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Kyle decided to risk all, possibly angering a certain ferocious mogul and even losing the lady he loved, to claim paternity of his son. Will Harrison be the one paying the price in the end? Was Chelsea's next move to destroy Sharon's happiness after her reconciliation with Rey? And will her partner in crime lose the family that she constantly claimed to love so dearly? Will Victoria look for a match with Ashland to blow up Victor and Adam's new company? There was some crazy sibling bonding going on. Read all about it in Two Scoops.

I could not believe my ears when Adam tried to do some matchmaking with Sharon to get her back together with Rey. I mean, what's the deal?! Why is everyone in town trying to reunite Genoa City's most ho-hum couple, especially when they have absolutely no trust in each other? Sharon and Rey are the most interesting when they are having problems -- thanks to Adam. Yes, by separating this duo, Adam did the soap world a huge favor by injecting some spice to an otherwise dull storyline. And then Adam was the one who wanted to get them back together? Please, tell me that Adam was kidding and that the only match he wanted to make regarding Sharon and Rey would be to blow up their lives together. Please!

Sadly, Adam was being honest, because he was trying to change and to be a better person, so he picked reuniting Sharon and Rey as a start. Lucky us. I can already see my mind wandering during any future romantic scenes they have together. However, I will admit that my jaw dropped as I waited for lightning to strike (actually, it did, since there was a storm in our area at the time I was watching it) when Rey finally told Sharon that he was sorry for his part in any of the problems they were having. What? But of course, Sharon just tut-tutted him and tried to accept all the blame for their troubles. No wonder he treats her so poorly. She lets him. What happened to the Sharon who was trying to become a stronger, more independent woman? The lady got lost somewhere in the land of Rey.

So, all the Cupids in Genoa City got their wish, and Sharon and Rey reconciled. As my Dad used to say whenever the Detroit Lions would mess up during one of their plays -- puke! (He said that a lot.) I mean, watching paint dry on a wall is more exciting than this pair. Last week, Sharon flashed a huge smile to Adam, and you never see that when she's around Rey. The happiness shines on her face when she's around Nick, too -- but not with Rey. But this couple was destined to be...why exactly? Sharon's loved ones should be wishing for someone who really makes her happy to be her guy, not Rey. But because everyone in town, on the writing staff, in Never-Never Land wanted Rey and Sharon to be together, it had to be. It seemed to be all over but the crying.

But wait...Chelsea decided to give up her vendetta against Adam and chose to take out her revenge on the person she really believed had taken everything she had ever wanted away from her. Sharon. Oh, there's hope yet. Please, Chelsea, destroy what you perceive as Sharon's happiness by splitting her up with Rey. And it became even more likely when Sharon and Rey vowed that they wouldn't let anything else ever stop them from getting back on track. And then Rey vowed to Faith, their biggest cheerleading Cupid, that he would always stay with her mother and would never, ever let anyone threaten their marriage again -- ever. Oh, goody! The soap gods must have been smiling down on me, because any fan knows that when a character makes a solemn oath like that, it spells doom.

Chloe paid Adam a little visit and vowed to finally stop Adam for good. Okay, stop Adam from doing what? From trying to be a better man? Okay. Chelsea was the one who framed Adam for poisoning Rey, but somehow, in Chloe's mind, Adam was the one to blame. Maybe Chloe should have a room right next to her bestie's at the psychiatric facility. She blamed Adam for Chelsea's medical condition, but that was an accident. He hadn't made Chelsea intentionally fall in the elevator after he cut the power to the building. The new and improved Adam then had to resort to his old bag of tricks as he used Chloe's act as an accomplice against her. Shoot, the way she talked, Chloe and Chelsea were going to walk off together into the sunset. Whatever happened to Chloe's own family?

