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Diane tried to convince Stark that she missed their risky lifestyle. Jack and Diane shared a New Year's Eve kiss. Daniel confided to his parents that he'd become estranged from Heather and Lucy. Lily decided that she and Billy should take some time apart. Sally realized she might be pregnant.
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Sally realized she might be pregnant. Diane tried to con Stark. Daniel confided to his parents that he'd become estranged from Heather and Lucy.
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Diane declares that she is ready to confront Jeremy Stark

Diane declares that she is ready to confront Jeremy Stark

Monday, December 26, 2022

Chance arrived at Crimson Lights too late to help with Sharon's volunteer mission at a local shelter. Chance, disappointed, said he had wanted to help between shifts at work. Sharon asked Chance if he'd found time to be with Dom. Chance replied that he had enjoyed Christmas Eve with his son. Sharon offered Chance a pot of coffee and some food in exchange for help cleaning up the coffee shop. Chance replied, "You got yourself a deal."

After Sharon and Chance completed their chores, Sharon acknowledged Chance's devotion to public service and laughed when she recalled that Chance had recently arrested a thief named Merry McJingles. Chance said he assumed Sharon was eager to join her kids and celebrate Christmas. Sharon explained that she had already spoken to Faith and would not be joining other family members until later because Noah and Allie had opened the Glam Club so others celebrating without family would have a place to go. Sharon announced that Mariah and Tessa had received a hopeful message from an expectant mother that might lead to adoption. Chance said Mariah and Tessa deserved happiness. Sharon told Chance he deserved happiness, too.

After Chance declined to pour out his problems, Sharon spoke up and admitted that though she had tried to keep busy and avoid sadness, she missed Rey, having been left with memories enjoyed together the previous Christmas, their one and only Christmas as a married couple. Chance told Sharon that her loss was unfair, adding that she and Rey had deserved to make a lifetime of memories. Sharon replied that her children and her career had kept her busy and given her something to focus on while carrying on, as Rey would have wanted her to. Chance said that he understood the struggle to come to terms with big shifts in life. Sharon acknowledged that Chance had lost the life he had had with Abby and Dom. Chance asked Sharon for advice about how to be a good father while living apart from his son. Sharon suggested they not share advice and instead just listen to each other.

Nate and Elena encountered Abby and Dom in the hallway as they exited the elevator. After Elena asked about Christmas morning with Dom, Abby admitted she might have gone overboard with presents. Elena said she and Nate had taken a walk to enjoy the snow. Elena asked about Chance. Abby explained that she and Chance were getting a divorce. Shocked, Nate replied, "Wow. This is sad news." Devon stepped out from his penthouse and invited Abby and Dom inside. Elena waved goodbye to Dom before Abby turned the baby stroller around and pushed her boy inside. Devon barely acknowledged Nate as he followed Abby and Dom.

Dom settled down for a nap soon after he and Abby arrived at Devon's. Abby said she had most enjoyed seeing Dom filled with Christmas spirit as he'd spent time with his family members, especially Chance. Abby said she believed that Dom realized that the holiday was all about family, no matter what else was going on. Abby recalled Devon's reaction to Nate in the hallway and said perhaps he had lost sight of cherishing time with family. Devon complained that Nate had been passing off fake concern as a cover for questioning him about what had happened between him and Amanda, just so he could find something to use as retaliation. Devon noted that if anyone had forgotten what the holiday was about, it was not him.

Abby encouraged Devon to find a way to resolve things with Nate because Christmas was the best day to put aside anger and resentment and appreciate life's blessings, namely his career, his family, and their friendship. Abby admitted that their connection had been the source of drama recently. Devon said he feared Nate might exploit the drama Abby had alluded to. Abby noted that she and Devon had already suffered the worst possible consequences.

Abby suggested Devon head off a fire instead of adding fuel, encouraging him to consider how Neil might approach the situation. Abby recalled that Devon and Neil had always forgiven each other after numerous betrayals. While Devon was upstairs, Abby and Elena exchanged text messages and secretly arranged to get Devon and Nate together to have drinks. After Devon returned downstairs, he reported that Dom was still asleep.

Across the hall from Devon's, Nate was lost in thought as he watched the flames flicker in the fireplace. Elena served Nate a hot beverage and asked him what was on his mind. Nate said he had been thinking about Amanda and Chance. Elena said she had been thinking about them, as well, having assumed that their relationship was solid. Nate suggested that something intense had occurred to cause the couple to split up. Nate recalled how suddenly Amanda had broken up with Devon and moved to Virginia, which had seemed odd because it had come out of the blue, similar to the news of Chance and Abby's divorce.

Nate suggested to Elena that something might be going on between Abby and Devon, especially after Abby had shown up on Christmas Day to be with Devon. Elena was not as confident about Nate's speculations and said perhaps Abby wanted Dom to spend Christmas with his other father. Nate recalled that after Devon had condemned him for being deceitful and duplicitous, he could not help but wonder if the same was true of Devon. Elena warned that acting on suspicions would not end well, reminding him that they had broken up after Nate had gotten caught up in the same kind of negativity. Nate promised not to act on his suspicions and confront Devon, and he told Elena she was making too much of the issue. Elena encouraged Nate to find a way to fix things with family instead of making things worse.

Elena and Nate joined Abby and Devon at Devon's penthouse. After the couples took their first sips of wine, Abby and Elena mentioned that the snowfall on Christmas Day had seemed magical. After a few tense moments and a round of throat-clearing, Elena asked Abby if Dominic had gotten his photo taken with Santa. Elena smiled when Abby showed her a photo and remarked that Dom had not enjoyed having his photo taken. Elena showed the photo of Dom to Nate.

Both Nate and Devon remembered how Dru and Olivia had disliked having to don the identical, showy dresses each year for annual Christmas photos. Devon noted that Dru had not hidden her feelings, so her facial expressions had been similar to Dominic's. Nate remembered that years afterward, both Dru and Olivia would break out in tears while laughing at the amusing photos. Devon agreed that the pictures had later become treasured memories. Elena and Abby exchanged glances, seemingly proud that they had succeeded in breaking the ice between Nate and Devon.

