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Control freaks, Victor and Phyllis, called a temporary truce to collaborate on a scheme to split Summer from Luca. Jill spared no effort in her poorly disguised attempt to reignite the love spark between Billy and Victoria -- who, instead, got her freak on with Travis. Prison stress caused Adam to freak out moments before news of his exoneration arrived. Get freaky and read the latest Two Scoops.

Some people might say there are only two kinds of people in the world: control freaks and everyone else. Nowhere is that more true than in Genoa City. Not only does our favorite town boast its fair share of control freaks, but it has also hosted a substantial number of meltdowns and freakouts by many of its finest citizens. I thought it might be fun to get my freak on and examine just how freakishly freaky our friends in Genoa City have been during the doldrums and humdrum of a freaktastically long, dull, and hot -- meaning climate -- summer.

Control freak, thy name is Victor, a.k.a. Darth Victor, a.k.a. the Victator, a.k.a. the Mustache. To paraphrase Nick, "What kind of person frames his own son for murder using the pages from the journal of his other son's dead wife?" I thought, "Good question, Nick!" Victor takes controlling behavior to a whole new level. On a scale of one to ten, Victor is an eleven. Not only does he want to manipulate everyone into his perfect idea of what a family should be, but he also wants to seriously punish any family member who doesn't fall in line. While it was not his intent to have Adam actually go to jail, Victor the control freak lost control to Chloe, whose double-cross has caused some serious damage to Adam, Chloe, and Connor.

Victor has worked tirelessly to get Adam freed, but that does not undo the damage that has been wrought. Adam may never recover his confidence or emotional balance. Victor thinks that everything that he does is out of love for his family, but it isn't; it's out of love for himself. True love is giving and supportive, not controlling. Victor has not learned that lesson and, sadly, probably never will. Fortunately, he has Nikki in his corner. She accepts Victor as he is and chooses to see the best in him. I wonder how long that will last.

Control freaks are everywhere. Many are lucky enough to have their own "Nikki" for support. That didn't happen for this prissy controller, which is why I once referred to myself as "Victor in a dress," a quality I apparently share with Phyllis, according to Ashley, who used those very words when she confronted Phyllis about meddling with Summer's wedding. I have to admit that Phyllis, in her own way, is just as willing as Victor is to do whatever she has to do to protect those she loves.

Working with Victor to keep Summer from marrying Luca shows just exactly how far Phyllis will go to expose Luca. Interesting, though, is how quickly the collaborators were exposed. When Victor and Phyllis work alone, they keep their secrets very well, but together, not so much. Summer was quick to doubt the motives of her family and just as quick to believe Luca, the lying liar. Poor Summer. She must have been absent the day they handed out common sense at the school of hard knocks.

So far, Phyllis has had Jack in her corner, but Jack is finally figuring out that there is something wrong in their relationship, though it seems that Jack still needs to learn how impossible it is to control a control freak, and we know that Phyllis is definitely that. Phyllis is still pining for Billy and he for her, so I don't think that they are done yet, despite Jill's best efforts to keep them apart. I like the pairing between the actors, but it disgusts my moral sensibilities that Jack's wife is sleeping with Jack's brother.

As far as controlling controllers go, Jill is no slouch. I imagine that Jill will freak out and treat us to a terrific tirade if Victoria returns with Travis in tow. I doubt that Victoria will leave Genoa City to sail around the world with Travis, because she has children to consider, but there is no reason that they can't get their freak on and explore their relationship, especially if Travis returns to Genoa City.

The gold star for biggest freakout/meltdown of the week goes to Adam, who cracked up after only a few days in prison. Now he's in super-duper, serious trouble because he strangled a guard into unconsciousness, believing that it was Victor taunting him. Whoops, should have kept it together a little longer. Adam may end up in prison for a crime he actually committed, even though he was not in his right mind at the time.

I wonder if this is a way for Justin Hartley to quietly exit the canvas as he moves on to his nighttime gig. I am really going to miss him and the terrific performance that he has given us every time we see him. For me, he literally lights up the screen. Sending Adam to prison unjustly would take him off the canvas while Y&R auditions a replacement. I wonder if that's who "Dean," object of a casting call, really is.

