General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 28, 2020 on GH
Sonny remained missing. Britt decided to work with Jason to take Cyrus down. Molly confessed to T.J. that she had slept with Brando. Curtis was unable to forgive Jordan for lying. Jackie returned to Port Charles. Franco arrived home in time for Christmas. Willow agreed to have dinner with Chase. Carly kidnapped Cyrus' mother.
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Sonny remained missing and Carly kidnapped Cyrus' mother
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Britt questions if she played a part in Julian's death Britt questions if she played a part in Julian's death
Monday, December 28, 2020

It was Christmas Eve, and Jordan found Curtis sitting in the park. She told him that it wasn't Christmas without him, and she wanted him to go home with her. Curtis was short with her, and while he wanted to go home, he admitted that they had things to discuss. He wanted more honesty in a marriage. Jordan thought they were honest with each other, but Curtis insisted that while he'd always been honest, Jordan had not.

Curtis revealed that Trina had still been angry with him because she had assumed that Curtis had known about Taggert being alive. He felt that Jordan always made decisions on her own and for herself, and he was the only one who had been a "team player." He thought that it had gotten worse due to Cyrus being there. Curtis added that Jordan always managed to leave something out, even when she would claim to be telling the truth.

Curtis declared that he didn't have the marriage he wanted. Jordan insisted they had a good marriage, and she agreed that she hadn't handled things well. She promised there would be no more secrets. Curtis wanted to believe her, but he admitted that he couldn't. He sent her home.

At Jordan's place, Molly confessed that she had something to tell T.J. She emphasized that she loved him, and T.J. insisted that it couldn't be that bad. Molly replied that she'd made a mistake and had slept with someone else. At first, T.J. couldn't believe it could be possible because they were always together.

Molly explained that it had happened after T.J. had disappeared. She'd received vague text messages from him, and Jordan had told her off and said that T.J. was no longer interested in her. T.J. only wanted to know what Jordan had said. Molly mentioned the hazy texts that Jordan had claimed to have received. Molly insisted it had been her fault, and although she'd wanted to tell him sooner, she had thought it would be selfish to say anything. Then, time had passed.

Molly added that she'd seen how her mother and Jordan had been keeping secrets, and she'd realized it could be painful. T.J. demanded to know who Molly had slept with. She tried to avoid telling him but finally confessed that it had been Brando. She insisted that Brando was not responsible.

T.J. exploded. He had known that Molly had acted strangely around Brando. Molly stressed that she'd been hurt and angry, and it hadn't been Brando's fault. She was sorry she hadn't said anything sooner. T.J. asked to be left alone, and Molly departed.

Jordan arrived home and found T.J. sitting alone. He blurted out that Molly had slept with another man, but he was angry at Jordan. She had told Molly that he hadn't wanted anything to do with her. He was angry that Jordan had believed the texts were from him, and he believed that Jordan had known that he'd been abducted.

T.J. also felt that Jordan had known that Cyrus had been behind his kidnapping. Jordan replied that she'd suspected it, and she'd wanted to stop Molly from asking questions. She had been trying to keep Molly safe. T.J. asked Jordan if she was hiding anything else. Jordan admitted that she couldn't tell him more, and T.J. stormed out. Jordan began to cry. She looked wistfully at her Christmas tree.

At the Corinthos house, Michael and Willow agreed that they would spend the night there, and Willow admitted that she enjoyed being around Michael's family. She was also happy that Michael had invited Lucas to visit. Michael replied that she and Lucas would always be family, no matter what happened.

Willow wanted to wait to discuss their situation, although she felt that she'd already put it off. She thought they needed to sort out their feelings, especially those concerning Chase and Sasha.

Carly opened the front door to find Chase and a uniformed cop standing outside. Chase wanted to talk about Sonny, and Carly invited them inside. Carly announced that Sonny wasn't home, but she expected him to be there. Chase told her about the mishap in Secaucus and the fact that Julian's body had been recovered.

