The Young and the Restless Daily Recaps for the week of April 13, 2020

Adam publicly announced his appointment as Newman's CEO. Phyllis planned to turn over her incriminating evidence against Adam to Nick, but she discovered that her safe deposit box had been robbed. Nikki was stunned when Victor confessed the horrible secret about what had really happened in Kansas.
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Adam publicly announced his appointment as Newman CEO, Victor told Nikki what really happened in Kansas
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Nick assures Phyllis he's committed

Nick assures Phyllis he's committed

Monday, April 13, 2020

At the Grand Phoenix, Victoria introduced herself to Alyssa. After Victoria mentioned that she was aware that Alyssa was working with Adam, Alyssa was hesitant to discuss it. Victoria warned Alyssa that Adam was a liar. Victoria told Alyssa that Adam hadn't published her story because he'd merely used her to gather the information he'd needed to blackmail Victor. Alyssa was taken aback to learn that Adam had forced Victor to name him CEO of Newman Enterprises.

Victoria explained to Alyssa that as the former CEO of the family company, she was as deeply invested as Alyssa. Alyssa said the conversation between her and Adam had begun causally and had seemed to organically culminate in their shared desire to follow up on what had transpired long before between their fathers. Victoria explained that Adam had engaged in emotional manipulation, as usual. Victoria added, "Adam had his eye on the prize. Everything else be damned." Alyssa berated herself for falling for Adam's lies and for not having followed her instincts when Adam had insisted on fact-checking her article.

Victoria didn't seem at all surprised when Alyssa explained that Chelsea was in on it, too. Adam, Alyssa said, had claimed that her piece about Victor's involvement had deserved wide exposure. Victoria noted that it was a stall tactic to buy Adam and Chelsea more time. Victoria said it was time for them to make a move. Alyssa explained that her hands were tied. Victoria correctly guessed that Adam had made Alyssa sign a nondisclosure agreement. Alyssa said, "All I want to do right now is go confront that bastard." Victoria asked Alyssa to let Victoria handle the matter and get back to her.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor entered the CEO's office. Adam offered to toast the changing of the guard with shots of tequila. Victor declined, but Adam poured himself a drink. Victor said it was no cause for celebration. Victor brought up a few key business deals he felt needed closer scrutiny. Adam sipped his drink and dismissively said the job wasn't rocket science.

Victor explained to Adam that he'd built a lasting company from nothing, and he said that all Adam had ever done had been destroy and steal. Adam claimed Victor was conveniently forgetting the dirty deals he'd relied upon to build his American Dream. Adam quickly segued from accusing Victor of murder to calling attention to his father's painting, absent from its former place of prominence. Adam patted himself on the back for having taken over the office with no strings attached. Adam again solicited Victor's congratulatory acknowledgement. Victor was silent.

Adam demanded that Victor sign an ironclad contract preventing Victor from firing him in the future. Adam asked Victor how he expected to announce his son's appointment as CEO. Victor said he'd announce that it was a family decision. Adam asked how Nick had taken the news. Victor said he hadn't yet informed Nick. Adam claimed that Nick would lose his temper and perhaps punch a hole in Victor's portrait, which was sitting upright on the floor. Victor said that it was all a joke to Adam. Victor soberly noted that the company was his legacy.

Adam said he was simply curious as to how Victor would approach his children without revealing his crime. Adam described Abby as the daughter content to stand back, Victoria as the child comfortable in her father's shadow, and Nick as the son uninterested in assuming power. Victor said Victoria was tougher than Adam realized. Victor recalled an instance when Victoria had hurled a letter opener though the portrait. Adam insisted he would never let anything Victor did slide just to remain in his good graces, which was the main reason he deserved to head the company.

Victor cautioned Adam to consider his moves cautiously. Victor cried, "Have you asked yourself what this might mean to my time with your mother in Kansas? I loved your mother, you know. How do you think she would feel about what you're doing right now? You -- the son she was so proud of." Adam accused Victor of bringing up Hope to make him feel guilty for holding Victor accountable for his actions. Adam blamed Victor for his predicament. Adam compared himself to his father and claimed that with them both, it was all about the bottom line. Victor said, "I just realized. You don't know me at all." After Victor left, Adam fidgeted uncomfortably in Victor's chair and gazed menacingly at his father's portrait.

At Society, Billy entered, noticed Amanda dining with Nate, and left abruptly. After Billy left unnoticed, Amanda and Nate chatted. Nate told Amanda he would have asked her out had she not beaten him to it. Amanda admitted that Phyllis had encouraged her. Nate said Elena had encouraged him to pursue Amanda. Nate told Amanda that being with her felt like something new was about to begin. Amanda told Nate she appreciated him for ignoring the opinions of others and instead getting to know her.

Nate asked Amanda about her experiences with the foster care system. Amanda explained that she'd been given up as an infant, so the system was all she'd ever known. Amanda explained that she'd made the most of being all on her own and, as a consequence, had become ambitious and driven. Nate talked about his complicated background, explaining that he was a Genoa City native. Nate said he'd lost his father when he'd been quite young. Nate praised his mother, the doctor who'd inspired him to pursue medicine. Nate also credited his father figures Malcolm, his stepfather, and his uncle, the late Neil Winters.

Amanda credited trusted teachers, professors, and especially a mentor in law school for having encouraged her and helping shape her life. Nate said they'd all discerned that Amanda was special. Nate and Amanda discussed their fondness for fine food, travel, and music. Amanda admitted that her mistake of getting involved with Ripley had made her hesitant to jump into another relationship. Nate promised to take things slowly. Nate invited Amanda to join him at the Grand Phoenix for a game of pool. Nate stood close to Amanda after helping her with her coat, and the couple kissed.

Phyllis led Nick into her suite at the Grand Phoenix. Nick paused and told Phyllis they couldn't solve every problem by having sex. Nick reminded Phyllis about a recent conversation involving their committed relationship, which she remained hesitant to acknowledge. Phyllis expressed concern that their connection was based purely on a strong physical attraction. Nick disagreed and implored Phyllis to tell him what was going on in her head.

