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by Nel
For the Week of February 24, 2020
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The gala turned deadly, Billy continues to spiral, Sharon faces her new reality, Adam and Victor mend fences, Victoria fights for her life, Phyllis discovers Adam and Chance's Las Vegas secret, Phyllis blackmails Chelsea, Adam proposes to Chelsea -- how is everyone feeling about February sweeps? Let's join our Two Scoops writer and unpack some of the drama from this past week.

WOW! Eric Braeden has had quite the history in the industry. Aside from his many television credits and the movies he has acted in, he's had forty years on The Young and the Restless. That is truly amazing. He joined Y&R in 1980, and the rest, as they say, is history. His accolades include twice winning the coveted Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor, winning Soap Opera Update Award for Lead Actor, and being honored as Most Popular Daytime Actor at the People's Choice Awards. He also received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Eric has had quite a history in various television series and made-for-television movies. I mostly remember him in The Rat Patrol, playing a German officer, and in his starring role in Colossus: The Forbin Project.

Eric has been one of the most popular "good guy, bad guy" characters on soaps, and no matter what he's done, we have always had a love/hate relationship with him. On Twitter, he has been described as the "TV Iron Man." (I wonder if and when Eric retires, if he will be presented with that proverbial gold watch!)

Oh, was anyone aware other things happened this week, as well? A number of things got my Spidey senses tingling. Let's start with the gala.

The Gala

Can you imagine what this celebration meant to Victor? He has often reflected on the orphaned child he'd been after his father, Arthur Miller, a nasty old man, abandoned his two sons, Matt and Victor, and his wife, Cora Miller. Financially unable to raise two boys, Cora had to turn Victor over to an orphanage. She'd promised him she'd bring him home as soon as she could, but she never did. Eventually, he ran away from the orphanage, changed his name to Victor Newman, and once again, the rest, as they say, is history. In spite of his past, Victor became a ruthless, successful business tycoon, and he built an empire. But like all the other Newman events that are never drama-free, this one also ended in tragedy.

People gathered for the gala, and Victor began by welcoming everyone and telling them that his family has been his greatest achievement, with Newman Enterprises a close second. He wanted everyone to enjoy the evening.

Everyone looked fabulous in their formal attire. Nikki looked stunning in her gold sequined gown. She looked fresh and was a wonderful hostess. The flashbacks were amazing.

Raise your hand if your heart broke for Victor when you saw the flashback of when he confronted his mother about not returning to the orphanage to bring him home or when he confronted his father in the nursing home. Okay, I'll be the first to raise my hand. I did shed a tear or four, but I loved the flashback of him and his mother after they reunited. A tear dropped for that, too! I'm such a sap.

How disgusting was Victor's father when he offered to write Victor a check for any amount that Victor asked. Victor did him one better by telling Albert that he didn't want Albert's money because he was "The Victor Newman" -- he was wealthy beyond Albert's wildest dreams, and he was respected and known around the world. I cheered!

It was so wonderful to see Katherine and Douglas again. I know it's silly, but to me, Katherine and Douglas were both larger than life, and I always thought they would live forever. Both were gone too soon.

Some of the flashbacks with Victor and Nikki at the beginning of their relationship were fun to watch, especially when Nikki walked into Victor's office, dressed as a cleaning lady. That was good for a giggle. I have to say, my heart melted when he told Nikki he would always love her, no matter what. I bet at that time, he didn't realize how true those words were. He and Nikki have had a tumultuous life together, but like magnets, there was always that gravitational pull to each other.

It was very sad to see Neil in a flashback of him and Victor. Neil had given Victor his resignation and Victor had told him that he didn't want to lose him because Neil wasn't only his colleague, but also his friend. Another one who is gone too soon. RIP, Neil (and Kristoff St. John). We still miss you.

Adam's speech touched me. It was the first time I saw this Adam being sincere about his feelings for Victor. Like Adam, I hope he and Victor have reached a turning point. I wasn't too impressed with the look that Nick exchanged with Victoria and Abby as Victor and Adam hugged. What was that -- hatred, sibling rivalry, or just plain old jealousy? You would think that after all this time, Adam's siblings could give him a little benefit of the doubt.

Jack spoke about his and Victor's infamous rivalry over the years. Rivalry? I thought it was a war between opposing factions. Holy smokes! That scene between Victor and Jack, who had, with Brad Carlton's help, taken over Newman Enterprises, actually scared me when Victor took Jack and Brad's portrait off the mantel and smashed it. As you can tell, these flashbacks had me jumping from one emotion to another. This gala episode, in my opinion, was very well done, and it was great to see so many of the former characters as well as seeing how young everyone had been. That was a shot of reality. All those fresh faces!

