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by Nel
For the Week of September 21, 2020
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The Young and the Restless is doubling down on Adam's storyline. Will Adam find big trouble with his plan to take Victor down? Are Chelsea, Adam, Billy, and Alyssa on a collision course? What kind of trouble will Victor face? Will Traci find Dina's necklace? Will Jack find his soul mate? Will Devon go down the Hilary rabbit hole again now that he's seeing double? Is Summer as committed to Kyle as she claims, or will she double-cross him? Join our columnist as she offers her opinion on these questions and more in this issue of Two Scoops.

We are still listening to Adam's "woe is me" song (lyrics and music by Adam), and it's really getting old. He has con artist Chelsea in his corner, egging him on! I think that Shakespeare's phrase from Macbeth, "Double, double toil and trouble burn and cauldron bubble" aptly describes these two. When you have multiple plots and schemes because you want things to go your way, they generally backfire. I don't believe that whatever is brewing in these two con artists' cauldron will succeed.

Sharon has tried to help Adam through his overwhelming discovery that he'd killed A.J. Montalvo and to have him be at peace with what he'd done, while Chelsea is taking him in the opposite direction by aiding and abetting him. Adam is determined to blame Victor for everything that has gone wrong in his life, and Chelsea is supporting him in his desire to take Victor down. Hah! I wouldn't want to be in their shoes when they feel the wrath of the mighty Zeus.

Adam is blaming Victor for not dealing with the A.J. situation by getting him some professional help at the time, but I believe that Adam would have blamed Victor in any event. Victor can do nothing right, as far as Adam is concerned. I have to question why Adam keeps going after Victor. He has failed to outsmart Victor at every attempt he has made. Why is he so obsessed with trying to bring Victor down? Why not separate himself from the family and move on? Adam has a mean streak the size of the Grand Canyon. I don't believe he will ever stop trying to best Victor, and I don't believe he will ever win.

As if trying to bring Victor down wasn't enough, there is more. Adam and Chelsea want to stop Billy and ChancComm from publishing the story about Adam's criminal activities. Chelsea made a bold move by planting the listening device in Lily's office. Later, Chelsea and Adam overheard Billy talking to Theo about wanting to publish a true crime story, without giving Theo any details. They are now both privy to what Billy is planning, but they don't know what evidence Billy has as proof of what Adam did. They also learned that Alyssa is going to Vegas to interview the missing man's wife. I don't think this bodes well for Alyssa. My gut tells me something is going to happen to her before she gets to Vegas to do that interview.

Adam had one friend, Chance, and he severed that relationship after Chance tried to warn Adam that they had a problem and that Alyssa was investigating the missing man in Vegas. Chance told Adam that Alyssa suspected him and Adam. Adam just brushed Chance's concerns off like an annoying mosquito and told him the situation was handled. Chance had protected Adam after the incident in Vegas, but Adam obviously had no loyalty issues. Chance told Adam that Paul had asked him to rejoin the police force as a detective. Chance said that Adam better not to take him down with him if Adam chose to cross any lines, because he wouldn't have second thoughts about his duty. Adam seemed unperturbed, and he told Chance that the warning went both ways.

Adam and Chelsea are well suited for each other. Adam just blew up his friendship with the only friend he had, Chance, and Chelsea hit rock bottom when she went to Sharon's house to warn Sharon to stay away from Adam. I used to like Chelsea, but she has slipped to the bottom of the barrel for her recent actions. I never cared for Adam, so he is right there beside her in that barrel. For me, Chelsea showed no compassion for the stress Sharon was going through with her cancer. Chelsea obviously feels very threatened by Sharon, and her callousness was very apparent when she added to Sharon's stress with her warning. How many balls does Chelsea have in the air? There's planning a Victor takedown, quashing Billy's attempt to publish Adam's true crime story, and keeping Sharon away from Adam. What could go wrong?