Phyllis told Nick she was worried that he might tire of her and leave should she let down her guard and open her heart to him. Phyllis admitted she couldn't stand being hurt by Nick again. Nick promised Phyllis he was as invested in the relationship as she was. Nick said he didn't know what to do or say to prove to Phyllis that he was committed to her for the long haul. Phyllis insisted they talk things out to her satisfaction. Phyllis admitted that when she was with Nick, she didn't worry so much about fighting to defend herself.

Despite Phyllis' stated rules to hold off on sex and talk, their conversation quickly became an exchange of sexual innuendo. Tensions accelerated until Phyllis retreated to her bathroom to take a shower. Nick sat on the edge of the bed and caught a lacy bra tossed from the bathroom. After Nick joined Phyllis in the shower, he received a text message from Victor. During a steamy shower, Nick and Phyllis each took turns spreading soapy bubbles onto each other's bodies.

Clad in white robes, Phyllis and Nick emerged from the bathroom and discussed their respective relationship roles. Phyllis noted that they were older and wiser. Nick added, "Better than ever." Nick heard his phone ding and saw a message from his father, which he ignored. After Nick and Phyllis made love, Nick said he believed Phyllis' trust issues were based on her father's victimization of and theft from innocent people. Phyllis said she thought Nick might also feel the need to protect himself, given his upbringing. Nick turned the conversation back to Phyllis and said he learned something new about her every day. Nick praised Phyllis for supporting Sharon. Phyllis was hesitant to humbly receive praise. Nick told Phyllis his life was infinitely better with her in it.

At Chancellor Enterprises, Lily, working late, became frustrated when Billy leaned over her shoulder and criticized her for sharing too much about their rollout plans with a software developer. Lily explained that she intended to consult with Billy and would if he'd stop yakking in her ear. Lily, frustrated, asked Billy why he'd stopped by so late. As Lily continued with serious tasks, Billy claimed he was also working as he used a club to hit a ball toward a makeshift target. Billy was more interested in acquiring entertainment-based social media platforms than he was investing in think piece journalism publications.

Lily disagreed with Billy. Lily explained that Billy's plan was too expensive for the launch of their business model. Billy was adamant that they think outside the box. Lily, frustrated, placed her outstretched foot in front of the ball and diverted it after Billy set it in motion. Lily defiantly reminded Billy that he was her partner. Lily told Billy that he'd become bored and restless because he didn't have anyone waiting for him at home.

Billy continued putting balls and told Lily they should garner the attention of other companies and make them wonder what they planned to do next. Lily said Billy sounded like guys at startup companies with foosball tables and skate ramps. Billy noted that good startups had both an eye on the future and a vision to lead the way, which was what they should also have. Lily argued that execution made success a reality, and without it, a vision would die. Lily challenged Billy to capitalize on their strengths. Lily and Billy seemed to let down their guard and began praising each other's strong points, finally meshing their diverse skills constructively.

Adam publicly announces his appointment as CEO

Adam publicly announces his appointment as CEO

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

At the Newman ranch, Nikki noted that Victor hadn't said much at breakfast, and he apologized for not being better company. She recognized that he had a lot on his mind, given that it was Adam's first day at Newman. Victor insisted that he was fine, but Nikki imagined that he had a hundred different feelings going on. She urged him to talk to her. He decided to go for a ride, but she protested that they had a lot to discuss. He reiterated that he was going to the stables, and he walked out.

Victoria stopped by the ranch, and Nikki asked how the kids liked the tack house. Victoria shared that she'd told the children that things would be cozy for the three of them there, but she'd left out the part about not being able to stand being under the same roof with Victor. Nikki hoped to talk privately before Victor returned, and she hoped the three of them could sort out the situation with Adam together. Victoria inquired whether Victor had provided an explanation, since she had nothing to say if he wasn't willing to make things right, and she intended to win the fight on her own.

Nikki shared that Victor had looked her in the eye and sworn that he hadn't killed A.J., but he had refused to get into what had really happened or how he planned to get out of the mess. Victoria griped that her father did whatever he pleased, despite what anyone else thought. Nikki couldn't bear to see their family torn apart again. Victoria questioned why Victor was letting Adam call the shots instead of pointing out that Adam had no leverage.

Nikki guessed that there was more to the story that Victor felt he couldn't divulge. Victoria surmised that she'd simply become collateral damage while Victor was deciding how to teach Adam a lesson. Nikki ordered Victoria not to take matters into her own hands until they knew more, and she promised to talk to Victor again. Victoria expected that it would only result in more disappointment, and she stalked out.

In Phyllis' hotel suite, Nick watched Phyllis as she slept. She stirred and turned over to kiss him, and she groaned when she realized how late it was. He referred to the workout she'd given him the night before, and he thought he wouldn't have to hit the gym for a while. She contended that she needed him in good shape for the indefinite future, since she planned to do things to his body for the rest of his life. He liked the indefinite future part, and she voted that they stay there for the rest of the day. Nick remarked that they had to get back to the real world sometime, and Phyllis replied, "The real world sucks." They kissed.

Phyllis tried to convince Nick to stay for brunch, but he thought he'd never leave the room if he did. She cooed that that was the idea, but he had to do some work for New Hope and stop by to see his dad. Nick planned to grab some coffee on the way home, and he invited her to dinner that night. He took one last admiring look at Phyllis in her underwear underneath her open robe. He grinned as he left.

At Newman Enterprises, Chelsea knocked on Adam's office door and giddily asked if "Mr. CEO" could spare a moment. She inquired how it felt to sit in the chair again, and he replied that it was like he'd never left. She gushed that he was back where he belonged, and they kissed. Chelsea noticed that he'd taken Victor's portrait down, and Adam informed her that he'd rehung it in the boardroom. She figured that it had sent a message while keeping up appearances.

