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Anthony Jones
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Actor History
1984 to 2000 [contract]; 2000 to February 10, 2006 [recurring]
Other Names

Tony (nickname)


Birthday was celebrated on March 17

Died February 10, 2006

Cause of Death

Complications from a rare strain of encephalitis


Neurologist at General Hospital

Resides At

2790 Bristol Street, Apartment 3E

Marital Status


Past Marriages

Tania Roskov (dissolved by her death)

Lucy Coe (divorced)

Barbara Jean Spencer (divorced)


Andrew Jones (brother)

Mariah Maximiliana Jones (niece)

Georgianna Jones (niece)


Barbara Jean Jones (daughter; with Tania; deceased) [Born: Oct 6, 1986; Died: May 18, 1994]

Lucas Jones (son; with Bobbie; via adoption)

Flings & Affairs

His father's wife

Caroline Benson (affair)

Crimes Committed

Kidnapped Carly's son Michael [1998]

Brief Character History

Tony showed up on the scene and stole Tania from his brother Frisco. Tania and Tony married and had B.J. Tania was killed in a car accident which left Tony and B.J. alone. Tony hired Lucy Coe to help him take care of B.J., and they eventually married and then shortly after divorced. Tony had an accident which left him paralyzed and blind. Bobbie helped him recover and they fell in love and married.

As for Tony's adopted son Lucas, Bobbie bought him from the "Black Market" (Tony was unaware of the "purchase"), and eventually his real mother, Cheryl Stansbury, showed up to claim him. Not too long after that, Cheryl became terminally ill and died, leaving Lucas to Bobbie and Tony. Bobbie had an affair with Damian Smith, which rocked her and Tony's marriage. Shortly after that Tony began seeing Carly Roberts (Carly purposely began making a play for Tony in an attempt to get back at Bobbie for abandoning her as an infant. Neither Bobbie nor Tony are aware Carly is Bobbie's daughter. Luke is the only one besides Carly that knows.) Bobby eventually found out about the affair and she and Tony divorced. Carly and Tony began living together after that.

Making matters worse, B.J. was killed in a school bus accident the very day Tony found out about the affair. Shortly after that, Tony began seeing Carly Roberts (Carly purposely began making a play for Tony in an attempt to get back at Bobbie for abandoning her as an infant.) Bobbie eventually found out about the affair, and she and Tony divorced. Carly and Tony began living together after that, and their happiness grew when Carly discovered she was pregnant. However, right before the baby was born, Carly told Tony the baby wasn't his.

Blood tests proved her claim true; coupled together with the knowledge that she was Bobbie's long-lost daughter, the two split. Convinced that the baby did not belong with Carly and the supposed father, mobster Jason Morgan, Tony kidnapped the child a few months later. When Robin Scorpio found them, he kidnapped her too. Tony was put on trial for these crimes, but Alexis's shrewd behavior got him off virtually scot-free. This, however, was only the beginning of his downward spiral, one that has caused him to lose custody of his son.

While trying to put his life back together, Tony fought for custody of his son, thought Bobbie didn't want him anywhere near Lucas. He got back his position at the hospital, and continued to work at the clinic.

After his descent into madness, Tony eventually put his life back together. He divides his professional time between the free clinic and acting as a neurological consultant to surgeons. He had corrective surgery on his hand to begin physical training and resume his surgical career. He mended fences with Bobbie and got unlimited visitation with Lucas. Tony spends most of his time popping up whenever someone is in need of medical assistance. When the encephalitis plague hit Port Charles in 2006, Tony was helping at the hospital, and learned the shocking news that his son Lucas was gay. He surprised Lucas by making sure that his son knew how much he loved him and how proud he was of him.

Without hours of speaking to Lucas, Tony was struck down by the disease himself. It progressed extremely quickly through Tony, and he died surrounded by his former wife Bobbie, his son Lucas, and his former brother-in-law Luke. As he lay dying, he saw B.J. waiting to welcome him home.

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