One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 27, 2003 on OLTL

Kevin realized that Walker was Todd. Cristian was killed, and Natalie blamed John. Gabrielle offered Al's jacket to River. Marcie saved Matthew with Al's help. Jen learned that Matthew wasn't her brother. Rex made sure that Joey learned of Jen's miscarriage.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 27, 2003 on OLTL
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Monday, October 27

Natalie refuses to believe Flynn's claim that Cristian is dead. Flynn recaptures Natalie after she tries to escape and drags her back to the cabin. Cristian, John and FBI agents surround the cabin as they send Arthur inside to tell Flynn his money is out in the car but Flynn grows suspicious.

Rae tells Kelly that adopting a baby could take years. David offers to help Kelly get a baby. Kevin refuses to even consider buying a black market baby. Kelly accuses Kevin of being in love with Blair after learning he is still investigating Walker. Kevin is upset that Harrison wants him to do business with Dawes. Blair is relieved when Walker returns. Kevin reads Elyssa's latest report and realizes that Walker is Todd. Max says heartfelt goodbyes to Asa and Renee, and later Blair, as he prepares to leave Llanview. Matthew becomes confused and angry when Bo and Nora try to explain that Bo is his father.

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Kevin looks at the photos and documents that prove that Walker is really Todd and shows them to Kelly. Kelly urges Kevin to keep quiet about it, for Blair's sake as well as Viki's. Starr tells Walker than she thinks Kevin is on to him. He reassures her that he can handle Kevin. Walker then calls the clinic and finds out that someone has accessed his records.

Jen tells Lindsay about her miscarriage and confesses that she never told Joe about her pregnancy. Lindsay is surprised she didn't tell her husband. She leaves for a meeting, leaving Jen and Rex alone together.

Viki, Carlotta, Roxanne, and Joe wait at Llanfair for news about Natalie. Despite John's warnings, Cris barges in with the money to rescue Natalie. Cris gives Flynn the money then attacks him, but Flynn regains control and takes Cris hostage. He leaves with Cris in tow, trailed by FBI agents. As Jessica and Antonio comfort Natalie, John tells them that the van Flynn was driving went into a lake, and it is unlikely that anyone survived.

Jessica calls Viki with the news that Natalie is safe but Cris is missing. Viki calls Kevin, and he heads to Llanfair to wait with the family. He calls Kelly, who is meeting with David Vickers to discuss adoption plans, and she heads to Llanfair as well. Joe calls Jen, who is in a heated discussion with Rex. Hearing that Natalie is in trouble, Rex goes with Jen to Llanfair.

Natalie gets hysterical when Jessica suggests they return to Llanview to wait for news. Natalie argues with John, and he has someone give her a sedative, after which she and Jessica leave to fly home on Asa's plane.

Just after Jessica and Natalie arrive home, Antonio calls to tell them that the van has been found and the windows are broken from the inside, meaning that it's possible that Cris escaped and swam to safety and that searchers are combing the area around the lake. A package is found in the driveway where the FBI agents are working. Antonio opens the package and is visibly upset, saying "Oh, my God."

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Marcie stops by at Foxy Roxy's where Roxy tells her that she feels like she has a new sister in Viki. When Ron comes by for a haircut, he wonders if his own sister is still alone and talking to herself. Al looks on.

At Ultraviolet, Flash and Riley have an argument with Rex over whether they should play or not due to Cristian's death. Riley accuses Rex of just wanting free publicity and wants to cancel, but Flash feels a need to sing and wants a tribute to Cris.

