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Chelsea was pleased with her successful efforts to frame Adam for Rey's thallium poisoning. Adam became suspicious of Chelsea. Faith took off with a bottle of tequila after learning Jordan had been posing as her mystery friend. Abby's fertilized embryo was implanted into Mariah.
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Chelsea framed Adam for Rey's poisoning, and Faith was crushed when her new friend turned out to be anything but a friend
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PREEMPTED: Due to ''March Madness'' basketball, Y&R did not air PREEMPTED: Due to ''March Madness'' basketball, Y&R did not air

Monday, March 22, 2021

Due to CBS Sports coverage of NCAA Basketball's "March Madness" tournament, The Young and the Restless did not air. This was a planned preemption and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the preemption.

Regular programming resumed on Tuesday, March 23, 2021, and picked up where the Thursday, March 18, 2021, episode concluded.

Nate and Elena diagose Rey's condition Nate and Elena diagose Rey's condition

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

At the hospital, Rey deliriously muttered about work as he tossed and turned in his sleep. Sharon called his name and asked if he could hear her. Nate entered, and she imagined there had to be something more the doctors could do. Nate explained that they needed to observe Rey and run more tests, but Sharon worried that Rey was getting worse.

Nate offered to give Rey something to help him relax, and he wondered when Sharon had last eaten or slept. She insisted that she was fine, but he requested that she keep him company while he got a cup of coffee and some fresh air. Sharon reluctantly agreed, and Nate headed out. Sharon gazed at Rey and flashed back to telling him she was willing to go to counseling because she loved him. She followed after Nate.

Lola visited Rey and imagined she was feeling the same way he'd felt when she'd been in the hospital, helplessly waiting for a liver donation. Lola warned that their mom had threatened to jump on the next flight if he didn't get better fast, and she begged him to get well. Elena gently called to Lola and mentioned that she'd just started her shift, so she wasn't completely up to speed. Lola groaned that there had been no updates, and she asked why it was taking that long to figure out what was going on. Elena was sure the information they were collecting would lead to a diagnosis, and she assured Lola that Nate would solve it.

Lola recalled that Sharon had thought Rey had a stomach bug, but his other symptoms didn't add up. Lola insisted that Rey had a cast-iron stomach, citing the meals that she'd cooked for him when she'd been a little kid. Lola added that Rey's pains were weird, and Elena's interest was piqued. Lola mentioned that Rey had been complaining of a shooting, fiery pain in his feet and legs. Elena suddenly asked if Lola knew where Nate was.

At Crimson Lights, Adam stared in disbelief at the exchange of text messages with Sharon on his phone. He started to write back that he didn't understand what was going on, but he hadn't sent the messages. He erased his reply as Sharon walked in with Nate. Sharon gestured to indicate that Adam shouldn't approach her, and he ducked onto the patio. Sharon pushed to get back to the hospital, but Nate explained that it sometimes helped to step away and think when dealing with tough cases. Sharon received a text message from Faith, who wanted an update on Rey.

Sharon didn't know what to tell Faith to avoid making the girl worry more. Nate sympathized that it was frustrating, but he was sure they were on the right path. Sharon swore that she had total confidence in him to get to the bottom of it, but she contemplated what they were missing. Nate explained that his approach was to evaluate Rey's symptoms and eliminate the causes that didn't fit. Sharon questioned what had caused the pain and burning sensation. Nate had a brainstorm and requested a minute to check something out, and he grabbed his phone.

Over the phone, Sharon told Faith that Rey would be fine. Elena tracked Nate down on the patio and asked if they could talk. He assumed it was about their breakup and tried to brush her off, citing an ICU patient he was dealing with. Elena revealed that it was why she was there, since she'd just spoken with Lola, and she understood some of Rey's symptoms were puzzling. Nate and Elena simultaneously blurted out the same conclusion -- Rey had thallium poisoning.

Elena recalled that she'd seen the combination of gastral-intestinal issues, nausea, and pain in the extremities in an unusual case she'd had as a resident. Nate shared that he'd been talking to Sharon about Rey's strange mix of symptoms when he'd thought of a conversation he'd had with a colleague. He mentioned that he'd called the lab to run more tests to confirm his suspicions, and he was grateful to Elena for talking through her experience with her former patient. Elena suggested that they break the news to Sharon.

Sharon was stunned to learn that Rey had been poisoned. She didn't understand how he'd gotten sick from thallium, and she worried about whether she or Faith had been exposed. Nate's phone chimed with an update from the lab, and he reported that the numbers supported their theory. Nate informed Sharon that there was an antidote, but it wasn't common, and he'd arranged to have it sent from Scotland. Nate applauded Elena for being a big help. Sharon and Nate left to return to the hospital while Elena called Lola with the news.

Later, Sharon paced next to Rey's bedside. Nate reported that the antidote should be there soon, but Sharon bemoaned that every moment seemed like an eternity. She wished she hadn't wasted hours at home when it had been her job to get Rey to the hospital. She recalled how Rey had been by her side from the moment she'd been diagnosed with cancer, and she felt like she'd repaid him by failing him. Nate insisted that it was rare for someone to be poisoned, and Rey's symptoms had pointed to the flu or flood poisoning. Nate assured Sharon that she'd gotten Rey there in time and that she had nothing to feel guilty about.

Sharon ranted that she had unanswered questions about how Rey had been poisoned and how long it had been going on. Nate promised that they'd get answers once Rey was on the road to recovery. Sharon told Rey that they had figured out what was wrong and would be giving him medicine to make him better. She knew he would hate getting all the attention, but she insisted that he deserved it because they all loved him and needed him to be okay. Nate went to the lab to fetch a liquified form of the antidote that he needed to administer via a tube. Sharon appealed to Rey to fight and not leave her.

Chloe used a key to enter Chelsea and Adam's penthouse. She called out for Meredith, and Chelsea hobbled in and shared that her nurse wasn't back yet. Chloe marveled that Chelsea was walking around on her own, and Chelsea anxiously asked if Chloe had gotten "it" done. Chloe announced that she had, but Chelsea observed that her friend seemed hesitant. Chloe reasoned that the last shady thing she'd done was hide vegetables in Bella's food, and Chelsea questioned whether Chloe was having second thoughts. Chloe adamantly denied it, adding that helping Chelsea get away from Adam was her "dream come true."

