Arrogance versus reality

by Nel
For the Week of April 20, 2020
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Adam believes he has beaten Victor, Victoria wants revenge by possibly enlisting Alyssa in her plan, Nick wants to take Adam down and Phyllis wants to help him, Summer and Kyle set Theo up for a fall, but will Theo take the bait, Sharon faces surgery, will Traci choose to work at Chancellor Media, will Billy and Lily continue to see eye to eye? Let's unbox the drama that took place in Genoa City this week.

Does COVID-19 have everyone in quarantine and playing with our "I've got to get out of here" syndrome? Are you going stir-crazy? How many of you are adhering to the staying six feet apart directive, or are you at a point where you just want to sneak up, give them a soap opera kiss (or slap), and then run to see if you get caught?

Like many of you, my grocery store has restricted the number of people within the store, so there is a line outside, people must stay six feet apart, and they are told when they may enter. I do understand that this is for the safety of others, but... Victor Newman wouldn't wait in a line. Of course, I have no idea when Victor Newman last did his own grocery shopping. And social distancing? The residents of Genoa City barely remember to lock their doors!

Since COVID-19 is on everyone's minds, let's have a little distraction by escaping to the twilight zone known as Genoa City and having a peek at what the citizens of that fair city have been up to.

Adam is an enigma. He seems to focus on one thing, and then, with single-minded attentiveness, it's no holds barred. When he wanted to expose that he was Christian's father, that was all he thought about. It was the same thing when he wanted Chelsea back. The focus was completely on her, and rarely did his attention stray from that goal. At the moment, he is confident and cocky, thinking he has bested Victor because he is sitting in the CEO chair. I have a feeling he won't have time to get that seat warm before Victor ousts him from it.

I have to wonder if Adam concocted the information that Alyssa gathered or if the information is misleading and Victor had actually been protecting Adam and his family. I believe Adam actually killed A.J., and the memory of that event has been erased from his mind. He would have been high school age at that time and old enough to commit that crime. I think the images Victor saw of A.J. lying in the barn were from the aftermath. I think Adam killed A.J., and Victor moved the body into the barn to make it look like an accident and that he'd fallen from the loft. Victor is many things, but he is not a killer, and I don't believe he committed this crime.

Is it just me, or does Adam really believe he is exactly like Victor? He told Victor that he was exactly like him and that he was the only child suited to run Newman. What happened to "I just want to help my family" when he stated he would hand the company back to Victoria when she was ready to return? When he was passed over in favor of Nick, suddenly, "I just want to help my family" became blackmail for the position. I don't believe Adam could ever be like Victor because he is too full of vengeance. Victor goes after people he believes have wronged him in one form or another, and he gets even, but Adam doesn't care who or how many, as long as he gets what he believes he deserves and what is owed him.

Adam is extremely jealous of Nick and Victoria because they have always had Victor in their lives. Adam cannot seem to accept that his mother kept Victor away from him and that she refused to allow Adam to live the privileged life that his siblings were provided. Hope wanted Adam to live the simple life on a farm with her and Cliff Wilson. Hope accepted Victor's offer to pay for Adam's Harvard education, if I recall correctly, and the occasional visit.

Speaking of Adam's education, Adam has selective memory. He complains that his siblings have hated him from the day he arrived at the ranch, but he has forgotten that he was the one who made them hate him. He arrived with a chip on his shoulder, and the first thing out of his mouth was to brag about how much better he was than Nick and Victoria because of his Harvard education and the job he'd had on Wall Street. He claimed his business acumen was far superior to Nick and Victoria's. Call me crazy, but those words wouldn't endear him to me, either. Adam was constantly putting Victoria and Nick down.

I have read many comments from people who feel that Nick and Victoria were spoiled, always got what they wanted, and never worked for it. I disagree completely. Victoria started working at Newman in the mailroom, and she worked her way up the ranks to finally sit in the CEO chair. She wasn't handed anything nor did she have to use blackmail to get to where she is. Nick never wanted to work at Newman; he struck out on his own, and together with Devon, they built New Hope. Victor didn't give that to Nick. Victor didn't help Nick financially in this endeavor.

Adam, on the other hand, has tried every trick in the book to punish Victor because he felt that Victor abandoned him, despite that being Hope's decision. Adam wanted payback, and he wanted to punish Victor. Adam decided he was going to hurt Victor any way he could by attacking Victor or anyone close to him.

Adam conspired with Jack to write a fake diary where Victor "confessed" to murdering Walter Palin; he gaslit Ashley when she was married to Victor, causing her to have a mental breakdown; he framed Nick for murder when Adam faked his own death; and he switched Victor's medications. Those are only a fraction of the crimes and acts of vengeance that Adam has committed, to Victor and others. Victor has never gone after someone unless they have given him reason to, but Adam strikes out at anyone when he wants to attain a specific goal.

What has happened to Chelsea? She had always kept Adam on the straight and narrow, and now she has become vindictive and is in cahoots with him to make sure he gets the CEO chair. I don't get it. After her con artist days, Chelsea had been able to redeem herself, and she dropped the con artist persona. However, what she has become is something very different. Just like Adam, she seems to be full of vengeance, and she is championing Adam. She claims no one knew how hard it had been for Adam without Victor. What? She knew that almost from the day she'd met Adam and she'd sympathized with him, but she'd always managed to talk sense into him about Victor -- and it appeared that Adam had accepted it.

Why did Chelsea tell Nick that Adam deserved the CEO position? Why does she suddenly believe that, especially since Adam almost killed Victor with the medication switch? Does she really believe that Adam is a great father to Connor? Connor has already shown how he manipulates people. For me, Chelsea is a big disappointment and a bigger question mark. I used to be a big fan of hers because she'd redeemed herself, but now I'm not so enamored with her.