Terry arrived at Elizabeth's house and revealed that she would be traveling home to visit with her parents. She hoped that things changed between Elizabeth and her own parents. "Probably not," Elizabeth replied. Cameron played with a video game nearby. He was happy to see Terry, but he returned immediately to his game. Elizabeth admitted that that was the most social that Cameron had been in a while.

Elizabeth and Terry discussed Cameron's lack of social activity, and they agreed that the teen had been through a lot. Terry apologized for not informing Elizabeth of Franco's condition, but Elizabeth understood that Terry had been "ethically bound." Terry was concerned that Franco had left the country. Elizabeth explained that he had gone to see a specialist.

Franco dodged and darted furtively along the hallway at General Hospital. When Peter and Maxie appeared and chatted excitedly after reading to young patients, Franco disappeared. Maxie admitted that she felt guilty about her upcoming life events when so many others were suffering. Maxie was sad that Lulu wasn't a part of her life, but Peter thought it meant that they would honor others if they carried on.

Maxie made it clear that she would never give up on Lulu, and she wanted to name their daughter Louise out of her love for her friend. Peter thought it was a great idea.

In the meantime, Franco had run into an office where he found Liesl, who was in a blonde wig, and Scott. Liesl announced that she needed to get into Franco's medical records, although the others thought it was a mistake. Franco pointed out that Liesl was a free woman, and he didn't understand the subterfuge.

Liesl maintained that she needed to keep a "low profile," or Anna would attempt to pin another crime on her. Franco confessed that he'd been relieved to learn that Liesl hadn't been behind the attack on him, but he wondered who would have wanted him dead. Franco was antsy and wanted to get home, and Scott convinced him that it was okay to go.

After Franco was gone, Liesl proclaimed that she'd known that Scott wanted to be alone with her. Scott pointed out that Franco didn't know their secret about Kirk.

Britt spotted Jason, and she asked him why he looked so terrible. Jason told her he'd had a lot on his mind. Britt admitted that she'd heard about Julian, and she wondered if she was to blame for his death. She surmised that Cyrus had killed Julian because of her, but Jason assured her that it hadn't been her fault.

Jason related that he and Sonny had wanted to take Julian to the cops. Britt admitted that she felt pulled into a war between Sonny and Cyrus, and it made her uneasy. She asked if Sonny's side was the right side. Jason suggested she return to Boston, and Britt realized that he had done some investigation into her background. She stated that she would continue helping if Jason would stop running checks on her.

Britt didn't want to help Cyrus, and Jason agreed that they both wanted the city and hospital to be free of Cyrus. Britt divulged that Cyrus had been involved in developing a new pharmaceutical drug that could help many but also exploit huge profits. Jason assured her that she'd made the right decision to help Sonny.

Brando found Willow and Michael in the kitchen at the Corinthos house, and he asked why the cops were there. In the living room, Chase asked where Sonny was, and he noted that he'd received an anonymous tip that Julian hadn't been alone. He assumed that Sonny had been on the bridge with Julian. Carly wanted to know what was being done to find him.

Chase informed Carly that the area was being searched, and he admitted that he was there to confirm that Sonny was missing. Brando, Willow, and Michael emerged from the kitchen, and Chase acknowledged that Sonny might have been in a serious accident. He told Michael about the bridge collapse and the fact that Julian had died. He noted that Sonny had been present.

Everyone looked up when Jason arrived, and Chase announced that he had questions about Sonny. He was aware that Jason had been involved in an incident near the bridge. Jason urged him to speak to Diane, and Carly agreed. Chase was sorry. He and the cop left. Michael demanded to know what had happened to his father.

Jason explained that Sonny couldn't be found near the bridge collapse, and Michael was ready to make a call and throw the family name around for more help. Willow offered to check on all the kids. Once alone, Carly cried that she'd thought the cops had arrived to tell her that Sonny's body had been found. Jason hugged her. He was sorry he didn't have answers. Carly only wanted her husband home.

Franco arrived home with a box full of gifts. Elizabeth and Terry were thrilled, and Franco teased Cameron for his lack of an emotional reaction. Cameron stopped himself before declaring that it would be Franco's last Christmas, but everyone knew what he had been about to say. Cameron left the room, and Terry followed.

