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January 1 to 5, 2024
Adam and Sally celebrated New Year's Eve together, and they made plans to go on a real date. Adam was irked when he learned he'd been kept in the dark about Jordan's reign of terror. Victoria announced she was taking time off work to devote herself to Claire's recovery. Believing she couldn't love or be loved, Claire steeled herself not to let anyone in. Victoria tried to reach out to Claire, but Claire ordered her to leave and never return. Victoria worried that she was losing her connection to Claire. Nikki fought the urge to drink. Audra shared that she'd grown up with an alcoholic father, and she offered Nikki her support. Daniel stressed to Heather that he was with Lily. Lucy tried to play matchmaker between Daniel and Heather. Seeing the familiar rapport between Daniel and Heather, Danny warned Daniel to be sure there were no miscommunications. Christine invited Danny to go away on a romantic weekend together. Summer confronted Phyllis about only being interested in Danny to stick it to Christine. Sharon overheard Phyllis encouraging Summer to act on her feelings for Chance. Summer questioned whether Sharon was in love with Chance. Sharon told Chance that she wasn't looking for a serious relationship. Chance assured Sharon that he was happy with the way things were between them, but he later confessed that he could see himself falling in love with her. After an unnerving dream about her history with Nick, Sharon gently broke up with Chance.
January 8 to 12, 2024
Nick reluctantly agreed to work with Adam after Victor named them co-CEOs. Nick and Adam were surprised when they bonded over putting together a presentation. Adam and Sally celebrated the successes in their lives, but they awkwardly ran into Nick on their way up to her hotel suite. Adam and Sally began to make love. Claire requested that Victoria and Cole arrange for her to visit Jordan. Over Nikki's protests, Victor agreed to provide Victoria with the Newman jet to accompany Claire to Oregon. Feeling that her family had disregarded her opinion, Nikki went on a drinking binge. Lauren ran into a drunken Nikki at the Athletic Club and got her a hotel room to sleep it off, but she also notified Victor about Nikki's state. Victoria confided in Nate about her complicated situation with Claire, and they parted as friends. Claire confronted Jordan, who warned that Claire had chosen the wrong side. Audra told Tucker that Kyle had been playing him all along. Kyle lashed out at Audra and punched Tucker. Ashley accused Tucker of gaslighting her. Audra decided she was done with Tucker. Tucker learned that Audra was being investigated in the McCall scandal, and he took full responsibility for the cover-up. Ashley reflected on how Cole's connection to Victoria had led to the end of his marriage to Ashley. Summer tried to cheer up a glum Chance, unaware Sharon had broken up with him. Sharon told Nick she wasn't giving up on finding true love.
January 15 to 19, 2024
At Sharon's launch party, Nick was moved when Sharon announced that she had renamed her company Cassidy First Technology. Phyllis attempted to apologize to Christine, who bragged that she and Danny were going away on a romantic weekend trip together. Phyllis schemed to seduce Danny at the jazz lounge, where she filmed him playing the piano and posted the video online to make it appear they were romantically involved. Danny confronted Phyllis about the video, and she challenged him to admit he had feelings for her. Christine walked in on Danny and Phyllis sharing a passionate kiss. Christine ordered Danny to figure out what he wanted. Summer tried to cheer Chance up over a friendly dinner. Billy and Devon struggled to adjust to working together. Lauren offered her unconditional support to Nikki. Nikki confronted Seth with her suspicion that he was drinking again, and he confessed it was true. Lauren urged Jack to become Nikki's new sponsor. Kyle suggested that Diane become co-CEO of Jabot, but he seemed dismayed when Jack agreed. Lucy arranged to spend family time with Daniel and Heather. Heather revealed to Daniel that she was falling back in love with him. Audra rebuffed Tucker's attempt to reconcile. Tucker accused Ashley of creating a fantasy about what had happened in Paris because she was unable to commit. Victor quizzed Cole about his intentions. Victoria vowed to stand by Claire, and the two had an emotional breakthrough when Claire hugged Victoria.
