General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 20, 2020 on GH
Valentin was shocked to learn Charlotte's secrets. Laura promised to be a guiding force in Charlotte's life. Robert learned that Holly Sutton had died. Chase and Sasha set a plan into motion. Sonny acknowledged that the end was near for Mike. Molly bumped into Brando at Charlie's. Alexis made a confession to Sam and Diane.
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Robert learned that Holly Sutton had died and Sonny acknowledged that the end was near for Mike
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Robert receives bad news Robert receives bad news
Monday, April 20, 2020

At the Metro Court restaurant, Charlotte got up from the table and told Lulu and Laura that she was going to get another drink. When she was gone, Lulu wondered what Laura had met with Valentin about. Laura admitted that she'd intercepted a text meant for Lulu. She thought that Valentin just wanted what was best for Charlotte, but Lulu asked if Valentin had sent Laura to convince Lulu to drop her petition for full custody. Laura replied that he hadn't, but she knew that Charlotte loved her father. Lulu called Valentin a terrible influence, but Laura believed that he was a devoted parent.

Across the restaurant, Ava accused Nikolas of paying someone off to plant the snake in her purse. He spotted Charlotte and called her over to ask about the snake. She told them that most of the kids had thought that it was cool, but Ava had screamed loudly. "Too bad you didn't have a secret bodyguard," she added snidely toward Nikolas. He apologized for getting off on the wrong foot with her and for not telling her the truth from the start.

Just then, Valentin arrived and hugged Charlotte. He asked her to go sit with Lulu and Laura so that he could talk to Nikolas and Ava. He demanded that the two stay away from his daughter. Ava replied that Charlotte had been fine with them, but Valentin didn't want her associating with them, as it would "end badly for innocent parties." Nikolas warned Valentin to back off and reminded Valentin of the night he'd thrown an innocent Ava off the parapet at Wyndemere. Valentin spat that Nikolas could drop the chivalry, as everyone knew the marriage was a sham. After Valentin stormed off, Ava suggested that they make some changes in their staff.

Valentin approached Charlotte and asked about her interaction with Nikolas and Ava. She replied that it wasn't fair that the two got to live at Wyndemere. Lulu knew that drastic change could be unsettling, and she wished it hadn't happened to her daughter. She suggested that Charlotte tell Valentin about the party and the snake, and she gave Valentin a quick rundown. Just then, Laura got a call, so she got up to take it. Lulu wanted to talk to Nikolas, so she invited Valentin to sit at the table with Charlotte.

When Lulu was gone, Valentin wondered how the snake had gotten into Ava's purse. He informed Charlotte that he got an alert every time Charlotte purchased something with his credit card, and he knew that she'd bought something from a reptile shop. Charlotte finally admitted that she'd done it because Nikolas and Ava had stolen everything from her and Valentin.

Lulu approached Ava and made sure that she was all right after finding the snake in her purse. Ava appreciated Lulu's concern, but Nikolas scoffed that it had probably just been a prank. Lulu sarcastically shot back that it had done no "real harm" like when he'd told Charlotte that he was her secret bodyguard. Lulu had no sympathy for Valentin, but she didn't think Nikolas was much better. "Who are you to judge my husband?" Ava questioned, and she insisted that Lulu "back the hell off."

Ava suggested that she and Nikolas have a party at Wyndemere, maybe to unveil her new portrait. She included Franco and Elizabeth in the guest list with Nikolas' family, and Lulu remembered when Elizabeth had been a good influence on Nikolas. "Too bad she's taken," she spat, and she stormed off. Nikolas thought it was stupid to have a party to "unveil your ridiculous portrait," and he told her not to expect his family to show up and celebrate her. She resented his return to insults after their recent civility. She told him that he could swim back to Wyndemere, and she stormed out.

At the park, Chase thought that marrying Michael was the simplest solution for Willow. He proposed that she either stay in Michael's life and help with Wiley, or step back and let it be Michael's problem. Willow replied that she was in love with Chase, but she couldn't just step back either. While she believed that Nelle was a product of bad choices made for her and by her, Willow admitted that she was more afraid of Nelle having custody of Wiley than she was of Wiley's heart defect. "Hurt people hurt," she said. She related that Michael was sure that he could beat Nelle, and she had to keep telling herself that. She proposed a wine night when she got home. They shared a kiss, and she left.

