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Sonny remained locked up in federal custody. Anna caught Valentin in a lie. Dex blamed himself for Sonny's arrest. Cody and Sasha escaped from Ferncliff. Molly and T.J. were one step closer to becoming parents. Trina vented to Josslyn about Esme.
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Cody and Sasha escaped from Ferncliff. Anna caught Valentin in a lie. Sonny remained locked up.
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ENCORE PRESENTATION: Spencer overhears a bombshell

ENCORE PRESENTATION: Spencer overhears a bombshell

Monday, September 4, 2023

Due to the Labor Day holiday, General Hospital opted to rebroadcast an episode from August 25, 2022. In the episode, Spencer overheard a bombshell.You can read a complete recap for that episode in Soap Central's General Hospital Daily Recaps Archive.

This was a planned schedule change and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the change. Regular programming resumed on Tuesday, September 5, and picked up where the Friday, September 1, 2023, episode concluded.

Everyone speculates about Sonny's arrest

Everyone speculates about Sonny's arrest

Tuesday, September 5, 2023

At the Deception office, Lucy lashed out at Maxie's suggestion that Deception agree to a financial settlement with Tracy. Maxie noted that she was a single mother with three children whose financial future was tied to Deception.

Lucy said there was no way that Tracy had developed the idea for the Deceptor. Maxie again encouraged Lucy to settle. Lucy asked Maxie for more time to prove that Tracy hadn't thought of the concept for the Deceptor. Maxie asked how Lucy would prove it. Lucy grinned, and she promised to find a way.

In a dark interrogation room at an FBI facility, a federal agent named Wallace asked if Sonny had ever done business with Pikeman. Sonny stared intently at Wallace. "I'm not gonna say anything unless my attorney is present," Sonny said.

Before Wallace could continue, Diane entered. Wallace and Diane traded barbs before Wallace left. Outside the room, Wallace told a superior that the FBI had enough evidence to ensure that Sonny wouldn't get away.

Alone in the room with Sonny, Diane and Sonny rambled about the annual softball game between General Hospital and Corinthos Coffee. Neither Sonny nor Diane discussed Sonny's charges until Wallace returned. Wallace said that he would place Sonny in a holding cell for 72 hours.

As Sonny was handcuffed, Diane noted that the charges would be heard in the federal court of the Northern District of New York. "These are federal NSA charges. I will not be able to get bail posted," Diane told Sonny.

Meanwhile, outside the room, a young FBI agent handed a folder that contained surveillance photos of the Pikeman shipment to an older, bald-headed agent. "Jackpot," the older agent said as he stared at a photo.

At Carly's mansion, Michael visited Carly, who asked if Michael had turned Sonny in to the authorities. Michael denied having had anything to do with Sonny's arrest. Michael said that he had let go of his revenge for Sonny after Carly and Willow had made him realize that he would be doing more harm than good by turning Sonny in.

Dex appeared at the door. Dex entered, and he said that he had spent the previous night in the boathouse at the Quartermaine estate. Michael asked if Dex had kept a backup of the flash drive that had contained incriminating evidence against Sonny. Dex said that he hadn't. Michael asked if there was a chance the flash drive had been copied.

Dex flashed back to Josslyn complaining that Carly, Michael, and Dex hadn't used the flash drive to send Sonny to prison. Just then, Josslyn entered, and she asked why everyone was gathered at the mansion. Dex told Josslyn that someone had turned Sonny in to the authorities. "Was it you?" Carly asked Josslyn.

Josslyn scoffed at the notion that she could have turned Sonny in. Michael asked what had happened to the flash drive after it had been destroyed. Dex said that he had intended to burn the flash drive but that he had instead discarded it into a public trash can.

Michael said that federal authorities could have retrieved the flash drive if they had been following Dex at the time. Carly wondered if the FBI had found a way to salvage the flash drive. Michael seemed pained to admit that his actions -- as well as those of Josslyn, Dex, and Carly -- could keep Sonny in prison for the rest of his life.