Chelsea settled into her wheelchair and thanked Chloe for having her back. Chloe explained that if she seemed nervous, it was because she had kids at home who needed her. Chelsea swore that the children wouldn't lose their mother, since she'd planned everything down to the smallest detail, and they had all the time in the world to do it. Chelsea pledged that the only person who would suffer any consequences would be Adam, though she didn't intend to harm him physically. Chelsea asserted that once she removed Adam from the equation, she'd reveal to everyone that she'd recovered, and she'd start a new life with Connor. Chloe mused that it was all she wanted for Chelsea.

The women heard a key in the door, and Chelsea resumed her nonresponsive act as Adam walked in. Chloe declared it perfect timing, since she had to get going. After Chloe exited, Adam pulled out his phone and informed Chelsea that something was going on that he couldn't figure out. He shared that someone had sent messages to Sharon with his phone, but he hadn't done it. He asked if Chelsea believed him, and she firmly blinked once to confirm she did.

Adam indicated that the text messages made it look like he'd been trying to get back together with Sharon, but he swore that it wasn't true. Chelsea bitterly thought to herself that he almost sounded believable. Adam guessed that someone was messing with him, but the question was who. He shared that he'd considered whether someone had gotten their hands on his phone, but he'd checked the timestamps, and he'd had his phone with him when the messages had been sent. Chelsea silently taunted that he was tracking everything except where it counted -- at home.

Adam determined that being hacked might be the only explanation that made any sense, but he couldn't fathom who would do something like that and why. "Solid questions, Sherlock," Chelsea sourly thought to herself. Adam insisted that he'd only been focused on Chelsea's recovery and the acquisition of Cyaxares, and he found it unlikely a hacker would do something like that without leaving a trail. He eyed his tablet on the coffee table.

Adam accessed his tablet and found the same messages that had appeared on his phone. He realized that his phone was synced with the tablet, so perhaps the text messages hadn't been sent from his phone. He inquired whether Chloe had been near his tablet, but Chelsea blinked to indicate no. Adam reasoned that Chloe had never been at the penthouse alone, and she never would have sent the messages in front of Chelsea. Adam racked his brain for who had access to his life and his devices.

Chelsea thought to herself that Adam couldn't make sense of it because he couldn't make himself believe it was possible. Adam decided that a hack was the only plausible scenario, and the person who'd done it had known that Sharon was an issue. An irate Chelsea silently seethed that the whole town knew about Adam and Sharon, including Chelsea. Adam insisted that his relationship with Sharon was in the past and that someone was just stirring up trouble. Adam recognized that it sounded crazy, but he asked if Chelsea had any idea who might have done it.

Adam swore he was only asking because it made such little sense, but Chelsea looked away. Adam blamed himself for her stroke and hated himself for what he'd done to her. He regretted that her recovery had been slow, even with help from top specialists in the field. He urged her to stop holding back and show him if there was something he should know, so they could sort it out and make it right. Adam contemplated whether Chelsea had been the one who'd sent the messages, and her eyes filled with tears. He immediately apologized and walked away.

At Jabot, Jack admired the shirt Sally had given him. His phone pinged, and he read another message from Phyllis, who insisted that they talk. Sally joined Jack in the conference room and presented him with coffee, since his assistant had mentioned that he was about to go into a meeting. He protested that she hadn't needed to do it, but she chirped that she'd told him she was the best, so she had to prove it. She sauntered out, and he reached for the coffee and grinned.

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis tried to call Jack and willed him to pick up the phone. She spotted Summer walk in and said she needed to talk to her daughter. Phyllis implored Summer to get more dirt on Sally because Phyllis desperately needed it. Summer reiterated that she and Kyle had declared a truce with Sally, and it would end up biting Summer if Phyllis started stirring up trouble. Phyllis recognized that Summer didn't want Kyle's affair to become public knowledge, but she sensed there was more to the story. Phyllis ordered Summer to spill whatever she was holding back.

Summer realized that Phyllis wouldn't stop bugging her, and she revealed that the New York billionaire that Kyle was worried would retaliate was Ashland Locke. Phyllis recounted that she'd met Ashland earlier, and he had been polite and nice, but it had also seemed like something sketchy was going on with him. Phyllis called him a dangerous power player, and Summer anticipated that Ashland would use Kyle as target practice if he found out about Kyle's affair with Tara. Summer pleaded with Phyllis not to use what they'd learned about Sally in California, or Sally would go public with Kyle's affair -- and Ashland would go after Kyle and everyone and everything Kyle cared about.

Kyle was alone in the Jabot conference room when he received an incoming call, and he quickly closed the door. He answered the call, and Tara asked if he was alone because they had to talk. She recalled telling him that Ashland hadn't suspected anything about them, but she thought they might have a problem because her husband had barely said anything on their way back to New York. She fretted that Ashland was only quiet when something was troubling him, and she thought his silence was about her relationship with Kyle. Kyle figured that she was just being hypersensitive because she was scared Ashland would find out. Kyle urged her to take a breath, since everything was fine, and they could both go back to their lives with nothing to worry about.

After he hung up, Kyle flashed back to Tara warning him that Ashland would crush them both if he found out the truth. Jack returned to the room and asked if everything was all right. Kyle referred to the quarterly report that would be out in a few days, but Jack pressed to know what was really going on because something was obviously interfering with Kyle's life, work, and happiness. Kyle barked that he was handling it, and they had work to do.

Sally burst in to let Jack know that Lauren needed to see him, but Jack stated that he and Kyle were in the middle of something. Kyle snapped that he was good, and Jack stepped out. Sally questioned whether the men had been at odds because of her. Kyle bellowed that the world didn't revolve around her, and Sally wondered what it would take to get him to trust her. Kyle responded that it would take a miracle. She suggested that he find a way to turn down the hate, since she wasn't going anywhere.

Kyle doubted Sally could do anything to get him to trust her because he knew her too well. Sally volunteered to tell him why she was attracted to Jack, and Kyle surmised it was because his father had the money and power that she wanted. Sally raved that Jack was handsome, charming, and sexy, but Kyle balked at talking about his dad's sex appeal with her. Sally wondered how Kyle would feel if she speculated that he'd only found Tara appealing because she was married to one of the most powerful men in the world.

Sally contended that she'd found a deep, meaningful relationship with a single man, and she questioned what was wrong with that. Kyle dryly offered to make a list. Sally pondered what would have happened if Tara had been unattached when Kyle had hooked up with her, and she was sure he'd imagined what might have been if Tara had left her husband for him. Sally wondered if Kyle, Tara, and their baby would be together right then. Kyle yelled that he'd had enough.