January 22 to 26, 2024
Heather admitted she wanted a future with Daniel, and they made love. Daniel confessed to Devon that he and Heather had reunited. Daniel opted to keep his relationship with Heather on hold until he had a chance to talk to Lily. Abby showed interest in working for Chancellor-Winters. Nick and Sally agreed to be friends, as did Sharon and Chance. Victor accepted Adam's relationship with Sally. Victoria and Adam butted heads over Claire becoming part of the Newman family. After a visit with Claire, Nikki fell off the wagon and called Jack for help. Jack reluctantly gave in to Nikki's request that he serve as her sponsor without Victor's knowledge. Jordan pretended to be Victoria to get through to Claire, who reiterated that Jordan was dead to her. Cole relayed to Victoria that Claire's doctors had indicated she was making progress in therapy. Summer and Kyle's divorce was finalized. Kyle noticed the spark between Summer and Chance. Summer and Chance planned to go on their first real date. Kyle continued to disguise his disappointment that Diane had become co-CEO of Jabot. Audra told Nate about her plan to take over Glissade, and she seductively invited him to work with her. Audra rejected Tucker's attempt to reconcile. Nikki lashed out at Audra. Ashley decided to go to Paris to figure out the truth about her argument with Tucker. Ashley was surprised when Traci joined her on the plane.
January 29 to February 2, 2024
Nikki offered Audra a job in London, but when Audra declined, Nikki fired her. Audra tried to mend fences with Tucker in the hope of gaining control of Glissade from the inside. Tucker suspected that Audra and Nate were up to something. Ashley became livid when a waiter at the Parisian bistro backed up Tucker's version of Ashley and Tucker's argument. Ashley accused Tucker of paying off the waiter. Jack and Traci worried about Ashley's state of mind. Audra forced Tucker to choose between her and Ashley, and he chose Audra. Victor was irked when he learned Nikki had opened up to Jack about her traumatic experience in Oregon. News broke that a fire had broken out at the prison where Jordan was being held, and it was unknown whether Jordan had perished or escaped. Nikki hit the bottle again after she found out Jordan might be on the loose, and she turned to Jack for help. Victor became suspicious when he found Nikki and Jack together. Nikki was shaken when she received a call from an unknown caller. Diane confronted Kyle about his attempts to undermine her at work. Lucy eavesdropped on Daniel and Heather's conversation and was thrilled to learn that her parents had reunited. Chelsea was concerned about Adam's reaction to Connor's problems at school. Chance and Summer got to know one another better on their first official date.
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February 5 to 9, 2024
Nikki spiraled out of control and got drunk at a dive bar. Victor learned of Nikki's whereabouts and tracked her down, but she reached out to Jack to ask him to lure Victor away. Jack told Victor about the severity of Nikki's condition, and the men retrieved Nikki from the bar together. Victor reluctantly accepted Jack's role as Nikki's sponsor, but he warned that there would be "hell to pay" if anything happened to Nikki. Diane voiced concern that Jack's involvement in Nikki's recovery might compromise his own sobriety. Lauren agreed to take a step back from Fenmore's to temporarily lend a hand as Newman Media's COO. Victoria and Cole informed Claire about the fire at the Oregon prison and the possibility Jordan was on the loose. Traci returned from Paris alone and revealed that multiple employees at the bistro had confirmed Tucker's version of his argument with Ashley. Ashley became incensed when Jack suggested they have a family meeting about her. Audra was livid when she found out Tucker was still keeping tabs on Ashley. Fed up with the drama between Phyllis and Christine, Danny walked away from both of them. Billy was miffed when he learned Devon and Nate had met with Sharon about striking a business deal without including him. Chelsea convinced Adam to support Connor by following the advice of the boy's school. Nick recommended that Adam get a second opinion from Sharon. Abby offered Tessa a job as Society's day manager.
February 12 to 16, 2024
Victor learned that Jordan hadn't perished in the prison fire. Victoria objected when Victor requested that Claire pass along a message from him to her aunt if Jordan contacted her, but Claire agreed to do it. Nikki called Jordan's burner phone and tried to lure Jordan to the Newman ranch. Jordan befriended a drunken Seth in a scheme to get to Nikki. Victor declined Adam and Nick's proposal that Newman take over Sally's design company. Traci revealed that she'd offered cash to the Parisian waitstaff in exchange for the truth about Tucker and Ashley's argument, but they'd refused the money and stood by Tucker's version of events. Tucker ignored an angry Ashley when she pounded on his hotel suite door. After having sex with Audra, he left her asleep in his room to meet with Ashley, who threatened to make sure Devon cut Tucker out of his life forever. Audra interrupted Tucker and Ashley's confrontation and made it clear that Tucker and Audra were a couple. Ashley unraveled as she began to doubt her sanity. Devon and Nate bristled at Billy's suggestion that they add Abbott to the Chancellor-Winters company name. Chelsea struggled to deal with Connor's learning challenges from a distance. Chance and Summer kissed. Phyllis and Nick made amends.
