearing babies crying. She wondered how she would recognize her son's cries. Nina reached for Sasha and held her as Sasha wept.

Ned learns the "truth" about Chase being Bailey's father

Ned learns the "truth" about Chase being Bailey's father

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Brook Lynn interrupted Chase's post-Turkey Trot shower with a phone call to ask why he was not at the Quartermaine mansion. Chase advised Brook Lynn to calm down and assured her that he'd be headed her way soon.

Chase stepped out of the shower, peered into the mirror, and practiced how he'd break the news about being the father of Brook Lynn's baby to Finn.

Brook Lynn found Ned in the living room of the Quartermaine mansion, and Ned told his daughter that things were looking up. He shared that he and Olivia were finally "on the same page" about Leo needing to see a specialist. Ned sensed that something was troubling Brook Lynn, and he asked her if it had anything to do with Valentin and Charlotte unexpectedly moving out of the mansion.

Rather than answer, Brook Lynn started to walk away. Ned admitted that he had initially been happy to see Valentin move out, but he said that he knew something was amiss when Yuri kept repeating "something Bailey in Belarusian." Ned said that he had entered the phrase into a translator, and the result had said something about "the right seed." Ned praised Brook Lynn's maturity in how she and Valentin had co-parented "Bailey." Citing himself and Olivia as an example, he assured her that she and Valentin could get past whatever bump in the road they had hit.

Brook Lynn told her dad that Valentin was not "Bailey's" father. Ned was shocked that Brook Lynn had "been with more than one man around the same time." Brook Lynn claimed that she had always known who the father of her child was, but she had decided to be untruthful about it because of the ELQ situation.

Ned shook his head when he realized what Brook Lynn had done -- she had lied to two men and denied a child the right to know her father. Surprisingly, Ned assumed much of the blame, saying that he had put too much pressure on Brook Lynn. Ned sat down, took a deep breath, and expressed relief that he still had a granddaughter. When Ned learned that Valentin had not taken the news well, he feared that it was only a matter of time before Valentin fought back.

Ned became angry as he suggested that Chase had known that he had fathered Brook Lynn's child and had chosen to act as if he had not known. "Maybe he was too busy chasing after Willow," Ned growled. Brook Lynn closed her eyes and took a deep breath as Ned stormed out of the room.

After a moment, Brook Lynn followed her dad. She confronted him in the foyer as he was about to walk upstairs. She accused Ned of projecting his anger at her onto Chase. Ned made it clear that he was mad at both Chase and her. He called their actions "reckless, thoughtless, and selfish." Brook Lynn fired back that Ned was "not exactly a saint" himself. She repeated that Chase was not to blame. The doorbell rang, temporarily pausing the argument. When Ned opened the door, a smiling Chase stood on the other side, happily sharing that he had brought dessert.

At General Hospital, T.J. stood between Austin and Finn as they jokingly argued over which elective rotation he would be selecting next. Austin feigned outrage when he learned that T.J. had selected infectious diseases, musing that there was "no adrenaline rush" in that field. Marshall hid behind a pillar on the upper level, observing their conversation.

T.J. invited Austin to join him and Molly at Portia's for Thanksgiving. Austin did not immediately respond, prompting Finn to jokingly ask if Austin was waiting for a better offer. Before Austin could say anything, Olivia stepped off the elevator and asked if she could speak to Austin. Austin bluntly replied that he would not be speaking to Olivia or anyone else in her family ever again. Austin walked off, but Olivia chased after him.

Olivia eventually caught up to Austin, and he reluctantly agreed to hear her out. "I was wrong about you," she said. She shared the details of Leo running off to the docks with Austin, noting that if it had not been for Austin expressing his concerns, things could have ended very differently. Olivia apologized profusely to Austin and invited him to join the Quartermaines for Thanksgiving. Austin immediately rejected the idea, stating that he would "never forgive" the Quartermaines for denying his father nor would he forgive Brook Lynn for trying to sabotage his medical career.

Olivia understood Austin's stance and tried to explain Brook Lynn's actions, but Austin was not receptive of the explanation. He said that the important thing was that Leo would be getting the care that he needed. Olivia thanked Austin again, told him that the dinner invitation still stood, and turned and headed on her way back to the mansion.

Marshall made his way down to where T.J. was standing and asked him if he had a minute. T.J. questioned how his mysterious disappearing patient knew his nickname. Marshall pretended to have to think about what the initials meant, but eventually spat out that T.J. was short for "Thomas Junior." Again T.J. asked how the man knew the information. Marshall confessed that he had not needed medical attention when he'd last seen T.J.

T.J. politely declined the chance to talk to the man. Marshall understood why T.J. was suspicious of him. Marshall said that it would mean the world to him if he could have just a few minutes of T.J.'s time to explain everything.

Chase tracked Finn down in his office to say that he would not be joining Finn and the others for Thanksgiving dinner. Finn tried to guilt Chase into attending, but Chase said he had a personal matter that he had to attend to. Finn determined that a "lucky lady" was involved and pressed for details about who she was. "The mother of my child," Chase replied.

