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Maureen Russell
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Actor History
Meredith Baxter




Marital Status

Single (widow)

Past Marriages

Richard Russell [deceased; widowed]




Ben Russell a.k.a Stitch Rayburn (son)

Kelly Russell Andrews (daughter; deceased)

Sam Andrews (grandson, son of Kelly, deceased at age 7)

Max (Rayburn) Kieran (grandson, son of Ben, last name changed to wife, Jenna's, following divorce)

Flings & Affairs

None known

Health and Vitals

Heart attack; survived by pass surgery [Nov 2014]

Crimes Committed

Murder of her husband Richard; Ben took the rap and no one knew

Abduction of Victoria Newman by locking her in a closet; warrant issued for arrest [Dec 2014]

Brief Character History

Dr. Ben (Stitch) Rayburn became a resident at Genoa City Memorial Hospital after moving to Genoa City following the break up of his marriage to Jenna. Ben fell in love with soon-to-be-divorced Victoria Newman Abbott, whose husband Billy had a one night stand with a woman named Kelly Andrews. Kelly turned out to be Ben's estranged sister.

Victoria and Ben were to go out on a date, but got drunk and slept together after Victoria was served separation papers and Ben found out that his divorce was final, and Jenna had moved to Australia with their son Max. Kelly, who was now falling for Billy's older brother Jack Abbott, told Ben that it was time for them to forgive each other for the past and move on.

Victoria admitted to Ben that she was pregnant, and unsure if Billy or Ben was the father. Billy eventually found out and became determined to win Victoria back by exposing Ben's secret past. It was discovered that the real Ben Rayburn had lived in Chesterfield, MO., attended Chesterfield high school, and had been killed after his graduation party, and that Ben's birth name was Ben Russell.

Billy confronted Ben in front of Victoria, Jack and Kelly, and got Ben to admit that he was living under his dead friend's identity and had killed his own father. Ben explained that his father had been a mean and abusive drunk, that Ben had found him drinking in the shed, they argued and fought, his father had passed out after hitting Ben, a kerosene stove had been knocked over that went up in flames, but it had been an accident. Because the prosecution said they had evidence that would convict him, Ben had confessed to knocking his dad out and setting the fire to save his family an ugly trial, and he served his sentence. Billy let the hospital know, Ben admitted it was all true, and Ben offered his resignation. Ben took Billy to task later, asking why he had ruined his life over something he had paid for and more than made up for in saving lives as a doctor. While awaiting a ruling by the medical board on whether or not he could continue as a doctor, Ben was hired by Ashley Abbott as a chemist for Jabot.

Meanwhile, Nikki Newman and her husband Victor had a big fight, and Nikki walked out. Nikki ended up at a bar on the outskirts of town. She was befriended by a woman named Maureen who was fortifying herself to meet her grown children after many years estranged. Nikki used the name Sherry, and they proceeded to get drunk together. The next day, Maureen surprised her children Kelly and Ben. Kelly acted resentful, accusing Maureen of caring more about defending Ben than her murdered husband. Maureen calmly said that Kelly had always been a "daddy's girl". But Ben asked Kelly to give their mother another chance. Maureen wanted to stay in town because Ben may have a baby on the way and to try to be a family again, but she had no money, so Kelly got her a room at the Genoa City Athletic Club where she worked.

Nikki ran into Maureen at the GCAC, and Maureen confided that she knew who Nikki was, and that she was Ben and Kelly's mother. And that after talking to Ben, Maureen had realized that she and Nikki may end up sharing a grandchild in Victoria's baby.

After their divorce was final, Victoria was disappointed to see Billy move on with Chelsea, openly kissing and dating. She took it out on Ben, asking why he had to lie to her and break her heart. Ben tried to explain, that there was more to the story which he wanted her to know, but they were interrupted by Maureen. After Ben and Maureen talked, Ben reluctantly agreed it was best that no one know the truth, that he had not killed his father. Some time later, Victoria went to Kelly and Ben, telling them she wanted to stop being angry and let it go. Victoria promised Ben no more mixed signals, saying that she cared about him and wanted to forgive him. They kissed.

Ben told Maureen that he had decided to tell Victoria the truth, but before he could, Victoria found Maureen and told her that she had figured it out – that Maureen had killed her husband, and Ben had taken the fall for her. Maureen got agitated, and tried to explain that her husband Richard had been laid off, and when he couldn't find work, he decided that Maureen, their children, and the house were too many responsibilities. He got mean, started drinking and hitting her frequently. When he began hitting Ben, she had sent Kelly away to school to spare her. Richard threatened that if Maureen called social services, he would kill them both. Ben had taken the beatings without a word, thinking he was saving his mother from abuse. But one night Richard was drunk in his workshop, and Maureen told him his dinner was ready. Saying it was too early to eat, Richard hit her. Ben interceded, giving Maureen time to call the police. Richard punched Ben then passed out, and Ben ran out into the woods. Finding Richard on the floor among a litter of paint cans and rags, Maureen set them on fire. Ben chose to confess to the murder and do a few years as a minor so his mother would not go to prison for life. Victoria was livid, screaming, "How could you do that to your son? You ruined his life!"

Maureen followed Victoria to the Jabot parking garage, begging her not to tell. Then Maureen pushed pregnant Victoria into a janitor closet, and locked her in. As Maureen threw Victoria's dropped purse into the trash, she fell to the concrete floor with chest pains. Maureen was able to call Ben who arrived and went with his mother in the ambulance. At the hospital Maureen was diagnosed with a heart attack, and a bypass was scheduled. Meanwhile, Victoria went into labor in the janitor closet. When Maureen awoke, Ben told her how he and Billy had found Victoria and delivered her baby girl in the parking garage. Ben told Maureen how upset he was with her. Victor dropped by later and threatened Maureen. When Ben went back to see her again, Maureen had disappeared, leaving behind only a note for Kelly telling her the truth, that Maureen had killed their father. An arrest warrant was issued for Maureen for the abduction of Victoria. Eventually Maureen contacted Nikki, and was told that the paternity test had named Billy as the father of Victoria's baby. Nikki gave Maureen money to leave town and start a new life.

A couple of months later, Kelly told Ben that she had heard from her mother, who was ready to confess. Ben said he did not want to see her go to jail, that he had come thought it fine, and she just needed to stay gone.

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Who's Who in Genoa City

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