Y&R's Bryton James reveals the TV icon with whom he's proud to share a Daytime Emmy nomination

Posted Thursday, March 31, 2016 9:29:03 AM
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Y&R's Bryton James reveals the TV icon with whom he's proud to share an Emmy nomination

Find out how The Young and the Restless' Bryton James (Devon Hamilton) snagged another Emmy nomination and which daytime star he grew up watching that also happens to be in his category.

Most Daytime Emmy nominees say they're in good company when asked about the other talented actors they're pitted against in the race for the gold, but The Young and the Restless' Bryton James (Devon Hamilton) truly means it -- especially when it comes to his costar, Steve Burton (Dylan McAvoy; ex-Jason Morgan, General Hospital). "My mother used to watch General Hospital, so he was a very familiar face to me growing up. When he came on the show, it was kind of crazy, because he looks exactly the same as when I was growing up!" he enthuses. "It's pretty cool to be nominated alongside someone I grew up watching like that."

Congratulations on your nomination!

Bryton James: Thank you so much. I appreciate that.

How did you find out you'd been nominated?

Bryton James: Our publicist gave me a call the morning of the 24th. He had seen the East Coast feed of The Talk. I knew it was coming out that day, but I was waiting for the West Coast feed to come on so I could hear, but he gave me a call, and I was at home, and I was very excited.

Did you later watch the West Coast feed so you could hear for yourself?

Bryton James: No, I didn't actually, because I had to be at work that day. I think we were getting ready to do the cake ceremony because it was the same day we celebrated the 43rd anniversary.

What scenes did you submit?

Bryton James: I submitted two scenes from an episode with myself and Doug Davidson [Paul Williams] and Steve Burton [Dylan McAvoy] in the police station. I was kind of losing myself, trying to find out what happened to Hilary [Mishael Morgan]. And then I submitted the entire episode when Neil [Kristoff St. John] comes clean to me about him being behind Hilary's disappearance.

Why did you decide on the one with Doug and Steve?

Bryton James: It had a nice buildup... Really, all I wanted to do was submit that one episode with me and Kristoff, but I thought because we can use two episodes, I picked a couple [scenes] that were a nice setup. So it was one scene with me and Doug where I wasn't all over the place; I was more breaking down and trying to get myself to accept that I probably wasn't going to find her again. So I thought there was at least one different level between the other scenes, just to show something diverse.

Immediately following the announcement or you learning you had the nomination, you had to work. But were you able to celebrate afterward?

Bryton James: Well, I mean, the whole day was really a celebration. They had a food truck for us at work; we celebrated with the cake and most of the cast. So going to work and being around most of my family there is a great celebration.

Who are you bringing? Are you bringing your girlfriend, Sterling?

Bryton James: I am!

For guys, they don't worry too much about what they're going to wear. Has she gone into the "Oh, what am I going to wear?"

Bryton James: Yeah, she's given it a little bit of thought, but not too much. Give it a couple weeks, and then we'll start getting frantic!

Does that mean you'll be going on shopping trips?

Bryton James: Yeah, probably! I'm lucky, I can take something from wardrobe. They've been nice enough the last few years. Ever since Devon started wearing suits every day, I don't have to go shopping for a suit. It's been nice.

What do you think about the ceremony being downtown at the Bonaventure and not being televised?

Bryton James: I think every time it's at a new venue, it's something cool. It's different, something unexpected. I've been to a few that were [in other places] as opposed to Beverly Hills or Hollywood, and it's cool to get a different vibe and environment. And as far as it not being televised, of course, we would hope that a ceremony like this could get the exposure and the fans would be able to watch in that way. But I'm still grateful for the fact they even have this award show and recognition and just a way for the daytime community to get together and really celebrate. It's a time to celebrate and have fun together and show our appreciation and respect for what each other does.

What do you think about the other nominees in your category?

Bryton James: I think they're fantastic actors, and I'm definitely honored to be considered among them. Especially Mr. Burton. Growing up, my mother used to watch General Hospital, so he was a very familiar face to me growing up. And when he came on the show, it was kind of crazy, because he looks exactly the same as when I was growing up! It's pretty cool to be nominated alongside someone I grew up watching like that.

Is there anyone you're disappointed that didn't make it?

Bryton James: Well, yeah, everybody from Y&R!

Anybody in particular?

Bryton James: You know, it's hard to say. Everybody who submits, we all submit because we feel that we have a shot. No one submits if they don't think they have a shot or if their work isn't worthy. So watching all the prenomination submissions and things like that, I think everybody had really fantastic work. There's not one in particular I could say deserved it over the other, but I'm very happy with who did end up getting nominated. And I think we have a really good chance this year. We have a really good chance to take a few.

Have you already started thinking about or preparing an acceptance speech?

Bryton James: I do like being prepared, and I'd be lying if I said I haven't started thinking about it. Yeah, I have. I don't want to sound arrogant, but when I won, I had a good feeling that I had pretty good work that year. And you want to be prepared. You have so little time when you go up there, and you want to make sure you get to mention everybody that was a part of your journey to get up there.

Do you have a lucky charm or ritual that you used the year you won that you might use again?

Bryton James: No, to be honest. No. I really don't. That year is special to me just because I don't think I've had a year since where I thought my material was actually good enough to win. Once I get to a point of being nominated... I'm very realistic on what my chances are, just based on my opinion. Judging acting in general is an opinion sport, so this is the first year that I've felt as confident as I did that year, if that means anything. But as far as any rituals or anything like that, no.

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