Elizabeth explained that Cameron had had a tough few weeks, but she wanted to hear all about Franco's trip. He told her that while the specialist he'd gone to see hadn't been available, there was someone local who could help him.

Terry wanted to play the video game with Cameron, and as she played, she chatted about the loss of Dev. She believed that it was okay for Cameron to not feel okay and to let others know that. She spoke about herself and her transition to a new life. She mentioned a good friend who had been targeted and died. She knew that Abby wouldn't have wanted her to give up, and she didn't think that Dev would want Cameron to give up, either. Terry gloated over her win of the video game.

Scott arrived, and Elizabeth asked him about the local doctor who could help Franco. Scott said that he had some leads, but he quickly changed the subject. Elizabeth thought that Scott was "jumpier" than usual, and she hoped that Franco would still fight the tumor and for the family.

Scott made a Christmas toast. Elizabeth wanted to sing, and Terry discouraged her. Cameron pulled out his guitar and began to play.

Britt headed to the nurses' station and held out her hand that was shaking uncontrollably. Peter and Maxie spotted her and asked if she was okay. He told his sister about the baby girl that he and Maxie were expecting, and he asked her to join them at Mac and Felicia's.

Maxie agreed that Britt should join in for Christmas Eve, and she went off to phone ahead for another place to be set. Peter reminded Britt that she was his sister and should join the family. Britt was happy that she still had family.

Just then, Liesl walked by and was dismayed to see Britt and Peter sharing a hug. Liesl called it unacceptable that Britt was getting close to Peter. She vowed that the new year would be Peter's downfall.

T.J. found Molly in the park, thanks to the application they shared on their phones. Molly apologized again, and T.J. admitted that he knew that she would never cheat on him under normal circumstances. He only wished that she had trusted him. He agreed that Molly had told him, after all, and that meant a lot to him.

Molly asked about their next move, and T.J. replied that they had lots to sort out. Molly was concerned that their relationship was over, but T.J. admitted that he didn't want that. Molly said that she would always love T.J., and he felt the same about her. He thought they should take things day by day.

Dante and Carly want answers about Sonny's disappearance Dante and Carly want answers about Sonny's disappearance
Tuesday, December 29, 2020

As Anna and Finn got ready to head to the Polar Bear Charity Dive, Anna announced that Violet wasn't interested in going and preferred to stay home with her babysitter. She complimented Finn on his handling of fatherhood, and Finn agreed that he had become a different person from when Chase had been a child. He reiterated that Jackie had made it clear that Chase wasn't his son.

Anna thought it was commendable that Chase had been trying to get his family together, but Finn made it clear that he couldn't reveal that he'd slept with Jackie the night before her wedding. He thought it was better left unsaid. Anna agreed that sometimes it was best to remain silent and save one's energy for the present and future. She liked that Finn and Chase had grown as brothers.

Jason met with Brando at Rice Plaza and informed him that the search was ongoing for Sonny. He wondered if Cyrus had said anything about Sonny because Cyrus had asked for a meeting. Jason also asked if Cyrus' associate Walker had been mentioned.

Brando noted that Cyrus had met with his henchman the previous night, and he offered to get information. Jason didn't want Brando to say anything, because he wanted Cyrus to be surprised and not expect anything. Dante happened to walk by, and Jason filled him in on Sonny's disappearance.

Citizens of Port Charles gathered at the pier for the Polar Bear Charity Dive. Everyone began to remove their outer clothing until an announcement was made that there would be a delay. Chase and Willow were among the participants, and they were surprised to see each other. Chase helped Willow to get her coat back on, and he donned his own.

Willow revealed that Michael was home with Wiley because of the situation with Sonny, and Chase remarked that he was representing the police department. He was sorry for having crashed the Corinthos Christmas celebration with news of Sonny's disappearance. He also felt bad for hurting Willow because he had loved her. She said she had loved him, too.

Gregory arrived, and Chase introduced him to Willow. Gregory expressed how he had hoped to meet Chase's girlfriend. Awkwardness ensued as Chase informed his father that he and Willow were not back together. Gregory replied that the couple had broken up out of nowhere. Just then, Finn and Anna joined the group. It was time for the jump, and the crowd got ready. Chase grabbed Willow's hand as they plunged into the icy water.