Chelsea wondered what everyone's reaction had been to the second change at the top in the course of a week. Adam reported that no one had questioned Victor's decision, since Nick had made it clear that he'd never intended to stay, and people had assumed that Victoria needed more time to recover. Adam expected the news to go public later that day with the theme of family loyalty. Chelsea asserted that he'd proven his loyalty to his father by keeping Victor's secret. Adam looked away, and she asked if she'd said something wrong.

Adam grappled with how he'd shown loyalty when his father had eliminated a man who'd threatened Adam and his mother. Chelsea argued that Victor hadn't needed to kill the man, and Adam countered that he hadn't needed to force Victor into giving him what he wanted. Chelsea considered it a small price for Victor to pay, considering the alternative would have been life in a Kansas prison. Chelsea reasoned that Victor could have just accepted Adam's offer to help when Victoria had been hurt, but Victor had led Adam on, only to snatch everything away the second Nick had stepped in.

Chelsea figured that Adam could only turn the other cheek so many times. Adam thought his father had known how much he'd wanted the job and how much it would have meant to him to feel like Victor had wanted that, too. Adam growled that Victor had talked about giving him a second chance, but it had only been another game to Victor, and Victor had lost that time. Adam prepared to show the rest of the world what a great CEO was really made of.

Later, Adam's intercom beeped. Adam instructed his assistant to send someone in, indicating that he was more than ready.

Billy and Lily wrapped up a meeting in the Grand Phoenix lobby. She gushed about how close they were to owning a news site, and she suggested that they go over her proposed changes to the contract later. Billy offered to pick up some lunch for them and meet her back at the office, and he headed out. Amanda stepped off the elevator, and Lily waved her over. Amanda wondered if it was Lily's subtle way of finding out how Amanda's date with Nate had gone.

Lily revealed that she hadn't known that Nate and Amanda were going out, and Amanda explained that she'd assumed Devon had told Lily. Amanda indicated that she and Nate had shared a lovely time, but she sensed that Lily had called her over for another reason. Lily said she'd been meaning to reach out, since she had a big favor to ask. Lily showed Amanda the contract for Chancellor Media's latest deal and fretted that the other party was asking for more modifications than she'd expected.

Amanda reviewed the documents and thought most of the changes were reasonable, but she found a tricky one in the fine print. Amanda penciled in some edits to consider, but she was sure that Lily could have had Chancellor's legal department assist her with it. Lily claimed that she preferred a more personal approach than whoever the parent company assigned to help, and she thought the media division should hire its own attorney. Lily inquired whether Amanda would be interested, and Amanda asked if it had been her audition.

Lily explained that she'd wanted to see how she and Amanda clicked in a professional context. Amanda doubted that it had been a sheer coincidence that Devon had also asked her to take care of some legal work. Amanda suspected that the siblings were coordinating their efforts to make amends, but she refused to be anyone's charity case. Lily swore that Chancellor Media needed am attorney who was good with contracts and that Amanda had proven herself to be just that.

Lily repeated her offer, but Amanda balked at making any major commitments out of the blue. Amanda revealed that she'd told Devon the same thing, and she wondered if Lily had even broached the subject with Billy yet. Lily intended to talk to her partner, but she'd wanted to make sure Amanda thought it was worth pursuing first. Amanda suggested that Lily talk to Billy about it.

Lily found Billy in her office. She announced that she had a proposal for him about their legal team, but he was distracted by something on his computer. She asked what was wrong, and he informed her that there was breaking news, even though he'd found out about it the night before -- Victoria was out as CEO of Newman, and Victor had replaced her with Adam. Billy showed Lily the headline, and he ranted that Victor and Adam could "go to hell." He questioned what kind of father screwed over his own daughter because he was too intimidated to fight, and he wished he could help Victoria reclaim what was rightfully hers.

Lily cautioned that Victoria wanted to live her own life, so Victoria might not accept his support. Billy revealed that Victoria had said the same thing, only more colorfully, and he imagined that it had to be killing her because she had loved the job and deserved better. Billy refused to watch Adam's interview because Billy was afraid that he'd get riled up and lose his resolve to disengage. Lily suggested that they focus on work, and Billy referred to her proposal about a legal team that didn't exist yet. He was taken aback when she asked how he'd feel about hiring Amanda to work for them.

Lily figured that Amanda had given up her practice in Madison and was trying to find her footing in Genoa City, and their division had a lot of contracts. Lily recognized that Amanda's ex had attacked Victoria, but she thought Billy and Amanda were friends. Billy recalled that Amanda had helped him through a tough patch in his life by helping him to understand who he was and what he wanted, but he hesitated to give the green light to hire her.

Billy finally said he'd be happy to work with Amanda, but he didn't know if she'd be interested. Lily indicated that Amanda had been open to it, and Billy headed out to grab some coffee. Lily called Amanda, who was at Crimson Lights. Lily mentioned that Billy was on board with hiring Amanda, and she suggested that they talk terms. Amanda worried that things were happening too fast, and she requested time to think about it.

Nick spotted the article about Adam on his phone as he entered Crimson Lights, and his jaw dropped. He spied Victoria on the patio and rushed over to ask how it had happened. Victoria informed him that Adam was about to do a live interview, and she revealed that their dad had insisted on being the one to tell Nick. The interview started, and Adam declared that he was thrilled to be back at Newman Enterprises.

Nick furiously slammed the tablet shut and demanded the truth about what was going on. Victoria divulged that Adam had claimed to have discovered a nasty skeleton in Victor's closet, but Victor hadn't wanted to get into it -- not even with Nikki. Victoria recounted that Adam had persuaded his reporter friend in Kansas to research and write a scandalous article about how Victor had killed her father and paid the coroner off to cover it up. Victoria couldn't understand why Victor had let Adam win.

Victoria griped that their dad was spinning it like she had to be patient while he fixed everything, but it was hard to take comfort when he hadn't hesitated to toss her out. Nick imagined that Victor's decision to decline Adam's offer to step in had struck a nerve with Adam, who had decided to hit back hard. Victoria refused to sit back and wait for Victor to take action, and Nick growled that Adam deserved whatever he got. Victoria warned him not to do anything he'd regret, and he suggested that she take her own advice.

