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While Sonny lives in blissful ignorance and bonds with Nina's ex-nurse over recipes, Carly is finding out what life as a mob widow is like. Can Jason keep Cyrus from retaliating, or will it be Laura who saves the day with a little help from her friends? Meanwhile, time is running out for Peter -- and others -- as the past is on a collision course with the present.

So, are we to assume that Sonny has been lying unconscious in the frigid snow since Christmas Eve -- some three weeks ago? I ask because, for a man who has been unconscious for three weeks, he sure looks well groomed. Also, how did Sonny's shoes and shiny big watch escape unscathed, but his jacket, gun, cell phone, and wallet were torn from his body?

Fuzzy timetable aside, I loved Sonny's visit with Mike. Max Gail, you are missed. I hope the writers keep finding ways for Mike to continue making appearances. Sonny's relationship with Mike wasn't always good or even existent, but father and son did the work to fix what was broken between them, and they made peace with the past. It seems fitting and right that Mike now watches over his son, especially in times of peril. Sonny's love for Mike, and his ability to forgive his father for a lot of wrongs, is one of Sonny's few redeeming qualities.

I'm rather excited to see where this story with "Mike" is headed. Sonny is not faking amnesia. We know it's the real deal because of the vision of Mike, so, moving forward, it's going to be quite interesting to see how "Mike" reacts to finding out he's an infamous mob boss whose last sighting was during a showdown with a man who was found dead from a gunshot wound to the chest. Then there's Carly, who recently took an ailing elderly woman hostage to use as leverage against a rival mobster. Sonny might approve those actions, but something tells me that "Mike" is going to be horrified and want nothing to do with Sonny's life or his wife.

Not that Carly will have any problem finding a shoulder to cry on. She and Jax know the truth about Nelle, and soon, so will Ava, because Avery wants her heart pendant necklace by hook or by crook. Avery is growing tired of Carly's stall tactics, and she's not going to rest until she gets her necklace back. Ava won't have any problem putting the pieces together once she gets a gander at Nelle's necklace and realizes its significance -- and, more importantly, that Carly knew.

Plus, with the appearance of Phyllis Caulfield in Sonny's storyline, the stars are aligning for Nina to finally learn the truth about her daughter and for Phyllis to be on hand to fill in a few holes when Nina gets the shocking news. There's only so long someone like Sonny, even with amnesia, can remain hidden. Once Nina learns that Nelle was her long-lost child, and that Jax knew but had kept quiet at Carly's request, he will be persona non grata to Nina. Secrets and lies like that are a deal breaker. Just ask Valentin.

As much as Carly loves Sonny, she also loves Jax. Carly is always up for a challenge, but even she can't resist Jax's charms, especially if "Mike" is rebuffing all of her advances. The problem with Jax and Carly is that they always end up imploding, usually because of Sonny.

I predict that "Mike" will be sticking around long enough to get a new love interest. Will he find a friend in old pal Olivia, who will soon have her own heartache to contend with? They do share a son -- and a grandson. Even if "Mike" doesn't remember their past, Olivia might be the type of person he's drawn to, especially now that he's no longer a young guy with a handful of decades ahead of him.

If Ned and Olivia are on the rocks for a possible pairing between "Mike" and Olivia, I'm down for it. Carly's reaction alone would be worth the ride.

I have little doubt that Ned and Alexis' secret is going to be exposed sooner rather than later, and the way that things are going, my money is on Tracy being the one to spill the beans. She's the only one who can't let it go.

Now, that Olivia and Sam have joined forces to get to the bottom of Alexis' DUI, Tracy's goose is all but cooked. If Tracy doesn't explain why she decided to set Alexis up, Alexis will undoubtedly figure things out. Knowing Olivia as I do, she is not going to let it go until she knows every sordid detail. Could blowing up Ned's marriage to Olivia be Alexis' rock bottom? I hope so. Alexis can insist until the cows come home that drinking helps her, but all I see is constant misery.

Alexis not only needs help getting back on the wagon, but she needs to find a way to make peace with Neil's death, and now Julian's, as well. She also needs to find a purpose in life to keep herself busy. I look forward to watching that journey unfold, so I hope it's around the corner.

Despite the recent talk of Ned adopting Leo, I don't feel that the writers are all that invested in Ned and Olivia as a couple. Why else have Ned sleep with Alexis? The alcohol didn't make Ned do something that he didn't want to do; it made him do something that he was inclined to do. Ned had lost faith in his marriage and his wife, and rather than wait until Olivia returned, he decided to get drunk and pay her back because he had jumped to the wrong conclusion that Olivia and Robert had slept together.

Olivia made her own fair share of mistakes. As a wife, I assure you, I can get in touch with my husband if I need to. If I keep reaching his voicemail over several days, it's because I want to.

Regardless, even if Olivia had slept with Robert, it still wouldn't make what Ned did okay. He should have been honest from the start and given Olivia the respect of honesty. She deserves to know, especially if she and Ned are being intimate.