At the hospital, Michael told Sasha and Carly that, while he would love to call Nelle out, his best bet was showing the court that he was the best parent. Sasha instructed him to just be himself and tell the truth. She had to go, so she kissed him and left. Carly informed Michael that both she and Sasha knew that Michael's best bet was marrying Willow. Carly listed all the reasons why, but Michael replied that Willow couldn't turn her back on someone she loved just to marry someone she didn't. "Even to protect Wiley from Nelle?" Carly wondered, and Michael thought about his last conversation with Willow about it.

Later, Willow bumped into Michael at the hospital, and he invited her out that night to go over her testimony before Diane got to her. She revealed that she had plans with Chase that night and asked for another day. Michael revealed that that night was Wiley's last night at the hospital. Willow realized that it would be Michael's last free night, and she figured that Chase would understand. She suggested that she and Chase celebrate Wiley's homecoming the next day with Michael and Sasha.

Sasha met up with Chase at the park, and Chase recounted that Michael thought he could beat Nelle without marrying Willow. "He's lying," Sasha said tearfully. They knew that Nelle winning custody would damage Wiley and break Michael and Willow, so they were the only ones in a position to stop it from happening. "Are you good to do this?" Chase asked. "No, but I'm absolutely committed," Sasha replied.

A short while later, Willow unlocked the front door, hoping that Chase hadn't opened the wine yet. When she entered the apartment, she was shocked to see Chase and Sasha kissing on the couch.

At Sonny's, Sonny and Jason talked about their options regarding Cyrus. Sonny wanted to avoid a war, but if he couldn't, he vowed to take down Cyrus like he had done to everyone before Cyrus. Sonny instructed Jason to set up a meeting for that night so they could feel Cyrus out. Jason promised to make the call, and he left as Carly arrived. She told Sonny that Wiley would be home the next day, and she shared her fears about the impending custody hearing. Jason returned and assured Sonny that the meeting was set. Just then, Sonny's phone went off, and he answered the call to Turning Woods. When he got off the phone, he revealed that Mike had had another fall, and they thought it had been a seizure.

On the phone with Robert, Anna demanded to know where he'd gone just in time to be of no help during the cleanup. He claimed that he was on "D.A. business" and apologized. He promised to make it up to her and hung up to deal with Spinelli, who'd tried to break into Maxie's apartment after him. Spinelli claimed that he'd been doing a "home safety check," but Robert advised Spinelli not to lie. Spinelli reminded Robert that he was the D.A. breaking into a private citizen's apartment.

Robert knew that Spinelli had been looking for dirt on Peter, and he demanded to know what Spinelli had found. Spinelli suggested that the two join forces against Peter. However, Robert talked about how bad Spinelli was in the field, citing Spinelli's failed sting operation with Sam's parole officer. Robert understood that Spinelli cared, but he thought that Peter could have stumbled upon Spinelli just as easily as Robert had. Spinelli thought back to his last conversation with Peter about Maxie, and he insisted that he wasn't afraid of Peter. "You oughta be," Robert warned.

Robert wondered how it would look if he arrested Spinelli for breaking and entering, but Spinelli shot back that he wouldn't know how to explain that Robert had been breaking and entering into the same place. Robert accused Spinelli of blackmailing him, and Spinelli replied, "I suppose I am." Spinelli talked about the advantages of an alliance and put his hand out to shake Robert's. Robert clarified that he was in charge, and Spinelli agreed. They figured that they should go before Maxie and Peter returned, so they left the apartment. As Robert left the apartment, he got a phone call. When he answered, his face fell.

At Anna's, Anna, Peter, and Maxie agreed that the party had been a success, except for the appearance of the snake. While most of the kids had loved it, she called Finn a hero for scooping it up before the parents could panic. Anna was annoyed that Robert had left before the cleanup, and Peter thought about his phone call declaring Robert a problem. He joked that the strain of getting along with Peter had been too much for Robert.

Peter related it to how Spinelli would never think that Peter was good enough for Maxie, and he blurted out that Maxie had "threatened" to marry Peter. She quickly explained to a surprised Anna that she had said it to put Spinelli in his place, not to put pressure on Peter. Peter related that he'd also talked about marrying Maxie to put Spinelli in his place, and he thought about his last less-than-friendly interaction with Spinelli. "Did I speak too soon?" Peter asked.

A few minutes later, Maxie returned downstairs and told Anna that her kids were going to play with Violet until the inevitable sugar crash. Anna was happy to see Peter adjusting to a "real loving family," and she thought that marriage meant more to Peter than he realized. Peter entered the room and announced that the kids were ready, but when the surprised women turned to look at him, he wondered what he'd missed.