At home, Jack, Ashley, and Traci discussed their concern for Abby and Dom. Ashley told her brother and sister that Abby had remained strong because she was determined to give Dom a beautiful holiday. Jack appeared distracted. Traci expressed her disappointment that Abby and Dom had had to leave before Summer, Kyle, and Harrison returned from their Christmas Eve getaway. Traci said she was enthused with idea of Harrison enjoying a "Santa scouting mission." Traci seemed concerned about the state of her family's strained relationships.

After Traci said she thought her nephew and his family would have already returned home, Ashley asked Jack what might be keeping Kyle, Summer, and Harrison away. Jack said he did not think the family had had a specific time in mind to return. Traci said she assumed it might be upsetting for them to spend time at the Abbott home due to Diane's absence. Jack said he hoped that whatever they were doing was better than waiting and worrying about what Jeremy Stark might do. Jack glared at Ashley, who shook her head in response to her brother's unspoken condemnation.

Tucker, wearing a festive Santa cap, arrived at the Abbott mansion, carrying a sack of gifts. Once inside, Tucker greeted Jack and Traci. Jack sarcastically thanked Tucker for not arriving in a helicopter, alluding to the intrusion by air the day Kyle and Summer had renewed their vows. Tucker announced that he had brought gifts for everyone. Jack noted that there was nothing for Tucker under the Abbotts' Christmas tree. Traci accepted a gift and explained that Dom and his mother had already left. Tucker said he would visit Dom later at Devon's.

Tucker invited Ashley to have lunch, and she agreed. After Ashley and Tucker left, Traci discussed with Jack how unsettled their family had been with Abby's impending divorce, Ashley spending extra time with Tucker, and Diane's departure. Jack acknowledged that Traci's last remark had been aimed at him, and he apologized that she had been caught up in the tension surrounding Diane. Before Traci went upstairs to relax in the tub with the peppermint bath oil she'd received as a gift, she embraced Jack and wished him a merry Christmas.

When Tucker and Ashley arrived at Society, they realized that the restaurant was closed. Ashley remembered that she had a key and said she was certain Abby would not mind if they entered and used the kitchen if they cleaned up afterward. In the restaurant kitchen, Tucker chopped vegetables and lettuce while Ashley concocted a salad dressing, which Tucker declared would be a perfect blend of flavors. Ashley noted that mixing ingredients perfectly was related to her training as a chemist, and she spooned a taste of her dressing into Tucker's mouth. Tucker liked the taste of the mixture and proclaimed that Ashley's dressing would bring out the essence and energy of the vegetables.

Tucker recalled that he had learned during his recent travels that a connection with food could bring together physical energies that harmonized with the body. Ashley joked that their lunch might become a spiritual experience. Tucker agreed it might if done correctly. Ashley replied "So, you were an apprentice chef before the race car driving, I'm assuming, right? So, what's next?" With a flourish, Tucker tossed sliced vegetables into a bowl and replied, "Lunch." Ashley seemed perplexed and amused by Tucker's comment.

After enjoying their salad, Tucker proclaimed it a success due to the combined talents of a scientist and a spiritual master. Ashley reminded Tucker that he was a businessman at heart. Tucker told Ashley it was just a sampling of what they could accomplish if they were to join forces professionally and form a brand-new, grand-scale company apart from Jabot with no ties to the Abbotts, though he invited Ashley to invest if she so desired. Ashley told Tucker she sometimes thought she knew him, and at other times, not at all. Tucker assured Ashley that she knew him better than anyone else ever had.

After Tucker drove Ashley back home, she told him she was not prepared to consider leaving Jabot, though she was flattered by the effort he had put in to lure her away. Tucker replied, "Should I take encouragement in that?" Ashley said, "No. Sorry. I mean, it's a basic human response because it's so nice to be wanted." Tucker said he had meant what he had said about creating a dream situation where they could work side by side. Tucker declared that it would be his dream come true. Before Tucker departed, he wished Ashley a merry Christmas.

After Ashley and Tucker talked outside the front door, she entered her house. Ashley encountered Jack as he was brooding alone in the living room. Ashley said she assumed Jack had seen her and Tucker outside the front door. Jack warned that Ashley was making one mistake after another. Ashley pleaded with Jack to trust her for once. Jack appeared concerned, nonetheless.

At the Abbott cabin, Harrison sat near his beloved Dee Dee and busily played with his new toys. Kyle, speaking slowly so Harrison might readily recall his words, said, "It was worth driving super far to visit her and her special Christmas place, but we should probably keep that to ourselves. We don't want anyone to get jealous that we got to see her, and no one else did." Diane said that being with her family was the greatest gift she could have gotten. Harrison announced that it was time to build a snowman. Kyle replied, "Your wish is my command." After bundling up and collecting items to help them create a proper snowman, Kyle accompanied Harrison outside.

Diane thanked Summer for helping convince Kyle to change his mind about including her and Harrison, knowing that Kyle had initially planned to come alone. Summer expressed frustration for Diane having kept secrets and suggested she keep in mind going forward that, like it or not, they were all family and should stick together. Summer reminded Diane that she had pleaded with Kyle not to reveal that she had worked with the authorities to ensure that Jeremy Stark would be convicted. Diane, taken aback, replied, "He told you?" Summer berated Diane for having put Kyle in a horrible position by asking him lie to his wife, adding that Diane should have known better.

Diane mentioned Phyllis and questioned Summer's loyalty to her mother while also supporting Kyle's relationship with his mother. Summer admitted that though Phyllis had been out of bounds, Summer would not turn her back on her mother. Summer assured Diane she would never share information with Phyllis that might put Diane, Kyle, or Harrison in jeopardy. Summer warned Diane not to underestimate her or put Kyle in a difficult position again. Diane sighed and replied, "Wow. Honest and protective. I can see why Kyle adores and respects you." Diane assured Summer she would not expect Kyle to keep secrets from Summer again.

After Kyle and Harrison returned from the cold, Kyle warmed his hands in front of the fire. Answering a phone call from Jack, Kyle explained that he planned to wait until Harrison was ready to fall asleep before they drove back to Genoa City, so he would not realize where they had been. Kyle asked Jack if there was something going on he should know about. Jack explained that he had spoken to Jeremy Stark about the offer they had discussed. Jack informed Kyle that Stark had said he would leave town the second he received the second installment. Jack admitted he was not confident Stark was telling the truth. Kyle replied, "So, Mom is still in danger?" Diane overheard Kyle's response and appeared terrified.

