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Kyle and Audra planned to continue to see one another on the sly. Victor returned Kirsten Incorporated to Sharon. As Nick grappled with whether to return to Newman, Sharon suggested that he join her in running Kirsten instead. Kyle said he'd consider returning to Jabot if Jack fired Billy.
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Victor returned Kirsten Incorporated to Sharon. Daniel and Lily contemplated where their relationship was heading.  Jack and Billy clased over Diane's status at Jabot.
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ENCORE PRESENTATION: Stark and Phyllis begin executing their plan

ENCORE PRESENTATION: Stark and Phyllis begin executing their plan

Monday, September 4, 2023

Due to the Labor Day holiday, The Young and the Restless opted to rebroadcast an episode from March 24, 2023. In the episode, Victor and Nikki paid tribute to Neil Winters, and Phyllis put her plan in motion. You can read a complete recap in Soap Central's The Young and the Restless Daily Recaps Archive.

This was a planned schedule change and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the change. Regular programming resumed on Tuesday, September 5, and picked up where the Friday, September 1, 2023, episode concluded.

Daniel warns Phyllis not to play matchmaker

Daniel warns Phyllis not to play matchmaker

Tuesday, September 5, 2023

At the Athletic Club, Mariah thanked Devon for inviting her to grab dinner, since she'd been driving herself crazy after Tessa had left earlier that day. Devon noted that Mariah had needed a break, but she questioned whether he should be with Abby or Dominic. Devon reported that Abby was at Society and that the nanny was giving the baby a bath, and he stressed that he was exactly where he needed to be. Mariah recalled that she'd practically had to push Tessa out the door to go to a Marchetti photo shoot and make other appearances. She added that Tessa had wanted to cancel, but she'd told Tessa that people were counting on her.

Mariah reasoned that work could be a sanctuary when it felt like one's heart was going to break into a million pieces. Devon hoped Mariah took her own advice by throwing herself into her new job. Devon recognized that it was tough with Tessa being gone, and he reminded Mariah that she could always lean on him, Abby, and Sharon. Mariah wailed that every time she looked at Aria, she wanted to burst into tears when she thought about all the things her daughter was missing out on.

Devon argued that Mariah had every reason to believe a hearing aid would be the answer, and he encouraged her to be positive. Mariah assured him that while she might be weepy on the outside, she was still her same cynical self on the inside. Devon asserted that technology had changed, and there were more options than there had been when he'd lost his hearing as a teenager. Mariah lamented that she'd had a nightmare about a teenage Aria literally shutting down and turning her back on Mariah and Tessa, refusing to look at them. Devon cracked that it sounded like every teenager ever.

Mariah figured that her subconscious was going to the worst possible place, and Devon assumed it was because she didn't yet know what was really going on. Mariah grappled with how she could fix what was wrong with her child. Devon empathized as a parent, but he warned that Mariah would drive herself insane if she kept speculating. She scoffed at the idea that cutting off her thoughts would be easy, and she dared him to give her the worst-case scenario. Mariah reasoned that if she heard it, her mind would have nowhere else to go. Devon agreed to do it against his better judgment.

Devon anticipated that the worst case would be if nothing worked, and Aria grew up unable to hear. "And then?" Mariah asked. Devon expected that everyone would rally together to support Aria, and Mariah and Tessa would continue loving their daughter and find new ways to communicate that had nothing to do with hearing. He recalled that a TTY device had allowed him to use his phone, and there were flashing systems to indicate when the doorbell rang. Devon remembered that his family had learned sign language for him, and it wasn't hard to learn.

Mariah asked Devon to show her, and he demonstrated how to spell Aria's name in sign language. He showed her the sign for mother, and she wondered if there was anything else related to her. Devon teased that he didn't know how to sign "bad attitude," and they laughed. He taught her the sign for brave, and she softly replied that she liked that one. Mariah imagined she would continue to have nightmares, but she thanked Devon for talking her down and caring about her, Tessa, and Aria. Devon noted that they'd been through a lot together, and Mariah was a huge reason why he and Abby had been able to become parents.

Devon swore he would always have Mariah's back, and he suggested that she stay with him and Abby while Tessa was out of town. Mariah balked, but Devon gushed that the place was gigantic and that Dominic would love it. Mariah worried about Abby's reaction, but Devon had no doubt that Abby would be in heaven to have a little girl in the house. Mariah envisioned the new headpieces and designer dresses Aria would accumulate, and she accepted the offer. Devon encouraged her to move in that night. Mariah planned to go home and pack a few things, and Devon said he'd tell Abby to get her hair things ready.

Later, Mariah arrived at the Chancellor mansion. Devon informed her that Abby would be home soon, and he proposed that they put the kids to sleep and have a nightcap. He directed Mariah to the same guest room that she'd stayed in when she'd been pregnant with Dominic, and he invited her to make herself at home. Devon started to head out to tend to some work calls, but Mariah stopped him and thanked him. "Always," he replied.

Billy sat alone at a table at Crimson Lights. Lily approached and asked how he was doing, and he replied that he'd never been better. She sensed something was going on based on his look and tone, and she suspected it was becoming hard for him to keep inside. Billy thought he could say the same thing about her. Lily hesitated to sound stupid by saying what she felt out loud, but Billy joked that she could do a million stupid things and never catch up to him.

Lily confided that Heather was back in town for a few weeks to do some pro bono work while her firm in Portugal was on summer break. Billy didn't remember Heather working for free before, and Lily relayed that Heather had claimed she was also staying so Lucy could spend time with Daniel. Lily wondered if there was more to it, since she'd gotten the feeling that Heather regretted what had gone wrong with Daniel. Billy pointed out that Daniel and Heather had been together a long time and had raised a kid together, and feelings didn't just vanish when relationships ended.

Billy asked if Lily and Daniel were in a good place. Lily indicated that things were good, but their rekindled relationship was new, and she didn't know where it was heading. She worried about the possibility that Daniel would feel pulled toward Heather. Lily believed she and Daniel had changed a lot since they'd been married as teenagers, and they were different people. Billy asked where she wanted things to go.

Lily explained that she hadn't been thinking about it because she'd hit a lot of speed bumps in her love life over the past few years. Billy hated that he'd hurt her, but Lily clarified that she wasn't blaming him. She insisted that everything was good, and she was likely overreacting. She swore that she didn't feel threatened by Heather, and she wanted Daniel to have a good relationship with Lucy's mom. Billy considered it natural for one's radar to go up when their partner's ex was back in town. He added that Lily was an amazing person, so Daniel would be an idiot if he messed things up.

