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We have fathers battling for sons and a father battling his own mind over a lost daughter. There are crimes we saw and crimes we've heard hints about. Love is blossoming, but so is lust, as the love of people's lives changes based on who's in the room. There are some tough decisions coming up around paternity and paternal rights, and it's a toss-up who will be chosen. Join our Two Scoops columnist as she explores some of the twisted goings-on in Genoa City.

Adam called Nick to say Michael had done the petition, and Victoria was unfair, and Adam "will be telling him the truth, that I am his real father." Adam ruined Nick's mood, despite Nick's prediction that nothing could. Chelsea said, "You are playing right into his hands, Nick." And he was. He did.

Seriously, if Michael couldn't be Nick's lawyer because of a conflict with the judge, how can he be Adam's lawyer with the same judge? And why hasn't Nick spoken to Lauren about this whole mess? She's been suspicious for a while, and you'd think this would pique her interest more.

Nick wasn't wrong when he confronted Michael with "My son's life might be being blown apart right now because of you. I hope it was worth it." When he added at the end, "I thought we were friends," and told Michael "it's on you," Michael looked like he felt it. Hopefully "it" was guilt. And hopefully there's a bigger plan here for him. He's too crafty to be manipulated by Adam forever.

Adam went to his visitation to play soccer while wearing dress shoes. That looked weird to me. I thought as I watched him all week that you can tell he's a bad guy because he's always in a black T-shirt.

Nick witnessed Adam telling Christian he's his real daddy. I had some thoughts about what happened next. They went something like this (edited for more appropriate word choices and clarity): Oh, Nick, Nick, Nick. Don't assault your brother and think you'll win a case against him. If you do the right thing and he does the wrong thing, amazing things can happen. Keep doing your charity business, focus on being kind and upright and reassuring the child of your love, and you're (in the real world) likely to have him live with you again. Your case is solid, especially when you didn't take the businesses from Newman that you had taken in your J.T. episode.

Victoria withholding the child is not appropriate. She should have supervised and intervened when Adam said he was the daddy. That's why we have supervised visits, and the supervisor can cut the time short if the party is out of line -- and they certainly can share the information of inappropriate behavior in a written report to the court. Adam is a fool for saying it to the child, too, because how do you explain "real daddy" to a kid who hasn't even known you, who you never lived with? "Hey, buddy, the guy who thought he was your daddy, who you thought was your daddy, was with your mommy but I had some passionate sex with her and she got pregnant with you, but I changed the test results so Nick was the daddy, but now I think I want you to be mine. That makes me your daddy."

You know those stories of kids who are taken really young (there aren't many instances of this in reality, but they have happened), are raised by another family, and then are discovered for real? In virtually every story I have seen, heard, or read, the child does not want to go to the birth parent, even knowing the story. The jailed or sometimes innocent adopter (a la Steffy on The Bold and the Beautiful, had the story dragged on for years) is the person the child considers the parent. Not the biological parent, even when the child is stolen. To me, Adam telling Christian "I am your father" seems like it would be confusing first, possibly scary second, and not so welcome third.

The poor kid doesn't even know why he's been ripped out of his home, and here Adam is claiming paternity. Oh, how I wish another test would show Nick as the father (broken record much, Christine?). Not that Nick is a saint, because the dude needs to learn to control his temper in a big way, but because Christian has been so important to him and he's been important to the child, too. I am glad Christian said Nick was his daddy; it was the hug after Adam's revelation that felt so strange. He would not be very likely to warmly embrace this impostor to the daddy throne. Nick acknowledged Adam had set him up, yet he keeps falling for it, he keeps biting, and Adam is manipulating all of them.

And I'm tired of Adam talking about how much he suffered being raised by a good man in a loving home.

"I can't believe Adam and Sharon had sex," said no one. But when did Sharon become the love of Adam's life? I thought that was Chelsea. Adam saying Chelsea was just a means to an end was the most honest thing he's said. He's using people. Is he telling Sharon she's the one so he'll have a partner so the judge will see him as a better parent candidate? And why was he fighting so hard for Christian when Connor is alive and well and knew Adam as his father before Adam's "death"?