Anna informed Maxie and Peter that she'd saved a few goody bags for the family, and she handed them to Maxie. Peter walked out to pull the car around. Maxie urged Anna not to worry about Peter, as she could see how important family was to him and all the hard work he'd been doing to be the man he was. She refused to let anything take that away from Peter, and she gave Anna a hug.

Later, Maxie and Peter were gone when Robert arrived at Anna's. She jokingly informed him that the cleanup was done, but she asked what was wrong when she saw the look on his face. "I got terrible news. Holly's dead," he revealed, and Anna embraced him.

Willow catches Sasha and Chase making out Willow catches Sasha and Chase making out
Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Willow turned the key in the lock and walked into the apartment she shared with Chase. Sasha and a shirtless Chase were on the sofa, making out. Sasha jumped up and quickly buttoned her shirt while Chase donned a T-shirt. Sasha moved away from the sofa. "Willow, I don't know what to say," Chase said. Sasha added that no one was supposed to have been hurt, and she fled the room.

Chase was sorry, and Willow was speechless and confused. Chase agreed that it was supposed to be the two of them and not him and Sasha. It wasn't supposed to have happened. He admitted that he was in love with Willow, but she was only focused on Wiley. Willow had always thought they'd been on the "same page," but Chase admonished her for being totally consumed with Wiley.

Chase declared that Willow's treatment of him had been as though she'd left on a train without him and hadn't remembered that he wasn't there. Willow thought that Chase could have said something to her. Chase claimed that he'd wanted a "middle ground," and Willow had been unable to provide that.

Willow couldn't believe Chase's choice had been to have sex with Sasha. Chase noted that he and Sasha had a lot in common, starting with always being on the sidelines of other people's grief. Willow was hurt and angry, especially because Chase hadn't given them a chance. Chase snapped that he should have done the right thing, but he hadn't.

Willow had never thought that she and Chase would be over. She'd thought their love had been forever, but she hadn't known him at all. She grabbed her purse and left. Outside in the hallway, she began to cry. Inside, Chase grabbed a wine glass and threw it against the wall. He and Sasha were upset, too. "What have we done?" Sasha asked.

Josslyn found Michael at the hospital and handed him a special nutritious drink she'd prepared. Michael made fun of his sister's drinks, but he took a sip and admitted it was good. Michael revealed that he'd made a mistake and regretted pushing for an earlier hearing date for Wiley's custody. The siblings chatted about the consent form that Carly had forged for Wiley's surgery, and Josslyn made it clear that Carly had done the right thing.

Michael pointed out that Josslyn was just like Carly, and Josslyn explained that she and her mother usually reacted in the moment and took stupid chances. She thought that Michael liked to strategize in advance. Michael worried that he might not be able to follow a strategy, and Josslyn wondered what he was referring to.

Josslyn and Michael sat down, and Michael confessed that Diane wanted him to marry the right person, who would be Willow, in order to ensure Wiley's custody. Josslyn agreed and pointed out that Willow already loved Wiley and didn't care that he wasn't her biological son. She noted that it was the same with Carly and Avery as well as with Michael and Sonny. She thought that Michael should "go for it."

Michael reminded Josslyn that he was in love with Sasha, but Josslyn believed that Sasha would be okay with it. Michael added that Willow loved Chase, and he couldn't ask her to end her relationship with him. Josslyn thought that Willow should decide, but Michael didn't think it was fair to make Willow choose.

Josslyn and Michael continued to talk about Wiley, and Michael noted that his son looked just as Josslyn had as a baby. Josslyn couldn't believe no one had ever spotted the resemblance, but Michael stated that they hadn't been looking for that. He was afraid the judge would see Nelle as the poor mother, but Josslyn disagreed. She was of the belief that the judge would see all the facts and how Michael had changed over the years, while Nelle hadn't.

Josslyn wanted Michael to not waste any more time but to make the most of the strengths on his side. She thought he would "blow Nelle out of the water." She called her brother honest and real, but he agreed that maybe Josslyn was right.

After Sonny received a phone call about Mike, Carly wanted to accompany him to Turning Woods. He wanted Carly to remain at home with Jason while he tended to his father himself. He was afraid of confusion on Mike's part. He advised Jason that he didn't want to deal with Cyrus, and he wanted to skip the meeting they'd planned.

After Sonny left the Corinthos house, Carly tried to persuade Jason to keep the meeting with Cyrus because she had enough security. She didn't think that Sonny had been thinking clearly. Jason disagreed and stated that Sonny wanted him to remain with Carly. She was insistent that the meeting had been important, and the pair continued to argue.