Lily guessed that Billy had kept the conversation focused on her to avoid talking about what was bothering him. She didn't buy that he was totally fine, and she mentioned that she'd heard Chelsea had left town. Billy admitted that he missed Chelsea and Connor, but he believed Chelsea was doing the right thing and being a good mom. Lily inquired about how things were going at Jabot. Billy reported that Jabot was in flux, and he could probably stand to talk to someone he trusted about it. Lily declared that she was all ears with no judgment.

Lily was shocked when Billy divulged that Ashley had left Jabot. He continued that Jack had given Ashley a nice wedding gift by handing over a portion of the company, and Ashley and Tucker were using it to start their own cosmetics venture to compete with Jabot. Billy groaned that there had been a long feud that had led to that point, and he'd been stuck in the middle. He revealed that Jack had enlisted him to pretend to be on Ashley's team to gather intel, only to have Ashley request that Billy go back to Jabot to sabotage the company from the inside. Billy swore that he'd stayed loyal to Jack and the company, since their father's legacy was the most important thing.

Billy agreed with Ashley's instincts not to trust Diane and the influence Diane had over Jack. Billy suspected that Diane wanted more power and would do what was right for her but not the family, and Jack wouldn't see it because he was blinded by love to the point of losing perspective. Lily wondered if it would be better if Ashley and Tucker took control. Billy said he loved his sister, but he didn't trust Ashley or Tucker's intentions any more than he trusted Diane's. Billy bemoaned that sometimes he felt like he was the only Abbott with legitimate intentions to protect the family company.

Lily was sure that Jack also cherished John's legacy and that he wanted to protect it as much as Billy did. Billy grumbled that Jack didn't cherish it as much as he cherished Diane, noting that Jack had given Diane an executive position without consulting Billy. Billy growled that he wouldn't put it past Diane to go after his job and manipulate Jack into making him think it was the right thing to do. Billy insisted that Jabot be run by someone who could put their personal feelings aside and think about the company's future, and he believed that person was him.

Lily questioned whether Billy was willing to take control away from Jack, but Billy swore he wasn't planning a coup. Lily recalled that he'd led Jabot in the past, but it had never lasted long. She pointed out that he'd never had the same passion for Jabot that Jack possessed, and she wondered whether his dilemma was about wanting to protect the company or his desire for power. She thought it wouldn't be bothering him if the latter wasn't partly true.

Billy reiterated that he wanted to do what was right for his family's legacy, and he didn't know what that was yet, but he wasn't plotting a power grab. Lily advised him against wrestling the company away from his brother, since she'd been there, and it had been horrible. Billy swore he didn't want to go to war with Jack, and Lily cautioned that she didn't think it was a war Billy could win. She warned that the casualties would be significant, but Billy argued that the damage to the company would be significant if he did nothing.

Billy pondered what the right thing to do was. Lily counseled that when she had a big decision to make, she considered "WWDD -- what would Dad do?" She recalled that both Neil and John had been very wise, especially with their family businesses. Lily asked if Billy was good. "I'm better now," he replied. He thanked her and declared that he knew what he needed to do.

Over drinks at the jazz club, Phyllis thanked Daniel for agreeing to meet with her. She admitted that she hadn't known what to expect after he and Summer had claimed they wanted nothing to do with her. Daniel insisted that he just wanted what was best for his mother, and she couldn't expect them to forget about everything that had happened. Daniel inquired whether Phyllis had started her new job, and she shared that she'd heard the company was collapsing. He balked at saying he was sorry, since the thought of her working with Nick, Sharon, and Adam hadn't sat well with him.

Heather descended the stairs and stopped in her tracks when she overheard Phyllis ask about Lily. Daniel replied that Lily was great, but a skeptical Phyllis asked, "Are you great?" Daniel responded that he wasn't sure. Phyllis commented that it was a bad sign that Daniel wasn't sure how he was doing. He swore everything was fine, but he had observed that Lily seemed a little off after having a conversation with Heather. Daniel chalked it up to him being oversensitive because he didn't want to make the same mistakes with Lily that he had with Heather.

As Heather eavesdropped, Daniel explained that having Heather in town had made him think about everything that had gone wrong with their relationship and the things he could have done differently. Phyllis theorized that seeing Heather again had stirred up some old feelings. Daniel grumbled that the only feeling that had been stirred was guilt over how he'd treated Heather and Lucy. Phyllis urged him to use the opportunity to make amends, and she compared it to how she was making amends with him and Summer. Phyllis doubted Lily would have a problem with it.

Daniel realized he didn't know how his mom felt about Lily. Daniel recalled that Phyllis hadn't been Lily's biggest fan back in the day, and everyone had known Phyllis hadn't gotten along with Dru. Phyllis swore that she didn't have an issue with Lily and that she just wanted closure for Daniel and Heather. Phyllis proclaimed that she had a special affection for Heather after the way the lawyer had handled her case when Michael had gone out of town. Daniel cautioned Phyllis against thinking he and Heather would get back together. Phyllis looked up and spotted Heather.

Heather awkwardly greeted Phyllis and Daniel and mentioned that she was just grabbing an end-of-day cocktail. Heather added that Lucy was having pizza with some friends she'd made in Genoa City, so Heather had decided to check out the new lounge. Heather commented that it was gorgeous, and she imagined Neil was still very missed. Heather bet Lily and Devon loved having a place dedicated in their father's honor, and she recalled that Indigo had been a hotspot at one time.

Heather realized it was the place where chaos had erupted during the bicentennial celebration, and Phyllis pointed to the spot where she'd collapsed. Phyllis remarked that it seemed like forever ago, and Heather responded that what counted was that Phyllis had gotten a second chance and was moving forward. Daniel squirmed when Phyllis invited Heather to join them. Heather hesitated to intrude, but Phyllis insisted that Heather was family and ordered her to sit down.

Heather described how Lucy's collection of sea glass, shells, and driftwood had taken over their guest room, and she warned that there would be nowhere to sleep if Phyllis or Daniel visited. Heather mentioned that Lucy wanted to make jewelry out of what she'd collected, and Phyllis said she wanted a Lucy Romalotti original necklace. Daniel recalled a summer when Lucy had begged them every day to take her out to collect more shells. Heather fondly remembered that Lucy had rinsed them off and set them out on the deck to dry, but the hermit crabs had moved them all.