Carly lay in bed alone and touched Sonny's pillow gently. She sighed and got out of bed and put on her robe. She wandered downstairs into the living room and sat in front of the tree. As her eyes stopped on Sonny's stocking hanging from the mantel, she heard a door slam. Sonny walked into the room, and an ecstatic Carly jumped up to embrace him.

Carly wondered if Jason knew that Sonny was safe, and he told her he'd lost his phone. She went to retrieve her own, and she told Sonny how everyone had missed him. She picked up her phone and turned back to face him, but Sonny was gone. Carly awoke with a start and realized she'd had a dream. She snuggled up to Sonny's pillow.

Soon after, Dante and Jason arrived. Carly poured some coffee, and Jason related that there was no news. Dante told her not to give up hope, and he wasn't giving up in regards to Lulu waking up, either. He wanted details on Sonny's last sighting. He assured Carly that he wasn't asking as a cop. Jason revealed that he and Sonny had wanted to take Julian to the cops in order to tie him to Cyrus and the bombing.

Dante was greatly disturbed that Cyrus had been responsible for Lulu's injuries, and he announced that he would kill Cyrus. Jason grabbed him and stopped him from leaving. Jason added that he was certain that Cyrus' men didn't have Sonny, as there had been no one around when the bridge had collapsed. Carly wanted to know what was being done to protect the family.

Jason assured Carly that he would do whatever it took, and Dante offered his help. Dante left, and Carly asked if Cyrus was being handled. Jason revealed that he had a meeting, and Carly began to argue vociferously. She reminded Jason that Cyrus had already tried to kill him twice. Jason argued back just as loudly and refused to listen to her pleas for him not to go. He promised to return.

Cyrus and Laura ran into each other at Metro Court. Cyrus had hoped to be thanked for the poinsettia that he'd sent, but Laura informed him that it hadn't been received. She snapped that she had been visiting Lulu at her care facility. Cyrus expressed his hurt feelings and reminded Laura that they were family. Laura replied that they were not family but only related. She could not forgive him for the bomb. Cyrus insisted it had been Julian's doing.

Laura began to tell Cyrus off, but Jackie arrived for a meeting with Laura. Cyrus noted that he was honored to meet Jackie, and the women headed to a table. The women sat, and Jackie reinforced how well she'd gotten along with Lulu. She noted how their strength was important for their kids. She touched briefly on her life, and she revealed that Chase was her son.

Laura was surprised and told Jackie that she knew Chase well. She filled Jackie in on her own recent family history, and the fact that Lulu had been consumed with taking Cyrus down. She believed that Lulu had distracted herself with work. Jackie acknowledged that she wanted to finish the work that Lulu had started against Cyrus, and Laura revealed that Cyrus was her brother.

Laura explained that she and Cyrus shared a father, one that she'd had no connection to. Jackie was astounded, and Laura admitted that she'd recently found out. She stated that Cyrus was always around and seemed to want her attention. Jackie thought there was something she could use, such as mentioning the sister who was the mayor and the brother who was the gangster, against Cyrus, but Laura emphatically told her no.

Jackie thought it was a good idea because Laura would be able to "control the narrative." Laura noted that Cyrus was vulnerable when it concerned his mother. She suddenly had an idea but needed to work on it. Jackie had personal business to attend to and had to leave. She declared that Laura would end up being the hero, and Lulu would be proud.

Brando arrived and sat at the bar beside Cyrus, who was impressed that Brando was still working. Brando noted that he had handled his grief about Dev in his own way, and Cyrus disclosed that Sonny had been on a collapsed bridge with Julian. He was surprised that Brando hadn't heard about it.

Brando replied that his family had turned their backs on him, and he asked if Cyrus planned on making any moves with Sonny missing. Cyrus refused to divulge any information, and he called Brando's loyalty "questionable." He revealed that Brando had been a "trusted member" of the Corinthos clan, and he had learned the truth about Brando's "so-called son."