Cyrus walked into Charlie's Pub and headed to the bar. He wanted something non-alcoholic because he had a meeting and needed to keep his wits about him. He looked around and admired the bar, and Julian admitted that the look had been created by the previous owners. Cyrus asked if Charlie had been a character, and Julian replied that he hadn't known the man.

Cyrus noted that Charlie and Julian had been in the same business. He was aware of Julian's background, and Julian was familiar with Cyrus. The men talked about "fake news" and whether Cyrus had really been exonerated as he claimed. Cyrus suggested they get to know each other and have a collaboration. He felt that he would need a "guide" to all things Port Charles. Julian clarified that Cyrus was really referring to Sonny.

Just then, Cyrus received a phone call and stepped away from the bar. It was Jason, who informed Cyrus that their meeting was off. Cyrus was both disappointed and insulted, but Jason insisted he was just the messenger. Cyrus began to talk about not appreciating the call, but Jason hung up. Cyrus returned to the bar, and Julian plopped a bottle in front of him. He suggested that Cyrus enjoy something stronger.

Julian poured the drink and told Cyrus it was "on the house." Cyrus noted that his evening was free, and he thought that he and Julian should get better acquainted.

Back at the Corinthos house, Carly was angry with Jason and told him there would have been a better way to handle things, and he knew it. Jason insisted that Cyrus had been talking too much.

Sonny arrived at Turning Woods and ran into Brook Lynn, who had some meatballs for Mike, courtesy of Olivia. They stopped to chat with a doctor, who noted that Mike's fall at the movie viewing had been consistent with that of someone having a seizure. Sonny maintained that that had never happened in the past, but the doctor explained that it had been linked to the Alzheimer's. He didn't think that tests were necessary, as the procedure could upset Mike needlessly.

The doctor also felt that the tests would not improve Mike's condition. Sonny snapped at him and wondered if he meant the tests wouldn't improve the time that Mike had left. Sonny headed to Mike's room and sat beside the bed. He spoke to the sleeping man and assured Mike that he would be okay, and Sonny would be there for him.

Soon after, Mike grunted and opened his eyes. Sonny explained that Mike had had a problem while watching the movie, and he was a little banged up. Mike struggled to get up, and Sonny tried to help him. Brook Lynn arrived in time to offer aid. They walked Mike to the bathroom, and afterward, Sonny got Mike situated back in bed.

Sonny thanked Brook Lynn for her help, and she noted that Sonny and Mike were her "two best guys." Sonny poured a glass of water for his father, but Mike was unable to grab the cup. Sonny put the cup to his lips, and Mike attempted to drink. The water drizzled from his mouth, and he began to choke. Sonny urged Brook Lynn to leave because it was late, but she preferred to stay. "Is it over?" Mike asked.

Sonny didn't understand the question, and Mike repeated it. "I think it's over," he said. Sonny assumed he was talking about the movie, and he offered to provide a private screening. Brook Lynn stood in the doorway, and she asked Sonny quietly if Mike may have meant something else. Sonny replied in a shaky voice that his father got like that, and he was certain it was about the movie.

Laura and Lulu sat at the bar at Metro Court and waited for Valentin to finish up a conversation with Charlotte. Lulu wanted to keep her eyes on them, but Laura was sure they weren't going anywhere. Laura noted that Charlotte loved her father, but Lulu believed that the little girl didn't see her father for what he really was.

Laura replied that she'd thought that Lulu had an open mind, but Lulu regretted allowing Charlotte to meet with Valentin. She didn't think she could ask Valentin to leave. She insisted that "tolerance has its limits," and that had started with Maxie's new job with Valentin. Laura wanted her to have the same tolerance for Charlotte.

Laura maintained that Lulu's arrangement with Valentin worked, but Lulu wasn't happy with it. She reminded her mother that Valentin had shot Nikolas, and he was a manipulating liar who spoiled Charlotte rotten. She wondered why Laura was standing up for Valentin, but Laura insisted that she was advocating for Charlotte.

Lulu wondered why Valentin even had the right to be in Charlotte's life. Laura pointed out that Valentin had had sole custody of Charlotte for the first five years of her life, and Lulu needed to compromise. Laura thought that Valentin had changed for the better, but Lulu thought he was just a different kind of evil. She added that the bar had been set low.

Laura wanted Lulu to take a look at Charlotte, who had not accepted the separation from her father very well. If Lulu stood in the way, Charlotte would resent Lulu -- or worse. Lulu thought that was better than Charlotte not growing up at all. She was still afraid of another kidnapping. Lulu thought that Valentin had been desperate for going to Laura and giving her a sob story.

