Rumors: Gaskill, Lindstrom To Leave PC

Posted Sunday, October 27, 2002 9:25:17 PM
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Port Charles Online News | Rumors: Gaskill, Lindstrom To Leave PC

Online chatter has two of Port Charles' leading men exiting the show within the next few months.

According to online rumors, Jon Robert Lindstrom (Kevin Collins) will leave Port Charles in 2003 to pursue behind-the-scenes work. Lindstrom has worked as a director on both Port Charles and, during PC's summer hiatus, All My Children.

A network spokesperson declined to comment on the rumors. However, it should be noted that Lindstrom recently signed a new long-term contract with Port Charles.

Other talk has Brian Gaskill (Rafe Kovich) vacating his angelic role at the conclusion of the show's current book, "Naked Eyes."

The chatter of Gaskill's exit seems to have drawn from speculation that the show's writers will pair up real-life couple Erin Hershey Presley (Alison Barrington) and Brian Presley (Jack Ramsey). From there the speculations hints that Rafe would be the odd man out and would then leave town.

Gaskill joined Port Charles in August 2001. At the time, his role was designed as a limited run. Fan reaction to the actor and his character was so overwhelming that show execs quickly moved to put him on contract. According to inside sources, Gaskill's contract runs beyond the close of Naked Eyes.


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