February 19 to 20, 2024
Nikki met with Seth, unaware that Jordan had convinced him to reach out to Nikki for help. Jordan was pleased when Seth reported that his talk with Nikki had gone well, and she encouraged him to draw Nikki out of her shell. Claire agreed to consider Victor's offer to help get her released into Victoria's custody. Tucker was stunned when Ashley admitted he'd been right about their argument in Paris. Ashley proposed that she and Tucker see where things might go between them. Nate warned Audra that Tucker would break her heart. Ashley made a vague statement to Audra about how the dynamic had changed. Phyllis and Christine both showed up with gifts for Danny, but they got so wrapped up in arguing about him that they didn't notice that he'd walked out on them. Lauren sensed that Danny saw Phyllis as more than just a friend. Adam and Chelsea panicked when Connor's school psychologist suspected the boy suffered from OCD. Devon turned down Billy's request to add Abbott to the Chancellor-Winters company name. Amanda returned to town to tend to some legal matters for Jill. The tension between Billy and Devon mounted. Sally was livid when Adam revealed that he'd suggested to Victor and Nick that they revisit the idea of making her design company a division of Newman. Kyle confessed that he was struggling not to resent Diane's position of authority at Jabot. Tessa accepted Abby's offer to manage Society.
February 26 to March 1, 2024
Claire agreed to Victor's plan to have her released into Victoria and Cole's custody in the hope of luring Jordan out of hiding. Claire moved into the Newman ranch. Victor prepared to go public with the story about how Claire was part of the Newman family. Jordan learned that Claire was out of the psychiatric hospital. Nikki realized that Jordan might be the female friend who'd urged Seth to reach out to her. Seth agreed to help Nikki by stringing Jordan along. After Tucker admitted to Audra that Ashley had visited him in his hotel room, Audra warned Ashley to back off. Ashley was tormented when she heard her own voice inside her head. Esther chided Billy and Devon for focusing on their rivalry rather than running the company. Chance objected to being caught in the battle between Billy and Devon. Mamie refused Nate's plea to drop her war against Jill. Kyle opened up to Mariah about his regret over suggesting that Diane become co-CEO. Chelsea warned Adam and Billy that if they couldn't set aside their differences, they should stay home instead of joining her in Minnesota to meet with Connor's therapist. Danny decided to move up his tour dates to escape Genoa City. Phyllis seductively appealed to Danny to cook her a goodbye dinner. After a chat with Nina, Christine invited Danny to dinner for an important talk.
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MARCH 2024
March 4 to 8, 2024
After Seth admitted to Jordan that he knew who she really was, she killed him by pushing him in front of an oncoming car. Claire led Jordan to believe that she was staying at Victoria's house, and she passed along Victor's message about supposedly wanting to make amends. Jordan set Victoria's house on fire, destroying it completely. Claire helped Nikki fight her urge to drink. Nikki turned over her hidden vodka stash to Jack. At an A.A. meeting, Nikki declared that she wanted Jordan dead. Jordan contacted Victor, who requested to meet in person. Mamie proposed a redivision of Chancellor-Winters, with each side working independently. Chance and Summer made love. Chance was thrilled when Devon requested that he put together a detailed presentation for his music festival idea. Abby warned Tucker to stay away from her family. Ashley had strange dreams, and the voices in her head became more frequent. Jack was worried about why Ashley seemed confused one moment and fine the next. Tucker continued to rebuff Ashley's attempts to reconcile. Tucker sensed that something was truly wrong with Ashley. Phyllis convinced Abby to allow her to rent Society for a special dinner with Danny. Phyllis was crushed when Danny showed up and firmly stated that he'd chosen Christine. Danny invited Christine to join him on tour. A specialist diagnosed Connor with obsessive compulsive disorder. Mariah and Tessa searched for a new home.
March 11 to 15, 2024
Victor and Michael arranged to meet Jordan, who held them at gunpoint. Victor offered Jordan ten million dollars, a new identity, and a French chateau if she left the United States. Victor volunteered to let Jordan take him hostage until she had made her escape. Jordan took Victor to an isolated location, where she planned to let him die. Nick followed Victor using a tracking device and tased Jordan, rendering her unconscious. Victor and Nick returned home, leaving Jordan to suffer in a locked room. Cole overheard Victoria shoot down Michael's efforts to play matchmaker between her and Cole. Lily was shocked when she entered Daniel's apartment and found Daniel, Heather, and Lucy having a family breakfast. Daniel confessed that he'd never stopped loving Heather. Lily was livid when she learned Devon had known about Daniel and Heather's reunion for weeks but hadn't told her. A drunken Phyllis confided in Nick about Danny's rejection. Nick gently rebuffed Phyllis' attempt to kiss him. Billy was pleased when Chance reported that Devon and Nate had seemed relieved during Billy's absence. Chance blasted Billy and Devon for their petty infighting. Abby officially became a Chancellor-Winters board member. Ashley's personality shifts intensified. Tired of Tucker's continued concerns about Ashley's mental health, Audra dumped Tucker. Sally and Audra forged a friendship after they realized they had a lot in common. Harrison objected to all the potential new nannies Kyle and Summer interviewed, but the boy took a liking to Claire.