Brando was perplexed over how Cyrus would know about Dev, and he admitted that he had done it for Dev at Sonny's request. Cyrus noted that Brando's mother had been very upset over the way that Sonny had been treating Brando, and he proclaimed that it had been a federal crime for Dev to be residing in the country illegally.

Cyrus referred to the knowledge as his insurance policy and said that if something happened to him, his lawyer would reveal the immigration violations. Everyone who had known about it would go down. Brando indicated that he had made his choice, but he knew where his loyalties lay.

Laura ran into Dante and told him that she had been monitoring Sonny's situation. She wanted Dante to promise to "tread lightly" where Cyrus was concerned and to focus on Rocco instead. She would take action against Cyrus and obtain justice. Dante eyed Cyrus ominously before stepping onto the elevator.

At the pier, the frozen jumpers climbed out of the water. Willow realized that she'd left her towel in the car, but Chase had two, and he draped one around her shoulders. Anna and Finn handed them their coats and hot drinks. Finn extended an invitation to spend more time together and get some sustenance at Rice Plaza. Willow declined, but Gregory persuaded her to go along. Gregory and Anna went to warm up Willow and Chase's cars.

Gregory expressed his happiness to Anna at being able to reconnect with Finn and meet Violet, although he had hoped that Chase and Willow would be back together. Anna related that it was a long story, but it had all started with a lie. Gregory doubted that Chase would ever lie. Anna replied that sometimes, the truth hurt more.

Laura paid a visit to Carly and expressed her sorrow over Sonny's disappearance. She noted that she and Sonny had a connection. She knew how difficult it had to be for Carly to wait, but Carly was convinced that Sonny would return home. Laura urged her to fight back because protection was needed against Cyrus. She thought that she would have to come up with something she would be able to use due to Cyrus' weakness.

Anna, Finn, Chase, and Willow arrived at Rice Plaza. Finn announced that he had something to say after learning the merits of truth-telling, but he needed to get his coffee first. He and Anna headed to the Perks cart. Chase told Willow that he hadn't been able to function after they'd broken up, and he disclosed that Finn had urged him to be honest from the very moment he'd learned of Chase's deceit.

At the cart, Anna told Finn that Gregory had declared that he'd raised his sons to tell the truth. Finn admitted that that was why he had stayed away. Gregory arrived after finally finding a parking space, and Willow thanked Finn for trying to get Chase to do the right thing. Everyone grabbed a hot drink, and Gregory wanted more details.

Chase merely stated that he had lied to Willow, but she added that it had been for the right reasons. Chase revealed that Finn had tried to fix things, and Finn admitted that Chase had agonized over it. Chase had done what he'd thought had been best. Chase was hopeful that Willow would see him in a new light, and he informed a questioning Gregory that it was between him and Willow.

Chase called out his thanks for the hot chocolate, and he and Willow departed. Anna praised Finn. Gregory approved of both couples. Anna and Finn were about to leave, but Gregory wanted to talk to Finn first. Anna went home, and Gregory promised to deliver Finn.

Chase apologized to Willow for his family, but she reminded him that she'd thanked Finn. Chase wondered if there was any possibility of continuing their talking over dinner. Willow wasn't sure, and Chase told her how much he'd missed her. He confessed that the day had been his happiest in a long time. Finally, Willow accepted, and Chase declared that he'd text her. She wished him a happy New Year.

Gregory and Finn sat on a bench, and Gregory thanked Finn for being there for his brother, and he knew that showed that Finn would be a great father. Gregory had always wanted his kids to tell the truth.

Jackie paid a surprise visit to Anna.

Cyrus removed his coat and stood on the pier, waiting for Jason. When Jason arrived, Cyrus announced that it was time to get down to business.

Jason and Cyrus meet with unsettling results Jason and Cyrus meet with unsettling results
Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Anna opened her front door and found Jackie standing there. She invited her in, and Jackie explained that she'd wanted to check on Finn after the recent injury he'd incurred while she'd been out of town. Anna explained that he was fine and at Rice Plaza to watch Chase jump into the cold water for the Polar Bear Dive. Jackie commented that she'd missed a lot.