Unlike Victoria, I would be spewing venom at Victor. Once again, Victor has denied her that which had been hers, the CEO position. She is extremely angry and hurt, and she has every intention of retaliating. Victoria and Nick are both wondering why Victor gave in to Adam's threats and his so-called evidence without a fight.

Victor has refused to give them answers, and that has resulted in Nick and Victoria deciding to fight Adam on their own. Victoria has already alerted Alyssa that Adam lied to her and that his endgame was to take Victoria's job as CEO of Newman. Victoria is determined to regain her throne at Newman with Alyssa's help. Victoria also mentioned to Billy that she might have a big story for Chancellor Media in the next little while. I truly hope she succeeds. She has worked too hard for the CEO chair to allow sleazy Adam to take it from her.

Here we go again with Nick and Phyllis. With three failed marriages to each other under their belts, why are Nick and Phyllis at it again? Do they really believe that four is the magic number? They can't seem to get through four sentences before they wind up in bed. Does the sex really make it worth another try? I have said it before, and I'll say it again: shades of Phyllis and Billy. It's a thing with these two to make sure they never leave home without it.

Most kids want their parents together, but even Summer is questioning their "budding romance" and has told them not to do it. On this very rare occasion, I have to admit that Summer is right.

Summer, the devious little witch, thought that Kendra had been spying for Theo and devised a plan to trap Theo. Theo, being desperate, fell right into it, hook, line, and sinker. In the previews, we see that Kyle fires someone. Who was that, Theo or Kendra?

Summer and Kyle aren't working for me at all. As a couple, they are too much like Phyllis and Nick at the moment. They, too, for the most part, can't get more than three sentences out, and they wind up in bed -- or the desk or whatever flat surface is available. I think Kyle is fooling himself about being in love with Summer. I don't believe it, not after seeing the way he looks at Lola and Lola looks at Kyle. I don't think Kyle and Summer are going to last. In my opinion, Summer went after Kyle just to see if she could win him away from Lola, and now that she has Kyle, I don't see this great love she claims is between them. I get the feeling that Summer sees Kyle as a convenience, and in my opinion, when someone new and more interesting comes along, she will drop Kyle like a hot potato.

What will be the combination of Billy and Lily's names? Bilily, Lilby or just plain Blah? I really don't want to see these two as a couple. Lily had had enough with Cane's lies and his cheating. I would love to see Lily with some dashing guy who would treat her like a princess and who would be honest with her. After everything she's been through, I want her to be in a stable and peaceful home for a while. She's had enough drama over the years, especially these last few years, in particular.

Billy appears to be more or less stable at the moment, but for how long? It seems that every time Billy gets an idea in his head, he becomes obsessive, and Lily has to talk him down. Can you imagine Lily's life if she had to go through what Victoria had gone through with Billy? I'm not sure whether she really was better off with Cane if she had a choice between Cane and Billy. They are both handfuls.

Thank goodness Lily is the levelheaded one in this business venture, or Chancellor Media might hit the skids with Billy at the helm. That's what happened at Jabot when Billy was leading. All that power went to his head. If he hadn't been ousted as CEO, he might have lost Jabot with his gambling, like he did the boat, but that's just speculation on my part. I hope Lily doesn't get tired of keeping Billy in check. Perhaps if Traci accepts their job offer and comes on board into their fiction section, Traci and Lily might be able to keep Billy under control and pull in his reins when needed. I really hope Traci takes the job. I believe she would be a huge asset to the company.

Sharon's storyline isn't front burner yet, but it's lovely to see all the family support she is receiving. I love the way Rey treats her. He is so caring and loving. Sharon's life with him is drama free, but this cancer is certainly playing havoc on her emotions. Rey is always there to smooth out all the wrinkles. I love this couple. Sharon is due for surgery shortly, and I truly hope things go well for her.

Other observations I found interesting

Every week, there seems to be one actor who really stands out with their storylines. Lately, Victoria (Amelia Heinle) has been a standout for me. She has been battling PTSD, and she has done an outstanding job of portraying all the emotions that come with the condition. She knows she isn't over it, but Sharon has helped her a bit, and she is able to see things a little more clearly. She went back to the office and looked a little frustrated at first, but she seemed to settle down after a few moments.

Also, Traci has been outstanding. The emotions she projects are so real. When she cries, I'm right there with her, crying my own little river. I really hope she is back on a permanent basis. She is the rock of the Abbott family, and they need her.

The Classic Episode

How did everyone enjoy the masquerade ball in the Colonnade Room? Those were the days of bigger budgets, bigger venues, and elaborate costumes. I had almost forgotten about some of the people who attended the ball, like David Kimble, Ryan MacNeil, Rex Sterling, Leana Love, Olivia Barber, Nina Webster, Drucilla Barber, Nathan Hastings, Mary Williams, Lynn Bassett, John Silva, and the original Scott Grainger, Lauren's son. How wonderful it was to see John Abbott and Neil Winters. Everything was so outrageously opulent, but oh, so wonderful. That was a very nostalgic moment for many of us, I'm sure.

I thought Esther was hilarious as Fifi the French maid and singing "Everyone Ought to Have a Working Girl." Who knew she had such a great body? Wow! Then there was Katherine and Douglas singing "Put on a Happy Face." Such a wonderful episode.

I guess these classical episodes will continue on Fridays, and the episode I would most love to see again is the one when Cassie died. The acting was outstanding, and the actors really showed the depth of their craft. The episode itself was really well done, in my opinion.

And that's a wrap from me for this week. Until we meet again!

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