DePaiva Out, but Marston sticking around
Posted Sunday, September 14, 2003 8:06:55 PM
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DePaiva Out, but Marston sticking around

One Life to Live has tinkered with a storyline that was to have had both James DePaiva (Max Holden) and Nathaniel Marston (Al Holden) checking out of Llanview. The reason for the storyline changes, according to a setside source, was a surprisingly vocal outcry by fans of Marston over his ouster.

In July, Soap Opera Central first reported that Marston would be written out of the show. The move seemed surprising, since Marston is one-half of one of the show's most popular couples in recent memory. The decision to write off Al was said to be storyline dictated -- and Soap Central has learned that it was always the original intention of the writers to kill off the character.

A week or so later, DePaiva announced at the annual One Life to Live fan gathering that he had been let go. The news came as a surprise to fans, but DePaiva hinted that he had expected to be let go -- and Internet rumors had alluded to DePaiva's impending exit for months.

"They made it clear a long time ago that this was going to happen, so it wasn't a shock or a surprise," DePaiva said.

DePaiva was notified that he had taped his final episodes on August 8.

While Internet rumors stated that it would be Max who would meet with an untimely demise, the writers are continuing on with their plans to kill Marston's character. Upon Al's death, Max will subsequently leave town. But Marston won't be going anywhere any time soon. Marston will remain on canvas as a ghost, visiting his Earthly love, Marcie.

DePaiva will last air on October 27.

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