March 18 to 22, 2024
Connor begrudgingly attended another session with Dr. Alcott, who recommended that he be placed in a residential facility to help treat his obsessive-compulsive disorder. Chelsea, Adam, and Connor agreed to make the decision as a family. Chelsea opened up to Dr. Alcott about her own mental health problems. After Connor vehemently objected to going to the facility and begged to go home, Adam caved in to his son's request. Chelsea was later furious when Connor told her that Adam had said the boy didn't have to go. Billy noticed Ashley's odd behavior. A childlike side of Ashley fought with the other voices inside her head and sent a message to Tucker, saying she never wanted to see him again. Kyle and Summer considered asking Claire to be Harrison's nanny but wanted to find out more about Claire's background first. Summer learned about Claire's role in almost killing the Newmans and refused to consider Claire part of the family. Nikki, Victoria, and Claire empowered themselves by confronting Jordan, who continued to taunt them. Jordan revealed a hidden vial containing a toxin and downed its contents. As the poison's effects began to take hold, the Newman women contemplated whether to let Jordan die. Claire dreamed about what an idyllic life she would have had if she'd been raised from birth as Eve. When a confused Claire awakened from her dream, Victoria consoled her.
March 25 to 29, 2024
Ignoring Devon and Billy's advice, Lily fired Daniel and Heather. Phyllis temporarily interrupted Danny and Christine's romantic evening at the Athletic Club by pulling the fire alarm, but the couple eventually had sex and professed their love. Phyllis vowed to purge Danny and Christine from her life. Victor disapproved of Nikki's decision to save Jordan's life by calling 9-1-1. Nikki's urge to drink intensified after Jordan escaped from the hospital. Victor and Nikki decided to take a trip to celebrate their anniversary and get away from Jordan. Ashley's behavior became increasingly erratic. Tucker begged Ashley to seek professional help. Jack disregarded Tucker's concerns about Ashley. Audra was adamant that she was done with Tucker in every way. Kyle saw Claire in a new light after she told him about her efforts to reclaim her life after being kidnapped and raised by her psychotic aunt. Kyle and Diane clashed over his attempts to show her up at work. Kyle admitted to Jack that he resented his mother for assuming the co-CEO position. Adam and Chelsea convinced Connor to give a residential treatment facility a shot. At Sally's urging, Nick reached out to Adam to offer his support.
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APRIL 2024
April 1 to 5, 2024
Tucker and Audra professed their love. Devon rejected Tucker's attempt to reach out. Audra declined Tucker's proposal but agreed to consider marriage in the future. Ashley admitted to Traci that she'd been suffering from gaps in her memory, but she pleaded with Traci not to tell Jack. Traci became alarmed when Ashley disappeared. Disguised as a man, Jordan arranged to have a drink sent over to Nikki at Society. Nikki declined the drink but later guzzled a bottle of vodka when she was alone. Diane shared that she had an issue with the amount of time Jack had been spending with Nikki. Heather, Phyllis, and Billy encouraged Daniel to fight for at least part of the game he'd created. Mariah and Tessa prepared to move into their new home. Victoria and Cole took Claire to the tack house to show her where they'd lived together. Claire excitedly agreed to move into the tack house with Victoria. Claire sensed that her parents still had feelings for one another. Devon suggested that Billy leave Chancellor-Winters because Lily was back, but Lily believed that there was a place for Billy at the company. Billy proposed that he and Lily take Chancellor-Winters to new heights together. Adam and Chelsea were devastated when Connor's new doctors informed them that Connor had identified his parents as triggers for his OCD. Nick and Lily commiserated over their respective breakups.
April 8 to 12, 2024
Audra had a jarring encounter with Ashley, who referred to herself in the third person and warned that "she" intended to do Tucker harm. Ashley's alters battled inside her mind. Traci staged an intervention to discuss Ashley's emotional state. Tucker shared Ashley's latest bizarre behavior with the Abbotts. Ashley lashed out at her family but later broke down. Jack reached out to Sharon for help. Billy shared his own experience with dissociative identity disorder with Traci. After Lily rejected Daniel's plea to let him keep Princess Louisa, he decided to sue Chancellor-Winters for wrongful termination. Victoria told a touched Claire about how Neil had been willing to raise Claire as his own. Victoria and Cole shared a kiss. Chance encouraged Summer to keep an open mind about Claire. Claire was hurt when Summer continued to snub her. Kyle opened up to Summer about his resentment toward Diane. Kyle considered taking back what he thought should have been his all along. Nikki and Victor decided to stay in town to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. Victor presented Nikki with a stunning ruby ring. Friends and family made toasts at the Newmans' anniversary party, as a disguised Jordan lurked outside. Claire noticed that Harrison had left his good luck charm behind at the party and headed out after him.