Sally suspected that she'd hit a nerve, but Kyle maintained that Harrison wasn't his son. Sally asked if Kyle had scientific proof of that, but Kyle warned her against playing with fire because baseless accusations could cause an innocent child a lot of pain. Sally thought that Kyle was protesting too much, and she cautioned that denial wouldn't make the problem go away. He reminded her that he was madly in love with Summer, and Sally noted that it made the problem worse. Kyle retorted that she had no idea what had gone on between him and Tara, and Sally compared it to how Kyle had no clue about what was going on with her and Jack. She advised him to get a handle on his own chaos instead of interfering in her life, and she walked out.

Later, Kyle filled Summer in about Tara's hunch that something was wrong because Ashland had been uncharacteristically quiet on the way home. Summer was confident that Ashland had no proof of Tara and Kyle's history. Kyle's phone rang, and he recognized the New York area code. Summer noted that it could be a supplier or investor, and Kyle picked up the call. Someone instructed him to hold for Ashland Locke.

Meanwhile, Phyllis performed an online search for Ashland Locke. Jack entered the hotel and startled her, and she ordered him not to sneak up on her. He pointed out that she'd sent the insistent messages about wanting to talk, but she responded that the point was moot because everything had worked itself out. Jack asked if Summer had opened up to her about what was going on with Kyle, since something was obviously eating away at him. Phyllis claimed that Summer hadn't said anything. Sally appeared, and she and Jack left together.

Rey realizes he was the target of a poisoning Rey realizes he was the target of a poisoning

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

by Nel

It was moving day for Tessa and Mariah. They walked into the Chancellor mansion. Tessa struggled with all the suitcases. Mariah walked in behind her and chastised Tessa for not allowing her to help. Tessa reminded her that it was the day for the embryo transfer, and no one would allow Mariah to do anything. She insisted that Mariah had to take care of herself. Abby and Nina greeted the ladies and agreed with Tessa. Abby told Mariah to save her strength for the baby.

Sharon was in tears when she spoke to her unconscious husband. She suggested to Rey that they have a party once he was out of the hospital to thank everyone who had cared for him through his ordeal. She told Rey that Lola would prepare some amazing food for the event. She said when they'd made their wedding vows, they'd meant for better or worse, and she cried that he couldn't leave her. She'd meant it when she'd said they were partners and would be at each other's side forever. Still in tears, she turned her back on Rey. Suddenly, she heard Rey say, "Forever." She was overjoyed.

Nate arrived and told Sharon that Rey had received the antidote just in time. Rey asked what Nate meant by antidote. Nate explained that Rey had been exposed to a very high dosage of thallium. Nate wanted to know how thallium had gotten into Rey's system.

Nate asked if Rey had ingested any seafood or if he'd been exposed to any chemicals or toxins. Rey said that he hadn't. Nate explained where thallium could be found. He was concerned about the high dosage that was in Rey's system. Nate told Sharon he wanted her and Faith tested for the poison, and he wanted the house to be tested, as well. Sharon agreed.

After Nate left, Sharon told Rey she'd contacted his family in Florida and had updated them on his condition; however, she thought it would be a good idea if he called his mother, Celeste. Rey said he would, but at that moment, he wanted to talk to Sharon. She said she thought Rey should rest. Rey said he was happy Sharon hadn't listened to him when he'd said he hadn't needed to go to the hospital. Still in tears, Sharon said it had been an eye-opener. She acknowledged that they had been going through a rough time, but Rey said he wanted to make one thing very clear: he wasn't going anywhere.

Faith and Nick were at Crimson Lights. Faith hadn't touched her doughnut. When Nick questioned her about it, Faith told him that she was worried about Rey. Nick assured her that Rey would pull through and be okay. She said she was scared because he was still unconscious. At that moment, Faith received a text message from Sharon informing her that Rey was awake. Jubilant, Faith told Nick that Rey was awake, and she was ready to eat that doughnut.

Nick told Faith he was happy she'd called him. He apologized for being overbearing. Faith agreed he'd been overbearing. Faith told Nick that whenever she felt scared, she always wanted to be with him because he made her feel safe. Nick promised he'd try to tone down the hovering. He asked how things were at school. Faith told him school life was better, and she'd made a new friend who was completely on her side. Nick said that Faith seemed to be in a good place, and he suggested that it might be the right time for her to consider therapy. Faith said she was ready to try therapy.

At the Chancellor mansion, Mariah received a text message from Sharon that Rey was awake. Mariah saw it as a good omen, and everyone was relieved. Mariah said she had something from Devon that wasn't to be opened until that day. She opened the envelope, and she pulled out a note and a penny. Devon had written that, as a kid, he hadn't had much; however, he'd always kept a penny with him for good luck. He wanted to pass that penny on to Mariah for luck. Mariah said she would take it to her appointment later that day. Mariah assured Abby and Nina that she'd followed all the medical directions, and it was all systems go. Abby was very excited, and she said that if all went well, all their lives would be changed.

Alone with Tessa, Mariah thanked her for being so supportive, uprooting her life, and moving into the Chancellor mansion with Mariah. Tessa felt that Mariah was the generous one because of the gift she was going to give Abby and Chance. Abby and Nina entered the room with healthy snacks. After Tessa and Nina went upstairs to unpack, Abby asked if Mariah was okay with everything. Abby assured Mariah that if something didn't feel right or if she was having second thoughts, Mariah could step away at any time.

Mariah told Abby that she didn't want to let Abby down because what she was doing was incredibly important, and something that important had to work. Tessa returned and said it was time for the appointment. Nina stated she would stay behind. Mariah happily shouted, "Let's get pregnant." Mariah, Abby, and Tessa left for the clinic.

At home, Devon left a voicemail for Amanda to say that he was sorry and that he wanted to meet with her to talk. He didn't want it to be the end of them.

At the Grand Phoenix, Amanda showed Phyllis that Devon had left her another voicemail message. She claimed she had no interest in hearing an apology or justification for what he'd done. Amanda deleted Devon's voicemail without listening to it. Phyllis questioned if Amanda was just a little curious. She tried to change Amanda's mind. Amanda asked whose side Phyllis was on. Phyllis claimed she wasn't on Devon's; however, his heartfelt declaration seemed sincere, and she could tell Amanda still had feelings for him.

Amanda asked Phyllis to allow her the time to wallow. At that moment, Amanda received a phone call from Naya asking if they could meet. Amanda suggested they meet later in the week, but Naya said it was important and couldn't wait. Amanda said she would be waiting.