In one of those "Picky, picky, picky" moments, I wondered how Adam had the strength to strangle the guard if he was weak from not eating for several days, which was why the guard brought him food and encouraged him to eat it! I'm also still shaking my head about the forged journal pages. Now, not only was the handwriting forged so well that experts couldn't tell the difference, but two pages were removed and replaced so seamlessly that it also went undetected by experts in the field. Right, Right. It's only a soap!

I'm really glad that Chloe is back and equally glad that she gave up the pages and her vendetta. There is a lot more story to tell, which will be very interesting as Chloe's baby daddy is revealed. In my heart of hearts, I hope that it's Kevin and the first paternity test was doctored. (In an aside, Bessie thinks Kevin should get a haircut, and so do I!)

I loved the relationship between Chloe and Kevin way back when, and I love the relationship between Mariah and Kevin now. I hope the writers figure out some kind of relationship that lets all three of them be fun and witty together. I love laughing, and nobody makes me laugh more that Kevin and Mariah when they get on a roll. Ditto Kevin and Chloe, and Chloe and Mariah. Surely there is a G-rated, comedic ménage à trois to be found in that threesome.

One thing I forgot to mention was how much I liked Phyllis' clothes last week. That black and white skirt was stunning, and I absolutely loved the back of that cranberry number. I would definitely wear that dress -- if I wore dresses, which I might if I could find one like that on sale at Walmart. I also liked that black sundress with the crisscrossed top that Summer was wearing (Hmm, maybe I'll stop at Fenmore's and check out their selection. Anybody out there with a Fenmore's card up for a shopping trip?)

Not completely sure whether I'm glad or sad that Travis is back. I definitely liked the sailboat setting. I've been watching a lot of shows about folks who move to Mexico for the sun, surf, and sailing, so I can well imagine the life that Travis wants to share with Victoria. It would be idyllic if Victoria didn't have young children and an ex-husband to consider. Unlike her namesake, Victoria does consider others when she makes decisions, so I think that Travis may have to give up sailing around the world if he wants to get freaky with Victoria on a regular basis.

Chelsea freaked out last week when she went to visit Adam with news of his exoneration, and alarms went off. She also freaked out when she got home. Freaking out is not really unusual for Chelsea, who does it on a regular basis. Chelsea is a bit of a drama queen, and she can work herself into a tizzy with very little effort.

In my opinion, Chelsea gets the gold star for best snit yet when she held a scalpel to Victor's throat. That was freaky behavior worthy of the Victator himself. Chelsea went straight for the jugular, just like control freak Victor does when he's threatened. No wonder Adam loves Chelsea. In some ways she's just like daddy dearest, but unlike Victor, who is ambiguous, Chelsea is demonstrative and makes her love for Adam very clear and unconditional.

Elsewhere, Dylan freaked out and almost slept on the couch after an argument with Sharon. Bethany was freaked but pleased to find a locker full of cash that she parlayed into three million and a ticket out of town. She was "one step ahead of the shoeshine" as Victor's red herring to divert suspicion from Chloe and clear Adam. Paul was freaked out when Kevin found a clue that eventually led to the recovery of the journal pages. Nick freaked out about both Summer's wedding plans and Victor's shenanigans. Nothing unusual there. Not freaking out would be unusual for Nick, don't you think?

In conclusion, it would appear that everyone in Genoa City is a freak in one way or another, so I feel right at home. If Genoa City is your home away from home, too, then I'm sure that we'll all be BFFF's: Best freaking friends forever! -- or what passes for forever in the soapiverse.

Please join me in two weeks for the next meeting of Soap-aholics Anonymous at the Top of the Tower. Our topic will be "Control freaks and the partners who love them" with guest speakers Nikki Newman and Jack Abbott. Imaginary friends are welcome, but seating is limited, so control freaks must confine themselves to one chair per person. See you there.

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