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Erin Hershey
Alison Barrington
Actor History
Birthday is July 24
Part owner of gym and juice bar with husband, Rafe Kovich
Former waitress at the Recovery Room
Model for photographer Jack Ramsey
Proprietor of the Pink Rose (a candle shop)
Former assistant at the Bike Shop
Former volunteer at General Hospital
Former elf at Wyndhams
The loft above the gym she owns with husband Rafe
Marital Status
Married (Rafe Kovich; married Oct 3, 2003)
Past Marriages
Rafe Kovich (they married themselves; Mar 2002)
Malcolm Barrington (father; deceased)
Elizabeth Barrington (mother)
Amanda Barrington (grandmother)
Rebecca Smith Barrington (great-great-great-grandmother)
Derek Barrington (uncle)
Mike Webber (cousin)
Flings & Affairs
Jamal Woods (lovers)
Rafe Kovich (lovers)
Caleb Morley (one-night stand)
Crimes Committed

Stole supplies from GH to help Jamal after he was shot.

Aiding and abetting; helped Jamal hide out from the police

Covered up Jack's death By lying [Jun 2001]

Arrested for the murder of Kevin Collins; later found innocent [May 2002]

Brief Character History

Alison was the granddaughter of society blueblood Amanda Barrington. Alison's grandmother ordered the smart-mouthed Alison to volunteer at the hospital for breaking her curfew repeatedly. Alison didn't mind the hospital but wished there weren't so many sick people there. Alison put her safety on the line when she helped Jamal Woods hide his pregnant friend, Val, from thug Cedric. Alison got much more than she bargained for when Cedric caught her snooping around.

Jamal found Alison near Cedric's corpse. Jamal took her to General Hospital, where Kevin realized Alison had no memory of the event. To protect Alison, Jamal said he had killed Cedric in self-defense. Scott agreed to represent him. The D.A. bought Jamal's story. A short time later, Jamal's bail was revoked when the authorities determined that he, not Cedric, was the mastermind behind the numbers operation.

Jamal visited Alison at GH and stuck to the story that he had killed Cedric. Alison realized Jamal was going on the run and convinced him to hide out at her family's cabin. Kevin continued to treat Alison, but Rachel intervened, and Alison remembered that she had been the one to kill Cedric. With Kevin's help, Jamal sneaked into the hospital to see Alison, and she told him that she remembered killing Cedric. Alison refused to stay away from Jamal.

Jamal pushed Alison away, but admitted that he had made a deal with Amanda to stay away from her. Alison was furious. Jamal and Alison convinced newcomer Jack to pose as "Chandler," Alison's new boyfriend, in an effort to fool Amanda. Amanda told Alison that she could continue seeing Jamal but that she would be disinherited.

Alison chose Jamal over Amanda and her money. They made love for the first time, and Jamal was startled when Alison said she was moving in. Alison then started job-hunting and ended up working at the recovery room. Alison and Jamal, both wanting money to buy gifts, wound up working as elves at Wyndhams.

When an old foe/partner in crime Travis showed up, Jamal was tempted to go back to a life of crime. Luckily, Alison devised a plan of her own and convinced Jamal to open up a bike shop in Port Charles. Alison and Jamal happily celebrated the opening of their bike shop, but their happiness stopped when Jamal received a visit from his old biker gang.

Alison decided to build on the bike shop business by opening a cafe alongside the bike shop, which Jamal wasn't thrilled about. Amanda tried to make peace between them and ended up having a heart attack while arguing with Alison. She and Alison repaired their relationship, and Alison received a mysterious gift of $25,000. She opened the cafe with that money.

Amanda had not been the source of Alison's seed money, but Zach had. Zach made sure Jamal was indebted to him through the money, forcing Jamal to do one last race, which Jamal did. Zach wasn't done with Jamal and forced Jamal to race once more. Alison threw away Jamal's bike keys, making Zach force Jack to race, which led to Jack's death. Livvie blamed Jack's death on Alison, but they soon mended fences.

