Ain't misbehaving (Well, maybe just a little)

by Nel
For the Week of August 29, 2022
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Last week, The Young and Restless had a lot of corporate meetings and strategies going on, but some of the citizens were busy exercising their right for some naughty shenanigans. Who will suffer the consequences of their not-so-innocent actions? Join our columnist as she looks at who has been stepping out of line in this week's Two Scoops.

What on earth is going on with Adam? It appears he has gone from Adam 2.0 to his old nasty self again. He confronted Victor about Ashland's death and had the audacity to inform Victor that because Adam had negotiated with Ashland, Ashland had agreed to leave town after Adam had paid him off (with Victor's money), and had everyone left well-enough alone, Ashland might still be alive. What an enormous ego Adam totes around, and he has the nerve to accuse Billy of having a huge ego? Hello, pot!

Adam hadn't settled anything because Ashland remained in Genoa City because he wanted to reunite with Victoria. How did Adam's stupendous negotiating abilities have Ashland running out of town on Victor's money?

Adam is a very bitter person. Victor even told Adam that no matter what inroads they made, Adam always brought up something from the past that made him appear the victim. Victor stated that Adam was the one making threats. Victor pointed out that he'd taken a risk to protect Adam after Adam had accidentally killed A.J. Montalvo because he hadn't wanted Adam to be accused of being a killer for the rest of his life, but Adam claimed that Victor had ruined him. Adam claimed that those memories came flooding back whenever he heard a familiar phrase or certain things reminded him of his mother's farm.

I get that it had to have been traumatizing for Adam, but to blame Victor for trying to help Adam at that time is wrong. Perhaps Victor should have sought professional help for Adam at that time, but since Adam hadn't recalled the incident then, Victor had chosen not to seek help. Victor's intentions had been to protect Adam, not hinder him. It appears this is the crux of Adam's constant need for revenge against Victor and Adam's propensity toward nastiness. And I think perhaps now would be a good time for Adam to get treatment for this long-lasting trauma.

The question is what does Adam think he is going to prove by obtaining information that Victor had Ashland's body moved, making it look like Ashland had died in the accident? Adam has reverted to the troublemaker he always was. Will having Victor thrown in jail prove anything? Will he ever really be satisfied with any revenge plot he has for Victor? When will it be enough, or will Adam keep plotting against Victor until Victor dies? I don't know about anyone else, but to me, Adam's constant need for revenge against Victor is really getting old.

Adam's big bugaboo is that Victor didn't keep him in the CEO chair when Victoria returned from New York after she exercised her revenge on Ashland. Adam had known at that time that he was only the temporary CEO. Victor had wanted Adam to have his own entity, hence, Newman Media, something Adam had done an amazing job with, but that wasn't big enough for Adam's oversized ego -- an ego that must be a terrible weight to carry around. Adam has stated that he would do a far better job as CEO than Victoria ever could. Adam has forgotten that he messed up in that position years ago.

Adam is determined to find out what happened the night of Ashland's death because he is certain Victor had a hand in it. We all know Victor did, but correct me if I'm wrong -- didn't Chance indicate the chief of police already knew all the circumstances of Ashland's death yet agreed to go with Chance's first scenario, that Ashland had died in the crash? How will this information help Adam get revenge on Victor?

When Adam failed to get the information he wanted, he tried to intimidate Kevin, but Kevin shot him down and said he wouldn't be taken in by Adam nor would he help him. Kevin has really grown a backbone. Go Kevin, you won this round; however, Adam did one better. Adam hired Lucas to break into Kevin's car and steal his police-issued computer, which is a felony. He had Lucas hack into the police portal using Kevin's name, and voila! Like magic, there was the police report indicating that Ashland had died in the crash. That wasn't good enough for Adam; he maintained Victor had manipulated the crash, and Chance had opted to look the other way. Adam wanted to confront Chance about turning a blind eye to Victor's machinations.

