Lisa Rinna Rumored To Be Joining PC

Posted Sunday, February 16, 2003 11:25:33 PM
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Port Charles Online News | Lisa Rinna Rumored To Be Joining PC

There is talk that Port Charles' twelfth and yet-unnamed book will feature the return of a popular character - but not the popular actress who previously played the part.

Internet chatter hints that Lisa Rinna (ex-Billie Reed, Days of our Lives) is up for the role of the departed Eve Lambert - or Eve's sister. Port Charles fans will recall that Eve was played by original PC cast member Julie Pinson until April 2002 when Eve was killed off at the conclusion of the "Secrets" storyarc.

The resemblance between Pinson and Rinna is striking - and this isn't the first time that it's been mentioned.

Ironically, Pinson was once rumored as a possible candidate to play Days of Our Live's Billie. NBC executives and Rinna were reportedly unable to iron out a deal for the actress' return to the show last year - and the show had talked to Pinson about possibly taking over the part. In the end, Rinna and DAYS execs were able to reach a deal, but Rinna's stay at the show was short-lived; she again exited the show in January 2003.

The chatter about Rinna's possible addition to the Port Charles cast followed a luncheon between the actress and PC's casting director. Rinna currently serves as co-host of Soap Talk, a talk show on the SOAPnet cable channel.

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