Summer and Harrison returned after venturing outside to hunt for pinecones. After Diane and Harrison stepped in the bedroom to inspect the pinecones, Kyle informed Summer that their hopes that Diane might be free to safely return home soon had been dashed. Diane rejoined Kyle and Summer, leaving Harrison in the bedroom to play with his new toys. Kyle informed his mom that he had told Summer that Stark had been a lot harder to get rid of than they had expected, adding that if buying Stark off failed to work, perhaps he had another motive for sticking around.

Diane said that though she had initially been terrified, she refused to fall apart and was done hiding in fear. Diane told Kyle and Summer she would return to Genoa City and show her face. Kyle warned that Stark was not any less dangerous. Diane seemed eager to try out her ideas involving ways to handle Jeremy Stark.

Daniel opens up to his parents about his family problems

Daniel opens up to his parents about his family problems

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Lily stopped by Devon's penthouse, hoping to see her nephew. Devon shushed her and indicated that Dominic was taking a nap. Lily peered into the baby's bassinet and cooed about how adorable he was. She inquired whether Dominic had had a good Christmas, and Devon suspected that the boy had accumulated more toys than he had time to play with. Lily wished she'd been able to spend more than just Christmas Eve with Dominic. Devon said she'd never guess who Devon had spent Christmas Day with.

Devon revealed that he'd spent Christmas with Nate, but Lily pointed out that the men hadn't been able to stand being in the same room together. Devon explained that Abby and Elena had tried to use the Christmas spirit to force him and Nate into a truce. Lily doubted it had been sincere if it had been forced, but Devon conceded that it had been nice not to get into a fight. He recalled that before he and Nate had started working together, their relationship had gotten back to being decent after what had happened with Elena. Devon added that he'd thought they'd both moved on, but he'd clearly been wrong.

Lily was happy Devon and Nate had been able to put their differences aside for the holiday, and she envisioned the three of them getting together. Devon warned her not to make more of it than one day of being nice. He asked about work, and she announced that Jill wanted to move forward with the IPO. Devon complained that it would mean giving up too much control of the company and having to answer to a board of people they didn't know. Devon opposed giving up something they'd worked hard to build, and he mentioned that he'd talked to Tucker about it. Lily scowled at the thought of Tucker having any say in their business ventures.

Devon swore that he'd just been talking to Tucker but not sharing any private information. Lily clucked that Devon had recently been convinced Tucker had been trying to steal their company. Devon felt that nothing was worth the risk of losing control of Chancellor-Winters, especially after someone they'd trusted had almost done it. Lily stressed that Jill was determined to move forward with taking the company public. Devon was sure they'd live to regret it if they did.

Abby went for a jog in the park and was surprised to see Chance sitting on a bench. She awkwardly greeted him and informed him that she'd received the divorce papers that morning. Chance told her that he'd requested that they be sent after the holidays, and he inquired about the rest of Dominic's Christmas. Abby recounted that they'd spent the morning with the Abbotts and the afternoon at the Newman ranch with all her siblings there, so their son had gotten to spend time with his older cousins. Chance surmised that she'd also gotten together with Devon.

Abby told Chance that she'd stopped by Devon's place because she'd wanted Dominic to see Devon on Christmas. Chance recognized that Devon would always be around as Dominic's other father and that whatever was going on between Abby and Devon was none of Chance's business. Chance hoped to see Dominic that day, but Abby informed him that the tot was still over at Devon's. Chance stood by his request, noting that they had to get used to their new dynamic.

Abby called Devon and informed him that Chance wanted to see Dominic. Devon offered to leave the penthouse and have the nanny stay with Dominic during Chance's visit. Abby relayed that Chance thought they should get used to being around one another for Dominic's sake, but Devon opted not to have it happen that day. Devon promised that the nanny would have Dominic ready for Chance.

Later, an uncomfortable Chance wheeled Dominic out of Devon's penthouse in a stroller. Abby apologized for it being too soon. Chance muttered that he'd thought he'd been ready, but he hadn't been. The elevator doors opened, and Chance and Abby faced Devon. Devon stepped off the elevator, and Chance wordlessly left with Dominic. Devon comforted an upset Abby with a hug.

At the Glam Club, Phyllis took a selfie with Danny and Daniel and tagged them in her online post. Danny was thankful he'd had a break between gigs to be with them for the holidays. Daniel mused that being with family meant the world to him at that time of year. Phyllis imagined Daniel missed Lucy and Heather, and she assumed that he'd called to wish them a merry Christmas. Daniel replied that he hadn't had the chance.

Danny gently pushed to find out what was going on with Daniel's family, since Lucy had always been Daniel's pride and joy. Daniel confirmed that she always would be. Danny recognized that sometimes relationships with partners didn't work out, but that should never be the case with a parent and child. Phyllis found it obvious that something was going on, and she encouraged Daniel to talk to them. Danny offered his advice or support.

Phyllis concluded that Heather and Daniel were having problems, but she was disturbed that he hadn't spoken with his daughter on Christmas Day. Daniel admitted that he felt he'd failed as a father and a partner, but Phyllis didn't buy it. Daniel confided that he'd hit a bit of a rough patch, and he'd hidden it all when Phyllis had visited him. He divulged that his painting career had stalled, and he'd become frustrated and bitter while Heather's career had grown and thrived. Daniel regretted that he hadn't handled things properly.

Daniel believed he should have been more supportive of Heather's success instead of resenting it. Phyllis figured that everyone had moments of jealousy. Daniel recounted that he'd seen himself as less of a partner and equal contributor, and he'd gotten angry at stupid little things and sometimes nothing at all. He confessed that he'd made Heather and Lucy's lives so miserable that they hadn't been able to take it anymore, so Heather had taken a job in Europe, and Lucy had been admitted to a great boarding school there. Daniel lamented that he'd pushed them to the brink and let them slip away.

Phyllis swore that Daniel wasn't a failure, noting that everyone went through rough patches. Danny refused to coddle his son, and he pointed out that while Daniel had failed at being the partner and father he'd vowed to be, Daniel had also recognized it and was working on it. Daniel shared that after Heather and Lucy had left, he'd turned to alcohol and partying to keep his mind off the fact that he'd tanked his career and relationship -- until he'd bottomed out. He remembered digging through a box of Lucy's games and trinkets, and he'd stumbled across a video game they'd played together when she'd been younger.