Nick and Faith arrived at the Grand Phoenix. Phyllis informed Faith that the manicurist was running a little late. Faith took a seat by the fireplace. Phyllis asked Nick how things were going. Nick said Faith was doing well, especially since Rey had woken up. Nick and Phyllis looked over at Faith, who was texting someone. Phyllis noted how much Faith needed a friend. She also knew that Nick was dying to know who Faith was texting. Nick said that Faith had made a new friend, and he and Faith were very happy about it.

Faith received a text message from anonymous: "Enjoying the day off from school?" Faith replied, "Rough start but it's looking up." Anonymous responded, "Good. I'm majorly bored. Want to play a game?" Faith texted, "What kind of game?" He texted back, "A fun game."

Faith approached Phyllis and asked where Nick was. Phyllis said that Nick was in her office on a call. Faith asked if Phyllis had ever played video games. Phyllis said she had. Faith asked if Phyllis had ever played "Ninja Squirrels." Phyllis had never heard of it. Phyllis gave Faith some instructions on how to play. After Phyllis' explanation, Faith likened it to chess. Phyllis agreed.

Faith asked if Phyllis had played a video game on her first date. Phyllis hesitated but admitted she had. Faith surprised Phyllis when she asked Phyllis how it felt to fall in love. Phyllis explained that at Faith's age, it had been a lot of complex emotions. Phyllis said she recalled that when she'd been fourteen years old, she'd had a crush on a boy in her English class. She'd written his name over and over in her notebook, and sometimes they would lock eyes. She remembered that she'd had butterflies and a stomachache at the same time. It had been both magical and terrifying. Faith smiled.

Nick stood to one side and had been eavesdropping on Phyllis and Faith's conversation. Faith asked what advice Phyllis would give herself if she had to give herself some advice. Phyllis told Faith not to give her heart away to the first boy in her class. Nick laughed silently. Phyllis told Faith never to lose a video game to a boy on purpose. She told Faith to just beat him at the game. Nick approached and asked what was going on. Faith said she had to check her phone, and she left. Phyllis told Nick that Faith was interested in a boy. Nick groaned.

At Society, Lola appeared agitated while setting tables. She told Elena she was short a server, and she wanted Rey to wake up. She said she wanted to give Rey a good shake and tell him to wake up. Elena told her that that wasn't a good idea. Elena said that she and Nate had done everything they could and would continue to make sure Rey would be okay. Lola thanked Elena for calming her down.

Lola was relieved when she received a text message from Sharon stating Rey was awake. She told Elena the tamales were almost ready for Rey. Elena told Lola she didn't think that Rey would be able to eat, but Lola assured her that Rey had a cast iron stomach and would eat.

Elena told Lola that that after checking in with Nate, he'd informed her that Rey was recovering nicely. Lola was relieved, but she claimed she had a bone to pick with Elena. Lola claimed that Elena and Nate had both been in charge of Rey's care, but Elena had downplayed her own role in figuring out what had happened to Rey. Lola said that Elena had played a huge part in Rey's diagnosis. Elena said that Nate had done most of the work. She was just happy that Nate was speaking to her.

Elena told Lola that she'd blown it with two fabulous guys. Lola suggested that Elena needed to move on. Elena agreed and said she would in a few months. Lola claimed Elena was ready, and they needed to go and blow off some steam immediately.

At the coffeehouse, Nate had been on the phone and left instructions to keep him apprised about the results from the tests at Sharon's house. Nate spotted Devon and ended the call. Nate told Devon that Amanda had figured out on her own that Devon and Elena had had sex. Nate wanted to assure Devon that he hadn't said anything to Amanda. Devon said he knew that. Devon said that actions had consequences. Nate stated that it went both ways. Devon asked if Nate was about to lecture him about consequences. Nate said he thought Devon was about to do the same thing.

Devon told Nate that he'd made mistakes in his life, but he wouldn't be judged by Nate. Nate claimed that it hadn't been his intention. He said that action and inaction could both have consequences. Devon claimed Nate was right, and he asked if Nate had been talking about Elena because he knew that Nate and Elena had broken up. Nate wasn't surprised that Elena had run straight to Devon. Nate said he'd made his choice, and Elena had made hers. He hoped everyone would live happily ever after.

Nate asked Devon about Moses and if Devon was ready for him. Nate offered to help in any way he could. Devon said he was ready for Moses and that Moses was very excited about interning with Nate. Nate assured Devon he would have Moses' back. After Devon left, Nate appeared concerned.

Devon arrived at Amanda's suite. When Amanda saw it was Devon, she was about to close the door, but he stopped her. Devon said he knew Amanda was angry, but he asked her to hear him out. Amanda stated that she'd been cheated on by two different men with the same woman. Devon didn't deny what he'd done and said he was truly sorry she'd been hurt, but he wanted to make things right. He told Amanda he wasn't going to ask for forgiveness. He only wanted her to hear him out. Still angry, Amanda said she couldn't do that because Naya was on her way to see Amanda. Naya arrived at that moment and asked if she'd interrupted something. Amanda said she hadn't, because Devon was just leaving.

After Devon left, Naya told Amanda that her family was in trouble, and they needed Amanda's help.

Mariah, Abby, and Tessa returned home after Mariah's appointment. Mariah looked down at her belly and asked if she was showing yet. Everyone laughed. Abby asked how Mariah felt. Mariah said she didn't want to jinx things, but she felt great. She understood she had to go back in nine days to have her blood drawn to determine if she was indeed pregnant. Abby said it was going to be the longest nine days ever, but the baby was going to be loved from the first day.

Sharon called Faith and assured her that Rey was fine. Faith was relieved when she heard Rey talk in his normal voice. Sharon asked Faith if she'd felt nauseated or tired lately. She told Faith that the house was going to be tested and asked her to stay away. Faith assured Sharon she felt fine. Faith also told Sharon that she was ready to go to therapy. Sharon was thrilled, but she had to end the call when Nate arrived.

Nate told Sharon and Rey he had some troubling news. He couldn't believe how much and where the poison had been found in Sharon's house. Nate informed them that thallium had been found in the body wash, shampoo, hair gel, and shaving cream. Sharon said she'd probably been poisoned, as well. Nate said thallium had only been found in the men's versions of the products. Sharon claimed it made no sense, but Rey said it made perfect sense -- he'd been the target. Someone had tried to poison him.

