Hulu, iTunes unveil their OLTL show pages

Posted Tuesday, April 02, 2013 8:22:47 PM
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Hulu, iTunes unveil their OLTL show pages

When One Life to Live returns on April 29, fans will have a couple of places to catch new episodes of the show. In advance of the return date, Hulu and iTunes have unveiled their homepage for the show.

With less than four weeks until the return of One Life to Live, the show's online viewing hubs are gearing up to make sure that soap fans will be able to catch episodes of AMC.

Apple's iTunes service unveiled its homepage for One Life to Live, along with a description -- and possibly some storyline previews -- of what fans can expect from the rebooted soap.

"Intoxicating, character driven drama One Life to Live is back with all new must-see episodes. One Life to Live is filled with action, romance, comedy, and pushes the boundaries of entertainment by exploring cutting edge social issues. Viki, Dorian, Todd, Blair, the Buchanans and the Lords - all the icons of Llanview - are joined by gorgeous, hot stars of tomorrow in the all-new One Life to Live. At the start, Viki's sexy, young reporter Jeffrey King uncovers a scandal that ends Dorian's senatorial career. Of course, Dorian blames Viki, reigniting and exploding their feud to epic proportions. Meanwhile danger follows Todd to town in the form of a mysterious, evil organization signified by a sinister tattoo...and a deadly agenda. Blair and Cutter's popular new club Shelter places Llanview on the map with DJ's, singers and cameo roles played by the biggest names in show business today. The new One Life to Live has beloved characters from the show that ran on network television for 43 years plus the contemporary look, feel and style of an edgy new hit."

The iTunes software is a free download, available for both Mac and PCs. The pricing structure for episodes of OLTL has not yet been announced. Other comparable programs range from $2.99 per episode to $24.99 for an entire season.

Meanwhile, Hulu has also revealed its landing page for One Life to Live. This is the spot where fans can tune in every weekday to check out the latest episode of the show, along with video content for the series. Fans will be able to watch One Life to Live (as well as All My Children and other programs) on Hulu from their computers free of charge. Like a television-based soap, there will be commercial breaks during the course of the episode.

Fans wanting additional viewing options can subscribe to the optional Hulu Plus service. For $7.99 per month, fans can watch One Life to Live (along with hundreds of other shows including All My Children) from smartphones, TiVos, Internet-connected televisions, tablets, and other devices

New episodes of All My Children and One Life to Live will be available beginning April 29, 2013.

For information about All My Children viewing options, please click here.

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