One Life to Live's Melissa Archer, Jessica Morris to star in Lifetime's Twisted Little Lies

Posted Friday, December 10, 2021 11:27:41 AM

Lifetime amps up the drama in Twisted Little Lies, a thriller written by and starring One Life to Live alums Melissa Archer (Natalie Buchanan) and Jessica Morris (Jennifer Rappaport).

A slew of soap opera favorites are appearing in holiday films this season, but if Christmas films starring daytime actors aren't really your thing, perhaps Twisted Little Lies, one of Lifetime's December offerings, is more your speed.

The thriller, which stars One Life to Live alums Melissa Archer (Natalie Buchanan) and Jessica Morris (Jennifer Rappaport), follows a woman named Brianna, who turns to the Internet to meet someone new after discovering that her boyfriend is cheating on her. Brianna meets an intriguing man named William, but when she learns his true identity and rejects him, he refuses to let her go.

In a recent interview with Soap Central, Morris enthused that thrillers like Twisted Little Lies (previously called Web of Deceit) are her favorite projects to work on.

"I like thrillers, and I like drama," she shared. "I like the arc of starting out and everything is fine, but slowly, things get more threatening and scary, and then they have this climax of the whole fighting back kind of thing, and then you get to have your hero moment of surviving whatever is coming to get you. That's really nice -- there's something satisfying about that."

This film is extra special, however, because Morris and Archer wrote the script together.

"We've written quite a few scripts, but this was the very first script that we ever wrote," she shared. "We started it many years ago, basically as a fluke. We were having margaritas by the pool and started saying, 'You know what? Let's make up a story.' And we just started coming up with these characters and we were like, 'We should go inside and write this down.' So, that's what we did, and little by little, we just started doing it, almost like a hobby, when we would hang out."

Morris added that she and Archer couldn't believe it when they started filming the movie. "It was just so amazing to finally see our words coming to life, and we got to shoot it in Chicago together," she enthused. "It was a dream come true for us."

Twisted Little Lies is set to premiere on Lifetime on Friday, December 17, at 8PM.

What do you think about Jessica Morris and Melissa Archer writing a Lifetime film that they're starring in together? What are your thoughts on the premise of Twisted Little Lies? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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