As everyone gathers at Llanfair to pray for Cris' safe return, Antonio and Bo finally bring the news that his body has been recovered and identified. Everyone is devastated; Carlotta screams in agony as her oldest son comforts her. An all knowing Gabby arrives to console her as well. Nat breaks down when she is handed Cris' wedding ring. She can only blame herself at first and keeps her distance from Carlotta. Joey convinces her to see her mother-in-law, who tells her that she won't hear of Natalie blaming herself, especially since Cris wouldn't want it. They both wish all of the people would just go away and leave them alone. No one else there feels like them, Carlotta whispers. Marcie has happy pictures of Cris that she picked up at the yearbook office and shows them to Carlotta after Antonio suggests that it's a good idea. Governor Brooks shows up to pay his respects and is almost immediately cornered by Dorian who manages to get into his good graces by telling him (and anyone else who will listen) that she was the one who put up the ransom money. She offers to print articles in The Sun on Harrison's pending legislation against racketeering and he in turn invites her to a conference. Al comforts Marcie and tells her that Cris is o.k. and at peace. She later passes this message on to Carlotta and Natalie and advises them that they will feel better eventually. Joey has a new partner in the ministry, Rex taunts Jen. He suggests that she sneak over to his club later on. Bo is impressed to see Gabby helping out in the kitchen. When he reminds her that he too is familiar with the situation, she suddenly mellows. He tells her how upset Matthew was when he and Nora again tried to tell him that Bo is his father. He invites Gabby to move back into his place and she agrees.

R.J. runs into Evangeline near the club and he expresses disgust that everyone is upset by Cris' death but not Keri's. Antonio and Jess drop Jamie off with R.J. Evangeline assures R.J. that Keri will always be remembered.

Ron watches Roxy dancing unbeknownst to her and offers to take her out for a beer. They sit for a chat where Roxy expresses concern that things happen in three's and first it was Al, now Cris. Ron disputes the superstition and they have a dance together. He confesses that Marcie has shut him out so he doesn't know how long he will be in Llanview.

Rex is happy to see Jen show up at his club and tells her how much better she is at being bad than good. He leans in to kiss her but she pulls away abruptly. He wonders if she ever told Joey about the miscarriage and threatens to tell her husband unless she sleeps with him. She tells him he's a "total scum" and rushes out. He asks an employee of his to do him a favor. She calls Joey, pretending to be calling from the hospital, and inquires after the health of his wife after her recent miscarriage.

Al continues to watch over Marcie and the assembled crowd at Llanfair. Marcie comes across a picture of herself with Al but there appears to be a blur or ghostly figure in the background.

Viki finds a crying Natalie and holds her.

Thursday, October 30, 2003

Natalie attacks John and accuses him of being responsible for Cristian's death. Natalie makes a call to what I assume was the FBI and told them it was John's fault that Cristian was dead and they need to fire John.

While everyone is trying to find Flynn, he shows up at the penthouse. Starr thinks it's actually her dad and Flynn tricks Starr into revealing the combination for the safe and steals the briefcase he believes contains Natalie's ransom. Walker returns and realizes Flynn has stolen an empty briefcase. John arrives and warns Walker, whom he knows is really Todd, that he'd better not be helping Flynn in any way.

Al wishes he could help ease Gabrielle's grief. Gabrielle apologizes to River for the way she reacted about him wearing Al's jacket and ends up giving River Al's 'Voice of the Night' jacket.

Roxy and Marcie try to convince Ron to join Roxy in teaching a dance class at the community center. Al appears to Marcie at Roxy's and tells Marcie she must go to Angel Square that Matthew is in danger. She complies and Matthew is spared from being hit by a truck.

Bo bonds with Matthew and Gabrielle is pained to see Bo and Matthew together.

Joey confronts Jen about having a miscarriage, but assures her that he isn't angry with her. Knowing Rex managed to spill the truth to Joey, Jen throws a drink in Rex's face.

Walker warns Kevin to keep his suspicion that he is really Todd to himself. Walker threatens to expose proof that Kelly had an affair in Texas if Kevin doesn't back off because he has videotape that shows it.

Friday, October 31, 2003

Worried that if Blair finds out he's Todd she will leave him forever, Walker plans on keeping his secret just that by killing Flynn. Natalie runs into John, who gives her a letter that Cristian left behind for her. At the same time, Al tells Marcie that the reasons for his visitations are because he has a mission for being in Llanview but doesn't know yet what it is.

Jen feels more alone than ever when she learns that Matthew isn't her blood brother. Rex continues manipulating her, saying that he will do anything to get her back in his life. He tricks her into joining him at Ultra Violet then agrees to go back to his apartment with him.

John tells Bo that he's preparing to leave town to work on a serial killer case in which the murderer leaves a ballerina music box next to each victim. Later, Bo is shocked when Matthew and Starr show him a similar music box that they found in Angel Square. Meanwhile, Elyssa is grabbed from behind and dragged away.

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