At Pentonville, Cyrus said that Drew was no longer under Sonny's protection because Sonny had been arrested for violating the National Security Act. Cyrus gave Drew the details of Sonny's arrest. Drew said that the charges against Sonny were serious. Cyrus presented Drew with a homemade chess set. Drew agreed to join Cyrus for a game of chess.

At Sam and Dante's penthouse, Dante worried that Sonny could spend the rest of his life in prison. Sam asked Dante how he thought Sonny's arrest had happened. Dante surmised that someone had "snitched" on Sonny. Sam said that her gut told her that one of Sonny's enemies was responsible for his arrest.

Dante said that if Sonny were sent to prison, it would leave Port Charles wide open to a rival crime family, as well as cause a permanent rift in Sonny's family. Dante left to shower as Sam agreed to make a fresh pot of coffee.

After Dante headed upstairs, Sam placed a call to Ferncliff to check on Cody. Sam was told that Cody was "in good hands." Sam appeared uneasy, and she said that she would call back.

Dante returned a short while later, and he told Sam that he had always known the day would come when Sonny would be arrested. Dante said he was grateful that he hadn't had to place Sonny under arrest.

Dante shared that he was conflicted about Sonny's arrest, and he recalled how he had grown to love and even understand Sonny through the years. Sam said that she and Dante would be there for Sonny, no matter what. "I gotta admit... part of me is hoping he beats the charges one more time," Dante said.

At the Jerome Gallery, Mason made another unwelcome visit to see Ava. Mason refused to give Ava an update on where Nikolas' body was. Ava told Mason that it was time to honor their deal. Mason played coy about Nikolas, and he left.

At an unknown house, after he had gone for a morning jog, Nikolas told Austin that he felt good and that his strength was almost back to normal. Nikolas said that Austin had saved his life after Nikolas had been in a full coma for "a day or two."

Austin said that Ava had never intended to kill Nikolas, and he added that it was time for Ava to know that Nikolas was alive. Austin said that it had been "hell" on Ava to not know where Nikolas' body was. Nikolas asked how Austin knew about Ava's grief. Austin flashed back to having slept with Ava.

Nikolas said there had to have been a reason why Austin had gone to Wyndemere on the night that Heather and Ryan had tried to attack Ava and Felicia the previous February. Austin stuttered that Ava a good person, and he said that it was time for Nikolas to tell Ava that Nikolas was alive. Nikolas said that he couldn't return to Port Charles because of a "volatile situation."

Austin reeled off a litany of Nikolas' legal troubles, including Nikolas having kept Esme at Wyndemere against her will. Austin mentioned that Elizabeth had confessed her and Nikolas' role in Esme's captivity to the police. Nikolas said that he wasn't surprised. "Elizabeth always does the right thing," Nikolas admitted.

Austin asked for the real reason why Nikolas was staying away from Port Charles. Nikolas said that he was eager to return home to see Spencer, Laura, and Ace, but he added that he needed to "set things right" with Ava. Nikolas left to shower.

After Nikolas had left the room, Austin received a call from Ava, who shared that Mason had paid her a visit. Ava recalled that Mason had been vague about Nikolas' body. Austin remained quiet about his knowledge of Nikolas' whereabouts.

Anna catches Valentin in a lie

Anna catches Valentin in a lie

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

At General Hospital, Alexis stopped to check on Molly before Molly's surrogate went in for an intrauterine insemination procedure. Molly appreciated Alexis' support, but Molly's good mood vanished when Alexis mentioned Kristina. Alexis assured Molly that Kristina had only wanted to wish Molly and T.J. well. Molly relaxed, and she admitted that she was glad that Kristina hadn't delivered the message in person because Molly was already on edge. Alexis gently reminded her daughter that Kristina had a lot on her mind, too, because of Sonny's arrest.

Molly conceded that it was a difficult situation and that she had always loved her Uncle Sonny. However, she was conflicted because, on a professional level -- as an assistant district attorney -- Molly couldn't turn a blind eye to her uncle's crimes. "Let's just say it's complicated," Molly said. "Oh, I know that," Alexis replied. Molly shifted gears because she wondered if Alexis thought that Molly and T.J. were moving too fast with the surrogate. Alexis explained that only T.J. and Molly could answer that question.