Later, Amanda saw Billy and Victoria talking on the patio, and she quickly headed out. Meanwhile, Billy told Victoria that he hadn't forgotten that she wanted him to mind his own business, but he'd wanted her to know that he'd hated seeing the story about Adam becoming CEO. She inquired about how things were going at Chancellor's new division, and he reported that they were trending in the right direction. Victoria inquired whether his plans included media coverage, since she might have a story for him at some point, but she wanted to wait until she had the relevant facts before she shared more. He was intrigued.

At Society, Chloe reviewed Chelsea's latest sketches on a tablet and provided comments about the maternity wear. Chelsea pointed out that Chloe wouldn't be able to wear the designs, since the baby would be there before the line was up and running. Chelsea marveled that it was an amazing time, and Chloe sensed that Chelsea was referring to something in her own life. Chelsea squealed that she'd wanted to wait until the official announcement, but she had major news.

Chloe was stunned to learn that Adam was back in charge at Newman. Chelsea hesitated to say anything more, but Chloe pressed to know whether it was a temporary takeover to bridge the gap until Victoria returned. Chelsea confirmed that it was a permanent shift in the power structure, and it meant everything to Adam. Chloe understood that Chelsea was beaming with pride, but she couldn't imagine anyone else would be as pleased as Chelsea was. Chelsea resolved to handle whatever happened, since Adam was exactly where he belonged, and she wanted him to stay there.

Phyllis entered the restaurant and saw Chloe and Chelsea watching something on a computer. Phyllis approached and asked what had captured their attention, and Chelsea crowed that Adam was talking about his appointment as Newman's CEO. Adam claimed that he and his father had had their ups and downs, but they'd reached an understanding, and it had boiled down to family, unity, and tradition. He continued that it was important to have a Newman at the helm to carry on Victor's legacy, and he was honored to step in at a time when he was needed.

Phyllis observed that Chelsea was feeling pretty good about herself with Adam in the "big boy chair," and she wondered if Chelsea was worried that he'd done something diabolical to get the position. Phyllis cited Chelsea's true colors and called Chelsea and Adam perfect for one another. Chloe jumped in to defend Chelsea, but Phyllis pointed out that Chloe hated Adam more than anyone in the world. Chloe admitted that she wasn't thrilled that her best friend was with Adam, but she supported Chelsea. Chloe recommended that the women retreat to separate corners before things got messy.

Chelsea refused to let Phyllis get under her skin, and she taunted that Phyllis had no one to go home to at night. Phyllis blurted out that she had news of her own -- she and Nick were back together. Phyllis told Chelsea not to act like she cared, since Chelsea had only been biding her time with Nick until she'd gone back to Adam. Phyllis referred to Chelsea's part in the hotel hostage situation, leading to the end of Nick's political career. Chelsea warned Phyllis not to make it a competition about who'd done worse things, but Phyllis bellowed that she owned her mistakes, whereas Chelsea only made excuses for hers.

Phyllis ridiculed Chelsea for standing behind her amazing, magical relationship with Adam after she'd stomped on Nick's heart. Chelsea anticipated that it was just a matter of time before Phyllis broke it again, and Phyllis retorted that it was only a matter of time before Adam went to prison for whatever he'd done to Victor to get the CEO position. Phyllis guessed that Chelsea had also been involved, and she contemplated whether Chelsea could convince a judge to let her and Adam have joint jail cells. Chloe politely congratulated Phyllis on getting everything she'd wanted, but she suggested that Phyllis leave. Phyllis warned that Chelsea and "that larva" she was enamored with would be no match for Phyllis and Nick, and she stormed off.

Back at the ranch, Nikki somberly reviewed an online article. Victor returned and remarked that it had been good to be outside to clear his head. She begged him to tell her that he'd finally been able to reach Nick, and Victor mentioned that Nick had sent a text message to say he'd be stopping by. Victor planned to tell Nick abut Adam, but Nikki was afraid that Nick would find out another way. She showed Victor the news story.

Victor tried unsuccessfully to reach Nick over the phone. Nikki indicated that Victoria was just as angry and hurt as she had been the other night, and they were both mystified by Victor's inaction. Victor reiterated that he needed to handle it on his own, but Nikki huffed that he wasn't handling anything as far as she could see. She urged Victor to call Adam out on his lies instead of handing him the keys to the kingdom. Victor stood by what he'd done, and he proclaimed that it was the end of the story. Nikki pressed to know what had happened in Kansas years earlier.

Nikki theorized that the man who'd died had been a threat to Hope and that something had happened on the spur of the moment. She understood because it had been her first instinct to protect her child when she'd seen J.T. attacking Victoria. Victor declared that the conversation was over. "This is not over," she barked as she walked out.

Nick burst into Adam's office and snarled that Adam wouldn't get away with it. Adam invited him to look around, since Adam already had. Nick glared at him. Meanwhile, Victor flashed back to seeing A.J. sprawled motionless in the barn in Kansas.

Kyle and Summer bait Theo for a fall

Kyle and Summer bait Theo for a fall

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

by Nel

Sharon arrived at Crimson Lights and wanted to finish refilling the flower vases that Mariah had been working on. Mariah insisted that she could finish them up, but Sharon became angry and tried to pull the tray of vases away from Mariah, causing one to fall and break in the process. Sharon apologized. Sharon acknowledged that Mariah had only been doing what she'd promised to do. Sharon stated she was grateful because Mariah was an amazing gift to her. She admitted that she'd finally realized there were things she couldn't do anymore, but she'd tried to convince herself she wasn't helpless.

Mariah told Sharon that she was the strongest woman Mariah had ever known. Sharon was happy to have such a lovely and perfect daughter. Sharon admitted she was full of contradictions. Mariah said that Sharon was perfect, and she loved Sharon the way she was. Mariah stated that under the circumstances, Sharon was who she was. They hugged, and Mariah laughed. Mariah suggested that next time, she might get the message if Sharon dumped the flowers on Mariah's head.