I think that for Adam, "I love my son" means "I love the idea of my son." Adam told Sharon, "I feel just as strongly about Christian as he does." Yet, he can't. He hasn't had the late nights sitting up and worrying as the child had a fever or vomited, the movie nights, the snuggles, the countless moments a parent and child share that bond them to one another. When he lived with Chelsea and Connor, he was not pining for Christian.

Nick told Chelsea that the second he knew Adam was alive, he knew Adam was coming after his son. Odd that he had that sense when, again, there was no indication of it pre-supposed death and amnesia. I liked that Nick told Chelsea, "Chelsea, we have something that he will never have. We're a team, you, me, Christian, Connor. Together, we're stronger than him." That was the only time Connor and Christian lived as brothers, although I think Nick thought they were cousins at the time, but my timeline might be confused (hard to imagine because the story makes so much sense).

I thought the butterfly bandage at Adam's eye was, perhaps, overkill. He reported the assault after sexing Sharon, and coincidence of coincidences, Rey had to respond. Adam thought they'd both feel more comfortable if another officer took the report then, oops, there was Sharon, the witness to the assault. She did walk out on Adam, but... who knows if it'll last. Would Nick do jail time for punching Adam? I'm not sure if he would. It won't be investigated for a while, anyway.

Why doesn't Chelsea get her own place now that she has the money. If she has the money. Why didn't Chelsea read the document Daryl put in front of her? Could Daryl (and Anita!) be working with Adam? Could there be some clause about Adam getting Connor if Chelsea gets the money? That whole signing thing seemed off.

Anita asked Chelsea, "Did you ever consider Adam?" Chelsea said the Adam she knew and loved was gone. Anita's suggestion seemed a little off, but when she refused Chelsea's money and said, "Money isn't everything," I really had to wonder. Does she know something's up with the inheritance? Is she in cahoots with Daryl and/or Adam?

Chelsea apparently did get the money transferred, but she won't be designing again. She burned "way too many bridges" for that, plus she would want Chloe (who is returning, from articles I've read). Will she design again? It would be good for her to use her fortune to pursue her dream. As long as there are no issues with the money.

Connor and Chelsea's chat, about him missing Calvin and not wanting to talk about it, was touching. "What are we doing here? This is a nice place and all, but when are we going home?" he asked his mother. It was okay "for a visit, not to live." He said, "I don't have a dad anymore," at which point she had to tell him the truth, and he pushed to see Dad immediately. The reunion was touching. Adam really was a good dad to Connor and deserves to be in his life. He raised him until his "death." And the amnesia wasn't his fault.

Billy and the Night Visions (or Billy's Descent into Madness):

Billy is still a father, but he's become obsessed with the death of his oldest. I know that people who have lost children are never the same again. Some fall apart (he did that already), some marriages fail (he did that, too), and some make positive changes (think Adam Walsh for an extreme example). But the death of a child is not something that goes unnoticed. When Billy told Adam, "You better stop with what the hell you're doing," Adam looked like he thought Billy knew what he was planning with Christian. Billy did look a little ridiculous, stomping in all angry. He blamed Adam for the doll stuff, and Adam said he'd never do it. I believe Adam. I don't think Adam is gaslighting Billy.

Billy has been doing a lot more drinking lately, which may not be a good choice in general, but also probably isn't a good choice for someone with an addictive personality. Chelsea told Billy she'd stay in Genoa City. She even explained to his harsh questioning that she'd cared very deeply for Calvin. Billy admitted, "I'm having a lousy day, and I'm taking it out on you." He said that Adam being back was "complicated." That is an understatement. It's thrown him into a tailspin. Chelsea asked what was going on, and he said it was vivid dreams -- "It's getting to the point where I don't want to go to sleep." Chelsea did not think Adam put the doll in Billy's bed. Billy replied, "Just because you changed, Chelsea, it doesn't mean he has."