Heather figured it wasn't the worst thing to have a daughter who liked nature, and Daniel groaned that there were plenty of other ways Lucy had driven them crazy. Daniel and Heather playfully bantered about a time when Lucy had returned home with pink hair. Daniel inquired about Heather's pro bono cases, and she anticipated wrapping them up over the next few weeks before she and Lucy returned to Portugal. Phyllis asked about living in Lisbon, and Heather called it a beautiful city. Phyllis wondered if Heather missed living in the States.

Heather said she'd learned to adjust, although she got homesick occasionally. Daniel assumed she was talking about Savannah and not Genoa City. "Both, I guess," Heather murmured. Phyllis found it lovely that Heather considered both Genoa City and Savannah home. Heather explained that she considered the States to be home because Lucy did, and the teen was always excited to go home whenever they talked about visiting. Heather admitted that she worried that Lucy wasn't truly happy living abroad and preferred to be back in Savannah.

Heather asked if Lucy had said anything to Daniel about it, but he informed her that he and Lucy hadn't talked about living in Lisbon because they'd been focused on reconnecting. Phyllis thought it was too bad Heather and Lucy had to leave, especially if Lucy wasn't very happy in Portugal. Daniel snapped that no one had said that. Heather said she had an early morning and thanked them for the drink. Phyllis hugged Heather goodbye and promised to talk later, and Heather exited. "Wow. What was that all about?" Daniel testily asked.

Phyllis claimed that she'd just been trying to figure out where Heather's head was at, since she didn't want to see Daniel get hurt. Daniel griped that he didn't need his mother to protect him, and he warned her not to play matchmaker. He stressed that he was happy with Lily, and he was fine without knowing where things were going between them. Daniel lectured that Phyllis' previous attempts to meddle in his relationship with Heather hadn't worked out, and he accepted that he and Heather shared a daughter but would never be more than parents. Daniel cautioned that it would be a huge mistake for Phyllis to try to make anything more happen, and he considered it her chance to prove she'd changed.

Lily entered the Athletic Club and ran into a distracted Heather in the foyer. Lily asked if Heather was okay, since Heather seemed out of it. Heather blamed it on a long day, and she wished Lily a good night. Lily seemed unnerved as Heather walked away.

Adam asks Sharon to help him evolve into a better person

Adam asks Sharon to help him evolve into a better person

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

by Nel

At the ranch, Nikki told Victor she'd decided to accept the CEO position at Newman Media. She said she'd spoken to Audra, who'd been informed by Nate that Nikki had the COO position. She also told Victor that Audra and Kyle were romantically involved. She said Summer and Kyle were moving forward to a divorce. She added that she'd told Audra to end her affair with Kyle, or her job would be over. Victor said Audra was a valuable asset, but not if she upset Summer.

When Sharon arrived at Adam's, Adam told her that Victor had cut him loose. Sharon said she was concerned about Adam because she knew how much Victor's opinion meant to him, and how devastated he had to feel being cut out. Adam admitted he had no one to blame but himself. He stated he'd allowed classic hubris to send him off a cliff, and he wasn't sure what to do with the freefall he was in.

Sharon said Adam had a habit of falling into an abyss whenever Victor rejected him, and she wanted to make sure he was okay. Adam claimed she couldn't save him "this time." He said Sharon had wanted to merge the companies to help him get on a better track. Sharon admitted that had been as much about her as it had been to help him. Adam admitted he'd betrayed her trust.

Sharon accused Adam of becoming completely blinded by his singular pursuit of Newman Media. Adam complained that he'd lost everything, but Sharon said there was still time for him to turn things around. Adam asked what would happen if he couldn't get on the right track, because he was clearly better off on the messed-up track, since that appeared to be his destiny. She told Adam to stop the "martyr syndrome posturing." She said she wanted to help Adam; however, she wouldn't coddle him, and he would have to meet her halfway.

Adam told Sharon he was his own worst enemy and fed into that. He said he would appreciate Sharon's help because he hated the self-loathing part of himself, and he needed to change. Sharon asked what Adam's "change" looked like to him. He stated that he had to look at his place and the role he played within the family in a different way, not just within the family, but within his father's company. He claimed he needed to stop looking at his place as a "right" and rather embrace it as something he could appreciate.

Sharon commented that Adam sounded like he wanted to work his way up legitimately at Newman Enterprises. Adam claimed he was willing to pay his dues. She said Adam had been fired from the job he'd wanted more than anything, yet he wanted her to believe he'd had an epiphany. She apologized for being skeptical and said that deep down, Adam didn't know what he wanted.

Adam claimed Sharon was wrong because he knew what he wanted, but it had all been taken away from him because of his mistakes. He said his loss had been the defining factor in his life. Adam claimed he'd never had Victor's respect, and the Newmans had never seen him as one of their own. He said Hope and Cliff, the man who had raised him, had been gone too soon. He said Connor was gone because Chelsea had taken him; he'd lost Sharon, and Ava and Sally were gone, too. He said Sharon had to admit that was a lot to lose.

Sharon asked if Adam had loved Sally, but Adam claimed it didn't matter because Sally was out of his life for good. He said he needed to focus on his own evolution. He asked for Sharon's help. Sharon said she had no idea how to help him. Adam asked her to talk to Nick because Nick would believe her, but Sharon said where Adam was concerned, she only got so far with Nick. She stated it wasn't her responsibility to facilitate Adam's reconciliation with his family. She said she would support Adam if he really wanted to change, but it had to be his journey.

Sharon said Adam had to figure out who he wanted to be and what he wanted to do without taking the next easy exit. She said when he figured that out, he might stop getting in his own way.

Adam commented that Sharon had put up a strong front when she'd discussed her company with Victor. Sharon said he wasn't going to back down because she had a lot of plans, and she refused to fail. Adam said it would mean a lot to him if she would help him win back the trust of his family. Sharon said Adam would have to do that himself. After Sharon left, Adam had a big smirk on his face.

At Newman, Victoria told Nick she'd learned from Nate that Victor had done a major restructuring of the company, and she was furious. She said Victor should have spoken to her first. She said she wanted Nick's take on everything. Nick said she hadn't wanted his opinion when she'd forced him to take a leave of absence. She claimed she really cared what he thought.

Nick said he was sure Nate had filled Victoria in on the details. He said Nate's job was secure, and it was probably a massive relief for Victoria. Nick said he would be replacing Nikki as co-CEO and would be working right between Nate and Victoria. He was sure Victoria hated that. Victoria said she didn't hate that Nick would return to work there. She asked when he would let go of his anger and the feeling he'd been pushed aside. Nick reminded her that she'd pushed him aside, but Victoria said she'd forced the issue to give him time to process what had happened with Faith, Sharon, and Cameron, as well as Sally losing her baby.