Ashley's words were really touching. She has always loved that man, through thick and thin, but she obviously accepted that Nikki would always be Victor's soul mate and the love of his life. Ashley had been in love with Victor since her early twenties, and that love for him never diminished. She ended her speech by saying that Victor had been the dearest and most interesting friend that a woman could ever have. Bravo, Ashley -- very classy.

What a lovely surprise for Victor when his brother, Matt, and Victor's first wife, Julia, attended the event. Victor was more than over the moon at seeing them both. Unfortunately, their stay was very limited.

I had to chortle when Victor told Nikki that after all the business dealings he's had with many of the guests, good and bad, he was surprised that anyone had anything nice to say about him.

Noah surprised Victor with photographs of him throughout the years with a light show that was a representation of the vibrant energy that Victor had always brought to Newman Enterprises. Victor was overwhelmed, and Nick the proud papa yelled, "Let's hear it for my kid!" Apparently, Noah had made quite a name for himself in London with his photography. Well, who knew? Victor didn't, but he was proud of Noah's accomplishments.

At every Newman event, there has always been drama, and this one was no different -- it ended in tragedy. Ripley Turner had been stalking Amanda. Billy showed up at the gala, uninvited, and began making a mockery of Victor's photographs. Amanda tried to get him to leave, believing he was drunk. Frustrated when she couldn't get through to him, she stomped out, and Victoria approached him, dressed in almost the identical outfit and hairdo as Amanda. When the lights dimmed, Ripley saw his opportunity. He approached Billy and Victoria, and he stabbed her, believing it was Amanda. As Ripley was about to leave the building, he was stunned when he bumped into Amanda, who was very much alive and unhurt.

Luckily, Nate and Elena were at the gala, and they were able to help Victoria until the ambulance arrived. I could be wrong here, but I think if you're a doctor and you respond, you have to stay with the patient until they are in the care of another doctor, even if the EMTs are doing the critical care on the scene.

In the meantime, Paul went into Police Commissioner mode and began his investigation. Paul suspected Billy of stabbing Victoria, but Amanda told Paul it wasn't Billy but Ripley Turner -- and that she, not Victoria, had been Ripley's target. She told Paul that it was obviously a case of mistaken identity. She also told Paul that she had seen Ripley leaving the building. Who will capture Ripley -- Paul, Rey, or Chance?

Victoria was taken to the hospital in critical condition. Another memorable Newman event!

Other Y&R Storylines

My friend Christine and I chat about Y&R from time to time. I think this is one of the rare times that she and I have disagreed. Christine doesn't like Phyllis, but I do. I was a fan when Michelle Stafford originated the role, and I was over the moon when she returned. Don't get me wrong -- I liked Gina Tognoni, but to me, Gina didn't have that sly and conniving edginess that Michelle brings to the character.

I'm sure we all wondered why Phyllis was so hell-bent on finding out about Chance and Adam's secret. She found a way of eavesdropping on Adam and Chance's conversation while they were in Las Vegas and she remained in Genoa City. That little she-devil managed to bribe someone to plant a listening device in Chance and Adam's proximity.

Her efforts paid off. Well, she hit the mother lode. Phyllis discovered that Adam had killed a man to save Chance and that Adam had told the dead man's wife that her husband was in Witness Protection. She also discovered that Adam had been paying this woman monthly to keep quiet.

With that secret in hand, Phyllis, that evil witch, used it to blackmail Chelsea into selling her 25% share in the Grand Phoenix to her. Phyllis now became an equal partner in the hotel with Abby and was plotting to push Abby out and become the sole owner. As much as I love Phyllis, it's time that she paid the piper. I want to see her plan backfire in a big way. She has it coming.

My friend Christine brought up a really good point. Phyllis' recording would never hold up in a criminal investigation or court of law. It was made remotely with neither participant's consent and without a warrant. Chance and Adam could probably make up a story and tell her that they were making stuff up because they knew she was spying on them, and they were intentionally sending her in the wrong direction. They could get her charged with criminal behavior. I agree with Christine, but she believes that Phyllis will get away with it. I, on the other hand, am holding out for everything to backfire on Phyllis.

What did you all think about the lip-lock Phyllis planted on Nick? How do you feel about a reunion between them? I am really hoping that doesn't happen. I would prefer to see Phyllis with Jack. I have mentioned this before, and I still believe Phyllis and Jack were at their very best when they were together. Without any effort, they seemed to keep each in line. There was a great love between them until Victor's machinations took over with the Marco incident. But that's just my opinion. I realize that many of you would rather see her with Nick.