April 15 to 19, 2024
Nikki confided to Jack that she was still drinking. Claire left Nikki and Victor's anniversary party to return Harrison's lost lucky charm, unaware that Jordan was following her. After Kyle allowed Claire to take Harrison upstairs to read the boy a book, Jordan kidnapped Claire and Harrison. Kyle panicked when he discovered Harrison had gone missing. Summer concluded that Claire had taken Harrison. Summer blamed Kyle for their son's disappearance and lashed out at the Newmans for letting Claire into their lives. The Newmans struggled with the possibility that Claire was still conspiring with Jordan. Using Claire's phone, Jordan pretended to be Claire and demanded that Summer and Kyle honor Victor's original deal to help Jordan flee the country. Victor and Jack teamed up to find a way to trap Jordan. Nikki decided to offer herself as bait for Jordan. Adam and Chelsea were devastated to learn that Connor was being treated for trauma and that the boy blamed himself for his parents' issues. Sharon advised Adam not to disbelieve Connor's therapists just because he didn't like their assessment. Nate and Billy tried to convince Lily not to fight Daniel's lawsuit, but Devon sided with Lily. Lily announced that she was tired of playing nice. Danny was disappointed when Christine opted to take on an important case instead of joining him on tour.
April 22 to 26, 2024
Victor and Jack paid off the delivery driver to tell them everything about his arrangement with Jordan. Jordan told Harrison that his parents no longer wanted him. Nikki summoned Jordan to meet her alone in an alley. Victor followed Nikki and sent her a message that prompted her to return home. Victor claimed that Jordan had fallen to her death, but he secretly held her captive in the wine cellar. Kyle rescued Harrison, but Claire was nowhere to be found. Summer continued to insist that Claire had been in on the kidnapping. Ashley missed her first therapy appointment. Ashley had Belle, a flirty alter with a fake southern accent, emerge. Traci was stunned to find her sister partying at the jazz lounge. Traci reached out to Ashley's psychiatrist friend in Paris. Ashley's personalities battled over how to best protect Ashley. Lily told Billy she didn't trust him professionally. Devon proposed that Nate be reappointed to the Chancellor-Winters board, but Lily cast the tie-breaking vote against it. Over Jill and Billy's objections, the board also decided to fight Daniel's lawsuit. Lily bristled when Mamie implied that Lily's breakup with Daniel was distracting Lily from her work. Devon agreed to Mariah's idea that Tessa perform at a local music festival.
April 29 to May 3, 2024
Jordan unsuccessfully attempted to negotiate with Victor to release her in exchange for information on Claire's whereabouts. Michael suspected that Victor was lying about Jordan's death. Victoria and Cole discovered a clue that led them to finding Claire, who had been trapped under a dead body in a storage locker. Harrison was relieved to see Claire was safe. Summer insisted that Harrison see a child psychologist. Nikki holed up in a room at the Athletic Club and downed multiple bottles of vodka. Jack coincidentally stumbled upon a drunken Nikki, but she rejected his attempts to get her to sober up. Jack decided to join Nikki by drinking with her. After Nikki accused Jack of mocking her, he ranted about his own problems and ordered pills from his former dealer. Nikki was horrified when she was unable to stop Jack from combining drugs and alcohol. Jack passed out, and Nikki called the paramedics, who determined that he would be fine. Victor was livid when he found Jack and Nikki together. Nikki agreed to go to rehab. Victor ordered Jack to stay away from Nikki. Traci confided her concerns about Ashley to Ashley's psychiatrist friend, Alan. Ashley's alter Belle flirted with Alan, but he rebuffed her advances. Ms. Abbott later took control over Ashley. Chance overheard Devon and Nate discussing their desire to remove Billy from Chancellor-Winters. Adam and Chelsea agreed to rely on one another as they struggled to navigate Connor's illness.