At Newman, Nick angrily told Adam that no one would believe Adam's allegations about Victor. Adam asked why Victor had appointed him as CEO if the story wasn't true. Nick accused Adam of taking and taking, and he stated that Adam wouldn't be happy until he completely destroyed the family. Nick called Adam a fraud, and Adam asked if Nick was about to hit him. Nick suggested that Adam not tempt him. The conversation became more heated, and when it looked like Nick and Adam were about to throw punches, Chelsea rushed in and shouted at them to stop.

Nick asked if Chelsea had known what Adam had done to get the CEO position and Adam's allegations about Victor being a murderer. Chelsea stated that Adam belonged in the CEO chair, and she didn't care how Adam got there. Chelsea claimed that Nick should be thanking Adam for not publishing Victor's crime and putting Victor in prison. Nick asked Chelsea if she wanted him to be thankful that Adam had blackmailed Victor. Nick said he wouldn't give Adam credit for taking Victoria's job, a job she'd worked very hard to get it. Adam claimed that the position had been handed to her, and he told Nick to stop rewriting history.

Infuriated, Nick informed Adam that Victoria had started working in the mailroom when she'd been in her teens, and she'd gradually moved up the ranks. Victor had denied her the CEO chair many times, but when Victoria had finally become the CEO, she hadn't resorted to blackmail to get it. Victoria had earned that position after she'd worked her tail off for it. Adam claimed Victoria was a sucker for trying to win the approval of a man who'd repeatedly disrespected her. Nick claimed that was typical thinking coming from someone who believed that doing something honestly was a sign of weakness.

Adam told Nick he wouldn't genuflect to a man who got away with murder, but Nick reminded Adam of the countless times Victor had protected Adam for his crimes, such as almost killing Victor after tampering with his medication. Nick turned to Chelsea and said that nothing surprised him about her. He said it was one thing for Chelsea to fight for Adam, but the situation wasn't just about her and Adam. He asked if Chelsea really wanted Adam as a role model for Connor after what Adam had done to his own father. Nick asked Chelsea if she wanted her son to turn out like Adam. Chelsea defended Adam by claiming that Adam was an amazing father. Nick said he really had to question Chelsea's choices.

Nick told Adam that if Victor wouldn't fight for Victoria to get the CEO position returned to her, then he would. Adam stated that everything he'd told Victor had been the truth, whether Nick wanted to believe it or not. Adam said he hadn't believed the facts at first, either, but after he'd seen the evidence, it had proven that Victor had killed A.J. Adam acknowledged that Victor had done it to protect Hope, but the fact remained that Victor had murdered A.J. Nick stated that Adam had no credibility. Nick didn't believe Adam and would prove him wrong.

After Nick left, Adam and Chelsea hugged. Adam said he was proud of Chelsea for the way she'd fought for him. Chelsea claimed that no one could see how hard things had been for Adam. Adam claimed he was no longer the man he had been. He wanted to be the man Connor would be proud of. Adam and Chelsea embraced.

Traci returned to the Abbott home, and she told Jack that he looked tired. Jack said Traci did, also. Traci asked how Jack handled all his responsibilities, such as taking care of Dina and his workload. Jack said he'd read about caregiver fatigue. Traci commented that Dina always appeared a little better after a visit from Kyle or Theo; however, Jack said that Kyle and Theo were too busy with work to visit with Dina, and the stakes had never been higher. Traci asked if they'd done the right thing bringing Dina home. Jack assured Traci that they had.

Jack said that Billy had mentioned the job offer that he and Lily had presented to Traci. Jack urged Traci to take the job at Chancellor Media. He felt she would be great at it, it would give her peace of mind, and she wouldn't constantly be worrying about Dina. Traci felt it was a huge leap from sitting alone and writing a book. Jack reminded her that Dina had gone from stay-at-home mom to running a successful corporation. Traci claimed she wasn't like Dina, but Jack said Traci had Dina's energy, creativity, and drive, without all the ugly parts. Traci thanked Jack, and she encouraged him to go out and have some fun. He kissed her and left. Alone, Traci sat on the sofa, deep in thought.

Kyle arrived at Society and kissed Summer. He said Summer's assistant had told him where she was. Summer explained that she had met with her team and told them to handle things while she helped Kyle. He asked if she'd done that for him, but Summer said that technically, she'd done it for Jabot because she thought Kyle was the best person for the job. Kyle accused her of being biased, and she admitted she was.

When Summer leaned in for a kiss, Kyle stopped her because he wanted to make certain that Lola wasn't around. Summer said Lola wasn't. She said the last thing she wanted to do was throw their romance in Lola's face, since she'd been so classy and decent with everything. When they determined that the coast was clear, they kissed. Summer asked if Kyle was ready to slay some dragons. Kyle said he was.

Kyle and Summer decided they needed to work on Kyle's rebrand, and at the exit, they stopped to kiss before leaving. Lola saw them, and she looked heartbroken. At that moment, Lola received a call that was obviously disturbing news because she gasped, "What?" into the phone.

In the Jabot boardroom, Theo was working on his rebrand when Kendra walked in and informed him that Kyle and Summer were on their way back and had reserved the boardroom. Theo said he had to find somewhere else to work. He packed up his documents and laptop and informed Kendra that he would be working at Society for the remainder of the day. Before he left, he asked Kendra if she was still interested in helping him get dirt on Kyle because he had an assignment for her. Kendra admitted she was.

When Kyle and Summer arrived at the Jabot boardroom, Kendra sat down with them. When Kyle gave her a strange look, Kendra said she'd assumed Kyle wanted her to take notes. Kyle said that normally he would, but he and Summer would be fine on their own. He dismissed her. Summer looked suspiciously at Kendra as she left.

A short time later, Kendra returned to refill Kyle and Summer's water glasses, and while doing so, Kendra received a text message from Theo stating that she needed to step things up because he needed to know what Kyle and Summer were working on. Summer asked if she could borrow Kendra's phone to search for something because her phone had died. Kendra quickly stated that her battery had also died, and she rushed out of the boardroom.

