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Actor History

Robin Strasser (recurring: 24 October 2001 to 2002)


Evil Witch

Resides At


Flings & Affairs

None (assumed)

Crimes Committed

Hecuba is evil-witch extraordinaire...a shorter list would be crimes NOT committed.

Brief Character History

Hecuba was a girlhood 'friend' of Harmony witch Tabitha...until Tabitha imprisoned her in a cave over 300 years ago. She remained in that cave, her powers growing stronger and stronger, until she was released by Kay, Miguel, and EvilCharity's adventures in the mineshaft. She made some promises and predictions, then shocked Kay by showing up at her home! Kay sold her soul to Hecuba in exchange for Hecuba phoning the Bennett house and 'pretending' to be a girl named Tiffany who was supposedly impregnated by a boy named Chad Johnson (the Russells were incensed by a rumor that Chad HARRIS had impregnated a girl named Tiffany). With Kay's soul in her possession, Hecuba had the ammunition she needed to get rid of Charity...her ultimate goal. Hecuba finally managed to succeed in getting Kay to help her send Charity straight into the burning fires of Hell, but Father Lonigan is determined to see that Charity is rescued, and Hecuba burning in the fires of Hell...or in the basement with Tabitha's friends. Unfortunately, Hecuba has been winning every step of the way...until Tabitha and Timmy managed to get her locked in a bottle! After that, it was only a matter of time until she was vanquished.

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