Adam accuses Chloe of setting him up Adam accuses Chloe of setting him up

Thursday, April 1, 2021

by Nel

Sally exited the elevator at the Grand Phoenix and coughed to get Phyllis' attention. Phyllis wasn't in a mood to deal with Sally and angrily told Sally she didn't "give a damn" about her. Summer arrived and told Phyllis and Sally to have a great day. Sally said that was all she'd needed to hear. Phyllis lunged at Sally, but Summer stopped her and asked how everyone's day was going. Sally turned to Phyllis and said she needed to leave because she had a meeting later with Jack.

After Sally left, Phyllis apologized to Summer and said she was exhausted because she'd been up all night, worrying about Faith. She asked how it could happen again. It was a duplication of Cassie's accident. Summer couldn't imagine what Sharon and Nick were going through. Phyllis just wanted Faith to be okay.

At the hospital, Sharon and Nick were ecstatic that Faith was awake. When Faith asked what had happened, Sharon said that Faith had been in an accident. Faith apologized for doing such a stupid thing and wondered why they weren't mad at her. Nick said all that mattered was that Faith had returned to them.

Nate arrived in the waiting room and told Nick and Sharon that Faith would make a full recovery, and she could go home in a few days. Nick left to notify everyone.

Nick returned and told Faith that everyone sent their love and hugs. Faith told her parents that she'd made the choice to drink and drive. She didn't remember much, but she recalled getting the keys and crashing into the tree. Faith wanted to know how she'd gotten to the hospital. Sharon said a good Samaritan had taken her in.

Nick told Faith that what Jordan had done had been vicious and cruel. Faith said she'd been devastated to discover that Jordan had been behind the text messages. Faith admitted that she'd wanted to get as far away from everyone as she could. She apologized, and she asked if Nick and Sharon could forgive her.

Nick said that Faith had been hurting and had made a mistake, but it didn't change how much they loved her. Sharon said there was nothing they couldn't get through as a family. Faith promised there wouldn't be a repeat of what she'd done.

After Nick and Sharon left Faith's room, a young man approached Faith's room and waved at her. He entered the room and asked if she was okay. The young man said he was looking for his cousin. Faith asked if she knew him. He said he was Moses Winters, Neil Winters' son, and that Neil had been friends with Faith's parents and grandparents.

Moses asked Faith what had happened to her. Faith told him she'd been in a car accident. At that moment, Nate entered and saw Moses. He asked why Moses hadn't gone to Devon's straight from the airport. Moses said he hadn't been able to wait to see Nate in action. Nate appreciated Moses' enthusiasm but felt he shouldn't be bothering patients. Nate said that Moses was lucky he'd found the nicest patient in the hospital. Moses waved goodbye and left with Nate.

Nick and Sharon returned with a stuffed animal for Faith. Sharon received a text message from Adam: "I hope Faith is feeling better. She's your top priority, but if you believe I'm innocent please meet with me. I need help -- you're the only person I trust." Sharon looked thoughtful for a moment and put her phone away.

After Sharon left, Nick was also about to leave Faith but stopped and thanked a higher power for bringing their little girl back to them. He claimed the situation felt like Cassie all over again, and he'd been afraid he would lose another child. He thanked the higher power for saving his daughter. Phyllis stood in the doorway, listening.

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis and Summer were relieved that Faith had woken up. Summer said it wasn't so much about Faith waking up but the events that had led up to it. Phyllis said there was nothing a parent wouldn't do for their child. Summer asked if Phyllis had gone out of her way to do something about Sally.

Phyllis told Summer that Sally was a big city girl and should return to Los Angeles. Summer claimed that Sally had burned all her bridges in California. Phyllis said she'd called Wyatt Spencer to convince him and Bill Spencer that they needed to take the "live and let live" approach with Sally and leave her alone. Summer informed Phyllis that she'd met with both men, and they didn't like Sally. Summer reminded Phyllis that Sally had a good job in Genoa City, she was close to Jack, and she'd carved out quite a life for herself. She wouldn't leave. Phyllis said she had a plan for that, too.

Later, Lauren arrived, and Phyllis said that she needed Lauren to do her a huge favor. Phyllis asked what Lauren thought about having Sally oversee Fenmore's L.A. store. Lauren asked if Phyllis was trying to run Sally out of town. Phyllis admitted she was. Sally would live and work there, and Lauren would have someone experienced to run her store in L.A.

Lauren asked Phyllis why Sally was such a threat. Sally was a wonderful employee, Summer and Sally were getting along, and Jack wasn't being manipulated. Lauren wanted to know why Phyllis wanted to get rid of Sally. Phyllis claimed she would never trust Sally, and she didn't trust her around Jack. Phyllis knew Sally's type because she'd been Sally. Phyllis claimed if Sally was backed into a corner, her claws would come out, and Phyllis didn't want Sally to hurt anyone Phyllis cared about. Phyllis wanted to put Sally 2,000 miles away from Genoa City, and everyone would be happy.

Lauren told Phyllis that nothing she'd said justified running Sally out of town. If Phyllis wanted Sally gone, she needed to be considerably more forthcoming about what was really going on. Lauren left.

Victoria arrived at the ranch and asked about Faith. Victor said there hadn't been any news. Nikki blamed herself for Faith's accident and left to get some air. Victoria asked Victor if Adam had poisoned Rey. Victor said the police believed he had. Victoria claimed that Victor didn't believe it because he'd bonded with Adam over Cyaxares, and in Victor's eyes, Adam could do no wrong. Even after all those years, Victor still couldn't see Adam for who he really was. Nikki rushed in and announced that Faith was awake. She left immediately to call Noah.

Victor told Victoria that it was great news about Faith, but he wished he could say the same about Adam. Victoria stated that Adam had brought it on himself. Victor claimed that it was more than likely that Billy Boy had been spreading the rumor that Adam had poisoned Rey. Victoria said Billy wasn't behind it, otherwise he would have made a big deal about it. Victor claimed that Victoria was ready to protect Billy, but she had no compassion for her brother about the charges against him. Victoria said everything pointed to Adam because he had motive.

Victor told Victoria that Adam wouldn't do that to Sharon, and it would jeopardize Chelsea's recovery from the stroke, life returning to normal with Chelsea and Connor, and running their new media company. Victoria said that even if Ashland didn't back out of the deal, she wondered if Victor really wanted the responsibility of running the new company on a daily basis. She suggested that Victor back out of the deal and allow her to buy Cyaxares. Victor couldn't believe that Victoria would take advantage of Adam's misfortune. Victoria claimed Victor had taught her that. Victor said Victoria was obsessed with Adam, just like Billy Boy.

