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Will Andrea Evans return to OLTL?

by Dan J Kroll
Posted Thursday, March 22, 2007 12:02:28 AM
Will Andrea Evans return to OLTL?

With the last episode of Passions only a few months away, some One Life to Live fans are atwitter at the thought of Andrea Evans returning to the show to reprise the role of Tina Lord. But there are at least two possible obstacles in any return by Evans to the ABC soap.

One Life to Live fans continue to wait on an official announcement regarding the possible return of Andrea Evans (ex-Tina Lord) to the show later this year. Though no one is offering any official word at the moment, this rumor continues to have its flames fanned by various media outlets and fan web sites.

Would you like to see Tina Lord return to One Life to Live?
 Yes, but only if Andrea Evans returns. The other Tinas just don't work.   66% 
 I wasn't watching when Tina was on, but it would be cool to have her return   18% 
 I have no opinion about the possible return of Tina or Evans.   6% 
 I'd love to see Tina return to the show -- with any actress in the role.   5% 
 I've never been a big Tina fan, so I'd prefer that she not be brought back.   2% 
 Ordinarily I'd say yes, but the show needs to use its current cast first.   2% 
 I am not really familiar with Tina, so I can't offer an opinion right now.   1% 
 Other   0% 

As of right now, Evans is not headed anywhere as the actress is currently a part of the cast of the NBC soap Passions. However, soap fans know that the "peacock network" announced earlier this year that it was pulling the plug on the supernatural skewing soap. As soon as the announcement sealing Passions' fate was made, One Life to Live fans began wondering if Evans' search for a new job might take her back to the fictional town of Llanview.

It has been nearly 17 years since Evans last appeared in the role of Tina, a role she created back in 1978. Though the actress is perhaps best known for her One Life to Live role, fans may be surprised to learn that the actress was only a member of the OLTL cast for eight years.

Since leaving One Life to Live in 1990, Evans has had roles on two other daytime drama series. She appeared as Tawny Moore on CBS's The Bold and the Beautiful in 1999 and 2000. That same year she assumed the role of Passions' Rebecca Hotchkiss from The Brady Bunch alum Maureen McCormick.

Tina, however, has been missing in action for a decade - but she has been seen much more recently than Evans' last engagement with One Life to Live. Five other actresses have held the role of Tina, but none were nearly as popular as Evans. The most recent Tina incarnation was that of Krista Tesreau, who held down the role from 1994 to 1997.

Passions will wrap up its run later this year, but there are rumors (and hopes by fans of the show) that the show will find life either on cable or in some other format. If the show should be picked up, it might put a wrinkle in any plans to bring Tina back to Llanview.

It is also unclear if Evans would want to return to New York. Evans abruptly left One Life to Live in 1990 after she was stalked by a fan.

"All of a sudden, I went from a nice, happy-go-lucky life to having regular conversations with the police," Evans reveals. "This was before people were that aware [of the dangers posed by stalkers.] There was a great disbelief that here this man was trying to harm me, and the police could do nothing about it."

Evans remained low-key until her role on The Bold and the Beautiful, a job that the actress says she saw as a huge step towards regaining her life.

"[The stalking] has a lasting effect on me," Evans said. "I love what I do. I'm so grateful I've been able to get my life back after that horrible experience."

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