Sleepy Hollow casts OLTL's Kamar de los Reyes
Posted Wednesday, November 02, 2016 11:47:28 AM
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Sleepy Hollow casts OLTL's Kamar de los Reyes
One Life to Live alum Kamar de los Reyes (ex-Antonio Vega) has landed a role on FOX's primetime series Sleepy Hollow.

It couldn't possibly get any stranger than One Life to Live's Llanview, where time travel and trips to the heavenly land of Eterna are common occurrences. Or could it? Perhaps headless horsemen take the cake in the battle of weirdness. Either way, there's one person who now knows: Kamar de los Reyes (ex-Antonio Vega), who's been cast on FOX's primetime series Sleepy Hollow.

Deadline reports that the Peurto Rican native has landed a recurring role as a bodyguard named Jobe for the fourth season of the show, which is scheduled to return in 2017.

"Jobe is the heavy who takes care of people (like Tom Mison's Ichabod Crane) who stand in the way of [his boss] Malcolm's big plans," the story states. "The character is part of a major story arc in Season 4."

In addition to Sleepy Hollow, fans can look forward to seeing de los Reyes opposite Ryan Phillipe in USA's upcoming show Shooter, which is scheduled to debut on Tuesday, November 15.

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