After Victoria left, Nikki returned, and Victor told Nikki he hoped Faith realized she'd made a big mistake. He hoped she would get the therapy she needed and know that she had people on her side. Nikki said she needed to get some work done in the study, and she left. Victor called Adam again and left another voicemail message. He said he knew Adam had received his message but had chosen not to return his call. Victor said that running away was stupid. He told Adam to return, and Victor would help him. He asked Adam to trust him and to return his call.

At Jabot, Jack looked over Sally's presentation for Lauren. He told Sally that Lauren would love it. Jack asked why Sally was in such a good mood. She said she was having a great day, and she had even had a civil conversation with Phyllis. She said it had started off a little rough, but Summer had smoothed things over. Sally believed that Phyllis was finally accepting her and Jack's friendship. Jack warned Sally to be wary because Phyllis might not be openly hostile, but it didn't mean she was coming around.

At Jabot, Kyle received a text message from Ashland: "Arriving in Genoa City tomorrow. Let's have lunch." Worried, Kyle called Jack and told him they needed to talk immediately. He told Jack about the text from Ashland.

Billy met Jack at Society. He told Jack he wanted to make a move for Cyaxares, and he believed that ChancComm had a shot. He said Adam had been accused of poisoning Rey, and Adam was on the run. The deal for Cyaxares hadn't been closed yet, and Billy wanted to move quickly. Jack asked if Billy wanted to use the Newman crisis as leverage and have Jack put up the money to buy the company. Billy said that Ashland would get more money, and he wouldn't have to deal with Victor and his criminal son.

Jack told Billy that Adam hadn't been charged, and Jack wouldn't back Billy because Billy wanted Cyaxares for all the wrong reasons. Billy stated that he despised Adam, but he wanted to protect his company. Jack refused and left.

When Jack arrived at Jabot, he asked Kyle what Ashland had had to say. Kyle said Ashland would be in town the next day, and Ashland wanted to have lunch with him. Kyle said he hadn't responded because he'd wanted to talk to Jack first. Jack said he would handle the meeting with Ashland and do a little recon to see what Ashland was after. If it was about a proposal, he would turn Ashland down. Kyle felt there would be red flags if he didn't show up. Jack claimed that someone in Jack's position and experience would want to meet with Ashland personally. Jack told Kyle to leave town for a few days, and Jack would take care of everything.

Jack was working alone at Jabot when Lauren arrived. She told Jack that Phyllis had asked her to send Sally to run the Fenmore's store in L.A. Jack acknowledged that Phyllis had been very vocal in her disapproval of him spending time with Sally and that Phyllis had been acting very strange lately. Lauren felt that Jack would want to know about the conversation. She said she would keep him updated, and she left.

After Lauren left, Sally entered and asked if Jack wanted to grab a bite to eat. Jack asked to speak to her. He stated that they had been getting close, but there were things they didn't know about each other. Sally asked if someone had said something about her. Jack asked why she'd jumped to that conclusion. He asked if there was something he should know. Sally looked worried.

At ChancComm, Lily ended a call, and she didn't look happy. Billy arrived, and Lily accused him of reaching out to Ashland Locke behind her back, even after they had agreed not to do that. Billy said he might have gotten ahead of himself. He'd wanted to set up a meeting with Ashland, and once he'd received the money from Jack and convinced Lily it was a good idea, everything would be in place; however, it had all backfired because Jack had had the same concerns as Lily -- they both questioned his motivation. Lily said that Ashland wasn't available to meet with him. She said some things weren't meant to be, and they needed to move on.

Victoria arrived and told Billy and Lily she couldn't imagine that Ashland would be willing to sell his company to a fugitive. She said that Victor believed that Ashland would still seal the deal; however, she wanted to prove him wrong. Victoria proposed a joint venture between Newman and ChancComm to steal Cyaxares away from Victor and Adam. She said that if they united, it would make the offer more impressive, and they would use their separate strengths to impress Ashland. Billy said that he and Lily needed to discuss it and that they would both have to agree to Victoria's proposal.

After Victoria left, Billy asked if Lily saw the benefits of Victoria's proposal. Lily said that if Victoria bought half the company, she would want to run it, but Billy reminded her that Victoria had sold off the Newman media companies. Lily claimed it had been a personal offer from Victoria. Whatever Victoria had said about staying out of Billy's life, it was her way of forging an alliance with Billy, with the added benefit of outplaying Victor and Adam. Lily said it was too risky, and there had been a reason Jill had never gotten behind it and why Billy had had to turn to Jack for financing.

Lily told Billy they were a good team because they balanced each other out and knew when to draw the line. Billy asked if Lily was saying "no" and if there wouldn't be a discussion unless he agreed with her. Lily asked if Billy would have run with Victoria's idea if Lily hadn't been there. Billy claimed he didn't like that they were arguing. Lily thought it was best to walk away from that deal, but Billy was convinced it was the best choice for their company. They were at an impasse, and Billy asked where that left them.

At Society, Kyle told Summer that Jack wanted him to leave town for a couple of days. Summer saw it as an opportunity to celebrate their engagement and make a few wedding plans. Kyle said he was a grown man, but his dad was taking care of a problem that he should be handling himself. Summer said it was a delicate situation -- one slip-up, and Ashland would go after Kyle. Kyle said he wouldn't do anything risky or admit to anything, but he didn't want to run and hide. If Ashland was suspicious, Kyle felt it was best to meet him head-on and show him there was nothing to worry about.

Sharon arrived home. Rey had been waiting for her. He was thrilled that Faith was okay. Sharon said Faith had a long road ahead of her, and her emotional road was going to be more difficult. Rey asked Sharon if Adam had reached out to her. Sharon looked Rey in the eye and lied. She said she hadn't heard from Adam.

Faith reels after learning her mystery friend's identity Faith reels after learning her mystery friend's identity

Friday, March 26, 2021

Mariah arrived at the cottage and inquired about Rey, and Sharon reported that he'd gone to work. Mariah questioned whether that had been the best idea, given that he'd just gotten out of the hospital. Sharon indicated that Rey had felt he needed to take care of something that hadn't been able to wait. Sharon told Mariah that the house had been inspected, and no other traces of thallium had been found. Mariah asked how the thallium had gotten there, and Sharon informed her that the police were trying to figure that out.