Insomnia can make a person mad. When he tried to take a nap, he tossed Delia's doll under the nightstand. Had he been his more rational self, he might have handled it more delicately.

I said, "Uh-oh," when Billy was back in the Chancellor mansion. He was sounding more and more unhinged as he demanded to know who was talking to him from the other side. And here's what I think: I think it's his subconscious making him act while he's sleepwalking or dreaming or something. Or, and this is soapiness based on things I've actually seen in people (although it's exceedingly rare in the real world, it's very common in soap operas) -- he may be experiencing dissociative episodes. This is what he wants. He hates Adam. He wants to stop Adam now.

Whether he's going insane or sleepwalking, Billy is probably going to be very dangerous for Adam. I should be concerned for Adam, but I'm not. I'm more concerned for Billy because I like him more. He owns his failings, for the most part. I wonder now, will Billy (as Jason Thompson) go into an asylum and come out looking like Billy Miller. I loved Billy Miller as Billy. Absolutely loved him. Loved him with Victoria. But, Jason Thompson has so owned this role that I don't want the actor to change.

As an aside, on Thursday, Sharon asked if he'd seen a therapist. Billy said the therapist had been good, but he believed that his situation might be too much for even a professional to handle. You can tell if you like a therapist or not in one week, usually. However, you can't tell that they can't possibly help you in a week. What is going on with him is deep and has gone on for a while. It's going to take some time. I hope he doesn't give up on it.

Phyllis' Redemption Tour:

Phyllis tried to bargain with Adam for Grand Phoenix after he caught her trying to sell off every bit of real estate his real estate company owned. She did try to do right by Nick, not sure if it was for remorse for so many things or if she had a personal motive. Nick was somewhat receptive to the overture, and Summer definitely appreciated it. Phyllis needed her to do something to redeem herself. Not sure if it was enough to get in others' good graces. She couldn't get the money she wanted to buy the Grand Phoenix herself, but I think if she had one hotel she ran and lived in, that might be a good, comfortable fit for her. She could make it a success and have enough to live on. And maybe get into less trouble.

Phyllis saw Michael, who was going to do business with Adam. She asked, "What kind of business?" Michael said, "You know I can't tell you." I hope her suspicion gets her connected to Lauren and they step in before Michael does any more damage to the people he cares about just to protect his brother from Adam. I hope he's planning something that will undermine Adam. At the very least, when all is said and done, he'll be able to prosecute Adam -- or not prosecute his friends, if he's elected D.A., that is. I suspect he will be.

Phyllis met with Theo to plan the launch party. He got nervous when Phyllis warned him about messing with Summer. It looked like he gulped. Theo framed himself as a hero for being "honest." He said Kyle was not used to working for anything, especially with women (to the mother of the woman who married him?). Theo was on a huge "undermine Kyle kick." He smirked as he got Phyllis upset then said Phyllis was making money for Adam, not herself. "Why should Adam get all of the rewards of my hard work?" she wondered.

Theo is stirring up the pot with Phyllis, who already has a grudge against Kyle. Part of me did wonder, though, is Phyllis going to seduce Theo as payback for Summer and Billy?

Pre-Wedding Jitters:

When Luke, who watches The Young and the Restless with me, saw Theo, he said, "God, I don't like him." I didn't disagree. I worry about this New York business. I don't want Kyle to be reprehensible. Theo already is. I worry about the impact it will have. I want Kyle to be who he seems now. We've watched him grow. I want it to be real.

Theo was the reason Celeste left. And Kyle knows Theo has an agenda. Kyle told Theo, "I have changed. You just don't like it. Growing up isn't your thing, so you don't want anyone else to do it." Kyle told Mariah that "Theo can't stand the fact that his party buddy found something better to do with his life." Mariah wouldn't let him elope, though, saying, "It kinda seems like Theo has a case of arrested development," and he only had as much power as Kyle gave him. Mariah opted to throw Kyle a bachelor party, "and one that you will actually enjoy," to stop Theo's relentlessness, and it would be one big, giant coed night -- to which Kyle could bring Lola. Of course, Abby was super jealous that Mariah was organizing the party.