After Kendra left, Kyle offered Summer his phone, but Summer said she didn't need it. She told Kyle she didn't think they could trust Kendra. She explained that she'd been getting a weird vibe from Kendra lately. Summer believed Kendra was spying for Theo. Kyle asked why Theo would take that chance. Summer said she believed that Theo was feeling overwhelmed, flailing around, and desperate for ideas. She said that since Theo didn't have any ideas, he'd decided to borrow theirs.

Summer told Kyle she suspected that Theo was going to use the excuse that a dog had eaten his homework, and Jack would let him off the hook. She claimed that Jack felt sorry for Theo, and Theo would play on that. Kyle asked what they should do. Summer suggested they bait a trap and set Theo up to prove their suspicions.

Once they were done, Kyle asked Summer what was next. She told Kyle to follow her lead. Summer asked Kendra to return to the boardroom. When Kendra arrived, Summer told Kyle that their presentation was in her folder on the server so they could access it at any time without logging in. As she and Kyle were leaving, Summer happily told Kyle she thought they had nailed their presentation and that Jack would be over the moon. Alone, Kendra sent Theo a text message.

Theo arrived at Society. He gave Lola a peck on the cheek and said he hoped she didn't mind if he set up to work at one of the tables. He thanked her for the pep talk she'd given him because it had been a great help. Lola informed Theo that she had to go to Miami because there was an issue with the restaurant, and she had to straighten it out. She said she would be leaving later that afternoon, and she left.

Lola returned to Society a short time later and informed Theo she'd booked her flight. Theo offered to drive her to the airport. She thanked him but refused his offer. Theo said he had a few tweaks to make in his presentation, and he was in good shape. When he hugged Lola, he looked concerned. Lola assured him that he would have Jack eating out of his hand and that he was good enough to pull it off. Theo wished her good luck in Miami. As she was leaving, Lola said she wanted Theo to be there when she returned.

After Lola left, Theo received a text message from Kendra stating that he could see everything Kyle and Summer had been working on by logging into Summer's folder on the server. She told Theo she had Summer's password. Theo logged into Summer's folder and read their bogus presentation.

Jack arrived at Crimson Lights and told Sharon that he'd been out walking, and, somehow, he'd wound up in her coffeehouse. He called Sharon an old and cherished friend, and he shared with her how difficult things were with Dina and with work. Sharon told Jack that the chemo hadn't worked, and she would have surgery in the very near future. Jack assured Sharon that she would be okay because cancer had taken on the wrong person. He took Sharon's hand and said he knew she would be okay.

Nick arrived at the coffeehouse and greeted Sharon and Jack. Jack asked to speak to Nick on the patio, and they discussed Adam's takeover as CEO. Nick said it had been a coup. Jack said he hoped that Nick and Adam could work their way through it, but Nick doubted that would ever happen. Jack complained that he'd been having his own issues with Kyle and Theo. Jack turned and saw Sharon. He excused himself and left to talk to her.

Once Nick was alone, he called Phyllis and said he needed to talk to her and to Victor, but he wanted to talk to her first.

At the Grand Phoenix, Kyle and Summer toasted with a glass of Champagne. They hoped that Theo would take the bait. Summer said that in the meantime, they had a lot of work ahead of them on their presentation.

Chelsea and Adam arrived at the penthouse, and Adam told Chelsea how much he loved her. They kissed. Adam went upstairs to look for Connor. Alone, Chelsea looked pensive.

Victor tells Nikki the truth about Kansas

Victor tells Nikki the truth about Kansas

Thursday, April 16, 2020

At Society, Mariah and Tessa discussed Adam taking over as CEO of Newman Enterprises. Mariah figured that there was something rotten at the bottom of it because Adam was involved. Mariah added that she usually wouldn't care, but she was worried how the news would affect Sharon. Mariah didn't want her mother to get sucked into the drama with Sharon's surgery in a couple of days. Tessa pointed out that the CEO stuff was all over the news, so Sharon was bound to find out about it soon. "Not necessarily," Mariah replied.

Mariah told Tessa that she'd promised Rey that she and Tessa would stay with Faith while he whisked Sharon away for a romantic evening and keep her away from whatever was going on at the main house. Abby approached and welcomed Tessa back from her tour. Mariah mentioned that they'd been talking about Adam, and she wondered if Abby knew what had happened. Abby said she was out of the loop, since Victoria hadn't returned her calls.

Abby excused herself to join Chance, and she asked if he'd known what Adam had been planning. Chance insisted that he hadn't, and he couldn't imagine how Adam had pulled it off. Abby recognized that Newman was like one of Victor's children, and she sensed that something was very wrong if Victor had handed it over without a fight.

Later, Chance was impressed by how Abby kept things light and fun for her customers, even though she was concerned about her family. She conceded that it was upsetting, but she refused to dwell on it if her clan wouldn't fill her in. She added that she'd learned her lesson when her father had faked his death, and she pledged to keep living her life, since Victor knew she'd be there if he needed her. Chance remarked that Victor was lucky to have her, since she was calm in a crisis and quick on her feet. He figured that she'd be good at undercover work, and she intended to keep that in mind as Plan B. They kissed.

Mariah saw Abby and Chance canoodling and commented that she was happy for Abby, who had been a good friend to her while Tessa had been gone. Mariah recounted that Abby had talked her off some ledges and that they'd even gone out dancing together. Tessa asked if they'd gone to the Matchbox, and Mariah wished she hadn't mentioned it. Tessa insisted that she was past it, but she admitted that she was happy Lindsay was working at the Matchbox and not Society. Mariah was relieved that there would be fewer awkward run-ins, but she still took full responsibility. Tessa assured her that they were good.

Theo entered the restaurant and pulled up a chair to Mariah and Tessa's table. Mariah testily asked if he had anything better to do than interrupt their meal. Theo was glad to see that the women were back together, since Lola had been worried, but he'd known the couple would work things out. Tessa chuckled at the idea of him knowing what women wanted. Theo apologized for his misunderstanding with Mariah at Power Communications and for getting flirtatious with Tessa. Theo congratulated them on the "Tariah thing" going viral, and he called Mariah's onstage apology brilliant branding.