Sharon preferred to talk about how Mariah's procedure had gone, and Mariah recounted that she'd been awake when the doctors had implanted Abby's fertilized embryo into her. Mariah admitted that it was a little mind-blowing to think that she could be carrying Abby and Chance's child and all the hopes and dreams that went along with it. Mariah confided that she was a little scared, but she also had hope. Sharon assured Mariah that what she was feeling was totally natural, since hope and fear would always exist side by side with a new child entering the world.

Mariah shared that she already felt a little overprotective of the baby, like a fairy godmother who looked after him or her. Sharon considered it a nice thought to protect children from ever feeling pain, and Mariah assured her that Faith would be okay. Sharon groaned that it was hard to watch Faith cope with bullies, but Mariah advised that there was no way to completely shield one's child. Sharon remembered trying to protect Mariah when she'd fallen in love with her brother's girlfriend, but they'd all made it through.

Mariah praised Sharon for understanding and never judging, and Sharon pointed out that things had turned out well for everyone. Sharon was encouraged by the path Faith was on after standing up to the kids at school and agreeing to start therapy. Sharon chirped that life might keep throwing things at them, but as long as they hung in there and didn't give up hope, everything would be okay.

At Adam's penthouse, Rey presented Adam with a warrant to search Adam's home and car. Adam demanded to know what Rey thought Adam had done. Rey told a seemingly wheelchair-bound Chelsea that it wasn't his intention to put her in an uncomfortable position, and he knew it wasn't easy to watch. "You kidding? I've got the best seat in the house," Chelsea gleefully thought to herself. Rey apologized for showing up like that, but it was the way it had to be. In her mind, Chelsea was sorry for poisoning Rey, but she promised it would all be worth it.

Adam offered to help find what Rey was looking for if Rey told him what it was. Rey angrily slammed drawers as he searched the penthouse, and Adam griped that Rey had a lot of nerve, doing that in front of Chelsea. Adam contended that he should be the angry one, since the lack of information Rey had provided made it look like the search was personal. Rey barked that he was in no mood, and Adam observed that the detective didn't look well. Rey stormed past him up the stairs. Adam asked Chelsea what she thought Rey was searching for.

Adam complained that Rey and his cronies were hunting to find something to put Adam away for any reason, and he figured he'd have to wait it out. Chelsea silently taunted that it was nerve-wracking to realize that something was going on behind one's back without knowing what or why. Adam mentioned that he'd seen a news report about Rey being released from the hospital after being rushed there by ambulance due to an undisclosed illness, and he wondered what was going on.

Adam thought no one would believe he hadn't written the text messages to Sharon about wishing they were both free. He noted that Rey had been mysteriously admitted to the hospital, and the detective had shown up with a search warrant the minute he'd been released. Adam wondered if Chloe had convinced Chelsea to turn on him, and he pondered whether the women were in on it together or if it had been Chelsea alone, having recovered just enough to fool them all. Adam encouraged Chelsea to talk to him, since they could fix whatever was going on between them. "No, Adam. I'm fixing it," Chelsea thought. Adam grabbed his coat and exited. He covertly peered back in as a victorious grin crossed Chelsea's face.

Rey returned downstairs and called out for Adam, and Chelsea's eyes darted toward the door to indicate that Adam had left. Rey promised to send someone to stay with her until her nurse returned, and he left. Alone, Chelsea stood up from her wheelchair and ranted aloud that maybe it was the way things had always been meant to end, since she was a con artist at heart, and Adam was a liar who'd always loved someone else. She believed that the day Adam had blown up in the cabin should have been the rightful end to them, and everything that had happened since then had been a mistake.

Chelsea bitterly regretted the time she'd wasted on Adam when he'd only broken her heart again, but she told herself that it didn't matter because she was finally free of him. Chelsea vowed to find a way to tell Connor what had happened because he was her reason for living, and they would move on to a bright, happy future without Adam. "There is no turning back now," she firmly stated.

Rey returned home, and Sharon clucked that he should be resting. He asked if Adam had contacted her, since Rey had found evidence that pointed directly to Adam. Rey explained that he'd gotten a warrant to search Adam's place and car, and he'd found a vial of white powder that had tested positive for thallium. Rey added that he'd also found Sharon's missing figurine in Adam's car, and Sharon incredulously wondered if Rey was saying Adam had stolen it when he'd planted the poison.

Rey shared that he'd also found a tray of Sharon's, and he inquired whether she'd known it had gone missing. Sharon admitted that she had, but she hadn't told Rey because she'd thought it might have just been misplaced. Rey demanded to know what significance those items held for Adam, and Sharon confessed that Adam had given them to her years earlier. Rey was appalled that she'd put them around the house to see them every day, but Sharon explained that the figurine had been a symbol of her own strength after she'd gotten through the lowest point in her life. She insisted the tray meant nothing, but Rey huffed that Adam had thought it was significant enough to steal.

Rey suspected that Adam had taken the items as a message to Sharon that he'd tried to kill Rey. Rey revealed that he'd convinced Michael to get a search warrant before Adam had a chance to cover his tracks, and Adam had run during the search because he'd known what evidence Rey would find. Rey hissed that Adam was a "sick bastard" who'd poisoned Rey's belongings. Rey requested that Sharon help by telling him where Adam would run off to.

Devon stopped by the Chancellor mansion to see how everyone was doing after the embryo transfer. Abby shared that she was the only one there, and she found it strange that everyone was living life as usual while everything was changing at the same time. Devon marveled that they'd all banded together around the beautiful idea of her and Chance having a baby. Devon glanced up at Katherine's portrait and was sure his grandmother would have been over the moon that her DNA was being passed down to the next generation of Chancellors. Abby wondered if Mariah would regret that the first child she carried wasn't her own.

Abby asked if Devon was worried about not raising his first biological child. He assured her that he was aware of his role, and he was looking forward to being a cool uncle to her and Chance's kid. Abby was grateful that Devon would play an important role in their child's life, but she also fished to find out if he'd thought about having a family of his own. Devon confirmed that he wanted to have a family one day, but he didn't see it happening anytime soon. Abby teased that it might be closer than he thought, and she wondered if he'd sorted out his feelings since they'd last talked. He responded that the only thing that had become clear was that he'd ruined a good thing that could have been great.

Devon refused to talk about his love life when Mariah might be carrying Abby's baby. Abby confided that she was trying not to think about it, since the enormity could be overwhelming. She added that she missed Chance every day, but especially on days like that. She suddenly thought of a way to include Chance in all of it by starting a video diary to share with him when he got home. Devon proposed that they have a nice dinner with Mariah at the Grand Phoenix to celebrate their embryo transfer day. Abby resolved to be on her best behavior around Phyllis, and they happily made plans to meet at the hotel later.