Daniel shared that he'd become obsessed with the game, as if he could get back to happier times after he finished it. Phyllis said she understood, since she'd been known to escape in video games herself. Daniel recounted that part of the game's resolution message was about finding hope by using one's inner strength, and it had been like a light switch that had set him on a path to create something mammoth and enriching. Phyllis compared it to what the Grand Phoenix had done for her.

Daniel proclaimed that "Finding Princess Louisa" would be the debut title for Chancellor-Winters' gaming division, allowing kids to travel through a mythical landscape in search of the princess. Danny guessed that Daniel was hoping the success of the game would lead to a reunion with Heather and Lucy. Daniel resolved to focus on himself and not anyone else, since fighting his way back from rock bottom had to start with him. Danny declared that he was proud of his son, since a person's character wasn't revealed by how they'd fallen but rather by how they got back up.

Danny praised Daniel for learning from his mistakes and finding a way to move forward. Danny offered to help Daniel on his journey any way he could, and Daniel mentioned that the game he was developing needed a score. Danny joked that he didn't know if Daniel could afford him, but he thought they could arrange a family discount. Phyllis scolded that Danny wouldn't charge anything at all, and she noted that the picture she'd just posted already had 5,000 "likes." She called them superstars.

Phyllis said she hated that Daniel had been going through a hard time alone. He assured her that he was strong, focused, and definitely not alone because he was with family who loved and respected him. Daniel crowed that he felt empowered and unstoppable with his dad on board, and he was determined to make a success of himself and his business. Daniel noted that he still had a few loose ends to tie up, including Phyllis' answer about working with him.

Phyllis admitted she still held out hope that Summer would rescind the notice of termination. Daniel questioned why Phyllis wanted to get caught up in the issues involving Diane and Jack, noting that his mother wasn't one to let bygones be bygones. Phyllis admitted that Diane had pushed her to the edge after Diane had wormed her way back into the Abbott family and Summer's life. Phyllis didn't understand how everyone had just ignored Diane's duplicity and deceit, yet they still considered Phyllis the bad guy. Phyllis defended that the only thing she'd been guilty of was trying to protect her family.

Danny contended that Phyllis had worked hard and deserved better. Daniel questioned why she wanted to go back to Marchetti's drama when he was offering her a new career in a job she was born to do. Daniel considered it an added bonus that she'd be working with a family member who actually wanted her there. Danny agreed that it would be the perfect venue for Phyllis.

Danny, Phyllis, and Daniel toasted to Daniel's new video game. Lily approached and complimented their cute family photo, and she and Danny hugged. Daniel announced that Danny would be scoring the new video game, and he shot a glance at Phyllis and asked if there was other good news to share. Phyllis cited Daniel's passion for what he was doing and his desire to have her on board, and she exclaimed that she couldn't wait to start working with him. Lily thanked Danny for scoring the game, but her smile faded as Danny and Phyllis headed out.

At the elevator, Phyllis recalled that she'd once resented Danny for taking baby Daniel away from her, but she applauded Danny for creating an amazing foundation for their son. Danny acknowledged that he never should have kept Daniel from her for that long and that she'd done an incredible job raising him. She contemplated who should take credit for the man Daniel had become. Danny thought Daniel deserved the credit.

Meanwhile, Daniel reveled in the fact that both his parents were on board, but Lily questioned whether it was a good idea to have Phyllis involved. Daniel accepted that some people didn't trust his mother, but he thought Phyllis needed it and that she would be good at it. He added that it would mean a lot to him for her to be part of the venture. Lily welcomed him to staff the project as he saw fit.

At home, Christine's phone pinged, and she discovered the photo of Danny, Daniel, and Phyllis that Phyllis had posted online. Phyllis had included a message about how Genoa City's very own rock star had returned to spend time with the people he loved most. Christine flashed back to a Christmas she'd spent with Danny after they'd gotten married, and he'd gushed that their apartment had become a home because of her. She looked wistful.

Christine gazed at the photo as her thoughts drifted to when Danny had confessed that he'd not only violated their marriage vows but also that the other woman had threatened to go public with their affair and drag Christine into it. Christine had blasted him for asking for a divorce without giving her any explanation. Danny had confirmed that the affair had resulted in a pregnancy and that he had a son. Christine had ordered him to get out.

Christine flashed back to another time when Danny had returned to town and professed that he'd always wanted to be with her, but she'd told him they'd missed their chance. He'd imagined that he would have shown her the time of her life, but she'd prompted him to catch his flight. They'd hugged and tearfully kissed goodbye before he'd left. Christine sighed deeply as she grappled with her memories.

A restless Chelsea fidgeted in her apartment. She called Billy and wondered if he had time to get together. A short time later, Chelsea met Billy at Crimson Lights. She enthused that she liked being there because it was comforting seeing people's faces, knowing she could just go upstairs if she felt overwhelmed. Billy sympathized that life could feel like it was moving a million miles a minute, but he observed that on the outside, she seemed to be doing great.

Chelsea admitted that spending Christmas at the ranch had been a bit overwhelming, but having a safe space at home had made things more tolerable for her. Chelsea marveled that Johnny and Connor had been inseparable, but Billy noted that she seemed to be glossing over the elephant in the room -- Victor. Chelsea shared that Victor had tried to be on his best behavior, but it had still been very clear he didn't trust her. Billy figured that Victor didn't trust anyone.

Chelsea credited Adam for being supportive, and Billy remarked that it sounded like she'd held her own. She recalled that the day had been great, but she'd later started having nagging thoughts. She continued that her therapist had given her tools to try to manage the "thought spiral." Chelsea struggled to understand why a holiday dinner had been that difficult. Billy reasoned that there was nothing normal about spending time with Victor. Chelsea laughed and said she'd known calling Billy had been a good idea.

Billy commended Chelsea for using her doctor's advice as her first line of defense, but he reiterated that he'd be there for her in case anything slipped through the cracks. He proposed that they watch a movie or go for a walk, but she had something else in mind. Later, Chelsea and Billy returned to her apartment with supplies for Connor to complete a school assignment to build a device that would protect an egg when it was dropped. Billy enthusiastically dug into the project.

