The times in Genoa City, they are a-changin'

by Nel
For the Week of November 2, 2020
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What is the purpose of Adam severing ties with the Newmans? Is there something seriously wrong with Chelsea? Can Chelsea stick to her resolve and sever romantic ties with Adam? Will she and Chloe be able to resurrect Chelsea's clothing line? How long will Adam stick to his resolve to sever all ties with the Newmans? Will Jack and Gloria reunite, or will Jack find someone new? How will Jack handle Theo after excluding him from his grandmother's last moments and giving him no memento? Can Devon forgive Elena, or will she move on with Nate? Join our columnist as she offers her opinion on these questions and more in this issue of Two Scoops.

The November sweeps are blowing into town, and look what's happening between Billy and Lily. Those smoldering embers have found their little spark and appear to be blurring Lily and Billy's personal and professional lines. Did we expect this? Of course, we did. It's been developing slowly over the last few months. I'm not sure how I feel about this coupling. Billy is such a wild card, and he tends to flit from one addiction to another. Victoria wasn't able to keep Billy in check, and Phyllis seemed to think that sex was all she needed to keep him in line. What makes Lily think she can keep Billy reined in? Perhaps it's Lily's quiet way of putting him in his place and keeping him focused to prevent him from acting erratically.

Lily had enough drama in her life with Cane, who gaslighted her, cheated with Juliet Helton and wound up having a child with her that Lily wound up raising, and who, while attempting to get even with Billy with his scheming and lying, screwed Lily out of her lucrative modeling job. Billy is a different piece of work. He gambles, is an admitted adrenaline junkie, and is impulsive without a second thought about the consequences. Does Lily really need someone like Billy? I would prefer to see her with someone more stable, who would appreciate her and provide her with a life with a lot less drama. I don't think Billy is that person, but he might surprise us. Lily just might be the one to tame this wild beast.

Well, here is a little spoiler alert. Apparently, there is going to be a "whodunit" mystery, and Billy is going to be the center of the story rather than reporting it, and Lily will defend Billy's and ChancComm's reputations. It looks like this is going to bring them closer together. Obviously, the "whodunit" will involve someone close to Billy, or he wouldn't be at the center of it. I think Adam is behind this somehow, but I could be quite mistaken.

To say I don't trust Adam would be a huge understatement. Adam always blamed everyone else for his actions, but he has switched lanes and is now blaming everything on the Newman name. He still refuses to take responsibility for anything he has done. But wait! He has a solution. He is severing all ties to the Newmans by shedding the Newman name and assuming his mother's name, Wilson. Wilson, he doesn't have a history of any misdeeds, so he can start fresh and create all kinds of havoc with his new moniker! (As long as we don't count killing A.J. Montalvo, of course.) Does he really believe that changing his name also changes his thought process? He will still be the same conniving ass he has always been, but now, he gets to sully the Wilson name and start a whole new record of crimes and misdemeanors.

Does anyone believe that he is done with revenge against Victor and the family? Well, in case you do, here is another little spoiler alert for you. When Chelsea returns to the penthouse to pack up the rest of her clothes, she sees Adam's open laptop, and curiosity gets the better of her. She sees that Adam has a schematic of the Newman Tower and is obviously planning something, but when Chelsea confronts Adam, he dances around the reason why he has the schematic on his computer.

I thought the purpose for Adam changing his name to Wilson was to continue his life with a clean slate and because he wanted to live in peace, so why is he still scheming against the Newmans? I guess this is Adam's version of living in peace. In the meantime, Victor is pulling out all the stops to help stop Adam's out-of-control spiral. Why? How many more rotten things does Adam need to do before Victor realizes there is no redemption for him. Victor is going to receive major resistance from Victoria if Victor goes ahead with his plan to rescue Adam.