Shortly after, Anna returned after fetching some tea and found Jackie staring out the window. Jackie picked up one of Violet's stuffed animals and noted how much fun it had to be to have a young child around the house. The women sat on the sofa, and Anna poured the tea. Jackie admitted that it was difficult to picture Finn as a father.

Jackie didn't think that Anna liked her and mentioned that she'd spent some time with Robert. Anna noted that she'd been unaware of that, but she and Robert were just friends. The women conversed about Robert and fun escapades, and Jackie disclosed that she'd always thought that Anna was a missing piece from Robert's life. Anna noted that having a child together bonded people.

Suddenly, Jackie changed her tone and demanded that they get things out in the open. Anna was confused. "You know about me and Finn," Jackie said. Anna agreed that Finn had confided many things to her, but Jackie emphasized that she and Finn had slept together. She had assured him that he wasn't Chase's father. Anna disclosed that Finn had been conflicted for years over the memory, but Anna wasn't passing judgment.

Jackie confessed that Chase had asked questions about Finn while he'd been growing up, and she wondered whose side Anna was on. She wondered if she should tell Chase about sleeping with Finn. Anna admitted that she understood both sides. She felt the truth would cause pain to both Gregory and Chase, but Finn had been in pain for years.

Anna added that it was between Jackie and Finn because she wasn't involved. Jackie thought the truth would be more harmful than good, and Anna agreed. She noted that while distance had separated Jackie and Finn in the past, they were in closer proximity at that moment.

Gregory and Finn sat and chatted at Rice Plaza after the Polar Bear Dive. Gregory urged Finn to let his doubts as a father go because he had seen how paternal Finn had been with Chase. Gregory insisted he wasn't taking credit for the way that Finn had turned out because it had been due to Finn's mother. Gregory was sorry he had missed so much, and he was proud of his sons. Finn noted that there was a lot that Gregory wasn't aware of, but before he could continue, an obviously drunk Alexis interrupted them.

"Happy New Year!" Alexis shouted as she waved a noisemaker. Finn introduced her to Gregory, and Alexis commented that it was obvious that Finn thought she'd been drinking, but she felt pretty good. Finn offered to buy her a coffee and suggested a meeting, but Alexis declined. Gregory noticed that Alexis' hand was bleeding, and Finn immediately began to tend to it.

Alexis insisted it wasn't a big deal; she said there had been a broken glass involved. Finn informed her that she needed stitches and offered to take care of it himself at the hospital. Alexis began to babble about Finn and mentioned that they'd slept together, but Finn hadn't died. She noted that she had lost her drivers' license because of Tracy. "The bitch is back," Alexis announced. She finally consented to go with Finn.

Laura paid a visit to Carly, and they discussed Cyrus. Laura revealed that she believed that she was Cyrus' weakness because they shared a birth father along with Martin. She explained that she'd found out by digging and locating Florence Grey. "Wow," said Carly. Laura proceeded to tell Carly all about her investigation with Curtis and her time spent at the long-term care facility in Vermont, where she'd tracked down Florence.

Laura went on to relate that she believed that Cyrus was desperate for his mother's love and forgiveness, and she thought that he had transferred some of those feelings to Laura as his sister. She noted that Cyrus and Martin did not get along. She thought that she had a good start to answers, and she felt assured that she could "capitalize on Cyrus' vulnerability" in order to "neutralize" him. She and Carly shared a hug before Laura's departure. Carly quickly made a phone call to relate some important news.

Olivia sat at a table at Metro Court with Tracy and Ned. Tracy explained that she wanted to spend time with them before leaving Port Charles. They joked about Ned working hard at trying to get back ELQ. Tracy noted how supportive and understanding Olivia was, and Ned replied that he was the "luckiest man alive."

Olivia was embarrassed and complained that it felt like the twilight zone. "Since when did you become my biggest fan, Tracy?" Olivia asked. Tracy admitted that Olivia had not always been her favorite, and she had originally compared Olivia to other gold-diggers from the past like Monica. She thought that Olivia had grown into her role and was a "matriarch in the making."