Okay, here is where I have a little problem with this scenario. I have a friend working in health care, and she has a work-issued computer. Her computer doesn't have any data stored on it as a privacy precaution; everything is stored on a work-based server. Should her computer ever be lost or stolen, she would contact IT immediately, and IT would render that computer inoperable. It strikes me as unlikely that a police department wouldn't have the same security for their equipment. I find it odd that Kevin would have left his work computer so exposed in his car and that the information would be accessible by any hacker. Kevin, the computer guru, should have protected his files from hackers and shut that computer down the second he saw it was missing. It seems that Kevin should be reprimanded or fired for not properly securing police property.

Let's move on to Chelsea. I don't think she has recovered from her breakdown because she seems to be all over the place lately. Suddenly, the truth to everything needed to be told or exposed. Case in point, she is adamant that Johnny needs to know that she is his biological mother, and Connor needs to know he has a brother. Why has this become such an issue, since Chelsea has never shown any interest in Johnny until now? She wants nothing but the truth from everyone around her. Johnny knows he's been adopted by Victoria. Is it necessary to tell him who his mother is? That is up to the parent or if the child asks who their parents are.

How many kids have been adopted who have never been told they were adopted, or they have been told, but they never knew who their biological parents were. A few who were interested in learning gained that information. Johnny hasn't expressed any interest in knowing who his real mother is, and Connor has never asked if he has a brother. Chelsea is using the boys as an excuse to tell Johnny and Connor, but this is all for her benefit and her sudden belief that the truth needs to be told. I would go along with telling Johnny about his real mother if and when he expresses his curiosity.

Chloe is right, Chelsea is falling for any man who shows her any kindness; first it was Rey, and now it's Billy. That was quite the liplock with Billy. She obviously doesn't care that Billy is in a committed relationship with Lily. Chelsea wants what she wants, and she doesn't think she is doing anything wrong.

Every time Chelsea and Sally meet, there is a lot of barb slinging, but the one statement that stood out to me was Chelsea telling Sally that she and Adam had a son together. They sure did, but when Chelsea discovered she was pregnant, she told Adam the baby was Dylan's. Dylan delivered Connor, but then Chelsea shattered Dylan's heart by telling him the baby was Adam's. When Chelsea relayed to Sally that she and Adam had a child together, to me, it sounded like Chelsea was implying that she and Adam had shared in that blessed event together. Chelsea needs some professional help.

I have to wonder whether Billy will really step away from the podcasts or if he will need to scratch the itch that draws him to the podcasts, something he loved doing and something that was his happy place.

We all knew that Diane had an agenda: reuniting with Kyle and Jack and being acknowledged as Harrison's grandmother. Her goal is to make this her family unit, and she is using every manipulative scheme in her playbook to make that happen. Kyle called her out after seeing the way she blatantly flirted with Jack in his office, but Diane is quick on her feet and had an answer readily available that Kyle had misread the dynamics of the situation. Kyle hadn't misread anything. It was exactly how Kyle had seen Diane openly flirting with Jack. Perhaps this is the starting point where Kyle's faith in Diane's sincerity is beginning to wane.

Jack has denied that he has any romantic feelings for Diane and claims that his guard is always up where Diane is concerned. He said he's been polite and sometimes friendly with her, but that is as far as it went. Ye doth protest too much, Jackie-boy. Diane has been working toward her goal, and Jack has slowly been softening toward her. I would like to know why Diane can bring up Phyllis' name in almost every conversation she has with Jack, yet Phyllis mustn't even whisper Diane's name without Jack losing it.

Both Phyllis and Diane are misbehaving, but I have to wonder who will strike the winning blow. Phyllis is a sneak and thinks she is very smart in the games she plays, but she isn't. Diane, on the other hand, is a master at game playing, as was witnessed all those years ago when she turned the town upside down before faking her own death. She has been keeping her cards close to the vest, and people have become a little less suspicious of her. I can't wait for her meltdown -- hopefully before she ensnares Jack.

Nate still doesn't seem to understand the corporate ladder, and he really believes he is right in all his actions. I wonder if this is because Imani has been steering him in the wrong direction or if he really does believe he knows better than a seasoned executive like Devon.