At a nearby table, Valentin sat with Charlotte. He told her that it had been an exaggeration when he'd said that Ava was his enemy. "It's what you did," Charlotte told him. She revealed that she had seen Valentin with Ava on the parapet. He'd looked around and pushed Ava off into the water below. Valentin suggested that his daughter was mistaken, but she told him not to lie because she'd seen him.

Charlotte proceeded to relate the details of Ava's push, and Valentin was shaken. Charlotte added that she'd never said anything because she'd wanted him to go forward with the wedding. She thought they deserved to be a family with Nina.

Valentin tried to describe his argument with Ava and how he had lost his temper. He admitted he'd done a terrible thing, but Charlotte replied that Ava was mean and on Nikolas' side. Also, Nina hadn't gotten hurt. Valentin was beside himself and sorry that Charlotte was involved. Charlotte blamed Ava, Nikolas, Sasha, and Lulu. Charlotte was okay because she knew that Valentin would fix things, and they and Nina would get their "happily ever after" and get Wyndemere back, too.

Valentin returned Charlotte to Lulu and asked to speak to Laura privately. He thanked Lulu for the visit, and he and Laura walked away. Lulu asked her daughter about the visit, and Charlotte admitted that her father was mad at her. Lulu insisted that Valentin would never be mad at her, but Charlotte was angry. She retorted that Lulu always told her to tell the truth, but Lulu never did.

Charlotte continued that Lulu hated Valentin, and she even said it when she didn't think that Charlotte could hear her. Lulu agreed that she and Valentin often disagreed, but they both loved Charlotte. Charlotte insisted that Lulu pretended that things were okay when they weren't and made things worse.

Laura urged Valentin to "make it fast." She confessed that their chats together hadn't gone over well with Lulu. Valentin guessed that Laura hated him, and she concurred. "For the most part," she said. Valentin called Laura an objective and good person, and he wanted her to know that Charlotte would need her to teach the difference between right and wrong. He wanted Laura to teach his daughter how to be good because he couldn't do that.

Laura declared that she'd never heard Valentin talk like that, but Valentin wanted her to promise that she'd take care of Charlotte. He wanted his daughter to learn to have a conscience, generosity, and kindness. Laura promised to be Charlotte's teacher. Valentin disclosed that if Lulu wanted to file for sole custody, he wouldn't contest it. "Take her," he said before walking away sadly. Laura's mouth remained wide open in shock.

Carly returned to the Corinthos kitchen with Donna in her arms. Jason grabbed the baby, and he and Carly talked about all of their differences. Jason thought they both wanted the same thing in the end, which was to keep everyone safe, but they disagreed on their methods. Jason told Donna that Carly was the smartest person he knew, even if she didn't think things through. He didn't want to go behind Sonny's back.

Carly took Donna back and made fun of Jason doing so much talking. She noted that he never talked but was an incredible listener, he was patient and loyal, and he didn't judge when she did the opposite of what she should. Jason proclaimed that he would always have Carly's back, and she agreed that she would have his.

Chase and Sasha sat on the sofa, and Chase opened the bottle of wine that he and Willow were supposed to have shared. He poured a couple of glasses and suggested a toast. "To hopefully this all being worth it," he said.

Michael confronts Chase and Sasha Michael confronts Chase and Sasha
Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Elizabeth was standing at Mike's bedside for a visit when Sonny entered the room. He told her about how unresponsive Mike had been since his seizure. Elizabeth tried to give Mike some water, but he didn't drink. She wanted to talk to Sonny, so they left the room. She wondered if he'd discussed palliative care for Mike, but Sonny replied that Mike wasn't ready for end-of-life care. She countered that it was more like "an extra layer of support for patients and their families" because it was important for them to get the support they needed. She also suggested that Sonny get a DNR for Mike.

Sonny and Elizabeth returned to Mike's room, and she assured Mike that she would visit again soon. "Hi, doll," Mike said as he smiled, and he told her how tired he was. She instructed him to rest, so he closed his eyes. She encouraged Sonny to think about her suggestions, and she left. A short while later, Mike woke up, and Sonny said that he wanted Mike to eat a little something. He had a container of Olivia's manicotti, and he begged Mike to eat. "Smells like home," Mike muttered, and Sonny agreed as he fed Mike.

Alexis arrived at the Metro Court restaurant and sat down with Diane. Sam arrived and joined them, and Alexis wondered if she was being set up. Sam insisted that it had been her idea, and Diane accused Alexis of avoiding her daughter. Diane and Alexis argued over Alexis' need to talk, and Sam demanded to know what was going on. Alexis confessed that she'd had a drink after her fight with Sam, but she insisted that it had had nothing to do with the fight, as she'd had other things on her mind.