Rey has been Sharon's rock throughout her cancer battle, and I hate to say it, but she is going to wind up with Adam. It is written in stone somewhere, I'm sure. Sharon and Adam agreed that she wouldn't be his therapist because they both wanted her to focus on her health issues. Sharon promised Rey that Adam wouldn't come between them again, so why can't Sharon stay away from Adam? She sent him a text message that Chelsea saw on Adam's phone, and what Sharon had written prompted Chelsea to come to the wrong conclusion and to pay Sharon a visit and issue a warning to Sharon.

Everyone has warned Sharon to stay away from Adam and to focus on her health, but Sharon never listens. She has sworn to Rey that there is nothing between her and Adam and that she wouldn't see Adam anymore, but we can see from her actions that she can't leave Adam alone. It's inevitable that she will wind up with Adam again and hurting Rey once more, in the process. Bryton James and Brytni Sarpi (Devon and Elena) are a couple in real life, and the Internet speculates that Sharon Case and Mark Grossman (Sharon and Adam) are a couple, which gives this soap one definite and maybe two couples who can go ahead with the canoodling on-screen.

Victoria seems to be hellbent on exposing Adam's criminal activities, and she has approached Billy, who is willing to run with the story. Nikki, on the other hand, has been trying to reunite Victoria and Victor. She told Victoria that the Adam situation has been very hard on Victor. Victoria certainly has Victor's mean genes, because she told Nikki that Victor never regretted what he'd done to her. Adam always came first. Victoria is really determined to publish Adam's story, but is she also trying to provoke Victor?

Jack seems to be all over the place these days. The rapport between Jack and Billy has changed for the better, and I wonder if it's because Billy has matured or because Jack has mellowed. Jack seems to have gone all mushy over what he perceived to be some sort of message from Dina about love, and he appears to be looking for a soul mate. I loved the scene between him and Phyllis. She gave him a shot of reality he wasn't expecting, and she was right! Jack told Phyllis he'd received a sweet note from Dina about love. Phyllis stated that Dina never did "sweet." She said that Jack had a skewed perception of Dina, and she reminded him that Dina had left John, abandoned her children, and built an empire on another continent.

Phyllis said that Jack and Dina had made amends, but it didn't mean she should be his hero. Phyllis hoped she hadn't offended Jack. Jack thanked Phyllis for her gut punch, and he began to wonder if there really was a message in that movie they'd found. He told Phyllis he trusted her judgment, and he would always forgive her.

Fresh from his conversation with Phyllis, Jack called Traci and got her involved. He asked her to watch the movie and see if there was a hidden clue. Traci said she saw nothing different from before -- until she looked at the still pictures of Dina and saw that necklace. She is determined to find that necklace. My question is "Why?" Why are they creating mysteries and hidden messages from a woman who is dying of Alzheimer's? Let her die in peace without any mystery. Jack needs to face reality -- Dina hadn't been around for her children. She'd been a self-centered and self-absorbed woman, who had cheated on her husband on multiple occasions, had a child with one of her lovers and passed the baby off as John's, and who'd been too busy socializing at the country club to pay any attention to her children.

I don't mean to offend anyone, but that was who Dina had been back in the day. Many years later, Dina's children brought her back into the fold, believing she'd changed, and they forgave her -- but please don't make her out to be something she has never been. There was no message for Jack, and I think he finally realized that after speaking with Phyllis. I still love the dynamic between Jack and Phyllis, and perhaps one day they will reunite, but we do have a new redhead headed for Genoa City, so let's see if she will wind up being the soul mate Jack is looking for or if he and Phyllis will gravitate to one another again.

This Summer and Kyle love story is nauseating, to say the least. I don't believe for a second that Summer is this sweet and enchanting person that Kyle sees. A tiger doesn't change his stripes, and a barracuda doesn't lose its teeth, and neither does Summer. I don't think Summer is in love with Kyle. To her, he is a possession and a win over Lola. Summer has always wanted to show people she could get what she wanted, when she wanted it, and I believe this is what Summer has done with Kyle. She wanted to show Lola she could have Kyle and win him from Lola.

I could be way out in left field about her -- and I would love to be proven wrong -- but I don't think I'm too far off course here. Summer is a "wild child," and she will never settle down to a normal life. Where was the love for Kyle when she returned to town? There was no love, and all she did was rebuff him. She blackmailed him into marrying her, and when that marriage ended and he married Lola, Summer had to win him back, just to prove she could.