Obviously, Adam isn't too heartbroken over his separation from Chelsea because he is still fixated on Sharon. I hate it when someone tries to tell you how you feel, so it really annoyed me when Adam told Sharon that she would never love Rey the way she loved him. Had he been playing with his crystal ball before giving Sharon that piece of information? I hope Sharon stays with Rey, but I have a feeling that isn't going to happen. I think she's going to hurt Rey once again and reunite with Adam. Personally, I would hate to see this happen. These two were nitro and glycerin when they were together. It was a toxic relationship and I don't believe it would be any different this time around.

I also wouldn't like to see Sharon reunited with Nick, either. There has been too much water under that bridge for these two, but I love them in their friendship zone. I think they are much better off as friends than as a married couple. Nick tends to alley cat too often, and he winds up hurting Sharon over and over again. This way, they can remain close without all the drama. I think Rey is a good choice for her. He adores and cherishes her. He offers a quiet and sustainable love, in my opinion.

Well, didn't we all see the big breakup coming between Summer and Kyle. I have to say, Summer makes my brain hurt. How old is she -- fifteen? She jumped to the wrong conclusion about a couple of text exchanges between Kyle and Lola. He was simply making sure Lola was okay after their divorce had been finalized because he'd hurt her badly. It was all innocent, but Summer blew it completely out of proportion. Now, she doesn't even want to hear Lola's name, and she goes ballistic whenever Kyle mentions it. It won't matter what Kyle does to prove to Summer how much he loves her. She will go on believing that Lola is a threat and that Kyle is still in love with Lola. Who do you think is going to be Summer's next bed mate?

I have noticed a softness between Kyle and Lola when they are together. I wonder if this is a prelude to a possible reunion. I love Kyle and Lola together, but I have to ask if Kyle deserves her? Is she too good for him? Is he better off with a scatterbrain like Summer, who has rejected him yet again? I wonder when Kyle will get the memo telling him that Summer will always want to be the center of attention and will never settle down. In the end, I really hope that Kyle and Lola wind up on the same path, whether that includes getting remarried or not.

I love the coupling of Chance and Abby. Chance is deeply in love with Abby and vice versa, but are they doing things backwards? I know this is going to sound very archaic, but shouldn't you get married before you start a family? That's generally the order in which things are done but "the times, they are a changin'." I wonder if they will make it to the altar or simply live together. In some fun casting news, Chance's mother, Nina Webster (Tricia Cast), will be arriving. Is she arriving because there is going to be an announcement about Chance and Abby's future, which appears to be the way Chance is leaning? Or perhaps Abby has discovered she is pregnant? Is Nina there to create friction between Abby and Chance or to give them her blessing? Either way, this should be interesting.

The farewell to Dina continues, and I feel for Theo. He was Dina's grandson, but he was left out of her last day on this earth. Everyone received a piece of the necklace in some form except Theo, yet Jack claims Theo is family. If that was the case, why didn't Theo receive a piece of jewelry made from a piece of the necklace in memory of his grandmother? Jack had invited the family to gather on the day they were going to show Dina the Teardrop of Love, so why wasn't Theo invited? I say shame on the Abbotts. You can't tell someone they are family in one breath and in the next, exclude them from participating in such a momentous event as Dina seeing the necklace. I don't blame Theo for feeling like an outsider. The Abbotts are not making him feel welcomed. I sincerely hope that Jack will rectify that oversight. There is no excuse for Jack not inviting Theo that night.

To add to the "we are family" theme, Kyle has become more and more resentful of Theo. Kyle and Theo need to take a page out of Elsa's book (Frozen) and "Let It Go." This animosity they hold for each other is the "gift" that won't stop giving. No matter what Theo does, good or bad, Kyle' feathers are ruffled. The same applies to Theo when Kyle does anything. It's time for this to end because, frankly, it has become very tiresome. We know Theo is going to retaliate, so I'm wondering how he is going to do that. He was such a jerk rejecting Traci after she made an effort to follow him to Crimson Lights to reassure him that he was part of the family.

