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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of October 27, 2003 on ATWT
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Monday, October 27, 2003

Aaron arrives at Fairwinds, where Lucy tries to return the jacket that he gave her. Aaron protests, " I don't care about the jacket, I care about you. I love have to forgive me." Lucy answers that she feels that she doesn't know Aaron any more, since he blew off her homecoming dance to help Dusty with illegal gambling. Aaron again tries to excuse his actions, insisting that he wanted to impress her with money since she is about to go off to college where she will be surrounded by future C.E.O.'s. When he begs forgiveness for his mistake, Lucy continues to say that she can't forgive him for lying to her, and again she asks him to take back his jacket. Aaron turns and leaves, saying, "Nothing here belongs to me any more."

At the rented hotel suite, Alison, wearing a hotel bathrobe, frantically tries to stop Chris from breaking up with her by telling her that she now feels like a woman, not a girl. Chris interrupts her with, "We're not okay. I think we need to stop seeing each other." Alison's eyes fill with tears, but Chris continues, "We don't fit together....I'm a doctor and you are barely eighteen....I feel that I'm pushing you along too fast." When Alison responds, "you think I'm holding you back," Chris' only answer is "I'm sorry, Alison." Alison tells him to leave, saying, "You dumped me just in the nick of time. One more day and I would have loved you so much this would have killed me." As Chris closes the door and leaves, Alison collapses on the bed sobbing.

Aaron arrives home at Holden and Lily's to find that Holden is angry at him for forgetting a family dinner. Aaron's cellular phone rings, and Alison sobs that she has mistakenly dialed his number when she intended to call Chris, who just dumped her. Aaron rushes out of the house saying, "I've got to go. Don't wait up for me." Holden continues to berate Aaron as he goes out the door, and Lily informs Holden that he is doing everything he can to make his son despise him. Aaron calls Alison back, continuing to talk to her until after he has arrived at her hotel room. Alison admits that she doesn't want to face her mother, who is angry with her about her hotel room seduction plan, and Aaron confesses that he doesn't want to go home either, to face Holden. Alison suggests that Aaron spend the night in the hotel room with her. A cell phone rings, and Alison grabs it and answers, "Hello, Chris?' Lucy, on the other end, hangs up, and Alison realizes that she has picked up the wrong phone. However, the number on the display was blocked, so Alison and Aaron do not realize that the call was from Lucy. Aaron and Lucy settle down to play video games, and eventually get ready for bed. Aaron takes off his shirt and they get into bed and turn off the light. Alison admits to Aaron that she made a mistake trying to manipulate Chris, then the two young people laugh that it wasn't nearly as bad as the way that she stalked Aaron the year before. Alison tells Aaron that Lucy was so lucky that Aaron loved her as much as he did. The two look into each other's eyes and kiss, then they make love.

Holden, sorry for his outburst at Aaron, watches at the window as time passes and Aaron does not return home. He tells Lily that he hopes that Aaron has gone to see Lucy and that she has taken him back. Holden and Lily kiss, then go on to bed.

Back at Fairwinds, Rosanna counsels Lucy, telling her that "you don't stop loving someone overnight." She makes Lucy see that Lucy hates what Aaron did, but she doesn't hate Aaron, feelings that Rosanna herself has confronted often herself in her relationship with Craig. She advises Lucy to explain to Aaron how she feels. Next Craig comes in and tells Lucy that if Aaron loved her, he would never let her get away. Lucy, obviously beginning to forgive Aaron, lovingly puts on his jacket.

Chris arrives at the police station and tells Margo that she got exactly what she wanted - he broke up with Alison. Margo responds, "You broke it off because it's what you wanted to do." Chris admits, "Staying with her and getting in deeper - it would have been a complete disaster," but he looks miserable.