Theo suggested that Mariah and Tessa could turn the free publicity into something more if they played their cards right, since he'd been monitoring their follower counts, and they were both reaching numbers that would attract sponsors. Mariah balked at monetizing their relationship, but Theo imagined that it could be beneficial to their careers and their bank accounts to have an experienced professional nurture the idea. Tessa pointedly stated that Tanner might know someone who could manage that for them. "Ouch," Theo replied.

Mariah pointed out that even if she and Tessa wanted to promote their love story, they wouldn't hire Theo to do it because he knew nothing about love. She compared it to hiring the Grinch to promote Christmas. He insisted that they didn't know him at all, and the women made it clear that they had no interest in getting to know the real him. Theo swore that he'd been mostly kidding about promoting "Tariah" because he had his hands full at Jabot. Mariah said she'd heard that he'd been goading Kyle and that Jack was fed up with it.

Tessa compared it to what had happened at Power. Mariah pointed out that Theo hadn't been fired from Jabot yet, but he was on a crash collision course with Kyle. Theo shared that they were both putting together plans to rebrand the company, and Mariah suggested that he get to the office instead of hanging out there. Theo remarked that he found inspiration in many places, and listening to them judge him had given him lots of ideas. Mariah thought it sounded like his last chance to impress his uncle.

Mariah realized that she and Tessa had to meet Faith, and she halfheartedly wished Theo luck on his pitch. He bragged that he had everything he needed in his head. Mariah noted that Kyle was also confident, and Theo recognized that Kyle had worked at Jabot a lot longer and that Kyle's dad was judging the competition. Mariah thought Theo was lining up excuses in case he lost, but he stated that he had no intention of losing. Mariah questioned what else he had other than his dreams of glory at Jabot, and the ladies departed.

At the cottage, Rey kissed Sharon and asked about her day. She mentioned her chat with Jack, and Rey wondered if she was feeling worn out. She chirped that she was feeling pretty good, since the effects of the chemo were wearing off, and it might be as good as it got for a while with her surgery date approaching. He suggested that they make the most of it with a little romance.

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis greeted Traci and asked if everything was okay. Traci explained that she was glad to have Dina home, but Jack had talked her into going there for some rest and relaxation. Phyllis offered to send a massage therapist up to Traci's room, and Traci headed upstairs. Phyllis made a call to request the service as Nick entered the hotel. Phyllis noted that he'd sounded upset in his message. He informed her that he'd calmed down, but he was still furious.

Nick admitted that he'd hoped Chelsea would be a positive influence on Adam, but he couldn't have been more wrong. Phyllis questioned why Victor would betray Victoria after she'd shown nothing but loyalty to him. Nick revealed that Victor had had an explanation, and he swore Phyllis to secrecy. He cautiously looked around and shared that Adam had dirt about Victor's past, but he warned her that she couldn't use what he was about to tell her against his father. Phyllis asserted that she cared more about Nick than she hated Victor.

After hearing Nick out, Phyllis didn't buy that Victor Newman had flown to Kansas to go head to head with a loan shark, even to protect his family. Nick imagined that it had been self-defense, but Phyllis saw no reason for Victor to hide it if he'd been justified. Nick contemplated why Victor was caving to Adam's demands, and Phyllis referred to Victor's tendency to forgive Adam and to pit his kids against one another. Nick wondered what leverage Adam had, and Phyllis mused that she might have leverage of her own. She abruptly stated that she had to run an errand, but Nick worried about her getting caught in the middle. She offered to give the information she had to Nick and let him decide what to do with it. She left.

In her hotel suite, Traci called Jack to thank him for sending up a pitcher of cosmopolitans. She marveled that everything there was perfect, and she inquired about Dina. After learning her mother was fine, she swigged her drink and went to change into a robe to prepare for her massage. Later, after her massage, Traci settled in with her cosmos and a book.

In the hotel lobby, Rey presented Sharon with drinks, compliments of the house since their room wasn't ready yet. She happily recalled that they'd been there the night they'd officially gotten back together, and he suggested that they plan a real vacation when she felt up to it. Sharon regretted that she couldn't fulfill her promise to take Faith to the beach for spring break, and Rey envisioned taking a trip to New England in the fall to look at the leaves or going skiing in the winter. He gushed that he had a lifetime of ideas because they'd have a long, happy future together and many more nights like that one.

Rey led Sharon to their hotel room, where a dinner table was waiting. She heard ocean waves, and he revealed that it was a sound machine. He knew that she'd been disappointed that she'd had to postpone the trip to the beach, so he'd wanted to give her a taste of a place by the shore. He presented her with wild salmon for dinner, and he gave Phyllis credit for making his idea happen. Sharon felt blessed to have all that support and love around her. Rey called "Team Sharon" the best, but he was glad for it to be just the two of them that night. He proposed that they just forget about the rest of the world and focus on one another, and they kissed.

A fully clothed Sharon and Rey cuddled on the bed. Sharon cooed that she could almost believe she was at the beach, and he called it their own mini-vacation. She recognized that it was also an escape from reality, and she guessed that he'd been trying to keep her from hearing the news about Adam. Sharon was indignant on Victoria's behalf and angry with Victor for putting Victoria "through hell," but she had no desire to talk to Adam about it. Sharon understood that Rey had been worried that she might get worked up, but he responded that he'd also wanted her all to himself.

Sharon appreciated the effort Rey had put into trying to protect her from the news, and she was grateful to have him. She thanked him for loving her, and he softly stated that he couldn't stop if he tried. Rey asked what Sharon wanted to do, and she started to unbutton his shirt. She murmured that it might be their last time together before things changed, but he assured her that she was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen and that she always would be. She wanted to remember everything about that night, and they kissed passionately.

Meanwhile, at Society, Chance asked what Abby wanted to do after work, and she mentioned a mystery movie that she was dying to see. Phyllis overheard and taunted that she could tell them who'd done it -- Abby and her Boy Scout boyfriend. Abby threatened to have Phyllis escorted off the premises, but Phyllis demanded to know whether they'd thought she wouldn't notice that it had been Abby under the tacky orange wig. Phyllis explained that she'd gone to get her flash drive out of her safe deposit box and found out she'd been robbed.