Alexis told Sam and Diane about her indiscretion with Neil, and she admitted to perjuring herself at the Medical Review Board hearing. Diane scolded Alexis but figured it was fine as long as no one knew. "Britt Westbourne knows," Alexis blurted out. She told them about her very public fight with Julian at the hospital and how he'd yelled out her business so that everyone had heard. Diane hoped no one would act on the information. In the meantime, she ordered Alexis to go to a meeting, and Sam offered to drive her mother. Alexis thanked Diane for being a good friend, and she and Sam left.

Willow looked into Charlie's and saw Michael sitting alone. She thought back to what had happened at Chase's, and she went inside. When she sat down with Michael, he explained that he'd wanted to talk about her testimony alone before Diane got to her. Willow blurted out that she was no good to him at that moment, and he asked what had happened. She thought about her confrontation of Chase and Sasha, and she informed Michael that their significant others were having an affair.

Willow figured that Chase had cheated due to their vastly different reactions to having children. Michael thought back to his discussion with Sasha about her place in Wiley's life, and he assumed the same thing about Sasha. Michael regretted not paying more attention to the two and the parts they'd clearly been playing. Willow assumed that, as "onlookers," Chase and Sasha had only had each other to turn to. Regardless, Michael insisted that there were "a million better ways to handle" the situation. He offered to get her a room at the Metro Court so she didn't have to go back to Chase's, and they left.

At Chase's, Chase and Sasha drank their wine, both in tears. Sasha thought that it wasn't too late for them to tell the truth and get their significant others back. Chase replied that it would be good for the two of them, but he believed that Michael and Willow would be happier together with Wiley. Chase talked about how fast he'd fallen in love with Willow and thought back to the first time he'd met her in the hospital parking garage. He added that the best way for him to love her was to tell her a lie and let her go. "What if we're wrong?" Sasha questioned.

Chase knew that Michael and Willow would get married because it was what Wiley needed. Sasha predicted that Willow would fall in love with Michael, and they would be happy. She commented that she hadn't realized how much she loved Michael until that moment, and she was going to miss him. Chase countered that he'd known all along how much he loved Willow. "Which is worse?" Sasha wondered. Just then, there was a pounding on the door, and Michael demanded that Chase let him in. "Are you ready?" Chase asked. "No," Sasha replied, and Chase opened the door.

A furious Michael flew into the apartment and was glad to see that Sasha was still there so he could "kill two birds with one stone." He asked how long the affair had been going on. Sasha claimed that it had been going on since the night she'd bumped into Chase at the Floating Rib -- the night of Michael's meeting with Diane. Chase chimed in that they had commiserated, and they'd never wanted to hurt anyone. Sasha couldn't stand watching Michael hate her, so she grabbed her bag and left.

Michael demanded to know how Chase could betray Willow, who had trusted and believed in Chase. He thought that she deserved better than Chase. Michael admitted that he might have leaned on Willow too much, which was his fault, but he would never treat her the way that Chase had. Michael vowed to make sure that it never happened again. He pushed Chase and stormed out as Chase cried.

Nina entered Crimson and was surprised to see that Nelle was still there. Nelle replied that she wanted to get in all the work she could before Wiley started living with her full-time. Nina suggested that Nelle was getting ahead of herself, but Nelle knew that it would happen. She wanted to buy a house as soon as she could, and she dreamed of having the swing set for Wiley that she'd never had. Nina related that she'd always dreamed of having a swing set, as well.

A few minutes later, Nina informed Nelle that she was going to meet Jax at the bar, so she asked Nelle to take the report she was waiting for to Nina when she was finished. She added that Michael probably wanted the same things as Nelle for Wiley and suggested that they meet in the middle. Nelle replied that she would love to co-parent with Michael, but he refused. Nelle thought that Nina was lucky to have left her past in the past. Nina advised Nelle to take it should there be any opportunity to compromise, and she left.

A short while later, Nelle went into Nina's office and searched through the papers on the desk. Nelle moved an open box, which contained the half-heart necklace, without seeing what was inside. She found the paper that she was looking for and left the office.

Nina was sitting at the Metro Court bar when Willow arrived. Willow reminded Nina of how Nina had pointed out that Willow was too close to the custody fight of a child that wasn't hers. Nina apologized and said that she'd had no right to say that, but Willow admitted that Nina had been right. Nina was curious, but Willow figured that she shouldn't talk about it. Although they had a rocky past, Nina offered to listen if Willow needed. She offered to call Chase, but Willow replied that Chase was the last person Nina should call. Nelle entered the bar just in time to hear Willow tell Nina that Chase and Sasha had been having an affair.