Through the bars of his prison cell, James Stenbeck predicts that Paul will kill either Rose or Dusty, as a little "treat" for himself, "unleashing his vengeance." Paul responds to his father, "You want to see a good show? I'll give you a good show - one month from today. Stay tuned." As Paul turns to leave, James begs for details, but all Paul will say is, "Trust me. You'll be amused," as he leaves the still protesting James. Once out the door and still in view of James, Paul calls Rose on his cell phone. When Rose asks Paul where he has been, Paul lies that he has just been for a drive. He asks Rose to meet him at his penthouse, where he has "big plans, and they're all for you." Rose is waiting when Paul arrives, and he kisses her passionately. When he asks her how much she loves him, she answers that she loves him more than anything, and "I'll always love you." Paul responds, "That's a good answer." When Rose again asks where Paul went, Paul tells her that he has been to a place where he can see everything clearly, and knows how much he loves her. He again tells her that he wants to marry her: "I want us to set a date - one month from today." Rose agrees happily, and starts talking about Paris, but Paul tells her that he wants a wedding "extravaganza" in Oakdale, with Barbara and Jennifer on the front row, and maybe Dusty as his best man. Rose stares aghast as Paul tells her that he wants everyone who hates them to choke on every "I do." Rose treats his suggestion as a joke, but Paul insists that, instead of slinking out of the country like they are ashamed of something, he wants to celebrate in front of the whole world to show how much he loves her. He urges her to stand up and fight "like a D'Angelo," so Rose agrees. When Rose asks Paul again where he went, Paul replies that it wasn't where he went, but he went somewhere where he learned to ask himself the right questions, which "always began and ended with how much I love you." They kiss and begin to make love.

Jack answers a disturbance call at Rose's Roller Palace. He finds the door unlocked, and enters, pulling his gun. He startles Mitzi, who drops a handful of money. Mitzi explains that she forgot to make a deposit, and begs Jack not to tell Rose about her absentmindedness. Agreeing, Jack escorts Mitzi out but has to remind her to set the alarm. Mitzi again worries about what Rose would think, "If something happens to this place before Rose gets to sell it, she's going to explode!" When Jack asks, "Why should anything happen to this place," Mitzi answers, "Paul's sister and his mother - they're nuts, and they hate Rose's guts. If you ask me, I wouldn't put anything past them."

In the penthouse, someone seems to be secretly watching Paul and Rose, who have emerged from the bedroom, still aglow with their lovemaking.

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Aaron dreams of Lucy, while Alison dreams of Chris only to have them both wake up and find out they slept together. Neither one could believe what happened and professed their love for their ex's and decided to get showered and leave. Aaron went in for a shower first while Alison called for room service but ended up crying while ordering. Meanwhile at Java, Emily ran into Chris who mentioned how he and Alison never spent the night together and Emily was surprised since neither her nor her mom spoke to her last night. Chris and Emily both go worried and Chris went to the hotel to check on her and he found her. She told him she was moving on and he wanted to know what stranger she had slept with.

Dusty talks to Marshall about his legal problems while Molly points out Marshall may be a liability since he is now in the papers again because of the rape of Jessica Griffin. Marshall vowed it would not interfere since it would not go to trial nor would he be convicted and it was just the D.A. and Jess' way of getting even with him. Molly and Dusty agree he shouldn't be his lawyer anymore even though he was a good lawyer. Marshal got mad and he left after receiving a call from Bonnie. Bonnie told him Sarah saw the press conference and Marshall got angry and called Sarah out there and she flipped saying she would have rather stayed in the shelter. Marshall stormed out saying he was putting an end to this and went to see Jess. Bonnie tried to comfort Sarah and vowed to always be with her even if Marshall was convicted.