Alison and Jamal's relationship became strained when two new faces appeared -- Jamal's old flame, Valerie, and an angel named Rafe. Valerie sprung a surprise on Jamal -- he had fathered her daughter, Hope. Alison, meanwhile, was forced to deal with her attraction for another man. Valerie lost touch with reality after her parental rights to her daughter were severed when the child was adopted, and Valerie attempted suicide. Her attempt failed, but she landed in the hospital's psychiatric ward.

Valerie escaped and held Alison at gunpoint. Jamal arrived and tried to wrestle the gun away from Valerie, but the gun went off and fatally wounded Valerie. Jamal took Valerie's death hard and blamed his relationship with Alison for Valerie's death. Alison found comfort in the arms of the man who was always there for her -- Rafe. The two made love in a haystack in a nearby barn.

Rafe was taken back to heaven. A devastated Alison started trudging on the railroad tracks and got her foot stuck in the tracks as a train headed straight for her. Luckily, just in time, Paige arrived and pushed Alison out of the way, saving her life. Alison started pushing her loved ones away and isolating herself in the barn. One day, Alison dreamed about Rafe. When she woke up, the pink rose that Rafe had given her in her dream, appeared.

Alison's great-great-great-grandmother, Rebecca Barrington, the black sheep of the Barrington family, stepped out of her portrait and comforted a broken-hearted Alison. When Livvie, Jack, and Jamal found out, they started investigating Rebecca and found out that she had been accused of being a witch and a murderer, and that she had been hanged for murder. They went to Alison with the information, but it was no use; Alison insisted that Rebecca was innocent. When Alison asked Rebecca about what she had been told, Rebecca answered that all she had done was make magic candles that had made people feel better. Then, she had started to use them to play tricks on people.

Rebecca also told Alison that she had been convicted of murder because everyone had thought that she had killed a minister, when in fact, she had just helped him make it look like he was dead, upon his request. Rebecca taught Alison how to make the magic candles, and Alison gave them to her friends. From her experience with Caleb, Livvie was afraid evil was seducing Alison and that Alison was in danger. Livvie insisted that Alison forget about the candles and Rebecca, but Alison refused, so Livvie took Rebecca's things and burned them.

Alison soon after opened a candle shop, the Pink Rose, and made more magic candles to sell. Livvie asked Kevin to help her convince Alison to close the candle shop, to no avail. Kevin took some candles to have them tested for drugs, but before they could be tested, Livvie laced them with drugs. However, Jack accidentally inhaled a drugged candle, and it made him think there were bugs all over him, so he had to be admitted to the hospital. Jack figured out what Livvie had done and told her to tell the truth, but she maintained she hadn't touched the candles.

One night, Kevin went to the candle shop to beg Alison to shut it down. A pitchfork fell on his arm and broke his watch. When Alison went to the back for a minute, leaving Kevin all alone, Rebecca emerged from the painting and lit a candle to make Kevin disappear. When Alison returned, Kevin was gone. The police arrived and found Kevin's broken watch and Alison's bloody apron. They got suspicious when Alison told them that Kevin had been there to ask her to close down the shop.

Alison was taken down to the station, and Livvie was furious, as she thought that her friend had murdered her father. When walking a bit from the barn, Livvie found Kevin's bloody shirt. She planted it in Alison's car just in time for the cops to find it. Alison was then arrested for Kevin's murder. "Nana" hired New York City attorney Kate Reynolds to represent Alison in her murder trial. Alison attempted to tell Kate the truth, but hard-as-nails Kate would not listen to tales of vanishing psychiatrists, walking portraits, and magic candles.

Kate decided to go with casting doubt upon the idea that Alison was the only one who would profit from Kevin's death by attempting to cast Lucy Coe-Collins and Ian Thornhart as lovers trying to do away with an inconvenient spouse. Alison became so angry at Kate for the ploy that she fired Kate and confessed to Kevin's murder. In the interim, Jack found an old camera in the trunks in the barn and snapped some photographs of both Alison and the barn on old glass plates. When he developed them after Alison's arrest, he discovered they had captured Rebecca Barrington's image.