At Society, Adam approached the bar, where Victor invited him to have a seat. Victor told Adam how much he appreciated Adam and Connor spending time at the ranch on Christmas. Adam thanked Victor for including them and for not being too overbearing with Chelsea. Victor scoffed at the idea he wouldn't behave, but he thought Chelsea had seemed a little fragile. Adam vaguely explained that she'd been going through some complicated things, but she was doing well overall. Victor warned that it wasn't a good idea for Connor to spend time with her while she was dealing with her problems.

Adam insisted that Chelsea was doing great and that Connor loved the nights he spent with his mother. Victor suggested that Connor spend more time at the ranch to give Chelsea time to deal with whatever she was going through. Victor cautioned that she was very good at covering up what was bothering her, and he cited how long she'd faked her paralysis before anyone had noticed. Adam maintained that Connor was more comfortable having his mother around, and he believed it was best for both Chelsea and Connor for them to be together. Victor hoped Connor being at the ranch more often would lead to Adam spending more time with his family.

Adam voiced surprise that Victor had admitted outright that he'd like to see Adam more, but he clarified that the Christmas visit had been purely for Connor's sake. Victor pointed out that Adam could have dropped Connor off and picked him up later, and he suspected that Adam missed having a connection with his family. Adam barked that the connection was tethered and severed depending on Victor's mood or at the convenience of the Newman family, and there was nothing he missed about that.

Victor asserted that he knew Adam better than Adam realized, since Newmans loved competition, and it was in Adam's blood. Victor wondered what it would take for Adam to return to the company and family, and he hinted at creating a new role or business. Victor added that Adam didn't belong at Jabot. Adam chided Victor for blatantly attempting to buy his loyalty and love instead of providing him with actual loyalty and love.

Victor groused that there was no winning with Adam, but Adam countered that it wasn't supposed to be a game. Victor swore that he cared about Adam deeply, but Adam dared Victor to name one time he'd treated Adam like someone he considered to be a priority. Victor referred to the offer he'd just made, giving Adam a chance to reconcile with his father and return to the company.

Adam flatly stated that Victor wanted him to quit his job to take a position working for Victor as Victoria and Nick's subordinate, and he questioned why he would say yes to that. Victor called Adam his own worst enemy, since Adam himself had created all the hurdles in his path. Victor taunted that Adam had nothing other than his son, and it was Adam's "own damn fault."

Diane meets with Stark to broker a deal

Diane meets with Stark to broker a deal

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

by Nel

At Newman, Victor told Nick and Victoria that he hadn't gotten what he'd wanted for Christmas. He said he'd seen Adam, and the goodwill they'd shared at the Christmas party had vanished. He said Adam had been belligerent and argumentative, and he'd blamed the state of his life on everyone but himself. Victoria said that was who Adam was, and she didn't understand why Victor would expect anything different. She said Adam was entrenched in playing the role of the misunderstood outsider. Victor reminded her that Adam was his son, and he would never give up hope.

Nick commented that Victor kept setting himself up for heartache by continuing to reach out to Adam. Victoria asked how many times Adam was going to change his name, leave town, and never look back. Nick asked how many times Adam had said he wanted to be better and to earn their love and respect. Nick acknowledged that at times, Adam had done the right thing; he'd saved Faith's life, and Nick would never forget that, but his transformations never lasted. Victor said he kept hoping for a better outcome. Nick said Adam would never change.

Nick advised Victor to let that dream go, and that came from someone who believed that change was possible. Victor countered that was coming from someone who'd become Adam's romantic rival. Victor asked when Nick was going to stop cavorting with Sally. Nick said he understood Victor was upset about whatever Adam had done. Nick reminded Victor that he'd demonstrated his commitment and loyalty to the family. He admitted he'd had his reservations about joining the company, but he'd been able to overcome those because he'd wanted to put himself in a position where he contributed on every level. Nick wanted to do everything he could to protect everything Victor had worked so hard to achieve.

Nick said Victor had given Adam the same opportunities, and Adam had thrown them in Victor's face every time. Nick stated that if Victor wanted to make it about Sally, that was fine.

Nick asked Victoria why she wasn't supporting him. Victoria claimed Victor had a point. Victor said there was a danger of getting involved with a woman "of that ilk." Victor asked if Nick had looked at the dossier he'd compiled on Sally. Nick said he didn't need to because Sally had given him the highlights, and she'd been willing to talk about it. He stated that he was sick and tired of Victor involving himself in Nick's personal life, and to watch what would happen if Victor kept it up.

Nick told Victor and Victoria he was looking forward to spending more time with Sally to prove to them how wrong they were about Sally. Victoria asked if Nick was going to continue seeing Sally just to prove a point. Nick responded that he understood why Adam turned down Victor's offers at face value; they always had strings attached. Nick admitted he'd stayed away from the company because of Victor's incessant need to manipulate the lives of everyone in the family. Nick walked out.

Victor asked Victoria if she'd abandoned her plan to acquire Chancellor-Winters. Victoria said she'd lost her inside source, the element of surprise, and leverage, since she no longer had the shares she would have gotten from Nate. Victor said her plan had fallen apart for reasons beyond her control. He said she had to learn to let things go. She asked if that was what Victor would have done. Victor smiled and said he wasn't going to tell Victoria how to run the company. He said she'd done "one hell of a job," and he was proud of her.

Victor said Victoria had grown, she'd made bigger profits, but she needed to take stock of herself and look at what she'd accomplished. He said her next move would reveal itself. Victor understood that she wanted to go after the big fish, no matter how deep the waters were, but sometimes, it was necessary to take a step back. He warned her not to allow her restlessness to make foolish decisions.

At Crimson Lights, when Adam arrived, Sally asked how his Christmas had been. Adam said he'd spent the day with family and biting his tongue. Adam asked Sally how her interior design business was going. Sally informed him that she and Chloe were still crafting a business plan for their potential corporate clients like Chancellor-Winters. Adam wished Sally luck. Chloe arrived and announced that Sally didn't need luck because she had Chloe.