Molly told her mother about a podcast on infertility and how being told that not being able to have a child was almost like a death. Molly explained that it had been suggested that women in that situation should take time to mourn the child that they would never have. Molly admitted that it made sense, and she wondered if she should have taken more time. Concerned, Alexis asked if Molly had any second thoughts. Molly rushed to assure her mother that she had merely been looking for a different perspective.

Alexis smiled because Molly had an analytical mind, and both Molly and T.J. had never taken a traditional route. "To hell with tradition, right?" Alexis asked. Molly returned her mother's smile. Shortly after Alexis left, T.J. walked up. Molly confessed that she was nervous even though she was not having the procedure, but T.J. assured Molly that it was understandable because their child might be conceived.

When Andrea arrived, Molly and T.J. made sure that Andrea didn't have any reservations about the next step. Andrea promised that she was ready, and it was the right decision for both of their families. After a nurse fetched Andrea for the procedure, Molly told T.J. about her talk with Alexis and about Kristina's message. Molly was confident that she and Kristina would work things out, but Molly explained that she didn't have the energy to deal with it because she had more important things to focus on.

T.J. was supportive, and he assured Molly that they would get through it together. Later, Andrea returned and announced that they would know in two weeks if she was pregnant. T.J. offered to give Andrea a lift home, but she declined because she'd driven there. After Molly thanked Andrea, Andrea left. Molly told T.J. that she didn't want to get her hopes up, but she had a good feeling about the procedure.

At Metro Court's restaurant, Nina left a voicemail message for Diane, asking for an update on Sonny because she was going out of her mind waiting for news. Moments later, Kristina arrived. Kristina asked if Nina had heard from Diane, so Nina revealed that she had left several messages for Sonny's attorney. Kristina was not pleased, Nina reminded Kristina that the FBI had 72 hours to file charges, or they had to let Sonny go. Kristina decided to call Diane because she was certain that Sonny would be furious if he knew that Diane had been ignoring their calls, but Nina urged Kristina to give Diane more time.

Reluctantly, Kristina agreed, but she asked Nina to keep her updated. Nina promised that she would. Pleased, Kristina admitted that it felt like Nina was a part of the family. "I know that it's crazy that it took my dad's arrest to make me realize that, but I don't know. People come together in a crisis," Kristina said. Nina explained that she had known that Sonny's children were part of the package when she had committed to Sonny. "I love you," Nina said.

Nina thanked Kristina for her support from the start, but Nina wished that Michael would get "on board Team Nina." Kristina admitted that her brother held onto grudges like nobody's business, but she was certain that Willow would be able to get through to him. Nina was skeptical, since Willow's illness hadn't taught Michael anything. Kristina suddenly tensed. Moments later, she departed.

At Aurora Media, Dante stormed into Michael's office and demanded to know if Michael had turned their father in to the Feds. Michael assured Dante that he'd been as surprised as everyone else, but Dante didn't believe him and asked how Michael would feel if Wiley had betrayed Michael the way that Michael had betrayed Sonny. "I did not betray Sonny," Michael said. Michael was adamant that he'd had nothing to do with Sonny's arrest, but Dante accused Michael of being "ruthless."

Dante reminded Michael that Michael had "snatched" Avery out of Sonny's arms, but Michael was unapologetic for trying to protect his baby sister, and he reminded Dante that it had been years before. Dante was unmoved because Michael had taken advantage of Sonny during a vulnerable time, and Michael had recently vowed to take Sonny down. Michael insisted that it had been said in the heat of the moment, but Dante accused Michael of being calculating, and he demanded that Michael tell the truth. Michael explained that he would never hurt his siblings like that or leave them vulnerable to Sonny's enemies.