Victoria told Nick that his leave of absence had been intended to be temporary, and it had been Victor's idea to send him off to babysit Adam. She said Victor had made a lot of changes, which didn't make sense, and she wondered whether Victor was becoming unstable. Nick assured her that Victor knew exactly what he was doing. She asked if Nikki wanted to take charge of Newman Media. Nick said Nikki needed time to process the idea.

Victoria asked Nick where that left Audra if Nikki took the position. Nick said Audra would stay on as Nikki's COO if Nikki wanted her to. Victoria was angry that Victor hadn't told her everything. She said she was supposed to be running the company, and Victor would find out how angry she was. She asked what Nick was going to do. He questioned whether he could turn his back on the family business yet again. Victoria asked if he was considering that. Nick said he needed time to think. Victoria said she wanted Nick to return to Newman. Nick stated he could let go of the hurt, but he knew for certain that Nate couldn't be trusted.

At the Athletic Club bar, Kyle asked Audra how her meeting with Nikki had gone. Audra said Nikki wasn't sure whether she would take over Newman Media, but Audra would be surprised if Nikki didn't accept, which meant Audra would be demoted to COO. Audra told Kyle she would do everything she could to keep Kyle around.

Audra told Kyle that Nikki knew about their relationship; Nikki had demanded that they stop seeing each other, or Audra would lose her job. Kyle surmised that Summer had told Nikki. Audra said Nikki had accused her of standing in the way of Kyle reconciling with Summer. Kyle said Nikki was wrong, and Nikki had no business holding their personal relationship against Audra because it was none of her business.

Audra told Kyle that Nikki had demanded that she end things with him, but Audra didn't want that. Kyle offered to step away if it made things easier for her. He said not to worry about him but to instead focus on keeping her position, even if it meant they had to stop seeing each other. Audra said she wanted Kyle to stay at Newman Media, but it would have to be in a demoted role. Audra stated that Nikki only had to think they had ended things.

Kyle said Audra had too much to lose, so he saw no reason why she should risk it. She said they would have to be very discreet. Kyle agreed. She said sneaking around to see each other and playing with fire sounded very exciting. Kyle said even if they convinced Nikki they weren't seeing each other, there was no guarantee she wouldn't fire him. Audra assured him she would take care of that.

At the ranch, Victoria told Nikki and Victor she'd heard about the massive changes that had taken place while she'd been in Los Angeles. She asked if Victor had purposely waited until she was in L.A. to make those decisions without informing her. Victor insisted they needed to clear everything up immediately.

Victoria asked how Victor could do that behind her back. Victor said he'd made a decision to restructure a few things. She asked why he hadn't called her to walk her through it first. Victor assured her there hadn't been anything personal, but Victoria commented that he'd made extensive leadership changes without her input. She said he'd removed Nikki as her co-CEO without consulting her, knowing how strong Nikki was in that position. Victor stated he wanted Nikki as CEO of Newman Media.

Victor informed Victoria he'd done what she'd wanted -- fired Adam. Victoria was adamant she should have had a say in everything. Victor reminded her that he owned "the damn company," and he made the decisions. Victoria said she was relieved Victor had handled Adam appropriately, but they had to remain on high alert because they didn't know how Adam would retaliate. Victor told her they were protected. She said she would have loved to have seen Adam's face when Victor had fired Adam.

Victor told Victoria that kicking Adam to the curb had been one of the hardest things he'd done. Victoria said he'd done the right thing, and she hoped it would be the last time. She said Adam had no place in any Newman entity because Adam hadn't shown any interest in the family -- with the exception of wielding their last name, one he didn't deserve.

Victor said he hated the venomous relationship between Victoria and Adam. Victoria said she couldn't deny being happy to be rid of Adam. She said with Adam gone, they could focus on the future. Victor hoped she would welcome Nick back. She said she would, but Nick was uncertain what he planned to do.

At Crimson Lights, Sally told Nick she hadn't expected to see him that evening. Nick explained that Victor had called a meeting with him, Adam, Nikki, and Sharon, and he'd hit them with tectonic shifts in power. He said Victor was adamant that SNA would merge with Newman Media, and Nikki would be in charge of both companies. Sally asked who would take over Nikki's job as co-CEO. Nick said he would. He said it had all happened while Victoria had been out of town, and she was furious.

Sally asked if Nick would take the job as co-CEO, but Nick said he didn't know because there was a lot to think about. He said Adam was out completely. Sally said Adam had been through a lot, and that rejection had to have really stung. Nick suggested Sally not feel too bad for Adam because he'd brought it all on himself. He said Adam had tried to grab power and manipulate everyone around him, but Victor had had enough. Nick said there were consequences. Sally stated that had been a big shake-up within the family and the company. Nick said he would be fine, and he was very happy for Nikki becoming CEO of Newman Media because she deserved it.

Sally asked why Nick was hesitating about taking on his new role. Nick said because of history and Victor's mind games. Nick said Sally was going to start her new company, and he wanted to talk about her. He asked if she was fired up and ready. Sally said she'd dusted off her business plan and remembered how fabulous her ideas were. Nick wanted to make sure they were clear that he would be a hands-off investor and sit back to watch her fly. Sally appreciated that boundaries had been set.

Sally told Nick he had to decide what he wanted to do, and it might not be the right move going back to Newman just because Victor wanted him to. He said Victoria was cool with him returning to work, but he would land between her and Nate on that power ladder. He said he was sure that messed up their plans. He stated he would never trust Nate, and if he returned to work, he would keep an eye on Nate. Nick said it also felt familiar -- the power grab, the backstabbing -- and he was usually caught in the middle, trying to make sure things didn't get too out of control.

Nick told Sally it had been the dynamic that he'd run from in the past, and he was sure everyone expected him to do the same this time. Sally said maybe he'd been right to walk away from the company, because he'd been mistreated, and he was more than a cog in the wheel of Newman Enterprises. She told him to follow his instincts and not what Victor commanded. She said she would back Nick in whatever he decided to do, and she wanted him to do what was right for him.

In her suite, Audra called Nikki and said she'd handled the matter they'd discussed, hopefully to Nikki's satisfaction. She added that she wanted to discuss Kyle's professional future at Nikki's convenience. Nikki agreed and asked if Audra was free to discuss the matter. While she quietly let Kyle into her suite, she asked Nikki to give her 30 minutes. Audra ended the call, and she and Kyle began kissing passionately. After the sex, Audra told Kyle she had to meet with Nikki. He said he was nervous about her plan, but it was rather exciting sneaking around the service stairs to get to her room.