After Adam left, Chloe tried to entice Sally with a tasty treat, but Sally refused it. The conversation turned to business, and Chloe suggested they make a mock-up of a couple of rooms. That way, they could show how their company could seamlessly reinvent any environment from the textiles to the furnishings and show enough color, describing the colors of various fruit. Sally's stomach was obviously churning. Sally said she loved Chloe's ideas, and Sally dashed away from the table.

When Sally returned, Chloe commented that Sally didn't look well. Chloe asked if it was possible that Sally might be... Sally interrupted and told Chloe she wasn't hungover or physically ill from seeing Adam. Sally said they had a company to build, and nothing was going to slow her down.

At home, Jack asked whose crazy idea it had been to have Diane return to town. Diane admitted it had been hers. She acknowledged the lengths Jack had gone to protect her, but she wasn't sure that Stark was going to take the deal Jack had offered. Jack told Diane his initial deal with Stark stood. Diane suggested that instead of going to Jeremy, they would make Jeremy come to them. Jack didn't like it. Diane said she'd gotten away from Jeremy previously, and since she had her family back, she wouldn't allow him to control her again.

Kyle said Jack hadn't believed Stark would take the money and hold up his end of the deal to leave them all in peace. Kyle felt Diane could pull off her plan. Diane said she understood Jeremy better than anyone. She knew what Jeremy was willing to do to get what he wanted. She said she could use her knowledge to set a trap. She was confident Jeremy would take the bait.

Jack warned Diane that Jeremy wouldn't take anything at face value because he was already suspicious. Diane asked Jack to trust that she could handle Stark. Jack reluctantly agreed but said they would do it together. Jack said he would go with Diane, but she refused. She said she had to be the only one to meet with Jeremy. She said Jeremy was too smart to try anything in public, and if he took the bait, they would all be involved.

In his suite, Jeremy received a call from Diane. He said he was sure she'd had her bag packed, and she'd been ready to flee when he'd shown up. Diane asked if there was anywhere that she could go where he wouldn't find her. He asked why she'd called. Diane claimed that seeing him again had brought back a lot of memories. Stark remarked that Diane had run, but Diane claimed she'd been afraid because he'd shown up believing she'd been responsible for sending him to prison. She said it wasn't something she wanted to talk about on the phone. She suggested they continue their conversation in person, and she could tell him what she had in mind. She suggested they meet at Society. Stark agreed.

At Society, Summer told Phyllis she and Kyle had been busy making the holiday special for Harrison, since it had been his first Christmas with the Abbotts. Phyllis said she'd enjoyed her day with Daniel and that Danny had arrived in town. Phyllis said Daniel had offered her a job to lead a team of tech specialists; however, she'd wanted to go over everything with Summer before she gave Daniel a definite answer. Summer realized Phyllis was hoping Summer would reconsider firing her from Marchetti, and she hated the situation.

Phyllis said she'd loved working with Summer, but Summer replied that firing her had been for the best. Summer said Phyllis was a perfect fit with Daniel because she would put her computer skills and gaming knowledge to use. Phyllis stated that she'd lost Summer, but Summer denied it.

In tears, Phyllis said she'd been very excited when Summer had returned from Milan and they'd decided to work together. She said she would be with her sole companion and her fierce defender who'd understood her when no one in town had. Phyllis said Diane being chased out of town because of her past, and that had nothing to do with Phyllis. She claimed Summer had turned her back on Phyllis and broken her heart. Phyllis stormed out.

Adam arrived at Society and sat at the bar. Nick arrived seconds later and joined Adam. Adam asked if Nick wanted to get something off his chest. Nick claimed it was just office stuff. He asked Adam how things were at Jabot. Adam said the job was fine; he did his thing then leave, but sometimes he felt he would never fit in at Jabot. Nick admitted that Adam had done an excellent job at Newman Media, and Sally had been able to accomplish a lot with the ground work Adam had put in place.

Adam asked Nick "what the hell happened" to make Nick say something like that. Nick said Adam knew how Victor did that manipulation thing where he felt he needed his fingerprints on every part of their lives. Nick said he understood why Adam had become fed up and walked away. Adam asked if Victor had asked Nick to stop seeing the woman Adam had proposed to, then Nick had come to the wrong place to commiserate about Victor's meddling in his personal life.

Adam told Nick he agreed with Victor; Nick didn't belong with Sally because Nick would never love her the way Adam did. Nick said he was sorry things hadn't worked out with Adam and Sally, but that had been Sally's choice and had no bearing on his feelings for Sally. Nick said he liked Sally a lot, and he enjoyed spending time with her; no one was going to change that. Adam claimed his instincts told him Nick was going to break Sally's heart. Nick asked if Adam's instincts were his jealous streak or his never-ending desire to compete with Nick.

Adam claimed Nick had reduced the situation to a contest, but Nick reminded Adam that Adam had claimed Nick was with Sally only to get back at him. Nick said Adam was wrong. Adam claimed he saw under Nick's good-guy demeanor, and he claimed Nick was so diplomatic without passion or desire. He asked if Nick had told Sally they shouldn't rush things and they should get to know each other a little better. Adam asked if Nick had made Sally think they had a future together; that she was the one. Adam stated they both knew she wasn't. Nick asked if Adam was going to bring up his history with Sharon. Adam said he didn't have to. Adam left.

Diane arrived at Society and met with Jeremy. She said she was there to broker a truce, something she could do for Stark to settle her debt and wipe the slate clean. Jack stood behind a pillar and eavesdropped.

Summer returned home and told Kyle that Phyllis hated her. She said Daniel had offered Phyllis a job, but Phyllis had hoped Summer would talk her out of it because Phyllis wanted to return to Marchetti. Kyle asked if Phyllis had forgotten that she'd contacted Stark and told him that Diane had been the one who'd turned him in to the Feds. Summer said Diane had done just that, but Kyle countered that Phyllis hadn't known that. Summer said Phyllis was her mom, and she couldn't tell Phyllis what was going on with Diane. She said Phyllis believed Summer was punishing her.

Kyle asked if it had occurred to Phyllis to face the consequences of her actions. Kyle pointed out that Phyllis had turned the tables, and she'd made Summer feel guilty for firing Phyllis "for no good reason." Summer said she couldn't help feeling responsible. Kyle said Phyllis had had no right to make Summer feel like she'd done something wrong after everything Phyllis had engineered. He said it proved they'd made the right decision.