Lulu interviews Cyrus Lulu interviews Cyrus
Thursday, April 23, 2020

Sonny returned home from Turning Woods and looked around his remodeled house. He stepped out onto the patio and reminisced about various times spent with Mike. "Memories are the building blocks of our identity. Without them, who we are would be lost to us," he thought.

Mac stopped into Jordan's office at the police station and told her he had still been searching for witnesses to T.J.'s kidnapping. Curtis arrived with a couple of coffees, and he handed one to his wife. Mac vowed to get justice for T.J., and he left the office. Jordan confessed that she'd never thought her son would be returned so publicly. She had expected him to show up at her front door instead and wasn't thrilled with Mac investigating.

Jordan was adamant that the department not be able to tie T.J.'s kidnapping to Cyrus. She was afraid it would hurt her son more. Curtis pointed out that with Cyrus' freedom, the ex-con would be able to set up shop in town and use Jordan in some manner. Jordan wondered how she could stop Cyrus without hurting any of her loved ones.

Jordan considered the possibility of going to the Feds, but Curtis reminded her that they had no proof that Cyrus had been involved in T.J.'s abduction. Jordan flashed back to her visit to Cyrus in prison and hoped that T.J. would remember something. Curtis found that odd because Jordan had previously stated that she didn't want T.J. to recall anything.

Curtis thought it would be best if Jordan didn't go to the Feds without proof. They would let Cyrus go, and then he'd want to get even with Jordan. The police commissioner considered the possibility of telling the Feds about Harmony, who could go into Witness Protection, but Curtis was against that idea, also. He declared that anyone who went along with turning state's evidence would be dead. Jordan had another flashback to her prison visit to Cyrus and reluctantly admitted that she'd have to cooperate with him.

Jason stood on the dock and flashed back to spending time with Sam through the years.

As Carly stood behind the bar at Metro Court and spoke to someone on the phone about the Nurses Ball, Cyrus arrived. She finished the call and told him he couldn't be accommodated. Cyrus assured her that he was meeting someone, although Carly suggested he go elsewhere. Just then, Lulu arrived and introduced herself to Cyrus. Carly's mouth dropped open.

Lulu told Carly that she was conducting an interview for the Invader, and Carly made it clear that Lulu should go somewhere else the next time. Lulu informed Cyrus that she had reserved a table, and they headed over to it and sat down as Carly watched.

Lulu asked Cyrus if he thought that any of his enemies might be lurking, but he was certain that his only enemy there was Carly. Lulu promised to "smooth things over," but she thought that Carly's husband was another matter. Cyrus maintained that he had reached out to Sonny, but Sonny hadn't been receptive, probably due to being misled.

Cyrus mentioned his wrongful conviction due to corrupt members of law enforcement and the evidence they'd manufactured. He added that he had been a rich and successful businessman, and he intended to benefit the Port Charles community, as well. Lulu asked why he had relocated, but they were interrupted when Laura stopped at the table. Cyrus stood up.

Cyrus was surprised to hear that Laura and Lulu were mother and daughter, and Laura berated him for not doing his research like she had done on him. She called Cyrus careless. Laura sat down at the table, and Cyrus told Lulu that Laura had been concerned for his safety and had insisted he return to Seattle. She had promised that if he stayed and got killed, she would seek justice on his behalf. Lulu replied that her mother cared for all of her constituents.

Cyrus proclaimed that he was proud to be a new Port Charles citizen, and he vowed to be beneficial to the community. He would make a contribution to Laura's reelection campaign. Laura glared at him.

Neil and Alexis met and sat down at a nearby table. Neil thanked Alexis for accepting his invitation and noted that they had a lot to talk about. He related that he no longer had an office at the hospital and couldn't practice, and Alexis was sorry. She revealed that she hadn't yet heard from the New York Bar Association, but they would have an issue after hearing that she'd lied under oath and had slept with Neil. She pointed out the positive that they could be out and about like other people.

Alexis promised to fight any punitive action, and she thought Neil should fight the accreditation board. Neil thought it was too soon to think about, but Alexis reminded him that there was no longer anything to stop them from being together. "To finally discover why we couldn't resist the urge," Neil said. There was a flashback to their time together in New York City, and Alexis asked what was next.