Jack and Jamal went to Kate with their new information, gradually winning her over to see things their way. The friends put on a historical play showing the entire story of Rebecca and the minister for the judge. The judge declared that Rebecca was no murderer. At the clearing of her name, Rebecca was released from the limbo to which she'd been exiled for 120 years and could proceed with her spiritual journey. However, Kevin was still locked in limbo with no company at all.

Kevin cried out for Lucy, trying to keep her image in his mind, sketching her over and over again. One of the sketches mysteriously ended up on the patio of the Lighthouse for Lucy to discover. That was her signal from the universe that Kevin was still alive. Lucy used all her considerable power and money to attempt to free Alison. Alison had been so convinced that the play would also free Kevin that she collapsed from a leaking brain aneurysm. She was rushed to GH, where no one was sure she would recover.

Rafe, who had begged and threatened Ed, his heavenly boss, to allow him to return to earth to help Alison, had sold his soul to James, Caleb's old manservant, for a chance to return to earth. However, James returned Rafe to earth with no memory of why he had wanted to return, no memories of any of the people important to his life, and no memory of his death or subsequent time as a guardian angel. Livvie found him and used his amnesia as additional ammunition to destroy her "enemy," Alison. When Rafe awoke in the woods near the barn, he found the candle Rebecca had used to send Kevin to limbo, and he put it in his backpack.

Rebecca had told Alison that the only way to restore Kevin to the world was to relight that candle, and an extensive search began in order to find it. Livvie tricked Rafe into believing he had returned to Port Charles for her and that they were star-crossed lovers. She even tricked him into marrying her in the barn. Rafe always found peace in the chapel in the hospital, and one day, his nerves frayed from his inability to remember his past, he wandered into the hospital with the intention of visiting the chapel.

Somehow, Rafe found himself in Alison's room, and with vague memories of her swirling in his head, he kissed her, causing her to reawaken. He was horrified by his action, especially as a newly married man, and retreated to the chapel. He left the candle in the chapel, and a hand lit the candle. Kevin was returned to Lucy, and flashbacks showed Rafe had lit the candle. Kevin's return cleared Alison's name to the authorities, but Livvie's hate remained unabated.

Alison found herself at loose ends upon her release from the Port Charles lockup, and Jamal and Jack rescued her. Jack jokingly took photos of her atop one of Jamal's bikes and sent them into a motorcycle magazine publisher, who immediately wanted to hire both Jack and his model. Port Charles, meanwhile, was mesmerized by the advent of a mysterious hooded apparition who surfaced to save women who found themselves in threatening situations.

After Alison's awakening, Rafe was continually drawn to her, and felt a strong connection to her, but he vowed to stay true to his wife -- especially when Livvie told him that she was pregnant with his child. Though Alison had been fighting for Rafe to remember their love, including setting up meetings and events to jog his memory, she decided to back off when she realized that her nemesis was pregnant with her true love's child. Livvie had actually made a deal with Frank Scanlon to get her pregnant so she could keep Rafe, whom she claimed to have really fallen in love with. Livvie had discovered that Frank was really the hooded man who had been saving women in trouble all over town and had offered her silence in return for a baby.

Alison was devastated and tried to move on, kissing friend Jack one night while drunk. Her ex, Jamal, also tried to help her by pretending to be her boyfriend in front of Rafe one night, but it backfired. Though Alison and Lucy found proof that Rafe was not the baby's father -- Lucy had gotten a DNA test performed when Livvie was hospitalized -- Alison had decided not to tell Rafe, as she wanted him to return to her of his own free will, and she did not want to take away the baby that he was already beginning to love.