Phyllis had seen the bank's video footage of a woman impersonating her and forging her name, and she guessed that getting the fake identification had been Chance's part of the operation. Abby huffed that Phyllis had no proof, but it sounded like the incriminating evidence against Chance and Adam was gone. Abby dared Phyllis to admit that she'd been outplayed, and Phyllis readily obliged. Abby and Chance worried that it had been too easy.

Phyllis asked whether all the evidence against Adam had been destroyed. Chance supposed that whoever had stolen the flash drive had destroyed it. Phyllis called it a shame, since she'd been about to give it to Nick to use against Adam for going after Victor and Victoria. Abby doubted that Phyllis would ever run to Victor's rescue, and she accused Phyllis of trying to score points with Nick. Phyllis clarified that she'd been trying to protect Abby's family, but Abby's need to protect her boyfriend had cleared a path for Adam to launch another vicious attack against the Newmans.

After Phyllis left, Abby asked if Chance had really destroyed the flash drive, and he replied that he'd never been in the habit of holding onto incriminating evidence. Abby suggested that he draw Adam into another conversation about what had happened in Las Vegas and record it, but he didn't feel comfortable setting a trap for Adam when Adam had saved his life. Later, Chance asked if Abby was still up for the movie, but she opted to go home and get some rest. She chastely kissed him goodbye.

At the Newman ranch, Victor presented Nikki with a bouquet of flowers, and she coolly thanked him. He recognized that it didn't make up for what had happened earlier, but it was just an expression of his love for her. She reported that she'd gone down to the tack house while he'd been gone, but Victoria and the kids hadn't been there. Nikki imagined that Victoria's phone was blowing up with calls from reporters who wanted a comment, and she griped that their daughter was in a humiliating position.

Victor promised to reinstate Victoria as soon as he could. Nikki pointed out that Adam was making Victor sign a contract to prevent Victor from firing him, and Victor replied that contracts were meant to be broken and that he hadn't signed anything yet. Nikki hoped that he'd spoken to Nick, but Victor indicated that Nick hadn't been answering his calls. Nikki was certain that Nick already knew what had happened, and she couldn't understand why Victor had done that to their family.

Victor asserted that he had no intention of letting Victoria down, but it was taking longer than he'd thought to rectify the situation. Nikki implored him to think about what it was doing to their daughter in the meantime, but Victor reasoned that it would give Victoria more time to recuperate. Nikki stressed that Victoria needed their undying support, but Victor was reinforcing the doubts Victoria had about his faith in her. Victor noted that Victoria wasn't the only one to consider, and he accepted that the truth about A.J.'s death might never see the light of day.

Nikki objected to Victor putting his self-interest ahead of others, but he replied that it was the last thing he was doing. She pleaded with him to tell her what had happened, since it was obvious that he was holding something back. She reminded him that they were stronger when they were united, and she inquired whether he still didn't trust her after all those years. He remained stoic, and she guessed she had the answer. She walked out.

Victor was sitting at his chessboard when Nick arrived. Victor assumed that Nick had seen Adam's interview, and Nick dryly replied that it had been hard to miss. Victor swore that he'd wanted to tell Nick himself, and Nick mentioned that he'd spoken with Victoria and Adam. Nick wondered why Victor was agreeing to Adam's demands if Victor hadn't committed murder. Victor vaguely stated that Nick had to trust that Victor knew what he was doing, but Nick barked that those days were gone.

Victor reiterated that he was protecting his family. Nick knew that, but he argued that Victor had also made mistakes, particularly where Adam was concerned, and their whole family was paying the price. Nick wouldn't let Victor handle it alone, and Victor asked what he meant. Nick asserted that Victor would have to wait and see, noting that it wasn't a great feeling to be kept in the dark.

Victor ordered Nick not to get involved. Nick pressed to know why his father was insisting on handling it alone when they'd all pulled together to fight Adam off the last time. Victor argued that it was a very different situation that required the utmost discretion. Victor demanded that his family not delve into the story Adam had concocted because it could be very dangerous. Nick asked if Victor knew who had killed A.J., and Victor maintained that he wouldn't say. Nick understood Victor shutting him and Victoria out, but he urged his father not to do that to Nikki.

Later, Nikki returned to the room and observed that Nick hadn't stayed very long. Victor recognized that it was a frustrating situation for everyone, and Nikki warned that things would get worse before they got better -- if they got better, since their family might never recover from the decisions he was making. He was sure that if she knew what had happened in Kansas, she would understand why he'd done what he'd had to do. Nikki begged him to tell her the truth. He warned that there was no going back if he did, and she insisted that she needed to know. He agreed to tell her everything.

After Victor filled Nikki in, she reeled from the horrible secret that he'd kept all those years, and she realized that there had been no other way for him to react to Adam's demands. Victor reiterated that the story could never go public, and Nikki sympathized with how overwhelming it had been for him. He asked if she was sorry that he'd told her. She insisted that she wasn't, since they would find their way through it together.

Nick returned to the Grand Phoenix, and Phyllis regretfully informed him that she hadn't been able to accomplish her mission. He told her not to worry because part of him was relieved that she wouldn't be in the line of fire between his dad and Adam. They kissed.

ENCORE PRESENTATION: The masquerade ball (1991)

ENCORE PRESENTATION: The masquerade ball (1991)

Friday, April 17, 2020

Due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, The Young and the Restless opted to broadcast special throwback episodes every Friday in April 2020. The move was designed to help stretch out the supply of new episodes until it was safe for the cast and crew to return to work.

Today's episode originally aired October 2, 1991. In the episode the residents of Genoa City don lavish costumes for a night of dining and dancing at a charity masquerade ball -- but one mystery guest has murder on his mind. You can read the full recap of that episode here or in our Daily Recaps Archive, which has comprehensive Daily Recaps for The Young and the Restless dating back to the show's first episode in 1973.

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