Michael promised that he'd been sincere when he'd made peace with Sonny and that they had been moving forward. Michael opened up about the impact that Willow's illness had had on him and how it had made him realize that life was fragile. Michael revealed that Willow had told him that it took more energy to hate than it did to love. "Well, it's a good thing you married a wise woman," Dante said. Dante apologized to his brother, but Michael acknowledged that he'd given Dante reason to doubt him.

Kristina overheard the tail end of the conversation between Dante and Michael as she entered the office. She greeted her brothers, but she focused on Dante because she wanted to know if there had been news about Sonny. Dante explained that the FBI had 72 hours to file charges. After Dante left, Kristina asked if Dante had accused Michael of having their father arrested and if it was true. "First Dante, now you. What, is Avery going to come in here and accuse me next?" Michael asked.

Kristina conceded that Michael hadn't tipped off the FBI, but she was certain that he was glad that Sonny had been arrested. Michael noted that Sonny had deserved it because he was a criminal, but Michael was not happy about it. He reminded his sister that Wiley had witnessed the shocking arrest, and his son had been traumatized. Kristina backed down, and she asked if Michael thought that Sonny could beat the charges. "I wish I knew," Michael said. Michael explained that the FBI had arrested Sonny for violations of the National Security Act, which were significant charges.

Michael doubted that the FBI would have made the arrest without credible evidence, but Kristina insisted that it didn't make sense. She acknowledged that Sonny engaged in illegal activity, but she refused to believe that he was a threat to the country. Kristina accused the FBI of treating Sonny like "an insurgent trying to take down the government," and she was certain that their father had been framed. Michael reminded his sister that Sonny would want her to focus on her charity and not get caught up in his legal issues. Kristina asked if Michael thought that Sonny would get out of it. "I'm afraid not," Michael answered.

At Metro Court's restaurant, Alexis walked up to the bar. Nina warned Alexis that she didn't have an update on Sonny. Alexis was confident that Diane would handle things, but she explained that she was there to talk to Nina about the possibility of Sonny serving time in prison and the impact that it would have on the lives of Sonny's children and those close to Sonny. Alexis revealed that everyone would be fair game to Sonny's enemies. "And your fiancé has a lot of them," Alexis said.

Nina reminded Alexis that Sonny had guards to watch over everyone, but Alexis pointed out that the guards were loyal to Sonny, and it wouldn't be wise to depend on the guards risking their lives for anyone except Sonny. "This is frightening," Nina said. Alexis agreed, and it was the reason that she wanted Nina to know that Nina would be vulnerable. "And so are his children," Alexis said.

Meanwhile, Olivia went over the day's menu with Trish. After Trish walked away, Dante approached his mother. Olivia asked if he had news about Sonny, but Dante admitted that he hadn't heard anything new. However, he promised to keep his mother updated. Dante explained that he had been looking for Cody. To Dante's surprise, Olivia revealed that Sam had told her that Cody had decided to take a week off.

A short time later, Dante stood in the elevator. After he left a voicemail for Cody to return the call, Dante called Mac to ask if Mac had seen or heard from Cody.

At the bar, Nina asked Olivia if Dante had had news about Sonny, but Olivia explained that the FBI had been tightlipped. Alexis wasn't surprised. Alexis told Nina that the FBI wouldn't have arrested Sonny if they hadn't had "some serious evidence" against him. Nina was worried that Sonny was in serious trouble, but Olivia told her that it went with the territory. "So, I should just accept it?" Nina asked. Olivia pointed out that Nina didn't have much choice in the matter.

Nina realized that it wasn't easy for Olivia or Alexis, since both women shared children with Sonny. Alexis made it clear that she had never approved of Sonny's lifestyle, but Sonny had always found a way to get out of "these things." She hoped that he would prevail again for the sake of all his children.

At Ferncliff, Cody paced in his room while his doctor sat in a chair and calmly asked Cody a series of questions. Cody pretended to be manic and paranoid as he feverishly jumped from topic to topic and angrily ranted about everything from his initial assessment at General Hospital to fantasying about leaping to his death from the balcony of a penthouse. Suddenly furious, Cody ranted about the government spying on him before he switched to frustration over being tired. Finally, Cody threw himself on the bed, crying out that he couldn't breathe as he clutched his throat and thrashed back and forth on the bed. The doctor quickly fetched a pill and handed it to Cody with the promise that it would help Cody sleep.