Spoilers indicate that Jack is having a difficult time coming to terms with Dina's death. Well, a new love in his life would help. Who should we pair him up with? Gloria? Ummm...I didn't like them together when they were together. Gloria is a bit of a pain in the ass, but she adds a lot to the show. Jack needs someone who isn't devious and conniving like Gloria. Nina Webster is returning to town. Could there be something there? I don't believe she is dynamic enough for Jack. How about another redhead like Sally?

Okay, don't start throwing rotten tomatoes at me just yet. I'm not one who cares about age differences. My view is that if two people click, then age really doesn't matter. I was married to my husband for many years, and he was 20 years my senior. I had an amazing life with him. I would rather have a few wonderful years with someone I clicked with than have love die and end in divorce. This could work for Jack and Sally. Last, but not least, he could have another reconciliation with Phyllis.

Oh, I know what you are thinking -- that Phyllis is a schemer and blackmailer, but she wasn't that way when she was married to Jack. She and Jack seemed to keep each other in check, and they had been completely devoted to one another the second time around until Victor changed all that, which led to Phyllis cheating on Jack because Jack wouldn't retaliate. She'd been raped repeated by the doppelgänger Victor had replaced Jack with, so I can see why she cheated with Billy. If none of the above are suitable, perhaps it's time to bring in some new blood. Jack needs someone in his life to help him come to terms with Dina's death and someone to share his life with. It's time Jack had some happiness in his life.

Well, it's apparent that Devon can't forgive Elena for her betrayal. Elena knows that Nate is in love with her, and now she has to make up her mind about what she wants. Does she want to continue fighting for Devon and hope he will forgive her, or should she be with Nate? What if she finds out she is pregnant? She will be faced with a new dilemma: who's the daddy? Won't this be fun? What if it turns out to be Devon's? Will he be able to forgive her and take her back, or will he make other arrangements to be with his child?

This is just an observation, but Devon (Bryton James) and Elena (Brytni Sarpy) are a real-life couple. Is it just me, or are their romantic scenes not coming across with the same chemistry as they had before they became a real couple? Maybe when all the heat is saved for home, there is less of that angst on the screen. As much as I love my characters, I do want the actors happy! Sharon (Sharon Case) and Adam (Mark Grossman) are also rumored to be a real-life couple, and it appears that the storyline might be headed in the direction of reuniting Sharon and Adam. I wonder if it will wind up being the same situation. I just find it strange, and I had to vent just a little.

Speaking of Phyllis, she is her own worst enemy. She butts in where she has no business, she schemes and connives her way through life and then cries "pity me" when things don't turn out the way she'd planned. Yes, she wrangled her way to getting the Grand Phoenix for herself, but she left herself open with her debt load for Victoria to buy out her loan and become a 75% owner of the hotel, all because Phyllis tried to go behind Victoria's back. Phyllis tried to convince the partners to sign an agreement to use the Grand Phoenix rather than the Athletic Club for their guests and events after Victoria had already declined Phyllis' offer. Phyllis will never learn that she isn't as smart as she thinks she is. When all else fails, Phyllis will even use blackmail to get what she wants, but in the end, she winds up the loser.

I find it hilarious that with Phyllis' track record of failed relationships, she thinks she can give Summer sage advice in that department. Summer is an adult and can decide who and when she wants to see or to marry. Phyllis and Nick seem to think they have a say in it. Summer doesn't need their permission. I wonder how long Phyllis and Nick will stay together? The sweeps indicate that Phyllis tries to help Faith. How is that going to sit with Nick? This is a job for Nick and Sharon, not Phyllis. Phyllis seems to think she has become an oracle of great advice. As much as I love Phyllis, I wouldn't seek counsel from her even if she was the last person on earth.

I hope you enjoyed my insights and views about what has been happening in Genoa City. I would love to read your comments and opinions -- and perhaps you might like to offer up some of your own theories on last week's episodes. In the meantime, it's a wrap for me. Until next time, stay safe!

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