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Naomi Dreyfuss
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Actor History
June 3, 2016 to present




Resides At

Incarcerated in a federal prison

Metro Court Hotel (1420 Quartz Lane, Port Charles)

Marital Status

Single/Divorced from Raymond Berlin

Past Marriages

Raymond Berlin (divorced)




Hayden Barnes (with Jeff Weber; raised as Raymond's)

Flings & Affairs

Jeff Webber

Crimes Committed

Confessed to stealing a diamond necklace intended for auction by the Feds [Sep 21, 2016]

Health and Vitals

Hyperventilated and fainted after hearing Jeff Webber's name [Jul 20, 2016]

Panic attacks in hospital [Jul 21, 2016]

Brief Character History

Naomi Dreyfus had been married to Raymond Berlin, who had organized a Ponzi scheme, bilked millions from unsuspecting people, and gone to jail for multiple counts of security fraud. Naomi had divorced Raymond in an attempt to distance herself from her ex-husband because the FBI believed that she'd helped him hide millions that had never been recovered.

Naomi and her daughter, Rachel, were estranged, but Naomi got wind of where her daughter was living when Sam Morgan reached out to Naomi for information during an investigation. Naomi arrived at Wyndemere and surprised Rachel, who had legally changed her name to Hayden Barnes and was married to Nikolas Cassadine. Hayden resented Naomi for turning Raymond in to the federal agents, but Naomi defended her decision and claimed that she wanted to mend her relationship with her daughter.

Hayden quickly realized the truth when Naomi asked about a diamond necklace worth several million dollars that Raymond had given Naomi. Naomi knew Hayden had the necklace because one of the diamonds from the necklace had been sold on the black market. Hayden told Naomi that Nikolas had stolen the necklace, and the diamonds had vanished with Nikolas when he had fallen out his bedroom window during a violent altercation, and he had been swept out to sea.

Naomi remained in town, and Lucy and Scott confronted her about the money Raymond had stolen. Naomi told them she had no idea where the money had gone and couldn't help them. As Scott threatened to advise the authorities that Naomi had been drinking expensive martinis in a five-star hotel, Franco walked up. Naomi started to hyperventilate and fainted when she heard Franco and Scott mention Heather's name.

In the hospital, Naomi assured Hayden that she'd only suffered a panic attack. Hayden bristled when Elizabeth entered, but Naomi refused to switch nurses. When Naomi was alone with Elizabeth, Naomi casually asked about her life in Port Charles. Naomi suddenly began to gasp for breath when Elizabeth talked about her father, Jeff Webber.

Later, Naomi paid Heather Webber a visit to make it clear that Heather was never to tell Franco about Elizabeth and Hayden's connection. Unfortunately for Naomi, Franco arrived for a visit with his mother and saw Naomi. Franco questioned Heather about Naomi, prompting Heather to disclose that Naomi had had an affair with Jeff Webber and had gotten pregnant with his child, who Naomi had passed off as Raymond Berlin's daughter, Rachel. Heather also revealed that Naomi had been paying Heather hush money for years.

Naomi found out that Franco knew the truth and desperately tried to persuade him to keep quiet about her secret. Franco agreed, but he had a change of heart after the hospital killer shoved Elizabeth down a flight of stairs. Elizabeth was in desperate need of a blood transfusion. Realizing that Hayden and Elizabeth shared the same rare blood type, Franco persuaded Hayden to donate blood in exchange for Hayden's diamonds that Elizabeth had found among Nikolas' personal effects after he was believed to have perished.

Elizabeth was furious when she awoke after life-saving surgery and learned that Hayden had been released from jail, so she asked Sabrina to take the diamonds to the authorities. Hayden showed up to collect her diamonds but ended up in a heated argument with Elizabeth. Franco walked in on the argument and blurted out that the women were sisters. Hayden felt betrayed by her sister when Elizabeth revealed that the police had the diamonds. At the elevator, two federal agents arrived and promptly arrested Hayden.

Naomi went to visit her daughter in jail. Hayden angrily confronted Naomi about Franco's claim that Jeff Webber was Hayden's biological father. Naomi admitted it was true and explained that she had lied because she had wanted to give her daughter a privileged life. Hurt, Hayden angrily accused her mother of only looking out for herself. Naomi decided to prove her love for Hayden by confessing to the Feds that she -- not Hayden -- had stolen the diamond necklace intended for auction to reimburse the people swindled by Raymond's Ponzi scheme. Naomi claimed that she had hidden the diamonds in Hayden's things.

Naomi was promptly arrested, and Hayden was set free. Naomi promised that she would be okay as long as she knew that Hayden was living her life free of all the lies that had plagued their family for years. Naomi also encouraged Hayden to follow her heart and remain in Port Charles because Hayden was not as alone as Hayden believed.

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