Olivia defended Monica, and Tracy went on to say that Olivia was different from the women in Ned's past relationships. She thought that Olivia fought for her own and allowed Ned to be who he wanted. She completed him just the way that Luke completed Tracy. Ned couldn't believe that was even a comparison, but Olivia was in tears.

At General Hospital, Finn took care of Alexis' hand and informed her she needed an antibiotic. While Gregory was out getting coffee, Finn expressed his condolences about Julian. Alexis broke down and sobbed on Finn's shoulder, but she announced that she wanted to go home alone. Finn offered to call someone or to drive her himself. After arguing, Alexis finally asked him to call Ned.

Jason and Cyrus met at the pier. Cyrus maintained that with Sonny gone, Jason was in charge of business, and he hoped that Jason would be more reasonable than Sonny had ever been. He believed that Jason dealt more with facts than emotions and could make decisions instead of following Sonny's orders. He thought they'd finally be able to cooperate with each other.

Cyrus explained that he wanted Jason to open the piers and allow Cyrus to land his product while maintaining the security in the area. He offered Jason a gross of 30 percent of the profits, and he noted that they would no longer be at each other's throats. He suggested that Jason could maintain the import business or tend to the coffee business. "Be smarter than Sonny was," he said.

Jason stated that he had no reason to think that Sonny wouldn't return, although Cyrus differed in opinion. Jason refused to make a deal, and he made it clear that no product would go through Sonny's territory. Cyrus noted that it had been Sonny's territory in the past, and he was sorry that he couldn't persuade Jason to take the deal or to not believe something that wasn't true.

Cyrus grabbed his coat and put it on. Jason noted that Walker, Cyrus' sniper, was no longer in his spot. Cyrus pulled out his gun and pointed it at Jason. He guessed he would have to do things himself. Jason ducked and took cover as he trained his own gun on Cyrus. At the same time, Brando arrived with a gun pointed at Jason.

Suddenly, Carly appeared with two guards with their own guns drawn. Jason fired his gun, and Brando and Cyrus were forced to drop their weapons. Jason ordered the guards to take Carly home, and Brando and Cyrus lay on the ground. Jason growled that Cyrus would be dead if he went after Jason again.

After Jason was gone, Cyrus told Brando that there could be a problem. He was aware that Jason hadn't wanted to hit him and had missed shooting him on purpose. He found fault with Brando, also, and wasn't sure if he was an ally. Brando shouted that he'd shown up after the presumed end time of the meeting, but Cyrus was livid. He thought that Brando could have fired his own gun.

Brando insisted that he hadn't known what was going on, but Cyrus reminded him that if Cyrus had died, his lawyer would have made sure to send out the false information on Dev to the Feds. He had meant to nail only Sonny, but he would love to see everyone get in trouble for it. He thought it would be ironic if the family landed in jail for falsifying Dev's identity.

At Metro Court, Olivia was ready for some hugs all around, but Ned received a phone call from Finn, who informed him that Alexis had asked for Ned at the hospital. He told Ned that she had cut her hand on some broken glass and had been drinking. Ned announced that he had to pick Alexis up and drive her home. Tracy wondered what it had to do with Ned, and she offered to go in his place.

Olivia was certain that Alexis would not want to see Tracy, and she offered to go with Ned instead. "No!" Ned practically shouted. He told her to enjoy her lunch and his mother's approval. He left, and Olivia muttered that "poor Alexis" had had a hard time. Tracy thought there was always collateral damage. Olivia thought she should have gone with Ned, but Tracy replied that there would be "too many cooks in the kitchen," and Alexis would feel overwhelmed.

As Jackie and Anna chatted at Anna's house, the door slammed, and Finn and Gregory walked in. Finn explained that Alexis had needed his help, and Gregory gushed about how wonderful Finn had been. There was an awkward silence, and Anna offered to make more tea. Finn offered to help, and they headed to the kitchen. Finn was not happy that Jackie and Gregory would probably want to stay for dinner.