Audra joined Nikki in the Athletic Club dining room. Nikki asked Audra if things were over with Kyle. Audra confirmed they were, but she wanted to lobby for Kyle and keep him at Newman Media because he'd done exemplary work. Nikki agreed that Kyle was very smart and ambitious. Audra said Kyle would be glad to hear that, in light of his separation from Summer. Nikki admitted that Summer had played a big part in their breakup. She admitted she wanted to keep Kyle on, but only after she'd spoken to him. Nikki also confirmed she would take over Newman Media.

Nikki asked if Audra's demotion bothered her, but Audra claimed she was relieved she hadn't been fired. She said she was looking forward to learning everything she could from Nikki. Nikki said she felt they could work well together, as long as there weren't any underhanded moves in the future regarding anything. Audra looked up and saw Kyle standing near the door, watching her, then he left.

Billy fears Diane will seek more power at Jabot

Billy fears Diane will seek more power at Jabot

Thursday, September 7, 2023

by Nel

At home, Jack told Diane that Ashley and Tucker had flown to Paris for their honeymoon. He said that their plans for their new business were on hold. Jack said that after Diane had saved Ashley's life, he and Ashley had had a lengthy conversation and reconnected as family. Diane commented that Tucker had Ashley to himself, and he could be very persuasive. She suggested that Jack keep his guard up. Jack said the war with Ashley was over, but another one was on the horizon.

Jack told Diane that he'd made an innocuous statement or else something had been misinterpreted about what had been said or done, and Billy had seen it as an attack on him. Jack admitted he shouldn't have recruited Billy as their trojan horse between him and Ashley. He said duplicity made Billy paranoid. Diane asked what Billy's endgame was. Jack said running Jabot once Ashley and Tucker took over.

Jack told Diane the premise had been that Diane would use Jack to gain as much power as she could at Jabot, then make some monumental mistake that would do irreparable damage to the company. Ashley and Tucker would then swoop in to pick up the pieces. She asked if Jack believed she was incompetent in business. He said he had absolute faith and trust in her, and he needed her close if things went sideways with Billy. He said if Billy continued down the combative path, he would have to fire Billy, and Diane would have to step up. Diane said if things did go that far, Kyle should step in as co-CEO, not her.

At the Chancellor mansion, Abby told Billy that Ashley had put her battle with Jack behind her. She said Ashley was focusing on her new life with her new husband. Billy said he really hoped Ashley and Jack were on solid ground again. Billy said Ashley had been right about Diane, that she would be a danger to Jabot. He said he was certain Diane would manipulate Jack into giving her more power and input at Jabot, and Jabot would suffer. Billy asked if Abby had read the postnup Diane had drafted for the sole purpose of making herself look like she had the best of intentions. He said the language regarding Jabot had been very clever, vague, and open to interpretation.

Billy told Abby that Diane could walk away with a decent part of Jabot, even if she and Jack divorced, and all of it hinged on Diane having a seat on the board. Billy admitted he didn't know if that was what Diane would do, but he wanted to draft a bylaw stating that Diane wouldn't be able to have a seat on the board for ten years. He said if he received a majority vote, the danger would be over.

Abby asked Billy if he was on Jack's side. Billy admitted he supported Jack, but it was clear Jack's infatuation and obsession with Diane had caused him to throw common sense out the window. He said they needed a steady hand at Jabot, and they needed to set boundaries because Diane could start gunning for higher positions at the company, including his.

Billy asked if Abby didn't believe that Diane would undermine anyone or anything that posed a threat to her. Abby admitted her feelings for Diane had softened after she'd married Jack -- and after she'd save Ashley's life. Billy asked what that was about. Abby explained that at Society, Ashley had choked, and Diane had given Ashley an abdominal thrust. She said Ashley had begun to breathe again. Billy claimed that didn't prove Diane wasn't a danger to Jabot or Jack.

Abby asked if Billy was picking up where Ashley had left off, because Abby had gone to hell and back trying to bridge the gap between Ashley and Jack, and she wasn't prepared to do that with Billy and Jack. He said he was only asking Abby to be on his side with other board members to protect Jabot. He assured her he was only putting guidelines in place to protect their family's company from Diane's influence and power. Abby said to count her out.

At Society, with coffee, Nate and Audra toasted to surviving Victor's latest corporate landmine. Audra complained that Nate had kept his position, while she'd been demoted. Nate said demoted beat "the hell out of unemployed." Audra said she'd done a tap dance around Nikki, but they'd cleared the air; she felt Nikki trusted her. Nate asked if the tap dance had involved Kyle. Audra said she'd given him rave reviews. Nate asked if Nikki knew what was going on between her and Kyle outside the boardroom.

Audra told Nate that Nikki had given her a choice: Kyle or her job. She stated she wouldn't jeopardize her job at Newman Media. Nate told Audra to protect her position at Newman Media and to prepare for any vindictive retaliation from Adam, since he'd been fired from the family business. Audra stated that Adam didn't intimidate her. She asked how much of a threat Adam could be. Nate told her to hold on to her confidence and not to play in the sheets with Kyle.

Audra recalled the previous evening at the Athletic Club bar with Kyle: Kyle told Audra he had no doubt they could pull off a secret affair, but he wondered why they should risk it, since she had so much to lose. Audra said they had to be very discreet, but it was exciting to play with fire whenever they saw each other. Kyle admitted he loved the danger.

Audra asked Nate, "Kyle who?"

Audra told Nate she would be fine, but she said Nate had to decide what he would do when Nick returned to Newman Enterprises. She asked if it concerned Nate that Nick would turn Victoria against him. Nate replied no because Victoria always had his back because they had something very special. He said it was possible Nick would decide not to take the job. Audra warned Nate that when Nick returned, things wouldn't go as smoothly as Nate believed.

At the ranch, Nikki asked Kyle "what the hell" he was doing with his life. Nikki said she knew about his affair with Audra. She said she was sure it was his way of deflecting his pain because of the breakup. Nikki told him she'd warned Audra that if she wanted to continue working at Newman Media, she had to end their affair immediately. Kyle confirmed they were over.

Kyle remembered the previous evening while in bed with Audra: Kyle told Audra he was nervous about sneaking around, but it had been exciting slipping up the service stairs and going to her room. Audra said things would be better than ever.

Nikki asked Kyle not to give up on Summer and their marriage. She told him to find a way to work things out with Summer. She said she wanted to understand what had happened between him and Summer because they'd fought so hard to be together, and she couldn't believe it was over.