Finn listened intently as Chase explained that Brook Lynn was the woman in question. Chase stated that he and Brook Lynn were "just friends." Finn gave his brother a hug and congratulated him on becoming a dad. Chase asked Finn not to share the news with anyone else for the time being. Finn agreed but warned Chase to be careful of Valentin and the Quartermaines. Finn gushed about what an amazing father Chase would be. Chase wished his brother a happy Thanksgiving and could not exit the office fast enough, his eyes widening as he raced down the corridor.

Later, Finn passed by Austin and asked why he had such a long face. Austin responded that "sometimes the only way to turn a frown into a smile is the satisfaction of payback." Taken aback by the comment, Finn rescinded his dinner invitation and suggested that it might be best for Austin to have dinner alone in front of the television as Austin had originally planned.

Curtis sat at a table at the Savoy, looking at the 1985-dated photo that Marshall had given him. He didn't hear Portia when she entered. When he shook off his daydream, he didn't realize that it was Thanksgiving. Curtis told Portia that he was not ready to get into what had him so distracted. Portia told Curtis that when he was ready to talk, she would be there for him. She said that she would also understand if he did not want to join her for Thanksgiving.

Portia wished Curtis well, said she would miss him, and headed for the door. Before she could leave, Curtis called out to her and asked that she stop. Curtis and Portia sat at the bar, and Curtis told Portia that he had met the man from the sketch. "He claimed he was my father," Curtis said. Portia was caught off guard, stating that she had thought Curtis' father had passed away when Curtis had been a child.

Curtis confirmed that Portia was correct -- or at least that was what he had been led to believe. Curtis explained that Marshall had said he had stayed away "because it wasn't safe, whatever in the hell that means." Curtis admitted that Marshall's appearance had caused a lot of feelings to bubble up. However, no matter who Marshall really turned out to be, Curtis was adamant that he wanted nothing to do with the man. Portia questioned if that was what Curtis really wanted or if he was trying to protect himself. She posited that there could be more to Marshall's story.

Curtis insisted that he did not care if there was more to Marshall's story. By staying away, Curtis said angrily, Marshall had single-handedly altered the lives of countless people. Portia asked if Curtis had dug into Marshall's past. He replied that he had not because he had been "paralyzed" since Marshall had made his big announcement. Curtis explained that he had not told his Aunt Stella about Marshall because she was still recovering from her stroke. However, he was certain that Stella would never have lied about his father's death.

Portia and Curtis agreed that T.J. should be given a heads-up about Marshall so that T.J. was not blindsided. Portia shared that her home would always be open to Curtis. Curtis apologized for pushing Portia away, adding that opening up to her was the best decision he could have made. He said that he considered her one of his blessings.

Dante, Sam, and the kids watched the Wyndham's Thanksgiving Parade from the terrace of Sam's apartment. Rocco asked his dad why they had never watched from that vantage point before. Dante replied that they had never been invited before. Sam looked longingly at Dante and cloyingly said that she was certain they'd receive another invitation.

After the parade, Dante told the kids that he had a movie for them to watch called "Christina Comes Home for Christmas." Rocco groused that the movie was "ancient," but Scout was excited to watch it. The kids headed upstairs to watch the movie, leaving Dante and Sam to discuss their plans for the rest of the day: dinner with the Quartermaines and dessert at the Davises'.

Without going into detail, Dante told Sam that there had been "a situation" with Leo that had led to a realization that Leo could be on the autism spectrum. Sam understood "how trying" that could be because her brother had had a "genetic disorder that caused behavior issues." Sam became emotional as she thought about her late brother. Dante praised Sam as a "strong, fierce, beautiful, independent woman." Sam, in turn, said that she admired how Dante could be loyal to both his job and Sonny. The two had just barely locked lips when Scout appeared at the top of the steps to complain that the boys had changed the movie.

Dante assured Scout that he would handle Danny and Rocco and make sure that she got to see the entirety of the Christmas movie. Moments after Dante escorted Scout back upstairs, a knock sounded on the front door. Sam opened the door, and her jaw dropped as she saw a clean-shaven Drew standing in the hallway.



Thursday, November 25, 2021

In observance of the Thanksgiving holiday, General Hospital did not air a new episode. Instead, the ABC soap opted to rebroadcast the February 5, 2021, episode that revolved around Finn running a DNA test to find out the identity of Chase's father. A full recap of that episode can be read here, and please check out our Daily Recaps Archive with recaps for episodes going all the way back to 1993.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, November 29, and picked up where the Wednesday, November 24, episode concluded.

PREEMPTION: General Hospital did not air

PREEMPTION: General Hospital did not air

Friday, November 26, 2021

Due to the extended Thanskgiving holiday, General Hospital was preempted for ESPN coverage of NHL hockey and/or NCAA football, depending on location. This was a planned preemption, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the schedule change.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, November 29, and picked up where the Wednesday, November 24, episode concluded.

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