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Wigs, gas cans, multiple personalities, new lovers and old, and angry hotel room rants all happened this week in Genoa City. Where do we start? Find out in a hair-raising new Two Scoops commentary.

Dear readers, it appears that Jordan is just like Moira Rose and saved all her wigs when her life unraveled. How can she have so many wigs in that backpack? Wigs are expensive. Where is Jordan getting all her money to wig shop and drink? Also, who left that completely full gasoline canister near the Dumpster behind the bar?

All these logistical questions only prove what a soapalicious story this is. It makes absolutely no sense. This monster who kidnapped and tortured the wealthiest family in town is roaming around freely in a bad wig. She interacts with people wherever she goes, including police officers, and no one recognizes her! Are any detectives left in Genoa City with Paul Williams and Chance gone? Jordan keeps calling people, and no one is recording her calls for proof in the day and age of digital recording devices. When Victor meets with her, he should just slip an Air Tag into her purse and call the cops to track it.

And poor Seth. No witnesses saw Jordan push him in front of that oncoming car? Oh, Seth, we were just getting to know you, and kaboom. We knew you probably didn't have long when they didn't give you a last name.

Think about the most prominent family in your town; if a criminal had kidnapped them and was on the loose, wouldn't their face be on the news every hour every day until they were caught? I have blonde hair, but when I dyed it pink for a murder mystery party my friend hosted, everyone still knew it was me!

Nonetheless, this is the most fun villain we have had on Y&R for eons. I know she has to die, but I'll be sad when she's gone. How do I know she has to die? Nikki went to her A.A. meeting and waxed poetic about how much she wants Jordan dead and wants her to pay, which means Nikki will be accused of her murder when she dies. You know I am right. When I heard Nikki confess to a room filled with people about her desire for Jordan to pay with her life, I knew her fate was sealed.

I must hand it to Nikki. I never thought about stashing a bottle of vodka in my couch cushion. You'd think someone sitting on that couch might have leaned back and said, "What's the hard bottle-shaped lump in my back?" But seemingly, no one did.

Across town, Ashley and her alter ego, Crashley, are trying to bust up Audra and Tucker's new/old romance. It's clear now that my prediction of DID was accurate, and Ashley has two personalities, but maybe even more? A wise reader noted that there seems to be a third personality who manages the other two.

When Tucker realizes Ashley has mental health issues that have made her act so nutty, do you think he will have compassion for her and want to move into the protector role? I think he will. When he discovers she was not in complete control of her faculties in Paris and can't tell reality from fantasy, he'll want to save her. I don't see Audra and Tucker as a long-term couple. I see Audra with Nate or maybe even back with Kyle. I think it would be nice if Tucker proves himself to be a good guy with Devon and Abby and all the other naysayers by genuinely being a caregiver for a mentally unstable Ashley.

Y&R did a fantastic job this week with another mental health-based storyline, Connor's OCD. Judah Mackey was very effective in portraying Connor's challenges and struggles. He's such a fantastic young actor. When I see scenes like the ones he did in the therapist's office this week, it makes me even more frustrated that the Emmys ditched the young performer categories. How will great performances like his get recognized now? But I digress.

Connor shared the pervasive thoughts that keep him from focusing on his schoolwork and the tactics he tries to keep them at bay. It will be interesting to see how this storyline moves forward. Will Chelsea and Adam bring their son home? And while I applaud Billy for supporting Chelsea, I am mad that he isn't back in Genoa City with Victoria, as their family home burned to the ground.

Billy was the first to notice that Victoria and the other Newman family members were missing. But since that time, after finding out his ex-wife had been kidnapped and nearly died, they have had no scenes together. I love that Cole is back in town and that he and Victoria are close again after learning about Claire, but that doesn't mean she can't have any scenes with Billy. I hope we get a scene where Billy and Victoria sit with their kids and tell them their home is gone.

Do you know who else is gone? Danny. Phyllis had such a great plan. She bullied Abby into giving her Society for the night, put on a slinky dress, brought some wine, and set the scene for a grand seduction, but the "Bug" beat her to Danny and squashed Phyllis' efforts before the magical sauce was in the pot. We need a "Sauce Cook-Off" where Danny's famous sauce goes up against Sonny's famous sauce from General Hospital.