As Frank and Livvie each grew more out of control, Livvie told Frank, as the Avatar, to kill Alison so she would no longer be an obstacle to Livvie. Frank couldn't do it, however, and instead let Alison go, as long as she promised to stay away from Port Charles. She started off but got her leg stuck in a hunting trap. Rafe, fearing that the Avatar had gone after her -- as it had done before to get to Rafe, since it knew that Alison was the way to hurt him -- went to look for Alison when he was struck by an image of her lying in the woods in pain.

Rafe followed the image and found the spot where Alison had been, but no Alison. He realized that the barn that Alison loved was nearby and went there, but he was disappointed not to find her there. Rafe looked at the beam where he had once carved his and Alison's names -- Livvie had shaved it clean -- and wondered aloud why it had taken him so long to figure everything out. Taking out his pocketknife, he recarved their names, and that was how Alison found him.

Rafe looked at Alison and told her he loved her. Though he still didn't remember the past, he said it didn't matter, and they kissed. As they kissed, all of Rafe's memories rushed back to him. The couple reaffirmed their love, and as Alison told him he could "kiss his bride" -- as when they married themselves in the barn -- an angry Livvie shot Rafe in the back.

Rafe "died" and got called back up to heaven, while Alison confronted Livvie. Happy that she had at least gotten to tell Rafe she loved him, Alison decided to leave town to get a fresh start. However, as her train was pulling away, Rafe appeared and started running after it. Alison saw him, and running to the back of the train, she helped Rafe aboard. The two had a wonderful romantic reunion on the train.

Alison and Rafe, reunited, engaged, and living at Lucy's old house, planned to marry on Christmas. The couple was happy, but a damper was soon put on their newfound joy when Alison found out that her father, Malcolm, had died under mysterious circumstances. Soon, her errant mother, Elizabeth, returned home, and the reunion was not a happy one, as Alison slapped her mother and berated Elizabeth for all the years that Elizabeth had left her daughter alone while Elizabeth traveled and lived the high life.

There were more surprises in store for the Barrington women. Malcolm's will revealed not only that he had cut Elizabeth out of his will entirely but also that Alison had an illegitimate half-sibling who was to share in the family fortune. Elizabeth offered to help Alison find her brother or sister -- if Alison surrendered her new fortune to her mother.

Meanwhile, a band called the Stephen Clay Experience became all the rage in Port Charles. Their song "Naked Eyes" was played everywhere, and people all over were practically mesmerized -- all except Lucy and Rafe, who were highly irritated by it.

Elizabeth, still smarting from the years of cheating she had endured from Malcolm, only to be cut off, met a handsome stranger, the mysterious Stephen Clay himself, who turned out to be a dead ringer for Caleb. Rafe also later met face-to-face with the man, who denied ever hearing of a man named Caleb Morley. Ignoring everyone's warnings, Elizabeth continued to date him.

When Alison and Elizabeth got a lead on Alison's sibling, Stephen let them use his jet to fly to Canada to meet with the woman. On the way there, the plane ran into bad weather and crashed on an island. Alison was badly injured, and an emotional Elizabeth pleaded for her daughter not to die, as they'd just found each other again. Elizabeth wanted to make up for all the time they'd lost and all the pain she had caused. Elizabeth promised to start right that second.

In the meantime, Stephen tended to Alison's wounds and basically saved her life. At one point, Alison looked up and whispered that she and Rafe were wrong: he couldn't be Caleb, because Caleb would never help her the way Stephen had. She apologized and promised that everything would be different when they got back home. When the three were rescued, because the pilot had died, Alison told Rafe what she had decided, and though he argued with her, he eventually promised to keep an open mind.

As Alison lay in her hospital room, having the conversation with Rafe about Stephen, Elizabeth was at Stephen's hotel room, telling him that she couldn't be with him anymore because it was time for her to put her daughter first. "I can't let you do that," he replied as his eyes glowed red, his fangs showed, and Caleb bit her.