Kyle told Nikki that Summer had destroyed any trust between them. He said Summer had chosen Phyllis over him, Harrison, their marriage, and his mother's freedom. He said he'd wondered where Summer had gone every time she'd walked out the door. He said love wasn't enough to overcome that. He said if Nikki felt she had to fire him, she should go ahead because he wouldn't change his mind. Nikki said she knew better than to force the issue.

Kyle asked Nikki where he stood at Newman Media. Nikki said Audra was very impressed with his work. Nikki warned Kyle that if there was ever a hint of unprofessional behavior between him and Audra, they would be replaced immediately.

Nikki told Kyle she wanted to put Kyle's skills to the best possible use, and she commented that he had the cold-hearted ability to land on his feet without looking back; that could be a great advantage sometimes. She said she was surprised he hadn't used it when he left his family's company. She said she knew it had been Kyle's decision to leave Jabot, not Jack's. Nikki said she wondered if Kyle had the same destructive tendencies as Adam.

In the park later, Abby asked Kyle how he was doing since the whole shake-up at Newman. Kyle replied that things couldn't be better. She asked if he was still in a lot of pain over his marriage ending. Kyle told her that he was tired of everyone bringing that up. He admitted it had "hurt like hell," but he was fine. He claimed Summer had held him back. He said he was free; he didn't have to answer to anyone but himself, and it felt good.

Abby asked Kyle if he was avoiding dealing with the pain, because it would keep building until it exploded. He said he and Summer had their separate futures, but they would always share Harrison. He said he was looking forward to having fun, living life in the moment, taking risks, devouring life, and loving every minute. Abby said it was overrated because she'd been there. He said he would learn from his mistakes. Kyle left.

At Jabot, Jack told Billy he was sick about all the conflict and suspicion between them. Jack wanted to stop things from escalating. Billy said that was why he was there. Billy asked Diane to give him and Jack some time alone. Jack said Diane was free to stay if she wanted to. Diane left.

Billy told Jack there was an easy fix; they just needed the board to stipulate what Diane could and couldn't do in her position at Jabot. He said he'd read the postnup very carefully, and in case Jack had missed it, the language about Jabot was very convoluted and easily misinterpreted. He said they needed to put guidelines in place to make sure she couldn't come after his job or the company. Incensed, Jack spat that Billy had a lot of nerve bringing that up.

Billy asked Jack to look at it objectively because Jack didn't know any more about Diane's business acumen than anyone else did. He said it was smart business until she could prove herself. Billy pointed out that if Jack had brought anyone into the company that he wasn't married to, he would implement something like that. Jack claimed he trusted Diane's business acumen as much as her heart, which was more than he could say about Billy. Billy retorted that Jack had never trusted him.

Jack told Billy he didn't understand what had changed, because they'd worked together to protect Diane from Ashley and Tucker. Billy corrected him and said they'd worked together to protect the company, which was what he was trying to do. He said Jack would realize that if he would just open his eyes. Billy walked out and saw Diane sitting outside the boardroom door.

Billy told Diane he had no issues with her other than her position at Jabot. He said they both knew she wouldn't settle for the position she held because she would want more input and power, and Jack would give her whatever she wanted. He said he was the only person who would do anything to protect his family's company. Billy left.

Jack received a call from Abby, who told him she was afraid Kyle was headed down a troubled path because of a troubling conversation she'd had with him.

Nate asked Audra to promise him she would behave where Kyle was concerned. He said he'd vouched for her, and if she messed it up, his credibility weakened. He said she didn't want to make him look bad. Nikki arrived and asked how Audra would make Nate look bad. Audra said Nate had just warned her to bring her A game to Newman Media. She said if it hadn't been for Nate, she wouldn't be working at Newman Media. Nikki commented on the amount of time they were spending together, since they didn't work in the same division anymore.

Audra received a text message from Kyle: "Meet in the park. Totally innocent. I'd like to buy my boss a lemonade on this hot day." Nikki asked if it was good news. Audra claimed it was an inside joke with a friend. Audra said she had to get back to work, and she left.

At Crimson Lights, Kyle asked why Billy looked so unhappy. Kyle asked if it was back to business, since Ashley and Jack had declared a ceasefire. He also claimed it was time for Diane to be left alone. Kyle asked what was troubling Billy. Billy said he and Jack were having a few issues on the executive side of things. Kyle asked if the issues had anything to do with Diane. Billy told Kyle to worry about Newman Media, and he and Jack would worry about the family company Kyle had walked out on. Kyle warned him not to mess with Diane, and he left.

Billy recalled a conversation with Jack. Jack told Billy there would be no war at Jabot. Billy said Ashley was hellbent on turning the rest of Jabot against Diane, and Jack had given Ashley ammunition to prove that Diane was infiltrating Jabot at a very high level. He said he couldn't defend that move because Diane wasn't qualified. Jack said he wouldn't defend Diane's qualifications to anyone.

Billy told Jack that Tucker and Ashley had something going on. Jack claimed Ashley and Tucker were on the outside, but Billy claimed that was only until they got married and did the same thing Jack had just done. Billy stated he didn't approve of Jack's methods, but he had Jack's back -- and Diane's, until she gave him a reason to say no.

In another memory, Billy had a conversation with Lily. He told Lily that Diane didn't have the résumé for business, but she had a lot of influence over Jack. Billy claimed Diane would want more power and more input, and she would do what was right for her, not for the family. He said he didn't trust Diane, and Ashley was blinded by her hatred for Diane. He said Jack had given Diane an executive position without consulting him. He said Diane could go after his job, and she would manipulate Jack into believing it was the right thing to do.

Billy said Ashley was waiting for Diane to take his co-CEO position and wait for the mayhem to break out. He said Jabot needed to be run by someone who could put personal feelings aside and think about the company and its future, and that was him. Lily asked if Billy wanted to protect the company or if his desire was for power. He said he wanted to do what was right for his family's legacy, but he wasn't planning a power grab.

In the park, Audra sent a text message to Kyle; "You're right, it is hot! I'm waiting for my lemonade." Nate saw Audra and stayed hidden. Kyle arrived and leaned in for a kiss, but Audra pushed him away and claimed it was too risky. Kyle told Audra he'd met with Nikki, and she'd decided to keep him at Newman Media. He said she didn't have a position for him yet.

Kyle received a call from Jack asking him to stop by the house as soon as possible, because Jack and Diane wanted to talk to him about something important. Kyle agreed. After Kyle left, Nate stepped out of hiding and said he'd had a feeling Audra had been lying to him and Nikki. He said she was playing with fire.