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MAY 2024
May 6 to 10, 2024
Victor checked Nikki into rehab. Victor denied a captive Jordan food and left her with only vodka to consume. Jordan chugged the alcohol and imagined spiders crawling over her. Livid that Jack had compromised his sobriety to help Nikki, Diane considered leaving him. Jack confronted Kyle about still feeling resentful that Jack had given Diane the co-CEO position at Jabot. After Summer requested that Kyle keep Claire away from Harrison, she was livid to spot Claire and Harrison in the park together. Summer lashed out at Kyle for disregarding her wishes. Victoria encouraged Claire to pursue a job as Harrison's nanny. Victor denied Victoria's request that he speak to Summer about giving Claire a chance. Victoria admitted that she wasn't sure whether she wanted to return to Newman Enterprises. Ashley's "Ms. Abbott" alter ordered Alan to go back to Europe, but "Belle" later convinced him to stay. Nate was relieved to hear that Audra had turned down Tucker's proposal. Mamie felt betrayed when Lily, Devon, and Nate refused to join her in attempting to oust Jill and Billy from Chancellor-Winters. Adam and Chelsea nervously prepared to visit Connor.
May 13 to 17, 2024
Billy announced that Jill had handed all her power at Chancellor-Winters over to him, although she would maintain a seat on the board. Knowing Billy was out of town, Devon called a sudden board vote to oust Billy, and he and Lily were stunned when Abby voted for Billy to stay. Devon turned to Tucker for help with getting Billy out of the company. Audra lashed out at Tucker when he postponed their European trip again. Nate invited Audra to dinner after overhearing her complain about Tucker. Lily initially dismissed Daniel's pleas to Lily to give him back Princess Louisa, but she and Abby later contemplated the possibility of reaching a compromise. Daniel was floored when Abby informed him she'd voted to fight his lawsuit. Tessa lent an ear to a distraught Daniel. Phyllis worried that Daniel would spiral out of control again. After a heated exchange with Devon about Daniel, Phyllis quit her job. Nick talked Phyllis out of sabotaging Chancellor-Winters. Alan suspected Ashley suffered from dissociative identity disorder. Ashley's "Ms. Abbott" alter took control and planned to kill Tucker. Cole sensed that Victor was keeping a secret. Victor continued to torment Jordan. Without Summer's consent, Kyle told an excited Harrison that Claire would be the boy's nanny. Adam and Chelsea were devastated to learn that Connor had been physically harming himself. Sally and Chloe considered pivoting their failing design company back to fashion to try to save Nick's investment. Christine decided to join Danny on tour.
May 20 to 24, 2024
Cole discovered Jordan locked in the Newman cellar. Cole enlisted Michael's help to transfer Jordan to a real prison, but Victor interrupted them. Nate and Audra enjoyed a dinner date. Audra allowed Tucker to falsely assume that she and Nate had slept together. Audra realized she liked Nate's good side. Sally assured Tucker there was still hope for him and Audra. "Ms. Abbott" tried to convince Tucker to reunite, and Tucker sensed he was not speaking with Ashley. After Ashley fainted while with Tucker, she agreed to seek help from Alan. Alan theorized that a traumatic event had triggered Ashley's condition. Tucker learned that Audra was engaging in business meetings without him. Lily considered pretending to go along with Billy's suggestion that they run Chancellor together to dupe him into approving a dissolution of the merger. Diane and Kyle clashed when he deliberately closed a deal before she could complete it herself. Adam and Chelsea leaned on one another for support. Nikki returned home from rehab. Claire contemplated pursuing a degree in early childhood education. Victoria admitted that her connection with Cole was growing. After Nick encouraged Summer to let go of her anger, she agreed to let Claire spend time with Harrison.
May 27 to 31, 2024
Ashley, Traci, and Alan went to Paris to try to figure out what had triggered Ashley's dissociative identity disorder. Ashley struggled to keep her alters from taking control again. Ashley recalled meeting with Alan before her fight with Tucker at the café, but Alan informed her that he'd been in Florence at the time. Tucker followed Audra to Paris to stop her from making moves on Glissade. Tucker ran into Alan in Paris, but Alan appeared not to recognize him and rushed off. Michael and Cole forced Victor to turn Jordan over to the authorities. Feeling betrayed, Victor fired Michael. After Diane threatened to leave Jack, he told Nikki that he could no longer be her sponsor. Nikki swore that Jack would remain a dear friend, but Victor was vehemently opposed to her having anything to do with Jack. Victor warned Diane that Jack would ruin her future. Jill confided to Billy that she was seeking treatment for health issues. Claire started her new job as Harrison's nanny. Kyle opened up to Summer about his conflict with Diane. After Chelsea took a leave of absence from Marchetti to focus on Connor, Summer reluctantly hired Sally on an interim basis. Chloe was miffed that Sally was ditching their partnership. Sally agreed to move in with Adam.