After the doctor watched Cody take the pill, he promised to return the following day. Cody waited until he was alone. He sat up in his bed, opened his fist, and looked at the blue pill.

In Sasha's room, Sasha at on the edge of her bed and took deep, calming breaths. "You can do this. You have to do this," she quietly told herself. Moments later, Dr. Montague walked in. Sasha smiled politely and explained that she had asked to see him because she had wanted to thank him for all his help. Sasha assured Montague that she felt stronger, and she was ready to go home. Montague dashed her hopes when he informed her that she couldn't leave because she would relapse if he let her go home. Sasha reminded him that she was a wealthy woman, but Montague insisted that he wasn't interested in her money.

"Remember when I told you I stay with my patients to the very end?" Montague asked. He pulled a syringe out of his pocket and popped off the cap. "Well, this is not the end for you. Not until I say so," Montague said as he approached a terrified Sasha. Sasha begged Montague to stop, but he ignored her pleas and jabbed her with the syringe.

At Ferncliff's front desk, Sam showed her driver's license to Janet and explained that she was there to check on Cody and to complete paperwork. Janet handed Sam a clipboard with a questionnaire as she explained that the doctor needed information about Cody's recent behavioral issues. Sam sat down and filled out the paperwork. Moments later, Montague walked by, but he stopped when he saw Sam. "We meet again," Montague said. Sam was surprised to see the doctor.

Montague took the opportunity to get Sam's name. "Sam McCall," Sam said. Montague was curious why Sam was at Ferncliff, so she explained that she had a medical proxy for a patient at the facility. When Montague asked if the patient was Sam's boyfriend, she quickly clarified that she and the patient were just friends. Sam admitted that she couldn't imagine having her partner in Ferncliff. Montague assured Sam that he was dedicated to his patients, and he made certain that they always got exactly what they needed.

Later, Sam arrived home. and Dante greeted her. She apologized for not returning his call, so Dante told her about his conversation with Olivia. Sam confirmed that she had told Olivia that Cody had taken time off. Concerned, Dante asked where Cody was.

At Ferncliff, Janet entered Sasha's room, but she was alarmed when she found Sasha dazed and unable to stay awake. Janet told Sasha that she would talk to Dr. Montague because the doctor had discussed having Sasha transferred to another facility for treatment if there had been no improvement with Sasha at Ferncliff. After Janet left, Cody quietly slipped into Sasha's room.

At Metro Court, Valentin and Anna entered their suite, but Anna immediately sensed that something was off. She looked around the room and realized that the pile of mail had been moved. Valentin blamed it on the maids who had cleaned the suite while they had been out for breakfast. He asked if any of the mail was missing, but Anna confirmed that everything was there. She let the matter drop, but Valentin noticed that Anna remained uneasy. Anna admitted that she'd been anxious since Sonny's arrest.

"I'm worried about him," Anna said. "Do you think Pikeman had something to do with his arrest?" Anna asked. Valentin pointed out that Pikeman had approached Sonny, so it wouldn't make sense. Anna argued that Sonny might be worth more to Pikeman behind bars and that they had no way of knowing the motives of a huge contractor like Pikeman. Valentin reminded Anna that Sonny had a long history of evading law enforcement, and he was confident that Sonny would do so once again.

Anna asked Valentin to reach out to his contact at Pikeman and find out what they knew about Sonny's arrest. Valentin readily agreed. He pulled out his phone and called his contact. After a short exchange, Valentin disconnected the call and told Anna that his contact wanted to meet. Valentin grabbed his coat and promised to let Anna know what he found out.

Later, Anna watched as Valentin entered an unknown residence. She quietly went to the front door, which had been left ajar, but she ducked into the bushes when she heard Valentin approach. After Valentin left, Anna raced back to the hotel. She entered her suite and slipped into the bathroom. A few minutes later, Valentin returned and called out to Anna. Anna emerged from the bathroom with her hair wrapped in a towel and wearing a robe.

