Terri Conn opens up about Aubrey

Posted Friday, November 19, 2010 7:25:09 PM
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Conn opens up about Aubrey
Emmy-nominated Terri Conn is now firmly entrenched in her new One Life to Live role -- a role that now has a last name. The actress previously appeared on CBS's As the World Turns. Conn first airs on November 29.

One of One Life to Live's newest additions to its cast has two new last names -- or one, depending upon how you look at it. Former As the World Turns star Terri Conn makes her first on-screen appearance on One Life to Live later this month, and her formerly mononymed character, Aubrey, has finally been given a surname: Wentworth.

Usually when a soap character's last name is kept a secret, it's because the writers are quietly waiting to lower the boom on unsuspecting viewers. At first glance, Wentworth doesn't appear to ring any bells -- but that could always change.

"I love the name! It sounds so mature," Conn told TVGuide Magazine's Michael Logan. "I'm excited to play someone other than Katie, not that I didn't love her but I did play her for 12 years. It's time to spread my wings and try a different kind of character. Katie was so perky and I could never get away from that. Even toward the end they'd be going, 'Could you make her a little bit more...you know...Katie!' They never really let me grow up."

Meanwhile, Conn has been tuning into the on-screen action in Llanview -- and she's reported in with her thoughts on everything that's been playing out.

"I was watching the show on November 15th and it really hit me how fortunate I am to be on this AMAZING show," Conn revealed. "It is classic soap...secrets revealed (Rex's parents), romance (James and Starr on Starr Beach), comedy (Kelly's drunk dialing), and family (the fabulous Cramer girls, the Buchanans, etc.), and it looks like a movie!"

This marks Conn's second daytime role. Conn appeared on CBS's As the World Turns for 12 years, through the series' final episode in September 2010. She may be known to most daytime viewers by the last name Colombino, but the actress is now using her maiden name after her recent divorce from husband Arthur Colombino.

"Everyone is so sweet and they are total pros," Conn said of her new soap family. "I'm having so much fun with my character. I just keep getting more and more excited every day! Thank you Frank Valentini and ABC for giving me a shot!"

As first reported by Soap Central last month, Conn's character will somehow be involved in the return of Joey Buchanan -- and a show source hints that Aubrey and Kelly probably won't be the best of friends.

Conn first airs on One Life to Live on Monday, November 29.

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