Bonnie had went up to have breakfast with Sarah. They decided to stay in since Sarah was told to stay home from school and bonnie didn't want her to see the papers with jess and Marshall on the front. So they stayed and order room service and while Bonnie was on the phone Sarah put the TV on and saw Tom and Jess at a press conference talking about the new information on Marshall and possible new leads about the rape. Sarah freaked and so did Bonnie and Sarah said she finally had friends and now she will always be known as the rapists daughter and she said she liked not knowing who her father was better. Tom and jess answered questions and explained the mistrial and when asked about a conflict of interest she told them she resigned this morning which came as a shock to Tom who had no idea. They asked why the D.A. waited so long to re-trial and Tom said sometimes it was years before and mistrial went to trial again based on evidence. Tom and Jess went into an interrogation room after the conference and Jess apologized for not telling him and he asked her if this was still a bluff since they had talked about this. Tom said he would not put a 15 year old girl on the stand against her father and Jess pointed out she would do what she had to but Marshall would probably give in to her demands of leaving town if the other option was to put his daughter on the stand. Tom later came back to tell her it was safe for her to leave since the press was gone but she said she wanted to stay and see if Marshall would come down. Tom wondered if he was ready to deal but Jess waited anyway and he did later arrive and blamed her for his career ad family ruined.

Paul and Rose wake up to find there place had been spray painted by someone with an axe to grind with them. Paul said whoever it was had to have a key so he called Barbara and told her to get Jen and get over to his place. They both seemed shocked at the paint and said they didn't do it and when Paul was going call the cops Will came out of nowhere and said he did it. Paul talked to him and Will said he wasn't mad anymore and he would clean it up tomorrow and Paul said not to bother. Rose left but not before Barbara had a few works and then Barbara and Will left. Will said he felt bad about what he did and Barbara told him it was ok since they all wanted Paul to leave Rose and stay. Will also said Paul probably thinks he is crazy. Barbara said she would reward him by buying him the game he wanted and Jen then said to Paul back in the room, he is the only one to help Will. Paul later asked if Will still spoke to the psychologist since he is acting out.

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Mike reveals to Katie that he wasn't sleeping when she said she didn't mean to hurt him on purpose. He wants to know what she meant but Katie doesn't tell Mike what really happened. Mike says he just wants her to leave because it is difficult for him. He says when she touches him, he wants to touch her back. Carly comes over and convinces Mike to let Katie take care of him so he tells her that he needs a friend to take care of him.

Henry is babysitting Sage while Jack is trying to do some paperwork at home. Henry sees that Jack is working on Mike's hit and run accident and tries to get information from Jack. Henry even fakes back spasms so he can lie down on the couch and look at Jack's computer. However, Jack blocks it but Henry starts to look through receipts from tire companies. Jack catches him but Henry eventually succeeds and discovers that the prime suspect is Nancy Hughes whose car and tires match what the police are looking for.

Jessica gives Marshall an ultimatum - leave town with Sarah tonight and never contact Bonnie again or go to jail. Marshall finally agrees and goes to tell Sarah to pack her things. He throws Bonnie out and tells her to go see her mother. Sarah is upset and wants to wait for Bonnie but Marshall tells his daughter that she can never see Bonnie again. Meanwhile, Bonnie goes to see Jessica and is outraged by her "agreement" with Marshall. Jessica tells her that Sarah can get along without her as she has for the last 15 years. Bonnie says her mother can't stop her from seeing Sarah. Jessica says it is part of her deal with Marshall and he won't risk going to jail. Bonnie is angered, telling her mother that she doesn't care who she hurts and that she is very controlling.

While Chris is in Alison's hotel room, he notices a man's watch on the dresser and realizes that someone is in the shower. He demands to know who it is knowing that Alison spent the night with this person. Alison refuses to reveal who it is and when room service arrives, she has them throw Chris out. Aaron gets out of the shower and Alison starts to cry because she says she still loves Chris. When Chris returns to the hospital, he tells Emily that he doesn't have feelings for Alison anymore.

Holden asks Lucy for help with Aaron. He tells her that she was good for Aaron and that she should give him another chance. Lucy takes Holden's advice and she decides to call Aaron and tells him that she needs to see him right away.

Thursday, October 30, 2003

Lucy called Aaron and wanted to see him. Lucy told Aaron that she was wrong to get so upset and after talking to Holden, decided to forgive him and they made up. Lucy decided to celebrate their reunion by throwing a Halloween party.