Like her mother, Summer believes that keeping a man happy is a sexual thing, and like mother, it's an anytime thing. Other than business, when have you heard Summer and Kyle have an in-depth conversation about anything. So far, I have heard them talking about themselves and fall into bed. Great foundation for a marriage. Kyle claims he has always loved her, but has he, really? I will give him the benefit of the doubt, but I believe she will hurt him badly. When she does, will he go crawling back to Lola?

I guess I'm not the only one questioning Summer and Kyle's relationship. Victor obviously has his concerns, as well, but even if Victor, Nick, and Phyllis have concerns about this union, what of it? Kyle and Summer are adults, and they make their own decisions, so if they want to get married, then they don't need anyone's permission, but Summer and Kyle are acting like two teenagers who are afraid to take that big step without everyone's approval. That's mature.

I thought I was going to chirp when Kyle told Victor how much he loved Summer and swore he wouldn't hurt her. He told Victor he knew how to handle Summer. Hah! No one knows how to handle Summer! Victor warned Kyle not to hurt Summer. Who is Victor to talk? How many times has he hurt Nikki and left her? Humph! I certainly wouldn't be worried about Victor's threats with his track record.

What's up with Lola? I can't seem to put my finger on exactly what is going on with her. One minute, she is very flirty with Theo, and she even slept with him, and the next, she is cool toward him. When Theo asked what was wrong, she brushed him off with no explanation. Perhaps she hasn't moved past Kyle. Maybe she believes Theo will cheat on her the way Kyle did, therefore, no man can be trusted.

The worst thing she could do would be to compare Theo to Kyle. This is a brand-new relationship, and she needs to accept Theo for who he is if she wants a relationship with him. She admitted to Mariah that she really likes Theo. Lola, if you like Theo, stop making comparisons and lower your standards a bit to see where this goes.

I have to admit, I don't really care for Lola and Theo as a couple. I think they would be much better as good friends. Theo is self-absorbed but unsure of himself. He is playful, and he keeps tripping over his own feet. He needs someone to rein him in. Lola could be the one to do that, but she has created a standard for herself, and perhaps Theo falls a little short of that standard.

The DNA results are in, and I bet no one saw this coming, right? Amanda and Hilary were twins! I don't know about anyone else, but I'm tired of the twin storylines -- but okay, we have another one.

I have to say that I have been on the fence about Amanda from the very beginning, and I was even starting to like her until, without forethought for Devon's feelings, she peppered him with questions about Hilary. Devon told Amanda as much as he could without putting himself in harm's way. He told Amanda he couldn't go down that rabbit hole again because he might not be able to get himself out. Elena arrived in time to hear Devon say he would always love Hilary, and Elena's arrival shut the conversation down.

Even after Devon told Amanda that was all he could tell her about Hilary, Amanda was either insensitive or oblivious to his pain, and she dreamily said she could envision Hilary walking down the stairs in the penthouse with her whole life ahead of her. Elena asked Amanda to leave because Devon needed to process everything. Amanda stormed out like her feelings had been hurt. Didn't she care what that conversation had done to Devon, dredging up all the memories of Hilary? It's obvious that Amanda had a very callous side, one that she and Hilary shared. I can't blame Elena for being upset with Amanda or with what she heard. Elena loves Devon, and she knows the pain talking about Hilary caused him. I want this couple to stay together, so I hope Elena can keep Devon from forming a relationship with Amanda.

I thought it was very sweet of Chance to give Abby an out of their relationship because of his involvement with Adam and protecting her from the fallout because Alyssa was investigating Adam's involvement with the missing man in Vegas. Abby appeared hurt and thought Chance was breaking up with her, but she said they were in it together. Be still my heart! I love this couple, and I really hope they wind up together, whether in marriage or living together. These two seem well-suited for each other, and I hope they can overcome any bumps in the road ahead of them.

I hope you have enjoyed my take on what has been happening in Genoa City, and I would love to read your comments, good, bad, or indifferent, on last week's episodes.

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