Anna claimed that she'd taken a hot shower, but she was eager for news about Valentin's meeting. She showed no reaction when he lied about meeting his contact at a café near the airport. He assured her that Pikeman hadn't been involved, but Valentin suddenly changed the subject because he'd been told by the front desk that the water heater on their floor had been out, and a maintenance crew had been sent to fix it. Anna shrugged, and she assured him that she hadn't had a problem with the water temperature. She asked him again about meeting his contact at a café, but Valentin stuck to his story.

Cody reaches Sasha

Cody reaches Sasha

Thursday, September 7, 2023

Carly greeted a clearly distracted Mac at Kelly's, and he congratulated her on the restaurant. Felicia ran in talking about the online courses she had to take for her patient advocacy certification, and Carly walked away to let them talk. Felicia could tell that Mac was upset, and he revealed that Cody had been committed to Ferncliff to try to rescue Sasha. He worried that Cody was in over his head. Mac wanted to go see Cody, but Felicia urged him not to interfere in Cody's plan. She advised him to trust that Cody knew what he was doing, and she wondered what the worst thing that could happen was if Cody was exposed.

At the Metro Court pool, Josslyn and Trina lamented that the summer was almost over. Spencer ran in and apologized for being late. He explained that Ace had been fussy, but he and Esme had eventually calmed the baby down. He asked about Sonny and if Dex had been arrested. Josslyn got up in a huff and snapped that Dex hadn't been arrested, and she didn't want to talk about Sonny or Esme. Spencer agreed not to talk about them anymore and left them to go in the pool.

Josslyn commented how awful it had to be for Trina to constantly have to hear about Esme. Trina opened the floodgates and ranted about how she had hardly seen Spencer all summer, how busy she would be with school and the gallery, and about balancing her life with Curtis and Taggert. Josslyn sympathized. Trina continued that things wouldn't always be like that, and at least Spencer was hers. She took off her cover-up and got into the pool with Spencer.

Josslyn made her way to the bar and watched as Trina happily kissed Spencer. She took out her phone and called Dex, only to get his voicemail. She left a message asking why his phone was off, and she wanted to say that she loved and missed him. A short while later, Spencer apologized for what he'd said about Dex. Trina promised to talk to Josslyn later, and she left with Spencer. Josslyn's phone went off, and it was a text from Dex, apologizing for not being in touch with her and telling her that he loved her.

There was a knock on Alexis' office door, and Gregory entered to make sure that she didn't need anything else from him before he left. She didn't, and she wondered if he had plans. He admitted that he was finally going to tell Chase about his diagnosis. She advised him not to underestimate Chase, and she wished him luck. There was a knock on the door, and Kristina was in the doorway, so Gregory left.

Kristina invited Alexis out to dinner to talk about Sonny. Alexis informed Kristina that Diane was doing everything she could, and Alexis hoped that it wasn't as bad as she thought it was. Just then, Molly arrived, but she immediately turned back around when she saw Kristina. Alexis pulled her back and demanded that the sisters work things out. They briefly argued until Molly stormed out. Alexis was heartbroken and advised Kristina to think about what was at stake.

A short while later, Molly returned home and thought about her latest fight with Kristina. She cried and hugged her stuffed horse.

Brook Lynn arrived at Chase's with one suitcase, and he wondered where the rest of her things were. She revealed that she'd decided to be more efficient, and she figured she didn't need everything she owned. Gregory arrived outside of Chase's door and took a deep breath. He knocked, and Chase was happy to see Gregory when he opened the door. Once inside, Gregory started to talk about the reason for his visit until Brook Lynn emerged from the bedroom. The couple informed Gregory that Brook Lynn had moved in, and he offered to buy dinner to celebrate. A short while later, Chase poured everyone wine as the pizza he'd ordered arrived, and Gregory watched the happy couple contentedly.