Neil admitted it had been an "insane couple of weeks, and Alexis thought much of it had been coincidence. She noted the fact that Britt had seen them together in New York City. They discussed Julian's attack on Neil and the fact that Julian had announced the affair to everyone at the hospital. Alexis admitted she'd had a drink. Neil suggested that it was because Sam's words had been hurtful after Alexis' lies. Alexis thought that Neil sounded angry, and he admitted that he was angry at both himself and Alexis.

Felix welcomed T.J. back to work at General Hospital. T.J., who stood with crutches, admitted that he'd been trying to remember what had happened to him. Molly arrived and scolded T.J. for being back to work, and T.J. joked that she was already in "domestic-partner mode." She admitted she was checking on him before meeting up with her sisters and noted that her car was almost done at the repair shop.

Molly added that she had been distracted but not hurt by driving over the curb. "You know I would never leave you," T.J. stated. Molly flashed back to her argument with Jordan. "Yeah, I know that now," she replied. She noted that even Jordan had thought that T.J. had been ghosting Molly.

Mac found T.J. soon after and announced that he was hoping to find T.J.'s abductor. T.J. maintained that he hadn't thought of anything new, although Mac reminded him that even something small could end up being a help.

Mac and T.J. sat down on a bench, and T.J. recalled that he had been taking a walk to clear his head after being upset. He'd heard a car behind him. Suddenly, he recalled the intersection at Elm and Tenth Avenue. Two guys had jumped him and put a sack over his head while he'd tried to fight. He had been beaten up and his hands tied. He had blacked out but had awoken and thought he had been in a van with a loud muffler.

T.J. continued that he'd tried to stay awake in case of a concussion. They had stopped after a few left turns, and he'd heard a train whistle. He thought the ride had been a half hour or so, and then he'd been chloroformed. He'd awoken in a basement.

Sam showed up at Charlie's Pub, where Kristina was working behind the bar. Kristina poured her sister her usual cup of tea without sugar and noted that her life had been "drama-free." She also had news that Julian had given her a raise. Sam noted that Julian had made trouble for Alexis, but she thought their mother should fill Kristina in.

Brando arrived to pick up an order, and after hearing his last name, Kristina realized they were related. She introduced herself and Sam, and Brando figured out that Sam had been the one to rescue Dev. He noted that he couldn't understand how people fell for "cult stuff." After Kristina had various flashbacks related to moments pertaining to DOD, she grew short with Brando and went to the kitchen to fetch his order.

Brando was confused, and Sam disclosed that Kristina had been a part of DOD. She briefly filled him in on what had followed, and she suggested that Brando keep his opinions to himself the next time. Kristina returned and gruffly handed Brando his bag. He apologized and offered to make it up to her. He suggested a discount the next time either of the women needed service on their cars. He left, and the women were not impressed. Sam called him an "opinionated jerk."

Just then, Molly arrived and peered through the window. She saw Brando with Kristina and Sam, and she panicked. She flashed back to time spent with the car mechanic. Brando walked out, and Molly asked why he was there and talking to her sisters.

Carly returned home, and she asked Sonny about Mike. Sonny related that his father was not good. They talked about the house remodel, and Sonny noted how it was unfair to just pay someone and the problem was solved. No matter how much he spent or the tests that could be run, he was losing his father more every day. Carly hugged him, and she told him about Cyrus at Metro Court.

Carly thought that perhaps Lulu had arranged her interview at Metro Court because she had felt safe there. Jason arrived, and he told Sonny that Cyrus hadn't been happy about the postponed meeting. Sonny thought that Mike had started to get worse after the Brooklyn ambush but Carly believed Mike's downward spiral had started before that. Sonny lamented the fact that he'd lost an opportunity to have Mike included in the trial because of Cyrus.

Sonny disclosed that Elizabeth had suggested palliative care and a DNR order for Mike, but Sonny thought the latter was too soon. Carly asked what Mike had to say about it but Sonny replied that his father had been "unfocused." He related how Mike had enjoyed it when Sonny had fed him, and he believed that his dad was "still in there."

ENCORE: Sonny imagines how his life could have been (2018) ENCORE: Sonny imagines how his life could have been (2018)
Friday, April 24, 2020

Due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, General Hospital opted to broadcast special throwback episodes every Friday in April and May, 2020. The move was designed to help stretch out the supply of new episodes until it was safe for the cast and crew to return to work.

Today's episode was a rebroadcast of the episode that originally aired November 12, 2018. Sonny imagines how his life could have been. You can read the full recap of that episode here or in our Daily Recaps Archive, which has comprehensive Daily Recaps dating back to 1995.

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