Over at the hospital, Chris told Emily that Alison wasn't crying over him. She had Bachelor #2 in the shower. Emily tried to convince Chris that Alison loved him and what did he expect when one minute he wants Alison and the next he doesn't. Alison approached and mentioned that she knew they were talking about her. After Chris was called away to see a patient, Emily wanted to know who the other guy was. Alison told Emily to mind her own business and that she could take care of herself.

Henry showed up at Mike's wanting to see Katie. He told her that she was out of woods and that they had another suspect in Mike's hit and run; Nancy Hughes. At the station Margo and Jack were questioning Nancy. Katie came in and defended Nancy, which raised the suspicions of Margo. Later, Margo showed up at Mike's and wanted to talk to Katie.

Hal was explaining to Will that it was okay to be angry. Will just needs to learn how to express his anger. Hal wanted the family to go see Dr. Michaels but Will objected. Paul told Will that if was mad at him, Will should come out and tell him. Paul then made an announcement that he was changing his plans. Rose arrived to give invitations to Barbara, Hal and Jennifer. Barbara asked Paul to tell Rose about his change of plans. Paul explained to Rose that they were getting married but Paris would have to wait. It all had to do with Will. Rose was not happy about it. She felt they were always accommodating others but not themselves. Paul told Rose that they would talk about it later. Hal told Barbara and Jennifer that they should go see Will. Barbara stood at the door listening to Paul and Rose's conversation. Rose noticed and Barbara told Paul that Will was asking for him. Rose told Barbara she smelled a skunk with a can of spray paint and that Barbara was using Will to do her dirty work. Paul came back in the room and walked Rose out. Later, Rose came back and warned Barbara to watch her back. Rose was out for revenge!

Jessica called Ben and told him that she gave Marshall the ultimatum but Bonnie found out and went running after Sarah. Bonnie arrived at Marshall's where he told her that Jessica was going for the jugular and that he and Sarah had to leave town. Bonnie asked Marshall if she could go with them. Marshall said no. There was no way Bonnie was going with them. Marshall and Bonnie started arguing violently in front of Sarah. Bonnie told Marshall that she was going to take Sarah and when they tried to leave, Marshall knocked Bonnie out. Marshall tried to get Sarah to leave but she kept resisting. Finally, Bonnie came to and hit Marshall over the head. Bonnie told Sarah to run away. As she ran out the door, Ben and Jessica arrived and heard Bonnie and Marshall arguing. Inside, Marshall tried to grab Bonnie. As he did, Bonnie turned around and pushed him right out the window!

Friday, October 31, 2003

by Andy

Margo confronts Katie about the accident and Mike covers for her, telling Margo that the person who hit him was a fat man in a cowboy hat. Mike tells Katie he knows the truth and comforts her.

Bonnie has pushed Marshall out the window and Ben rushes in with Hal and announces that Marshall is dead. Ben takes a reluctant and distraught Sarah back to Durgin. Hal arrests Bonnie for murder. Jessica tells Bonnie to plead self-defense, but Bonnie seems determined to be punished for her crime.

Lucy and Aaron throw an impromptu Halloween party at Fairwinds and Craig is unhappy to see the couple back together. Craig and Rosanna make themselves scarce as the party starts. Alison and Aaron make a pact not to tell Lucy about their indiscretion. Chris (as Darth Vader) shows up determined to find out who Alison slept with. He thinks he spots the watch from the hotel on Aaron, but he's mistaken, and Aaron and Alison play it off. Lucy's a bit confused, but tells Aaron she's fine. Meanwhile, a cautious Rosanna takes jaundiced Cabot to the hospital. John notices that Cabot's medical records are inaccurate, and he's going to file a complaint against the adoption agency.

Rose goes to Hal about her suspicions about Will, then sees Emily and Will at Al's and tells Emily her suspicions as well. When Rose tests Will's knowledge of the spray can her suspicions are confirmed -- there is no way he did it. Meanwhile, Barbara visits Paul as Paul is having one of his visits from Imaginary James. Paul struggles between the two and Barbara thinks he is going crazy.


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