At home, Sam wondered what Dante had wanted to talk to her about, and he asked her where Cody was. She admitted that she'd helped him get committed to Ferncliff. She explained that she agreed with Cody's belief that Sasha was in danger. Dante wasn't happy that she hadn't kept him in the loop, but she hadn't wanted to put him in the position as a cop to either stop the plan or look the other way. He trusted her judgment, and he revealed that he completely backed her.

Outside Kelly's, Nina was on the phone with Ferncliff, demanding information about Sasha, until she hung up in frustration. Just then, Carly emerged from Kelly's, and Nina asked to talk to her about Sonny. Nina admitted her concern about Sonny's family being targets while he was away, and she begged for help keeping the family safe, as she was "new to this." Carly informed Nina that Brick had promised that everything was under control, so no one would be making a move against Sonny while he was away. She urged Nina to stay calm and take care of herself. Carly commented that Sonny would make whoever turned him in pay, and Nina left.

Gladys met up with Dr. Montague and demanded to know when Sasha would be released, as he'd gotten his money. He explained that Sasha needed to be weaned off the medication, and if she recovered too soon, people would start asking questions. He warned her to play by his rules, as there was too much at stake. He promised that Sasha would be detoxed by the upcoming weekend.

Gladys' phone rang, and she answered to Nina, who demanded information on Sasha. Gladys promised that everything with Sasha was on track, but she would have to call Nina back. Nina wanted information immediately, and she ordered Gladys to meet her at Kelly's. When Gladys hung up, she informed Montague that she hoped his "benefactor" wouldn't "blow a fuse" about his timetable for Sasha. He replied that that was her job to make sure of, and Gladys left. Just then, Montague's phone rang, and he asked the caller to immediately get him something "so good it can make you think you never met someone." After his call, he returned to Ferncliff.

Outside Kelly's, Nina had called Ferncliff again, and she demanded to know the name of Sasha's doctor. When it was refused, Nina promised to be there the next day with police. Just then, Gladys grabbed the phone out of Nina's hand and hung it up, chastising her for threatening an overworked nurse. Nina demanded information, and Gladys answered that Sasha would be out the next day. "Why not tonight?" Nina questioned, and Carly watched them argue from inside Kelly's.

Sasha was asleep in her room when Cody entered. He couldn't wake her up until he wet a washcloth and dabbed it on her forehead. She opened her eyes and immediately yelled in fright at Cody not to hurt her. He promised he wouldn't hurt her, but she said that she wasn't sure what was real. "Are you really here?" she asked, and he held out his hand to her. She didn't take it, so he explained that someone had been drugging her and that he was on her side. She finally took his hand, and he told her that they had to leave Ferncliff. She was skeptical, but he assured her that he was very creative. "Do you trust me?" he asked, and she nodded. As he helped her out of bed, Dr. Montague burst into the room.

Cody and Sasha escape Ferncliff

Cody and Sasha escape Ferncliff

Friday, September 8, 2023

At Metro Court, Nina asked Anna for information about Sonny's arrest. Anna said that she had no information to share and that there was nothing she could do for Sonny. Ava appeared, and she and Anna chatted briefly before Anna left.

Ava warned Nina that Sonny would never change, even if he beat the charges against him. Nina said that she had been with complicated men before, and she mentioned her relationship with Valentin. Nina added that she knew what she was doing. "And what I'm going to do is marry Sonny. And no one can stop me," Nina said.

Nina whispered that Ava was the only one who knew that Nina had turned Carly and Drew in to the SEC for committing a federal crime in insider trading. Ava mentioned Wyndemere, and she joked about the prospect of Sonny buying Spoon Island. Nina was surprised when Ava said that she was selling Wyndemere.

Nina received an alert on her phone, and she said that she had to leave. Ava thought that she had upset Nina, but Nina insisted otherwise. Nina added that she felt more confident that she was doing was right thing after her talk with Ava.

At Curtis and Portia's house, Marshall realized that Curtis was alone after Portia had left to pick up dinner. Marshall offered to stay with Curtis, who snapped that Marshall and others had to stop behaving as though Curtis couldn't be left alone. Marshall agreed with Curtis, and he left for the Savoy.