In her suite, Sally stared at a calendar. Nick arrived and reminded Sally they were supposed to meet for drinks. Sally explained she was under the weather.

In the park Adam recalled Victor saying that Adam was his own worst enemy and that all the hurdles in Adam's path had been created by Adam. Victor had stated that Adam had nothing, and it was Adam's "damn fault."

Not everyone is celebrating ringing in the New Year

Not everyone is celebrating ringing in the New Year

Thursday, December 29, 2022

by Nel

At the Grand Phoenix, Traci was surprised and overjoyed to see Danny Romalotti. Danny said he was there for a short stay to spend Christmas with Daniel. When Lauren arrived, she asked if Traci and Danny were getting the band back together without her, and they greeted each other warmly.

Lauren told Danny that Marchetti, Fenmore's, and Jabot were all under the same umbrella. Danny said it was brilliant that Lauren had her bases covered with the fashion and cosmetics, and the store to sell it all in one place. Lauren was sure Danny had heard of the new spokesmodel for Marchetti, Tessa Porter. Danny said he'd heard of her and called her a real talent. Lauren suggested that perhaps Tessa could open for him or do a duet with him once her voice recovered.

Michael arrived and commented that it looked like homecoming week. He was overjoyed to see Danny. Danny told the group he had a concert in Chicago in a couple of months, and he could get them tickets. Lauren asked if they could have dinner afterwards. Danny agreed.

Danny told the group he was writing some music for a project Daniel was working on, and he was very excited about it. Michael asked if Danny would be around long enough to see Christine and Paul when they returned from their ski trip. Danny wasn't sure, but he hoped to see Cricket before he left.

At midnight, the group counted down and rang in the New Year with Champagne and kisses. Danny began to sing "Auld Lang Syne." Traci and Lauren joined him.

At Chelsea's, Connor told Chelsea he thought Billy was cool. Chelsea agreed. As Connor worked on his project, Chelsea suggested that he try to see if the bubble wrap worked. She said the whole point of the project was to experiment and delve into his creativity.

Adam arrived. Chelsea told him they'd been working on Connor's project and trying to make sure the egg wouldn't break when his project was dropped. Connor said Chelsea and Billy had made one that had worked, and it was his turn. Connor said Billy had made Chelsea smile, and that was a good sign. Adam suggested that Connor use a combination of materials, not just the bubble wrap. Adam said Connor needed to impress his teacher with his creativity, and he would get a higher grade. Connor complained that Adam had made it much harder.

Adam said he'd stopped by to wish them a happy New Year. Connor received a text message from Johnny, and he left the room. Adam asked if Billy would return later to do Connor's math homework. Chelsea said she could tell her little project with Billy had irked him. Chelsea said it had been a silly diversion that had kept her from getting wrapped up in her own head.

At the park, Billy told Lily they would be celebrating New Year's Eve in the park because dressing up and partying didn't feel like the right thing to do that year. Billy suggested they get a different perspective from another area of the park, where they would be able to see the fireworks perfectly.

Lily told Billy the different perspective they needed had nothing to do with the view. Billy said he was worried about them. Lily said she was, too. Billy admitted the ordeal with Chelsea had thrown them off balance. Lily stated her issue was with Billy, not Chelsea. She reminded Billy he was supposed to plan something special for them, yet they were standing in the park, freezing, and waiting for fireworks that wouldn't start for hours.

Billy apologized. He told Lily the week had gotten away from him. Lily admitted she didn't love that Billy had spent every day of the holidays with Chelsea, but she understood. Lily said their issues had begun long before Chelsea's crisis. She said Billy had been going in a different direction for months, and she had no idea how to get him back on track. Billy reminded her they would begin couples therapy the following week. Lily said she thought suggesting therapy would have been a wake-up call for Billy, but he hadn't changed his behavior since then, and it had broken her heart. She asked what the point was if Billy wasn't going to meet her halfway.

Lily said Billy hadn't believed they had an issue when she'd suggested therapy. She asked if he was just going to go through the motions. Lily said she'd realized that backing him into a corner and trying to fix things hadn't been the right thing to do. Billy noted that it sounded like Lily believed what they'd had was too far gone. Lily said she'd realized that they'd always had work in common, and that was what they'd had to fall back on whenever things had gotten bumpy. She said since that had disappeared, so had their spark.

Lily told Billy that without that glue, they were different people with very different goals. She didn't know if they had enough in common to keep them together. Billy admitted they were different in many ways, but he hadn't seen it as a negative. He didn't want to give up on them, and he asked what Lily was saying. Lily said they needed to take some time apart to see what was left between them.

Later and in tears, Lily sat alone on the park bench when she received a text message from Daniel: "Happy New Year."

Nick arrived at Sally's with soup and anything else Sally would need while she was feeling under the weather. He brought out two champagne glasses and a bottle of ginger ale to ring in the New Year. Sally appreciated everything Nick had done, but she didn't expect him to sacrifice his evening for her. Nick assured her he would rather spend the evening with her than going to the Glam Club.

Sally reminded Nick they were taking things slow, and she didn't want him to watch her dribble soup on her shirt or turn green. Nick reminded her how many kids he'd had and that nothing fazed him. Sally claimed she'd never liked showing people her sick side.

Nick said he would honor Sally's wishes and leave, but if she changed her mind and wanted some company, he was a text message away. He wished Sally a happy New Year, and he kissed her before he left.

When Chloe stopped by, Sally said she couldn't get Chloe's earlier comment out of her head, and Chloe might have been right. Chloe admitted she'd never seriously thought Sally could be pregnant. Sally said she'd checked her calendar, and it was a possibility. Sally claimed she'd always been very diligent about taking the pill, but she had been more stressed out than she'd realized and had forgotten to take the pill a couple of times. Chloe asked if Sally might have forgotten on purpose. Sally said it wasn't her style to trap Nick with a pregnancy.

Chloe suggested it wasn't the worst thing in the world if Sally had Nick's child. Sally said it wasn't that simple because Nick hadn't been the only one. She said if she was pregnant, the baby could also be Adam's. Chloe claimed there was no way Adam could be the father because he and Sally hadn't been together in months. Sally explained that she and Adam had had a moment for closure a few weeks back. Sally explained it had proven it was too late for them to get back what they'd once shared, and they'd agreed to go their separate ways.