Adam asks Nick what he has to do to be part of the family

Adam asks Nick what he has to do to be part of the family

Friday, September 8, 2023

by Nel

At home, Kyle guessed that Abby had told Jack she was worried about him. Kyle assured Jack and Diane he was fine. Jack stated that Kyle and Summer had overcome many obstacles, and Diane said that kind of love didn't just disappear. She said he needed to deal with his anger, hurt, betrayal, and everything else he was feeling.

Jack remarked that Kyle was trying to bury his feelings, but those emotions would erupt -- or eat him alive. Kyle accused Jack of worrying about his emotional state after he'd been forced out of his job to protect Summer and Marchetti and offered some unspecified position at Jabot.

Jack told Kyle that things at Marchetti had been untenable, and he'd believed that with time and space, Kyle and Summer would reconcile. Kyle stated that he had a great new life and a new job, and he loved every minute of it, just like "smilin' Jack" had back in the day. Jack said he wanted Kyle to return to Jabot to discuss possibilities. Kyle said he had a job in a media company, working alongside Nikki, and he'd broken things off with Audra. Diane said she knew Audra would remain at Newman Media. Kyle flippantly said they could work together without a personal relationship, and Audra wasn't to blame for him and Summer not reconciling.

Jack remarked that Kyle would be working in a diminished position, and he asked what that looked like. Kyle said the merger hadn't been finalized yet. Jack commented that Kyle had taken a lesser position with Nikki, but he wouldn't at Jabot. Kyle claimed it wasn't the same thing because he'd been forced out of his job at Marchetti. Jack reminded Kyle that he would never be a priority at Newman, but he would at Jabot. Kyle asked how, since Billy was second in command, and as an executive, Billy was a train wreck.

Kyle said Billy had mentioned being in a conflict with Jack over the inner workings at Jabot, and they both knew Jack didn't trust Billy. Jack insisted he wanted to work things out with Kyle, but Kyle said he was where he wanted to be. Kyle claimed leaving Jabot and breaking things off with Summer had been the best things that had happened to him.

Kyle told Jack he felt liberated and free to do whatever he wanted and to live his life the way he wanted -- and he didn't need his parent's approval. He said if they couldn't accept that, he and Harrison would find somewhere else to live. Diane asked how Kyle could use Harrison to threaten them. Kyle retorted that he and Summer wouldn't reconcile, nor would things return to how they'd been.

Jack told Kyle that during his "smilin' Jack" days, he'd lived the life of doing whatever he'd wanted without a care in the world -- or a worry about the mess he'd left in his wake. He said that if Kyle didn't face what he was dealing with, superficial relationships would be all he could hope for. Kyle rolled his eyes. Diane said she'd been there, as well, and there was nothing liberating about the loneliness that came from it. Kyle said there was no reason for their concern because he was where he wanted to be, and he knew what he wanted his life to look like -- without interference from his parents.

Kyle said Jack had enough on his plate with Ashley and Tucker without worrying about Kyle. Jack said Ashley had accepted Diane as a member of the family and the company, but Billy was trying to limit Diane's role at Jabot. Jack admitted that had been his fault because he'd enlisted Billy as a double agent to find out Ashley and Tucker's plans. Diane said Billy was convinced she posed a threat to Jabot. Jack hoped Billy would back off. Kyle said if Jack fired Billy, he would consider returning to his old job at Jabot. Kyle left.

Jack told Diane that Kyle had been right about firing Billy. He said Kyle was willing to return to Jabot if Billy left, and Jack really wanted Kyle to return. He opined that it would keep Billy from going after Diane. He said if he fired Billy, he would lose his brother the way he'd almost lost Ashley. Diane said she wanted Kyle back at Jabot because she felt their son was slipping away.

When Nick arrived at Crimson Lights, he told Heather he was in complete support of Sharon retaining Kirsten Incorporated and would do everything he could to help. After Heather left, Sharon told Nick she'd spoken to Adam. She said Victor cutting Adam out had hit Adam very hard. Nick claimed Adam wanted Sharon to feel sorry for him, and he warned her not to buy into it.

Sharon told Nick that Adam wanted to accept responsibility for what had happened. She said Adam wanted her help to bridge the divide between him and the family because he wanted to fix things, especially with Nick. Nick asked why Adam hadn't approached him directly. Sharon said Adam didn't think he would get very far with Nick. She said Adam hoped she could convince Nick that Adam was sincere, and he hoped Nick would hear him out.

Nick told Sharon that Adam was filled with regret over what he'd put everyone through. He reminded her that Adam hadn't been concerned about Sharon's vision for the company or about Nick. He claimed it had been an act, and Adam's primary concern had been to get what he'd wanted and get revenge on Victoria. He said Adam was the reason the deal had fallen apart, leaving them to "fight like hell" to keep Sharon's company. Nick stated that Adam would have dismantled Kirsten down to nothing to diminish Sharon's role. Nick said Adam was suddenly sorry, and he wanted another chance.

Sharon told Nick she wanted to believe Adam was sincere. Nick commented that it was Adam's tactical move whenever he found himself on the losing end. Sharon said Adam had lost his child, and that had been devastating. Nick said Adam would use that loss as a means to an end. Sharon admitted she couldn't believe in Adam anymore.

Nick said Adam had treated Sharon badly during their partnership. Sharon said she'd believed it could work and that it would be a good thing, especially for Adam. Nick said she needed to get Kirsten back from Victor and to realize her dream. He said there were endless possibilities for Sharon and Sally. He said Sally had agreed to let him fund her new design company, and he would be a hands-off investor. Sharon asked if Nick was going to return to Newman. Nick replied that he was still figuring things out.

At the ranch, Victor had vivid memories of various conversations with Adam. Victor said he would never forget that Adam had taken a bullet for him. Adam claimed the good times never lasted, and it was only a matter of time before things escalated and got ugly again.

Victor remembered another moment from his and Adam's past. Victor said Hope's blood ran through Adam's veins, and she'd been a wonderful woman. Victor claimed that the little boy who'd played on that farm in Kansas was in him somewhere. Adam said so was the man who'd almost killed Victor.

Victor remembered a hard moment. Adam said he wished he'd never learned Victor was his father or been seduced into going to that that godforsaken town. He said Victor couldn't control him because he had nothing to lose, and that made him dangerous.

Victor recalled another tough interaction. Victor said if Adam acted on his revenge for Victor, Adam would reaffirm the suspicions his sibling had about him. Adam claimed he'd worked hard to prove he had changed his life and was worthy of Victor's respect.