Christine has won Danny. I can't really explain this to you, but I will try. When I see Danny and Christine together in scenes, I root for them. I remember when they were together back then, and Phyllis was the villain trying to split them up. But then, when I see Cricket gloating to Phyllis about how she won Danny and how Phyllis is a loser, I hate Christine, and I root against her. Something about her smarmy attitude gets under my skin, and I want Phyllis to win. Probably PTSD flashbacks of mean girls I have known throughout my life. So, there you have it, a glimpse into my divided heart.

I know Phyllis has brought most of her heartache on herself, but I still feel sorry for her. Despite trying to be a better person, she's utterly alone. In next week's previews, it seems like Phyllis will jump Nick, and I'm not mad about that. I loved Nick and Phyllis together back in the day. A few months ago, I thought the writers would reunite Nick and Sharon, but since then, we have barely seen Sharon. Maybe Sharon Case is on vacation.

A scene I enjoyed this week was Billy and Adam having a heart-to-heart in the waiting room of Connor's therapist. These two men have no love lost for one another, but they both care about Connor, and they have both had some serious struggles in life. Could they become friends? Stranger things have happened on soaps. Jason Thompson and Mark Grossman have potential bromance chemistry if they can let go of their rivalries for the sake of Chelsea and Connor.

Chance and Summer finally consummated their long attraction, and I am giddy about it. I have been waiting for this since Phyllis "died," and Summer was going to him for help. They could be a long-term supercouple if given the writing to match their sizzling chemistry. It's rare when a recast supersedes the original in a role, but Alison Lanier is so perfect as Summer, I almost forgot what Hunter King looked like until I saw her in a Hallmark film. Don't get me wrong -- I adored her when she was on Y&R -- but Alison instantly became Summer in my mind when she took over the role. I love her with Chance, and I hope this love affair lasts the test of time, at least in soap time.

Since we got the happy news that The Young and the Restless has been renewed for four more years, there is hope for a long-term relationship for these two and many other soapy lovebirds. I am delighted to see CBS both renew Y&R and announce the development of a brand-new soap! Perhaps the networks realize that not everyone likes boring talk shows.

I would like to give a shout-out to Hayley Erin for her fantastic portrayal of Claire. This nuanced and layered character has gone from Nikki's overly perfect assistant to a dangerous kidnapper to a wounded daughter with a heroic streak. Hayley has nailed every aspect of each new incarnation of Claire. She has made me suspicious, fearful, and compassionate as each new version of Claire rises to the surface. My heart broke for her when she told Nikki that as soon as her Aunt Jordan heard that she was in the house with Victoria, she couldn't wait to burn it to the ground. Claire keeps realizing that her entire life has been a lie.

This storyline has also brought out the absolute best in Amelia Heinle. The typically cold and calculating Victoria has softened into a caring mother whose sole priority is righting the wrongs done to her presumed-dead daughter, Eve. I hope Claire changes her name back to Eve Newman at some point and reclaims her whole identity from Jordan. I wept with Victoria this week as we watched her home and all of her belongings going up in flames. Soul crushing!

I am hopeful this situation with Claire will help Victoria see Adam in a new light. When Claire said she wanted to talk to Adam to see how to fit into a family you didn't grow up in, I saw something in Victoria's eyes that she had never considered. Perhaps this will soften their contemptuous relationship.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Crashley end up in A.A. with Nikki because she can't stop hitting the sauce? Will Abby show up in anyone else's hotel room to threaten them for absolutely no reason? Will Lily walk in on Lucy, Heather, and Daniel having dinner and then walk right back out? Will Michael ever learn to never trust Victor when death is on the line? Will Mariah and Tessa find a nice new place to live -- with a studio so we can hear Tessa sing again?

Will Amanda Sinclair stay in town and be Jill's ears and eyes as Mamie tries to push the Chancellor/Abbott faction out of their company? Will Diane put the kibosh on Nikki calling her husband at all hours of the day and night to come and pour hidden vodka bottles out for her? Will Victor blow a gasket when he finds out Jack took Nikki out in public to an A.A. meeting when he has put her on house arrest? Will Audra pack high fashion for Paris or will she pack for a pajama party?

Share your thoughts on what has happened, what you'd like to see happen, and what you think will happen in the Comments section below. You can also join us over on the message boards for even more conversation!

Only tomorrow knows, dear readers, and I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.

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