Gering Re-signs --- But There's A Twist

Posted Sunday, May 08, 2005 5:14:39 PM
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Gering Re-signs --- But There's A Twist

What is your reaction to the 'twist' in Galen Gering re-signing with Passions?
Something isn't quite right. I bet there's more to the story 27%
I'm ticked. I can't believe he'll be off the canvas so long. 22%
I don't care if he'll be away -- I'm just happy he re-signed 22%
I am sure that Gering won't be off-screen that long at all. 14%
I was really hoping that Luis would be written off entirely. 13%
Other 2%

Poll Posted: May 8, 2005
Normally, fans breathe a sigh of relief when, after tense contract talks, a top star signs a new contract to keep them with their soap. That isn't necessarily going to be the case for fans of Galen Gering (Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald).

As previously reported by Soap Central, Gering was thisclose to leaving Passions, a show he has called home since the series' debut back in July 1999. And this wasn't the first time that contract talks with the heartthrob have come down to the wire.

Gering has re-signed with the show, but the terms are undisclosed. It is rumored to be a two-year deal.

"I am delighted that Galen has signed a new deal with us. Everyone at the show and network is thrilled that he will be staying with Passions," confirmed executive producer Lisa de Cazotte.

Gering agrees, "It's absolutely fantastic that Passions and I were able to come to mutually rewarding terms for my new contract."

But there may be a twist. Because Gering's talks with the network went down to the wire, the show's writing team was said to have no choice but to plan for the actor's possible exit. In doing so, the show created a storyline that will have Gering exit the canvas - possibly for up to six months. Of course, with Gering back on board, the writers can very easily adjust the time frame and allow Gering to return to the canvas much sooner.

A show spokesperson declined to comment on the possibility that Gering will temporarily exit, noting, "It is show policy not to comment on contracts, lengths or terms."

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