Victor remembered another instance with Adam. Victor told Adam he didn't treat Adam any differently than he treated, Victoria, Nick, or Abby. He admitted he'd also had enormous issues with them. He said they had become estranged, but they always returned, and they'd never felt they weren't part of the family. He asked why it was always all or nothing with Adam. Adam claimed he was cut from a different cloth, and it was long overdue for Victor to accept that.

Victor snapped out of his reverie when Sharon and Heather arrived. Sharon told Victor she was the sole owner of Kirsten Incorporated, and she'd agreed to merge the company with McCall Unlimited because it would have been a mutually beneficial arrangement. She said folding the two companies into Newman Media had never been discussed, and Victor had been against the idea. Victor claimed he'd changed his mind when he'd felt the timing had been right, and Sharon had agreed when Adam had suggested it.

Sharon said Victor had then decided to gut her company. Heather agreed that had been his prerogative, but he'd made the decision to eliminate the bulk of Kirsten's assets before the merger had been completed. She said Sharon had been operating in good faith. Sharon asked Victor to do the same. Heather said Victor saw little value in the company that Sharon had brought to the table because it didn't fit into his revised business plan; however, Kirsten's key indicators were strong, and the company was sound. Sharon said she wanted a chance to build it and to realize her dream.

Victor agreed. Heather asked what Victor was agreeing to. He said Sharon should retain control of Kirsten Incorporated. He said he would release it to Sharon, free and clear. Heather said she would draft something to that effect. He agreed. Heather left.

Sharon thanked Victor, and she said she was sorry things hadn't worked out with Adam. Victor said he wished she'd never spoken to Adam about the companies, and he wished he hadn't purchased McCall for Adam to run. Sharon said Adam was devastated by the rejection. Victor said all he'd ever wanted was for Adam to become what he was capable of being. He said he'd given Adam many chances, but it had never been enough. Sharon maintained it wasn't something Victor or anyone else could do for Adam.

Victor asked Sharon if some psychological wounds went so deep that people never got over them. Sharon said Adam had asked himself a thousand times if he was damaged beyond repair. Sharon said it was impossible for her to be impartial because she was too close to Adam. She said Adam had been through a lot of pain and devastation, much of which had involved Victor.

Sharon told Victor there was a lot of good in Adam, and Victor had seen what a wonderful father Adam was. She said she wouldn't let go of the hope that Adam could bring out the best in himself and be the person she knew he was. She suggested that perhaps the situation would turn out to be a good thing. She suggested that Victor forgive Adam and give him another chance. She said without that, she had no idea what Adam would do. Victor said he and Adam had been down that road countless times, and he was tired of it.

Sharon told Victor she believed "this time," it would be different because of everything that had happened to Adam all at once, and she felt Adam was looking at himself, his place within the family, and who he wanted to be. Victor thanked her for caring. Sharon thanked Victor for allowing her to keep Kirsten.

At Society, Sally told Adam she knew what had happened, and she was sorry. Adam admitted he'd gone to extremes for something he'd thought he'd wanted, and he'd lost his chance at a great partnership with Nick and Sharon. Adam stated he never apologized or backed down, he kept his eyes on the prize, and that was how he operated. He said it had taken being fired for him to see who he really was and how he'd been living.

Adam told Sally it was the second wake-up call he'd needed. The first had been losing Ava and Sally. He said he wasn't looking for anything from Sally. He said everything had changed the night they had lost Ava. He said his life had taken an abrupt turn after Victor had cut him out of the business and the family. Adam said it was different "this time" because Victor had washed his hands of Adam.

Adam told Sally that life had given him one punch after another and forced him to push himself in a new direction, but the destination was unclear. Adam admitted he'd been living in a dangerous place, and even when he'd had everything, he'd blown it up. He said many people felt he was too damaged and screwed up for that to ever change, and he'd worn that like a badge of honor.

Adam told Sally that whenever he'd looked at Connor, he'd seen the sadness and the anger, and he'd wondered if that had been the genetic gift he'd given Connor. He said Connor had wanted to get out of his dark place; Connor wanted to change his surroundings, and he'd found a facility that would help him. He said his son had become his role model. He said instead of giving in to his worst impulses, he was going to change course and make amends to his family.

Sally told Adam she really wanted to believe Adam. Adam said he didn't expect anyone to take his word for it, and he knew it would require time and effort. When Nick arrived, he told Adam to stop asking Sharon or anyone else to fight his battles. Nick asked if Adam was ready to admit he'd trashed his partners because of his ego and self-interest. Adam replied it was an apology he didn't think Nick would hear or believe.

Nick asked if Adam knew what his goal was. Adam said if Nick had asked that the previous day, he would have said he had a plan, and he would have been laser focused to achieve it. Nick said Adam had turned to blackmail, and he'd turned on his partners. Adam said he'd told himself it would be a smart move -- the best for everyone involved -- and that the reasons didn't matter, but they mattered. He said that anger, resentment, and the need for revenge had always been his first choices.

Adam told Nick that before he could tell Nick what he wanted, he had to do a reset of himself, because he wanted to be part of the family, someone they could accept and respect. He asked Nick what he needed to do to make that happen. Nick said Adam would have to figure that out himself. Adam said he would take their conversation as a small step in a positive direction. He thanked Nick for that. Adam left.

Sally said Nick had reason to be skeptical, and Adam had acknowledged that. Nick said after everything had gone "to hell" for Adam, he wanted to be part of the family. Sally remarked that only time would tell if Adam was sincere. She asked if Nick had made a decision about Victor's offer. He said he'd thought about all the reasons Sally had given to walk away.

Nick told Sally he would never change Victoria's mind about Nate, and he would have to work with someone he didn't trust. Nick said Victor had been laying the groundwork for the company's future because he couldn't oversee the company forever. He said Victor looked to him to fill a certain role, and he acknowledged how badly Victor had wanted things to work out with Adam. Nick said Adam had broken Victor's heart again. Sally asked if Nick would take the job out of obligation. Nick admitted he felt an obligation. Sally asked if that was the best reason to accept Victor's offer.

Nick told Sally he would take the job to protect what Victor had built. Sally claimed Victoria had that handled. She said Adam was willing to fall in line, and Victor was offering Nick the big job to lock him in. Sharon arrived and announced that Victor had given back Kirsten Incorporated, free and clear, with no strings attached. Nick was overjoyed. Sharon asked if Nick had decided about Newman. He said part of him felt he needed to protect the company, and the other part felt like it was a trap. Sharon asked Nick to help her realize the dream for her company without any interference.

At home Adam recalled telling Nick he wanted to be part of the family. Adam muttered, "As if that would ever happen." There was a knock at the door. Adam opened the door to Victor.

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