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JUNE 2024
June 3 to 7, 2024
Alan realized that Ashley had met with his sociopathic twin brother, Martin, thinking he was Alan. Ashley remembered that Martin had encouraged her to reenact her argument with Tucker, trying to convince her that it had been more violent than it actually had been. Martin knocked Alan out and took his place. When "Alan" continued the therapy session, Ashley recalled that Martin's behavior had become ominous, but her memories stopped there. Ashley surmised that her alters had been created when she'd confused Martin and Tucker. Martin revealed his true identity when he bragged that he -- not Alan -- had led Ashley to the conclusion. Martin subdued Ashley and dragged her upstairs. Tucker arrived at Alan's apartment and helped rescue Ashley when she screamed. Alan and Martin fell off the balcony during a struggle, and Martin didn't survive. Ashley agreed to go to a clinic outside Paris to continue treatment. Summer's distrust of Claire reignited when Summer learned Claire had known about Jordan still being alive but had said nothing. Kyle refused to fire Claire. Summer admitted to Chance that she felt jealous of Harrison's bond with Claire. Mariah suspected that Kyle was developing feelings for Claire, while Victoria worried about Kyle and Claire's growing closeness. Victor ordered Cole to stay away from Victoria. Billy confided in Lily about Jill's health issues, hoping Lily would convince Devon to honor Jill by changing Chancellor-Winters' name. Chelsea and Adam's visit to Connor was canceled after the boy's self-harming behavior escalated.
June 10 to 14, 2024
Victor requested that Michael and Cole make up for their betrayal with Jordan by befriending Diane and Kyle. Michael worried that Victor was targeting Jack. The Newmans objected when Victor suggested Adam take over for Nikki at Newman Media. Victor later confided to Adam that he needed someone ruthless at the helm to help him take down an enemy. Victor pushed Nick to convince Victoria to return to Newman. Victor attempted to poach Kyle from Jabot. After officially making amends with Tucker, Ashley checked herself into a clinic for treatment. Tucker offered to give Glissade to Audra with no strings attached, but she announced that she'd already talked the board into allowing an anonymous investor to buy Glissade and putting her in charge. Tucker instructed his assistant to pretend to switch alliances to find out who Audra's financial backer was. Meanwhile, Audra and Victor looked forward to a successful partnership. Victoria and Cole went on a date and decided to take things slowly. Summer and Sally were pleasantly surprised by how well they worked together. Mariah and Claire bonded over their troubled childhoods.
June 17 to 21, 2024
Tucker faked a medical emergency to delay the Glissade board's vote to oust him. Tucker eventually conceded that Audra had won. Tucker falsely accused Jack of being Audra's anonymous investor. Audra's elation faded when Victor announced that he wanted Kyle to helm Glissade with her. Jack and Traci wrestled with what childhood trauma might have triggered Ashley's alters to emerge. Abby was livid when she found out the Abbotts hadn't told her about Ashley's mental health struggles. Claire nervously fussed over making Johnny and Katie's homecoming special. Johnny gradually warmed up to his new sister, but Katie was openly hostile to Claire. Daniel and Lily avoided arbitration by reaching an amicable compromise over Princess Louisa. Lily told Billy that she was interested in running Chancellor-Winters with him, but only if they divided the company and ran a renamed Abbott-Chancellor together, allowing Devon to take over the Winters side. Devon spotted Billy and Lily celebrating and had doubts about what Lily's intentions truly were. Adam declined Victor's offer to run Newman Media. Victoria agreed to temporarily help Nikki at work, but Victor refused to let it happen. Connor had a breakthrough with his OCD treatment. After Nick noticed a change in Sharon's behavior, she confided that her doctor had changed her bipolar medication. Faith visited her family and revealed that she and Moses had broken up, prompting Nick and Sharon to share the ups and downs of their own love story.
June 24 to 28, 2024
Kyle appealed to Victor to hire him as Glissade's sole CEO, but Victor declined. Without consulting Jack, Diane fired Kyle for insubordination. Jack lamented that there were few Abbotts left at Jabot. After initially refusing to work with Audra, Kyle welcomed the opportunity to run Glissade with her. Summer became suspicious when she saw Kyle and Audra with their heads together. Billy and Lily revealed their plan to divide Chancellor-Winters back into two separate companies. Lily was offended by Devon's abrasive reaction, while Devon questioned Lily's apparent enthusiasm for the proposal. Jill had second thoughts about undoing the merger. Phyllis confided to Nick her hopes of landing a job once things at Chancellor-Winters exploded. Nick warned Phyllis against acting impulsively. Mariah and Tessa noticed Sharon's increasingly strange behavior. Sharon contacted her doctor with concerns that her new medication made her feel odd. Adam and Chelsea were elated after they spent a lovely day with Connor, but they were later crushed when Connor's doctor reported that the boy had suffered a setback and would require inpatient treatment. Adam and Chelsea decided to stay in Baltimore to be near their son. Billy and Sally commiserated over their feelings of helplessness while trying to support their partners. Daniel, Heather, and Lucy celebrated the settlement over Princess Louisa. Faith and Lucy became better acquainted. Summer agreed to hire Chloe at Marchetti during Chelsea's absence.
