Wilson Bethel confirms his exit

Posted Saturday, July 03, 2010 1:03:08 PM
Bethel confirms his exit

The Young and the Restless is set to pare a newcomer from its cast. Wilson Bethel, who joined Y&R last summer, will soon exit the show.

Newcomer Wilson Bethel (Ryder Callahan) will be exiting The Young and the Restless in the weeks ahead. The actor informed Soap Central of his impending departure during an interview along the Red Carpet at this year's Daytime Emmys.

"I have had a great time on this show," Bethel commented. "I wish it could have lasted a little longer."

Bethel joined The Young and the Restless in July 2009, in what was reportedly always designed as a short-term role.

Prior to making the move to daytime, Bethel appeared in the mini-series Generation Kill, as well as in several guest-starring roles in primetime.

Bethel's final airdate has not yet been announced.

Photo: Kat Guarino/Soap Central

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