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Report: Strasser Gone in '01

by Dan J Kroll
Posted Sunday, December 10, 2000 9:26:26 PM
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Strasser Reportedly Leaving

Robin Strasser could be called the Heather Locklear of daytime television. Locklear was added to the primetime soap Melrose Place in its second season as an attempt to raise the show's visibility. Locklear helped boost the show's ratings and, though she was billed as a "special guest star" for more than a handful of years, Locklear remained on the show until its final episode in 1996.

Strasser joined NBC's Passions in October as a 300-year old witch named Hecuba. Though Strasser's commitment to the fledgling soap was never described as long-term, few thought that the actress might be out after less than a year.

Soap Central has learned that Strasser might be leaving Passions as early as the first quarter of 2001. It's possible that Hecuba could be written out during the rating-crucial February Sweeps.

Another interesting twist in the saga is the whirlwind of change taking place at Strasser's old stomping grounds, ABC's One Life to Live. Executive producer Jill Farren Phelps is out at One Life to Live; Phelps will head over to General Hospital to fill the void left by outgoing executive producer Wendy Riche.

Be many accounts, Strasser and Phelps clashed quite frequently. Still other reports say that Phelps was one of the dominating factors in Strasser's decision to leave One Life to Live. One her fan hotline, Strasser admits that she's pleased that Gary Tomlin has been (or rather soon will be) promoted to executive producer for One Life to Live. "Whenever, wherever I would be given the opportunity to work with [Gary Tomlin] again, that would be a wonderful opportunity," said Strasser.

Following are the results of a Passions Online WT? On the Spot poll conducted the week of December 11, 2000.

Would you like to see Robin Strasser (Hecuba) stay beyond the beginning of next year?
 Choice   Votes   Approximate %
 Yes. Hecuba is a unique character that could easily have ...  203  37% 
 No. I really don't like Hecuba's evil ways and I'd like ...  165  30% 
 I'm a fan of Robin's work, but I don't really see Hecuba ...  87  16% 
 I'd much rather see Robin as Dorian on One Life to Live ...  80  15% 
 Other  11  2% 
 Total Votes  546

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