He certainly doesn't believe he is doing anything wrong, but he needs to grasp that the COO's job is to run ideas by the CEO, and they discuss the feasibility of whether or not to put that idea in motion. Devon has a good reason for not wanting to go with Nate's idea; it was an enormous undertaking, and it would take too big a chunk of their cash. However, Lily seemed to think it was a good idea and worth exploring. The issue here is that Nate doesn't know when to take no for an answer, and he continues to believe he needs to do things on his own initiative without running everything by the CEO. He forgets he works for Devon, not the other way around.

Imani certainly isn't helping his cause. She is as irreverent as they come. I have mentioned before that Imani doesn't give two hoots in hell who she steps on to get what she wants. Elena needs to make Nate understand that Imani isn't doing him any favors.

I found it refreshing to see Victoria loosening up and smiling with Billy. However, I have to wonder if this fašade is a cover for what lies beneath the surface. Ashland really did a number on her with his deception and manipulation. She certainly appears happier, but we will have to wait and see.

How about some fun stuff like who should be with whom. Here are my picks -- what are yours?

Let's start with Jack. I would like to see Jack back with Phyllis. She has been the love of his life; however, circumstances have always driven them apart. Once Jack gets his head out of the air filter and sees Diane for who she really is, he will see Phyllis has been right all along. Jack and Phyllis have both matured, and I think they would make a great couple and have a long life together.

Can Nikki and Victor remain together? I think they will. They have endured a lot over the many years they have been married, divorced, married, divorced; you get the picture. I would probably lose my breath recounting all the last names Nikki has had.

What about Sharon and Nick? I'm on the fence with these two. Do I like them better as a married couple or as friends? Should they move on? Like Jack and Phyllis, these two have matured and would make a great couple, but here's a thought:

What about Nick and Sally? Sally has changed a great deal since she began working at Newman Media. She and Nick seem to have hit it off, and sometimes the way Nick looks at her makes me wonder if the sparks might begin flying in that direction. They say opposites attract, and this is as opposite as it gets. This might be a very interesting union. Sally would certainly keep Nick on his toes, but Adam's head might implode.

We have Trevor St. John coming to town as a mystery man. Could he be Dylan returning from Witness Protection or someone completely new? Either way, it might be interesting to see him and Sharon together and see if there could be sparks for the new guy or as a reconciliation with Dylan. I would like to see Sharon with Trevor. I found her and Dylan a little boring.

Then there is Victoria. At the moment, she isn't interested in any romance, but maybe Trevor will sweep her off her feet, and it will wind up being a match made in heaven. Then again, she and Billy have been confiding in each other, and she has admitted that Billy knew how to get her out of her own head and make her laugh. Billy has matured so much lately that maybe a reconciliation might be in the cards for these two. Victor would be apoplectic if Billy-Boy returned to the fold.

I think Lily is getting fed up with constantly propping Billy up, and she might want to move on. I like this couple together, but I also like Billy and Victoria as a couple. I guess we will have to see which way the wind blows on this pairing.

If Billy chooses to reunite with Victoria, Trevor, the mystery man, might be a better fit with Lily if he is in a corporate state of mind. He is an unknown, so it's hard to comment on how this paring might work -- or any other pairing, for that matter, until we meet him.

I would like to see Elena with Devon. They were such a great couple until the cheating started. They seemed to be very much in tune with one another, more so than he is with Amanda.

I liked Amanda with Billy, but I liked her better with Nate. I think Amanda and Nate were well suited for each other, and that would drive Imani mad.

Chelsea, hmm. I don't know about Chelsea in her present state of mind. She seems to go after anything in pants that shows her any attention. She is in a very fragile state, in my opinion. Again, Mr. Mystery Man might fit the bill here, but this could be a long shot. Again, we need to meet him first. And I really think Chelsea needs to work on loving herself before she can be in any relationship.

Adam, oy, I don't want to see him with anyone. He is too busy with revenge plots, manipulation, intimidation, and blackmail. He would need a Bonnie to his Clyde.

Just my opinion. Until next time, stay safe!

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