Does anyone feel like the splits between Kyle and Lola, and Billy and Victoria, were rushed? I do. Kyle and Lola have been married for a nanosecond, and now their marriage is dust in the wind. I'm wondering the same thing about Billy and Victoria's short-lived reunion.

Let's start with Kyle and Lola. Kyle fought very hard to win Lola. He told everyone how much he really loved her. He even married Summer to make sure she became Lola's liver donor. I'm sure that Kyle would have stayed married to Summer if, as he claimed, Summer was in his heart and mind. But he ended that marriage to be with Lola, claiming she was the love of his life. Awfully short life, Kyle!! I don't believe Kyle's reunion with Summer is going to last, and I think that when he figures it out, it will be too late for him and Lola.

After Summer and Kyle had a civil encounter with Lola at Crimson Lights, Summer said she couldn't understand how Lola could be okay with her and Kyle's reunion. Kyle's face softened when he said that Lola was an incredible woman. Well... how much does he love Summer compared to Lola? Kyle just made a huge mistake leaving a classy lady like Lola for the likes of Summer. You're right, I'm not a Summer fan. Like many of you, I dubbed Kyle a "cad" for having sex with Summer three seconds after he left Lola. That was uncool, Kyle!

Speaking of Summer, she tried to warn Theo to stay away from Lola because she said he wasn't good enough for her -- I guess that made Summer good enough for Theo when she was dating and hopping in and out of bed with him. Also, Phyllis encouraged Summer to go after Kyle in spite of the fact that he was still married to Lola (what mother does that?), and when Summer and Kyle finally reunited, Phyllis was suddenly worried that Kyle would break Summer's heart again. How many times has Summer ridiculed and broken Kyle's heart, and he keeps going back for "more, please"?

Billy, oh, Billy Boy! What are you doing? He has hurt Victoria so many times in the past with his gambling and adultery, yet he promised that this time would be different because it was in the past, but, as always, he has found a new addiction -- anything for an adrenaline rush. I'm tired of Billy constantly having addictions, one after another, or mental health issues. Just before swearing to Victoria that their reunion would be forever, he allegedly overcame a split personality, and before that, it had been the gambling addiction, and before that, it had been adultery. How many more additions or health issues will Billy have? Can't he finally have a normal life with someone?

I believe that Victoria and Billy are really through this time. There have been too many crises concerning Billy, one of which almost had her killed. Billy is out for the thrill of living his life in the fast lane. He'd complained to Amanda that Victoria was always trying to fix him and that Victoria didn't act the way he wanted her to. I'm still scratching my head over that remark. So, Billy doesn't want Victoria to fix him, but he wants Victoria to act the way he wants her to. Okay, I'm going to leave this one alone because my brain hurts just trying to figure Billy out!

Does Chelsea have her head screwed on the right way? I have to wonder. Why would she go back to Adam after everything he has done? He recently tried to kill Victor, and he just confessed that he'd killed a man in Las Vegas to save Chance from being killed. Phyllis discovered their secret, and she blackmailed Chelsea. Yup, just the kind of guy you want to bring home to meet the folks. Adam proposed to Chelsea at the gala, and she accepted. I have to ask if all her brain cells are firing on all cylinders. She seems happy bringing up Connor with a man like Adam. Really? I don't care if he is Connor's biological father -- what is this little boy going to learn from Adam? He has already mastered the art of manipulation, so where will it go from there?

On another note, here are a few quotes that tickled my fancy, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Lola encountered Summer and Kyle at Crimson Lights, and they seemed panicked.
Lola: Relax, Kyle. I didn't bring my knives

Phyllis had been toying with Adam about his Vegas secret.
Adam: Phyllis, that horse died so long ago that the flies circling it are having grandchildren.

Phyllis told Adam she was through with negativity.
Adam: Phyllis, you are a living rain cloud, and you are the cause of other people's negativity.

At the gala, Jill bumped into Jack after his speech.
Jill: They really are throwing snowballs in hell.

Abby fired off this zinger after her encounter with Phyllis at the gala.
Abby: Phyllis, go mingle with your friends, if you can find any.

Phyllis was about to leave the gala, and Nikki and Victor stopped to say goodnight.
Nikki: I hope you had a lovely evening. It would be such a shame for you to go to all that trouble of crashing the party and not have a good time.

Nikki encountered Sharon in the bathroom -- Sharon felt nauseated, and Nikki noticed.
Nikki: Oh, my God, are you pregnant?
Sharon: No, but the night is still young.

And that's all from me this week. Until we meet again!

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