In Amanda's hotel suite, Amanda assumed that Naya needed help with a legal problem. Naya explained that a reporter was attempting to connect her father, Sutton, to a crime that had happened many years earlier. Amanda guessed that it had been a white-collar crime, but Naya confirmed that the reporter was claiming that Sutton had arranged a man's killing. Naya professed her father's innocence and asked Amanda to defend him. Amanda questioned why Naya would think Amanda would even consider defending the man who'd forced Naya to give Amanda and Hilary away. Naya revealed that Sutton had been accused of killing Amanda's father.

Amanda surmised there was proof, since Naya had reached out to her to be Sutton's attorney. Naya insisted that her father was being set up, but she didn't know by whom. Amanda recalled that Naya had told her that Amanda and Hilary's father had been killed in a car crash, and Naya confirmed that he had. Naya added that Amanda's father's name had been Richard Nyland. Amanda was wracked with emotion, and she cited how long she'd waited to hear his name.

Amanda composed herself and questioned why it had taken 30 years for someone to claim that the crash hadn't been an accident. Naya claimed that it was why she was there, but Amanda pointed out that she wasn't an ideal person to help because she'd never tried a murder case. Naya countered that Amanda had studied criminal law and had represented her boss when he'd been accused of attempted murder. Amanda warned that if she took the case, it would be impossible for her to hide her connection to Naya's family. Naya proclaimed that they wouldn't hide it anymore.

Amanda spat that the day before, she'd been a dirty secret that Naya had needed to hide from her family. Amanda scoffed at the idea that Naya's clan was ready to open the family gates and welcome her in, much less let her represent the family in a high-profile case for the whole world to see. Naya believed they could take advantage of the situation to help Amanda bond with the rest of Naya's family. Amanda was skeptical, but Naya insisted that she wanted to invite Amanda into the fold and onto their team. Amanda noted that it sounded like something a publicist might say, and she concluded that Naya wanted to use her as a PR stunt.

Amanda figured that if the daughter Naya had tossed away defended her own grandfather, the jury would see him in a more empathetic light. Naya encouraged her to look at it as a show of faith from a family who wanted her forgiveness. Amanda realized that Naya had told her family that she'd been in contact with Amanda, and she wondered how that had gone over, since Sutton had considered Amanda to be a threat to the family's carefully crafted image. Amanda figured that a bigger threat had surfaced, so she was suddenly useful to Naya and her family.

Naya assumed that Amanda wanted to find out the truth about Richard's death and make sure the guilty party paid if he'd been murdered. Naya urged Amanda to right a horrible wrong while getting to know a family that would be forever grateful and welcome her with open arms. Naya admitted that she'd been scared and desperate when she'd learned about the accusations against her father, but she'd eventually seen it as the reason Amanda had found her. Naya preached that fate had reunited them to fight together as a family, and she saw it as an opportunity.

Naya added that she'd convinced her father of the same thing, and he'd agreed to it. Amanda retorted that she hadn't agreed to anything, and she didn't even know the basic facts of the case. Naya offered to have their legal team forward all the information they had, since Sutton had kept a lot of it from Naya. Naya chalked it up to Sutton's nature as a very private man, but she was sure Amanda would get used to it. Amanda warned her not to assume that she would say yes.

Amanda walked Naya to the hotel lobby. Amanda stated that it was a lot to take in, and she needed time to think about Naya's request. Naya thanked her for giving it serious consideration, and she promised that she wanted to build a relationship with Amanda, no matter what. After Naya left, Devon approached Amanda and observed that things had looked intense between the women. Devon offered to talk before he met Abby and Mariah for dinner, but Amanda replied that she wasn't ready yet. Devon assured Amanda that she could always confide in him, and he would do what could to help her. She silently headed back to her suite.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki told Faith that she would be in the next room if the girl needed her. The moment Nikki stepped out, Faith grabbed her phone and found a message from her mystery friend, who finally agreed to tell her who he was. Faith jumped to her feet and anxiously waited. Her phone pinged again, and the sender identified himself as Tommy Ross. Faith grabbed a pillow and screamed excitedly into it.

Faith typed back that she knew who Tommy was, but she couldn't believe he'd even noticed her. "Faith the Avenger? How could I not?" he wrote back. Tommy apologized for not being able to meet before, but he was able to sneak away then if Faith could meet him. Faith peeked into the next room and wrote back that she couldn't get away then, but she wanted to meet soon. Tommy replied that he couldn't wait, and he prompted her to say she loved him. Faith looked puzzled.

Tommy again prompted Faith to tell him she loved him, and she wondered if he was joking. He offered to go first. "I love you, Faith Newman. Your turn," he wrote. "I love you, Tommy Ross," Faith responded, asking when they could meet. She received no reply and began to pace. She finally sent a message, asking why Tommy was ghosting her. She received a note telling her to check her social media. Faith discovered that her declaration of love had been posted online, without the previous messages to provide context.

Faith queried why Tommy had done that. "Maybe because I'm not Tommy and you fell for it, Loser," the sender responded. Faith questioned who it really was, and Jordan sent a photo of herself. Jordan wrote that Faith had become boring and whiny and had let her mommy run her life and choose her friends, so Jordan wasn't going to waste her time with Faith anymore. A devastated Faith broke down in tears.

Later, Nikki reentered the living room and asked if a shaken Faith was all right. Faith sullenly claimed that she was just playing games on her phone, but Nikki observed that it didn't seem to be much fun. Nikki implored Faith to talk to her, and Faith blurted out that she felt stupid because there had been no boy -- it had been a trick. Faith wailed that the person she'd considered to be her only friend had been pretending to be him, and she didn't understand why Jordan had been that mean. Nikki asserted that it didn't matter because Jordan clearly had never been Faith's friend, and Jordan was no better than the bullies Faith had stood up to. Nikki swore that the pain Faith was feeling would pass.

Nikki suggested that she and Faith get some fresh air, but Faith declared that she didn't need to because she was feeling better. Faith mentioned that she was hungry, and Nikki took that as a good sign. Nikki offered to have the cook make something special for them and then spend the rest of the afternoon doing anything Faith wanted. Faith thanked Nikki for listening to her, and Nikki pledged to always be there for Faith. After Nikki stepped out, Faith choked back tears, but her emotions turned to anger. She grabbed a bottle of tequila from the bar and left the house.

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Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73


Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73
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