Not long afterwards, Curtis received a surprise visit from Anna. Curtis invited Anna inside. Anna said that she had stopped by to talk about the shooting at the pool, and she formally apologized to Curtis for him having been shot. Anna said that Curtis wouldn't have been shot if not for her.

Curtis reasoned that what had happened to him could have happened to someone else because of Curtis' own background. "Maybe it's karma. Or maybe it's just what it is," Curtis posited. Anna said that Curtis' words were gracious.

Portia returned home, and she was taken aback to see Anna. Anna greeted Portia, who insisted that she walk Anna out. Outside the house, Portia scolded Anna. "What makes you think that it was a good idea for you to come here?" Portia snapped. Anna said that she didn't feel her visit had upset Curtis. "You upset me," Portia snarled.

Portia said that Curtis wouldn't be in a wheelchair if it weren't for Anna and Sonny. Portia accused Anna and Sonny of putting others' lives in danger. Anna tried to apologize, but Portia refused to listen. Portia told Anna not to return. Anna seemed stung by Portia's words.

Afterwards, Curtis told Portia that he couldn't blame Anna for his shooting. "I can," Portia said smugly. Curtis wheeled himself to the patio. Portia put her hands on Curtis' shoulders. Curtis flashed back to Anna saying that the person responsible for the shooting would be found.

At a recording studio, Olivia and Leo walked with Ned to an audition that Sonny had arranged for Ned to record a demo track as Eddie Maine. Ned, Olivia, and Leo met a young technician named Johnny. Ned recalled a gig that he had played in Houston many years earlier. Ned added that it had been the best performance of his life. Johnny said he wanted to help Ned recapture the feeling.

Ned started to strum his guitar as Olivia and Leo watched from the monitors outside the recording studio. "She whispers so silently, the siren I can't see," Ned sang as he stared at Olivia. Olivia and Leo smiled warmly at one another. "She's like a shadow following me, or a distant memory," Ned continued to sing.

At the docks in the Waterfront District, Dex told Josslyn that he was to blame for Sonny's arrest. Dex admitted that it had been "stupid" to throw the flash drive into a public garbage can. Josslyn surprised Dex when she said that she had planned to use the flash drive to send Sonny to prison as a way to "help" Carly and Dex.

Josslyn said that the reason she had decided to get drunk after Dex hadn't been able to attend a concert with her was because she had been "stressed out." Dex said that Sonny had been good to him, and he added that Sonny had been like a father to him in many ways. Josslyn asked if Dex was okay with forgetting everything that Sonny had done, including Sonny having hung Dex on a meat hook.

Dex admitted that if Sonny were to go to prison, it would leave a hole in Dex's life. Dex lauded Sonny for having integrity, and he said that he suspected Josslyn felt the same about Sonny deep down. Josslyn thanked Dex for explaining what Sonny meant to him. "Never forget what you mean to me," Dex said. Dex and Josslyn started to make out before leaving together.

At Ferncliff, Cody realized that Montague and Gladys were working together to keep Sasha held against her will. Montague feigned concern for Sasha, but Cody insisted that Montague had conspired with Gladys to keep Sasha drugged. Sasha looked on in shock as Cody asked how much Gladys was paying Montague. Montague had started to call security on Cody when Cody punched Montague in the face.

A short while later, Cody and Sasha appeared in the lobby near the exit door. Cody posed as Montague with his face shielded from a receptionist. At the same time, back in Sasha's room, Montague lay on the floor, where he had been bound, gagged. and stripped of his clothes.

Cody and Sasha had just left when Nurse Janice appeared. A receptionist told Janice that Montague had left with Sasha. Janice told the receptionist that Montague wasn't cleared to authorize a patient's escape. Janice ordered a full lockdown of the facility.

Outside Ferncliff, Cody hurried Sasha into a waiting car. Cody buckled Sasha into the passenger seat, and he jumped behind the wheel. Cody started the car, and he pulled out of the parking lot as loud sirens blasted inside and outside Ferncliff.

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