After Elizabeth became a vampire, she and Alison grew closer, and together they worked on finding Alison's sibling. Elizabeth had torn up their contract for Alison's money. Elizabeth gave Alison some old love letters that had belonged to her father, and a picture of the woman he had written them to. One of the letters revealed that she had given birth to Malcolm's baby.

Soon, Rafe and Ali's big day arrived. Before the bride got ready, Rafe gave her a present: a locket that had belonged to his mother. He wanted Alison to have it. She wore it on her wrist as she walked down the aisle, but halfway down, it got caught on her wedding dress. It opened -- and revealed a picture of her father's mistress, the one who had borne him an illegitimate child. The picture, Rafe later confirmed, was of his mother.

Rafe and Alison's wedding was called off, though there was another one that took place that day: that of Stephen/Caleb and Elizabeth.

Rafe tried to convince Alison that they could not be brother and sister. She wanted to believe him but said that until they found definite proof, she couldn't marry him -- or make love to him, kiss him, or live with him. He reluctantly accepted that then filled her in on her mother's new status as a bloodsucker.

Alison decided to journey to her father's yacht to look for clues on her sibling. Elizabeth decided to tag along, as it was the last place she had seen Malcolm, and she felt it might put some demons to rest for her. Stephen offered them the use of his plane again, though he sent his henchman Joshua along when at the last minute he decided to stay in Port Charles. Rafe sneaked along, as he had been wondering if the whole sibling situation had been one of Caleb's plans to keep Rafe and his love apart. While on the yacht, Rafe overheard a policeman tell Joshua that, as requested, the boat had been thoroughly cleaned before the Barrington women arrived.

Though Rafe questioned the yacht's caretaker, believing that Caleb and Joshua might have arranged for Malcolm's murder, the man was too afraid to talk. Later, at the hotel, Joshua "worried" that Alison seemed to want to stay in her room and not leave. After Elizabeth admitted that Alison was there to find proof that she and Rafe were not brother and sister, Joshua drugged her drink. Alison walked in and saw her mother on the floor, and she argued with Joshua. As he was leering over her in a threatening way, Elizabeth awoke, tore Joshua off of her daughter, and sank her teeth into him.

Luckily for Elizabeth -- as Caleb had warned her she was never to kill -- Joshua wasn't really dead, merely a vampire. However, it was unlucky for the rest of the town, as Joshua became hungry for power and was done with being in Caleb's shadow and doing his dirty work -- including helping to set up Rafe and Alison to think they were related.

Rafe and Lucy devised a plan to rid Port Charles of the vampires: there was a hot spring that ran underneath a building in Port Charles. It was a healing spring. Its water, which was what Caleb, Elizabeth, and the vampire members of the Stephen Clay Experience drank to curb their vampire symptoms, would transform any vampire who had drunk blood back in to a normal person, as evidenced when Elizabeth jumped in and was healed. Rafe and Lucy planned to lure all the vampires to the hot spring and toss them in. Unfortunately, Joshua got wind of their plans, and rigged explosives to blow up the underground spring with everyone inside it. With no Caleb around, Joshua believed he would be the new king of the vampires.

Joshua's plans didn't go as well as he had imagined, as the former vampires and the slayers were not killed but merely injured. He also had not counted on the fact that Caleb had made Livvie into a vampire. However, Joshua forged ahead with his plans, including one to make Alison his queen. To take down the new head vampire, who had been making vampire soldiers of many of the townspeople, an interesting alliance of Livvie, Alison, Caleb, and Rafe formed.

To stop Joshua from going after her, Alison faked her death. However, Joshua soon learned of the ruse and again took Alison away to the mansion that Joshua had turned into his new headquarters. Some of Joshua's latest victims included Frank Scanlon, Victor Collins, Jamal Woods, and Alison's own grandmother, Amanda Barrington. When Rafe rushed to Joshua's mansion to rescue Alison once again, Joshua's guards quickly overpowered Rafe.