Sally told Chloe she hadn't regretted it in the moment, and it had ended a chapter for both of them... unless it hadn't. Sally stated that she had to put the doubts to bed. Sally asked Chloe to get her a pregnancy test because she had to know.

At Society, Jack hid behind a wall and eavesdropped on Diane and Jeremy's conversation. Diane asked Jeremy if he was interested in hearing about her offer. Jeremy said he'd made it crystal clear the only way to settle things between them was for Diane to pay him back what she'd taken from him. Diane said the money was gone, and she had a better idea. Jeremy asked if Diane had turned state's evidence to put him away.

Diane swore to Jeremy she would never turn on him, and she knew it would be foolish for anyone to betray him. She reminded Jeremy she'd been living a lie in Los Angeles, and the last thing she'd wanted had been to draw attention to herself by the authorities. Jeremy wanted to believe she was being straight with him. She admitted that after Jeremy had been arrested, she'd missed the excitement he'd brought to her life. She said she'd tried to convince herself it was enough to be back with her family, but she'd been climbing the walls.

Jeremy admitted he'd thought about Diane often in prison. He admitted he'd had angry thoughts, but he'd also remembered the good things they'd shared before she'd figured out what he'd tricked her into doing. Diane said there had been a lot of good times before and after she'd known the truth. She confessed it had been thrilling, and it had made her feel alive.

Diane told Jeremy she wanted to get that excitement back with him. Stark asked if Diane was suggesting they start things up again. He claimed it would be a huge risk. Diane said that he'd always said that risk made life worth living. Jeremy asked why Diane had left. Diane claimed she'd been afraid, and she'd run on instinct. Jeremy didn't believe that because she'd taken herself out of the picture long enough for Jack to try to buy him off again. Diane claimed that was news to her.

Diane told Jeremy she'd panicked, and she'd run of her own volition. Jeremy noted that she didn't look frightened, and she was proposing they start things up again, all very conveniently timed to coincide with his acceptance of Jack's offer. Diane told Jeremy she'd returned because it had cost her too much the last time she'd left. She said she'd returned to face Stark. Diane claimed that whatever deal Jack had made with Stark had been to protect his family, not her. Jeremy asked if she had no allegiance to the Abbotts. Diane admitted she didn't want to see any of them get hurt, but she couldn't stop thinking about Jeremy.

Diane told Jeremy they'd had an unbreakable bond. Diane said the town was killing her, and she'd enjoyed the way it had been for them, getting away with things no one else could and staying one step ahead of the law. She remembered how thrilling it had been and said they could have that once again. Jeremy said it was a very interesting proposition.

Jeremy told Diane that she'd caught him off guard with her offer because he'd never imagined Diane would suggest a reconciliation. Diane said she wouldn't pretend it was love; however, they had gotten along rather famously, and she missed that spark in her life. Jeremy warned her that she wanted him as a friend, not her enemy. Diane suggested they could find a risky way to score back the money she owed him. He said he would consider her offer and get back to her. When Jeremy left, Jack approached Diane and told her he'd been there the whole time because he hadn't been able to let her go through with the meeting alone.

Jack admitted he knew Diane had wanted to take on Stark alone. Diane said she was grateful that Jack had been there looking out for her. Jack complimented Diane on a masterful performance. Diane said it hadn't been as effortless as it might have sounded. She said she'd had a sudden need to shower. Jack said that as far as he could tell, Stark had bought her act. Diane wasn't so certain.

Billy and Adam entered the patio at Crimson Lights at the same time. Adam said, "Look who's back." Billy said it wasn't Adam's concern, but Adam claimed it was, and he wanted to know why Billy had an endless fixation on Chelsea. He asked if Billy's plans with Lily had fallen through or if Billy had planned on bailing on Lily to hover over Adam's ex-wife at midnight. Billy said if Adam was trying to start something, Billy wasn't in the mood. Adam strongly suggested that Billy back off and leave Chelsea alone because she was having a good time with Connor. Adam left. Chelsea and Connor arrived.

Chelsea told Billy that Connor had been craving hot chocolate, and Connor was hoping to stay up until midnight. Billy asked about Connor's project. Connor admitted it wasn't as good as Billy's, and he wondered if he could turn in Billy's model instead of his own. Billy said that would be cheating. Connor saw it as making the most of his time off by resting and recharging. Connor invited Billy to work on the project with him. Billy agreed.

At a booth, Sharon gave Nick a big birthday hug and said it would be followed by a birthday brownie. Nick acknowledged it was also a significant day for Sharon: her wedding anniversary to Rey. Sharon said she didn't want to dwell on it. She asked why Nick wasn't out celebrating his birthday or the holiday. Nick said he'd had big plans, but they had been derailed by a stomach bug; Sally was sick. He admitted he hadn't wanted to tell Sally it was his birthday because she would have tried to rally and do something special for him, no matter how sick she was, and she would probably have pulled it off. He said she was a force of nature. Nick said he liked Sally, and she was a lot of fun.

At midnight, Sharon and Nick wished each other a happy New Year over hot chocolate.

At Society, Adam sat alone at the bar with a drink.

At home, Diane told Jack she was ashamed of how weak she'd been by compromising herself and staying under Stark's thumb for so long. She claimed she was stronger partly because she'd done the work but also because Jack had been so supportive and never treated her like a horrible person out to ruin people's lives. She said she liked who she was when she was with him. Jack said he liked who he was when he was with Diane.

Jack wished Diane a happy New Year, and they kissed.

Chelsea wished Billy a happy New Year as he was leaving.

ENCORE PRESENTATION: The glamorous masquerade ball takes a tragic twist (1991)

ENCORE PRESENTATION: The glamorous masquerade ball takes a tragic twist (1991)

Friday, December 30, 2022

Due to CBS Sports coverage of NCAA college football, The Young and the Restless did not air in certain markets. This was a planned preemption, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the schedule change.

In areas not impacted by the preemption, Y&R rebroadcast the episode that originally aired on October 2, 1991. In the episode, the magnificent masquerade ball was marred by tragedy. You can read a full recap of that episode here.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, January 2, 2023, and picked up where the Thursday, December 29, 2022, episode concluded.

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