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JULY 2024
July 1 to 5, 2024
Adam and Chelsea commiserated over Connor's setback and reminisced about happier times over a bottle of bourbon, and they wound up having sex. Adam and Chelsea regretted their actions and separately decided it would be best to return home to be with their significant others. Jill realized that Billy had told Lily and Devon about her health problems. The Chancellor-Winters board voted to demerge the companies, with Jill casting the sole dissenting vote. After Lily expressed having second thoughts about the vote, Billy accused her of playing him. Kyle questioned Victor's motives when Victor insisted that his investment in Glissade remain anonymous. Michael warned Diane that Victor was targeting her and Kyle to go after Jack. Jack ordered Victor to stay away from the Abbott family. After Jack confronted Kyle about colluding with Victor, Kyle announced that he was moving out of the Abbott mansion. Audra kissed Nate but hesitated to take things any further. Upon learning Kyle was going to work with Audra at Glissade, Summer threatened to revisit Harrison's custody agreement. Summer bristled when Nick and Phyllis warned her against getting lawyers involved. Kyle invited Claire out for dinner, and they shared a pleasant evening together. Diane blindsided Summer by mentioning Kyle's impending move, and Summer lashed out by blaming Diane. Alan gifted Traci with a scarf, and they later shared a tender goodnight kiss.
July 8 to 12, 2024
Kyle relished announcing his new position at Glissade to a stunned Jack. Victor told Audra to watch her back around Kyle. Glissade's new leadership was made public. Jack suspected Victor had been behind Glissade's takeover. Nate advised Audra to fire Kyle. Nate and Audra flirted and ended up in bed together. Kyle became irritated when Daniel encouraged him to try to see things from Summer's point of view. Daniel and Tessa compared notes about their dysfunctional families. Summer blasted Kyle for uprooting Harrison from the Abbott family home. Victor warned Claire to be wary of Kyle. Victoria suggested changing Claire's last name to Newman. Katie's attitude toward Claire began to thaw. Adam and Chelsea struggled to hide their guilt over their tryst in Baltimore. Sally and Billy sensed the growing bond between Adam and Chelsea. Connor had a breakthrough during inpatient treatment. After Victor told Adam about his acquisition of Glissade and his desire to go after Jack, Adam agreed to consider returning to Newman Media. Summer presented Sally with the opportunity to design a new line for Marchetti. Lucy gifted Faith with a bracelet. Lucy found Sharon reminiscing over photos of Cassie, and Sharon shared her memories of her late daughter without mentioning Daniel's involvement in Cassie's death. Lucy was puzzled when Heather innocently referred to the years it had taken Daniel to get over what had happened to Cassie. Lily agreed to stay with Billy at Chancellor. Danny and Christine excitedly approved of Traci's budding relationship with Alan.
July 15 to 19, 2024
Adam accepted Victor's offer to run Newman Media on the condition that Adam wouldn't hurt Jack or the Abbotts. Adam enlisted Nikki's help to figure out Victor's plans for him after she returned to the company. Nate suspected that Victor was Audra's secret investor. Audra confronted Kyle about him asking Victor to cut her loose from Glissade. Victor warned Kyle not to take advantage of Claire. Claire made inroads with Katie by asking for advice about Victoria. Kyle decided to join Audra on a business trip to Paris, and he asked Claire to accompany him to take care of Harrison. Claire hesitated to go, knowing it would infuriate Summer. Claire later admitted to Victoria that she wasn't sure of her feelings because she'd never had a romantic relationship. Victoria sensed that Claire felt more than friendship for Kyle. With Victoria's encouragement, Claire agreed to join Kyle in Paris. Summer was dismayed to learn that she had no legal way of keeping Kyle from taking Harrison out of the country. Phyllis cautioned Summer that Audra was the real threat, not Claire. Sharon experienced hallucinations of Cassie. Phyllis and Faith had a pleasant conversation in the park, but Sharon became incensed when she learned about the encounter. Nick and Phyllis became increasingly concerned about Sharon's extreme mood swings. Chelsea almost told Billy about her one-night stand with Adam in Baltimore. Faith was taken aback by Lucy's persistent attempts to hang out together.
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