Alison told Joshua that she would agree to marry him if he would let Rafe live. Rafe was released but was anguished because he had to leave Alison behind in the clutches of a monster like Joshua. Caleb and Livvie learned that Joshua had tricked Livvie into drinking a toast that included a potion that had turned Livvie's fangs into poison. Livvie was afraid that if she bit Caleb in an effort to restore Caleb's lost vampire powers, she would kill Caleb instead. Caleb told Rafe that he would help Rafe rescue Alison if Rafe would help Caleb find the antidote for Livvie's poisoned fangs and recover the Morley family heirloom power ring, which Joshua had stolen from Livvie.

Rafe finally admitted that he has already discovered the antidote for Livvie's poisoned fangs. After Livvie took the antidote, she bit Caleb and restored Caleb's magical powers. Rafe agreed to Caleb's plan, and with Caleb helping to distract Joshua, Rafe and Caleb showed up in Joshua's mansion just before Joshua could make Alison his bride. As Caleb, Rafe, and Joshua struggled, Joshua suddenly disappeared in a puff of smoke, but Caleb discovered that the Morley family heirloom power ring was missing.

After Joshua disappeared, Joshua's hapless victims learned that, because Joshua was not "of the pure blood," none of Joshua's victims could return to their former, mortal lives. Because Elizabeth and band members Caz and Reese had taken a dip in the healing pool before it was destroyed, they returned to their mortal lives. But Ian, Jamal, Frank, Victor, and many others discovered that they were cursed to remain vampires forever. The Morley family's mystical ring fell into the possession of Jamal, Jack, and Christina. As Caleb continued to search for his mystical ring, Rafe became obsessed with trying to prevent Caleb from recovering the ring.

Alison and Rafe began to live in the loft above Rafe's gym, and the couple began to once again make plans to be married. However, Rafe and Alison began to have many arguments about Rafe's obsession with discovering Caleb's missing ring before Caleb found it. It was revealed that the mystical ring had the power to grant any wish of whomever held the ring -- but the wish often backfired on the person making the wish. While Jamal had the ring, Jamal wished for Livvie and Alison to trade places for a day. Alison began to act tough like Livvie, and Livvie shocked Caleb when she turned into a happy homemaker like Alison.

Alison's mother, Elizabeth Barrington, bragged that she knew an important fashion designer, who was going to Port Charles to design a special line of sportswear for the opening of Alison and Rafe's gym. However, when the fashion designer did not show, Elizabeth pressed Dr. Chris Ramsey into impersonating the fashion designer. Elizabeth actually created the "designer" clothes for the fashion show, but did not let Alison know about her deception. During that time period, Elizabeth became romantically involved with Chris Ramsey.

When Rafe and Alison held the grand opening for their gym, Caleb sang a song guaranteed to return the ring to him. Baby Christina, who had the ring at the time, headed toward the stage, but a light fixture suddenly fell and hit Kevin Collins, which put Kevin in a coma and injured Kevin's back, so that Kevin found himself wheelchair-bound when he awakened. The light fixture had not fallen accidentally, but rather, the fixture had fallen because it was another of Livvie's attempts to get rid of Alison forever. Although the ring was momentarily lost in the hubbub following Kevin's accident, Caleb eventually found it.

Rafe suspected that Caleb had recovered the ring and decided that it was necessary for Rafe to travel to Hades to learn the secret of making the ring Rafe's possession. When Rafe broke into Caleb's apartment in the hope of finding the ring, Rafe found a book of ancient rituals and chants. Rafe decided to use a chant he discovered in the book to make a trip to Hades. Alison was horrified when Rafe disappeared in front of her very eyes. Alison went to Caleb, and confessing that she knew that Caleb had recovered his mystical ring, Alison begged Caleb to use the power of his ring to wish Rafe out of Hades and back to the mortal world.