Lola inviting Summer to the bachelor/bachelorette party was a big deal. These ladies are trying, even though it's hard. Summer inviting Theo? Not so great. When Theo said he would put his best foot forward, it was obvious he was plotting.

The lawnmower and the sprinkler were interesting dances, but it added an element of fun to the party and to the characters of Devon, Elena, Abby, and Nate.

When Lola convinced Kyle to let Theo stay at the party, my thoughts, spoken out loud, were, "You're going to regret letting him stay." Abby's condescending look toward Summer showed she agreed with me.

Random thoughts on the party: Romeo and Juliet, Marc Antony and Cleopatra -- not ideal romances, but sure, why not? Tessa's song was... short. Why didn't they cut the sound on Theo's toast? For the Miami beach theme, Sharon was in her most formal dress of the week -- and it was the most formal dress at the party. Mariah setting up Sharon and Rey did not work so well.

Summer tossed a bucket of ice water over Abby's head and blamed Abby. Luke made me replay the fight between Summer and Abby on Friday. And that motivated Kyle to fight with Theo? The party was awkward with Theo there. Summer might have been okay by herself, even though she would have felt uncomfortable. She and Abby seem like they'll never be friends, though.

Jack told Kyle, "I promise you, I will not come back without Lola's mother." Will he succeed in convincing Celeste to attend Lola's wedding?

If a girl was looking longingly at her ex, I don't think I'd carry her out to distract her. Summer was even jealous of Jack hugging Lola. But this doesn't interfere in Theo wanting to have fun. At the end of the week, Theo and Summer looked like they were having a little love in an elevator (never mind it breaking down). Who is going to walk in on them? Because you know someone will. Part of me wonders if it will be Phyllis and if she'll turn some of her ire toward Theo. The boy deserves it.

Abby and Nate:

Is Abby being immature? Yes, she's the maid of honor, but she seems quite upset that Mariah perhaps overstepped by planning a party. Should she have planned a bachelorette party? Well, my friend Luke thinks they should have had more traditional parties. I think the untraditional worked. It was like a casual reception where everyone could relax, in theory. Abby had made no plans. She threw a shower. Why can't there be a different take on the parties?

Also, Nate likes Abby, but... the girl needs to straighten out the signals she's sending. She's showing sides of herself that he's not finding so attractive, too. I think she knows Nate is a good guy. Has she had some fails in romance? Yes. But were there more red flags in the other relationships? I think so. Nate seems like a stable match for her. She could lose him. He and Elena are really hitting it off lately.

Lines of the Week:

Sharon to Nick, after Nick threw two punches: "You were pummeling him."

Chelsea to Nick in the understatement of the week: You need to get control of your emotions.

Nick to Chelsea about telling a child his previously assumed dead parent is alive: None of the parenting books have a chapter on that.

Lola to Rey about not informing Celeste about Lola's coma/surgery/hospitalization: I coulda called her too. Once I woke up.

Sharon to Billy when Billy said this was where it got weird in reference to the supernatural: Here is where it gets weird?

Random Observations:

Devon likes Lola's cooking video and wants a follow-up. I'm all for the poor-girl-makes-it-big storylines, but Lola hasn't failed at anything. Seems a little unrealistic to not run into a professional hurdle and have to overcome it.

The chocolate on Christian's face when he was eating the cookie looked realistic. My kid could not eat chocolate without wearing it. Not sure why he had lemonade with it, though.

Victoria's quilted black, yellow, and white skirt was interesting. It didn't look like something a wealthy CEO would wear.

Little Connor is a good actor. Judah Mackey, who started the role of Connor Newman on August 8, is believable.

After Monique led Christian away, the dual "Bye, son" from Nick and Adam was kind of a perfect soapy moment.

Closing Thoughts:

Well, that's it for this week. My big questions now are whether or not Kyle and Lola will get married, and who will end up parenting Christian! Until we meet again in this space, happy viewing, and know I'll be right here watching with you.

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