Jackie noted that Finn and Anna made a great couple, and Gregory asked if she had met Violet. The awkwardness continued until Jackie mentioned that Robert had invited her to be his date at the wedding. Gregory looked forward to meeting him because he knew that Robert and Jackie had shared adventures "back in the day."

Anna and Finn returned, and Gregory admitted he was surprised that Robert had been invited to the wedding. Anna assured him they were friends, and Finn joked that he secretly liked Robert. Jackie disclosed her own invitation news. Anna laughed that it was "so Robert." Jackie stated that she would only attend if it was okay, and Gregory was sure that Chase would want his mother there. Everyone looked at Anna, who didn't mind at all. Finn noted that it would be a "real family affair." Anna poured the tea.

Jason returned to the Corinthos house as he gave orders on the phone. He wanted the site at the pier to be cleaned up with no evidence of Carly's presence. Carly reminded Jason that she had told him not to attend the meeting, and Jason informed her that he had taken down Cyrus' sniper. They began to argue about the entire incident. Carly revealed that Brando had texted her, but Jason was angry that she had shown up herself. He told her she could have just sent the guards.

Jason shouted that there would have been no guarantees on safety if the bullets had started to fly, but Carly insisted that she'd had to save Jason. Jason was adamant that he would have survived, but he wouldn't have been able to handle losing her. He blamed himself for her being involved in the business, and he yelled at her that she didn't know how to handle it.

Carly insisted that she would do it all over again -- even alone if she had to. She would always get him. Jason accused her of making him miss his shot; he hadn't been able to kill Cyrus because she had been there. He believed that things would escalate, and Cyrus was aware of it. Just then, Carly received a text message and announced that she had solved things.

Ned arrived at the hospital and found a sleepy Alexis waiting for him. She was sorry she'd asked Finn to call him because she had just suffered a small cut. Ned was afraid that Alexis would hurt herself or someone else. Alexis insisted that she'd broken a glass, and Tracy's story hadn't happened. She explained that Tracy had claimed to have been searching for coffee in Alexis' kitchen when it had been in full view. She accused Tracy of driving them off the road.

Ned didn't think that Alexis was making any sense, and they disagreed over what might have really happened. Alexis thought it all "feels wrong." Ned suggested a meeting, but he escorted Alexis out of the room. He told her to pull herself together because she might start saying things that she shouldn't.

Alexis was adamant that she wouldn't hurt anyone else, and she would avoid Olivia. Just then, Olivia stepped off the elevator. She thought that Alexis could use a female friend. Alexis replied that no help was needed, and she had had Ned called because Finn hadn't gotten off her back.

Tracy returned to her table at Metro Court, only to find Olivia gone. Cyrus and Brando arrived, and Cyrus headed to the bar. He ordered Brando to wait for him. Cyrus ordered a scotch on the rocks, and Laura saw him sitting there. She asked if he was okay, and Cyrus replied that he'd had a "business complication." Laura hoped that no one had died. "Touch and go," he said.

Laura stated that she wanted to talk about Sonny, and she wanted to work with Cyrus to keep the streets safe with regular meetings. Laura reminded him that she was the mayor, and it was her job to keep people safe. Cyrus appreciated her reaching out, and he agreed to work with her. Laura was happy that no one had been hurt.

Cyrus received a phone call, and when he was finished, he sent his glass flying and crashing into pieces. Brando ran over to see what had happened. "They have my mother," Cyrus said.

REBROADCAST: Mike Corbin passes away REBROADCAST: Mike Corbin passes away
Thursday, December 31, 2020

Due to the New Year's Eve holiday, General Hospital opted to rebroadcast an episode from earlier this year. The episode, which originally aired on September 17, dealt with the passing of Mike Corbin. You can read the entire recap of that episode here.

This programming change was planned, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result. Regular programming resumed on Monday, January 4, 2021, and picked up where the Wednesday, December 30, episode concluded.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! General Hospital did not air HAPPY NEW YEAR! General Hospital did not air
Friday, January 1, 2021

Due to the New Year holiday, General Hospital did not air.

This preemption was planned, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result. Regular programming resumed on Monday, January 4, 2021, and picked up where the Wednesday, December 30, episode concluded.

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