In the meantime, Livvie had stolen Caleb's ring and exchanged it for a fake. Caleb was actually aware of Livvie's deception but decided to give Livvie time to return the ring to him on her own. Hoping to make Caleb hers forever, Livvie wished for Caleb to enjoy a night of grand passion and to be able to have a child of his own. She had previously learned that vampires could not produce children of their own, and that was the reason why Caleb had tried to steal Eve's baby, Daniel. At the same time, Caleb bluntly informed Alison that he refused to use the magic of the ring to help Rafe return to the mortal world.

A devastated Alison immediately went to the barn that had once been so important to her and Rafe. While Alison was at the barn, Caleb suddenly showed up and tried to reassure Alison that Rafe would be able to take care of himself in the netherworld. However, Caleb and Alison were alone together at the very moment that Livvie made the wish that Caleb would enjoy a night of passion. Alison and Caleb suddenly found themselves hitting the hay together in the barn.

Later, Rafe was suddenly released from Hades but was surprised that he couldn't find Alison at home. Rafe went looking for Alison. Meanwhile, a guilt-ridden Alison left the barn. After Alison left, Caleb revealed that Alison was the only one who had been under the spell of the ring -- that Caleb had never been under the ring's spell. When Alison and Rafe finally found each other, Rafe promised that he was prepared to give up his obsession with obtaining permanent possession of the Morley family heirloom power ring and to devote his life to being happy with Alison. Rafe then suggested that they be married at the barn where they had made their first vows to each other.

Rafe was mystified when Alison became very upset by his suggestion. Later, Rafe decided that what was bothering Alison was that many unhappy events had also taken place at the barn. Rafe had, after all, also married Livvie at the barn during the time that Rafe had not been able to remember who he was. It was also at the barn that Livvie had shot Rafe in the back and Alison had believed that Rafe was again gone forever. Alison tried to confess to Rafe about her night with Caleb, but just could not seem to get the words out.

Later, at the gym, a grateful gym patron suddenly gave Alison a gift. The gym patron handed Alison a reservation for a prepaid weekend at a luxury bed and breakfast in the country. After Alison accepted the gift and began trying to persuade Rafe to go to the luxury resort for their wedding, the grateful patron was revealed to be Caleb in disguise. When Alison called to make arrangements for the wedding at the resort, the woman who owned the resort was shown to be a fellow vampire friend of Caleb's.

As Rafe and Alison made their plans to be married at the resort, Caleb also convinced Livvie that they should be married at the same resort -- and at the same time. Later, after Rafe and Alison arrived at the resort, Caleb and Livvie arrived at the same resort. Livvie was not aware that Rafe and Alison were at the same bed and breakfast, but Caleb was well aware that Rafe and Alison were there. Caleb even spied on Rafe and Alison as they got ready for their wedding.

When it was time for Rafe and Alison to be married, Rafe surprised Alison by suddenly producing their friends and family to attend the wedding. At the same time, Caleb and Livvie exchanged vows in another suite of the resort. However, after Caleb and Livvie exchanged vows, Caleb informed Livvie that he had spent his night of passion with Alison -- and that Alison might be carrying Caleb's child at that very moment -- all because of Livvie's wish. While Rafe and Alison celebrated their wedding with friends and family, the newlyweds remained blissfully unaware of Caleb's revelation. However, Livvie was devastated by the news.

When Alison gave birth to a baby boy with dark hair, Rafe became convinced that Caleb was the father. Rafe set off to find Caleb, but he never returned. Over the next decade, Alison moved from town to town, trying to stay one step ahead of Caleb.

In 2013, Alison and her son, whom she named Rafe, returned to Port Charles. Alison had learned that her friend, Lucy Coe, had been institutionalized after claiming to have seen a vampire. Fearful that he might be in danger, Alison gave Rafe a metal spear to use as protection while she headed to the police station. At the police station, Alison panicked when the man the townspeople called John McBain looked identical to the man she knew as Caleb.

Alison fled, but later reached out to McBain to talk to him. When John McBain arrived at the docks for the meeting with Alison, he found Rafe leaning over his mother's lifeless body, holding the spear she'd given him. The spear was covered in blood.

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