I'm afraid Ned and Olivia's marriage is doomed, at least for now, because there is no way that Olivia will be able to forgive Ned for lying to her. The infidelity is bad, but it will be the cover-up that will be a bridge too far. It always is. Just ask Valentin. (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

Tracy framing Alexis for a DUI won't help either.

That brings me to Sasha.

Folks, I'm so happy that Sasha is on the road to recovery and dealing with her issues. It's clear that she's in a much better place, and it's downright refreshing to hear her talk to Willow about Michael. Sasha admits that she would love nothing more than a second chance with Michael, but at the same time, she has made peace with the knowledge that it might never happen, and she has no right to hope for it.

Chase should take notes.

Sasha not only accepts responsibility for her bad choices, but she's willing to pay the price for those mistakes, even if it means losing the man she loves to a friend she adores. Chase, on the other hand, hopes to be given a second chance that he hasn't really earned. What happens the next time that Chase finds himself in a situation where he is convinced that he knows what's for the best? The very same thing, that's what, because he hasn't had to live with the consequences from the first time around.

It's why I find myself rooting for Sasha to get another chance with Michael, while Chase finds himself in Willow's friend zone. Who says any of the couples have to end up together? Sometimes love isn't enough.

What Chase did to Willow was awful. He wasn't hiding an impulsive credit card charge or a dent in the car. He broke her heart in the cruelest way possible to manipulate her into marrying someone else. For me, it would take a heck of a lot more than a few pretty words and a dinner to get past that kind of betrayal of trust from someone who claimed to love me.

That's why I get Curtis' dilemma. Jordan keeps lying to him and telling herself that it's for the greater good and that she's protecting him. However, Jordan is selective because she does let Curtis in when it benefits her. Usually, it's when she needs his services as an investigator.

It would be one thing if Jordan drew a clear line between her work and her private life, but she doesn't. She never really has, which is why Curtis has a right to be hurt by her deception. It's doubtful that things will improve once Taggert is free to leave jail because Taggert will be a constant reminder to Curtis that Jordan trusted her ex-partner more than she did her husband.

I wish that I could root for Portia to help Curtis pick up the pieces, but I have long speculated that Trina was Curtis' daughter, not Taggert's. If so, Curtis will be going from one liar to another, and frankly, he deserves better than that.

It's a soap opera, so the odds that there isn't a surprise paternity twist in Trina's future is somewhere in the rage of zero.

Finally, Peter's chickens are about to return home to roost. Not only is the magnificent Liesl back and more determined than ever to take Peter down, but there is no way on earth that double wedding isn't a disaster in the making.

I want to be clear. I'd rather see Maxie marry Dante (which would be really awkward when Lulu wakes up) than exchange vows with Peter. If there was a way to undo that poor child's paternity, you wouldn't hear me objecting.

The way that things are playing out, it appears that Finn's tryst with Jackie is going to be the bombshell that stops the brides from saying their I dos. Finn's exchange with Chase when Chase praised Finn for giving better advice than "Dad" sounded very much like foreshadowing, so I suspect that Chase's paternity will also be brought up during the wedding melee.

There's also the truth bomb about Peter's maternity, and how Anna shared the truth with Valentin but not her future groom, Finn. I'm not sure how that would come out at the wedding, but I'm expecting that to be revealed in the near future. Too many people know about the things that Peter has done, which generally doesn't bode well when someone is on the brink of marrying a person that many care about.

If none of that is enough to stop the wedding -- and Maxie from being saddled with a millstone like Peter -- Franco's memories of Drew are surfacing. Talk about the wolves being at the door.

Random observations

Did I hear Carly correctly when she tried to defend her and Jax stealing Spencer by arguing that Spencer was "just an infant" and it lasted all of "two months?" I hate whataboutisms with a passion; there is no justification for what Carly and Jax did. Period. Also, Spencer was born February 20, 2006, and Robin told Nikolas the truth in mid-June. That's four months, Carly!

How can the local authorities not have some kind of alert about Sonny? Sonny is a crime boss who is considered a person of interest in the death of Julian Jerome. Even if they don't have a wanted poster of Sonny in their lunch room, I would think running his fingerprints would clear things up quickly. Honestly, a simple reverse image search could have yielded results.

Reader feedback

I have it on good authority that Sonny deals in bootleg toilet paper and he made a killing in 2020. -- Daffy Sez

One thing that really made my ears perk up was when Terry - Elizabeth's childhood friend - mentioned Liz's parents. That's got to be the first time they've been brought up since her sister, Hayden was in town. No one EVER asks Elizabeth about her folks! Terry saying that they're "not close" is an understatement. They haven't even met their grandsons, yet! -- Scrimmage

When Jackie and Robert were good together, they were pals as well as lovers, and I hope the writers utilize that since Robert seems to be back for good (hopefully!). -- Mark W

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