Justis Bolding
Justis served a pink slip on One Life to Live
by Dan J Kroll
Posted Sunday, November 09, 2008 3:54:34 PM
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Justis served a pink slip on One Life to Live
Justis Bolding will exit One Life to Live in the coming weeks. The actress, who joined the show in 2007, is a casualty of storyline and the departure of her on-screen mother. The actress says she is thankful for her OLTL experience and is looking forward to new opportunities.

In a posting on her official web site, One Life to Live actress Justis Bolding (Sarah Roberts) has confirmed that she has been let go by the ABC soap. The decision is said to be storyline-dictated.

"I cannot even put into words how much I have learned in the past year and a half. I have had the opportunity to work with unbelievabl[y] talented actors, and I have formed some lasting friendships," Bolding said in reflecting on her time in Llanview.

According to a show insider, Bolding's dismissal paves the way for the writers to pair up Cristian with newcomer Vanessa Montez in the future. Fan reaction to the Sarah-Cristian coupling was lukewarm and the show reportedly wanted to shake things up.

Also tied to Bolding's exit is the departure of Emmy-winner Andrea Evans (Tina Lord). Evans confirmed last week that she is exiting One Life to Live after a brief six-month return. The strain of traveling from her West Coast home to One Life to Live's East Coast studio was becoming too stressful for the actress. She has already completed taping her final scenes.

Bolding, meanwhile, hints that the timeline of her exit is still somewhat uncertain.

"I'm not exactly sure of my last day, but it will be in the next couple of weeks. At the moment, I'm still working, wrapping up my current storyline," Bolding commented at the time.

Bolding joined One Life to Live in July 2007 as the fourth non-child actress to play the role of Sarah.

"While a part of me is going to dearly miss the cast, creative team, and distinct challenges that One Life to Live offered me, I am also excited to embrace upcoming opportunities and possibilities outside the doors of One Life to Live," Bolding added.

ABC does not comment on contracts. Bolding last airs January 7.

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