Kevin wondered the same thing when he noticed that his wife was "jumpy," and he asked if she'd had anything to do with Rey's poisoning. Chloe admitted that she had but denied ever knowing what her best friend was up to. Just as Kevin feared Chloe would be imprisoned, Rey popped in and continued to hound her, questioning if Chloe had known that Chelsea had been faking her paralysis, and she said no. You know, motherhood had appeared to agree with Chloe, since she was able to give up her revenge against Adam for quite some time for her family's sake. But she was back to square one, and Kevin had every reason to worry. Before he had to dash off, Rey made it clear that he suspected there was more to Chloe's story. Ahh...a detective's work is never done, not even for a bad detective.

Chelsea convinced her doctor that in order to mentally heal, she needed to talk to Rey right away to get his forgiveness, which was more than likely just a part of her latest scheme. Chelsea pleaded with Rey to forgive her and admitted that he had only been a means to an end, because she had felt a desperate loss due to Adam and Sharon's closeness. Without his understanding, Chelsea felt she couldn't go on. Oh, please! And she probably had a title to the Brooklyn Bridge that she was willing to sell him, too. But Rey later related to Sharon that Chelsea may have only been playing on his sympathies, which may have been a calculated move on her part, and since Chelsea admitted to Chloe that it was a strategic way to put her in a hospital rather than a prison, I'd say he was right.

Yet, Rey still couldn't let go, because he suspected that Chelsea faked her ranting and raving to gear up for a temporary insanity plea to avoid a prison sentence. However, Sharon wanted Rey to hand the case over to another detective, so they could move on from Chelsea's fantasies regarding Adam and Sharon. Of course, Nick was truly shocked that a past love of his could resort to such a diabolical ploy, but he also admitted that he had been wrong about Adam, even if Victoria and Billy still thought the worst of him. In the meantime, Victor was ready to get back in the corporate world and was out for war with Adam at his side. Ashland admired Victor's tactics in acquiring his company and appeared to be fine with the direction the new business was taking. But was he really?

Kyle and Summer were so lovey-dovey at their engagement party as they toasted each other with Champagne, when Tara waltzed in with little Harrison in tow. Poor little guy. He had to be so confused as Tara pleaded to talk to Kyle privately. Oh, Tara could just be the spark that ignites the match of Kyle and Summer to blow the lovebirds to kingdom come. No offense to the little birdies. Shockingly (or not), Ashland had resorted back to his evil, manipulative ways once he returned home with his family and had demanded a divorce from his wife. Because she had nowhere else to go and she wanted to protect her son, Tara ran straight to Kyle with his son in hand. Yeah, Harrison's greatest protection, but also the biggest threat to his safety, was Kyle being his biological father.

Well, if Kyle was going to accept responsibility as Harrison's daddy, he surely had some more growing up to do. I mean, really, I can't believe that Kyle wanted Summer there to hold his hand when Tara asked to talk to him privately. Kyle was a big boy, obviously, since he was able to help conceive a child several years prior. Summer wasn't with him when it happened, so Tara had every right to ask that their talk be just between the two of them. Tara let Kyle know that she had diverted Ashland to a family friend's home so that she would have time to convince Kyle to accept Harrison as his biological son. Kyle tried to put her off, of course, because, well, you know, kids can be such an inconvenience, especially when it's right in the middle of an engagement party.

However, Tara refused to let Kyle take his time in deciding, since Ashland had threatened to take her son away. If Kyle put his claim in as Harrison's biological daddy, Tara could then be granted full custody. Tara's diversion didn't last long, though, because Kyle found Ashland at his front door, and Ashland demanded to know where his family was. When Ashland was unable to get a satisfactory answer from either Kyle or later Phyllis, Kyle decided to reveal to the world that he was Harrison's baby daddy. Summer pleaded with him to keep quiet, because she was afraid that Ashland would retaliate against them all, but come on, we know that Summer just didn't want anything, not even Kyle's son, to rock their world. Man, Harrison was sure proving to be a major inconvenience.

After Kyle told Tara that he would claim paternity, Summer freaked out and ran practically boo-hooing to her mother, who figured out that Harrison was Kyle's son. Shoot, everyone in Genoa City should have figured that out by then. Of course, Jack will end up being the last one to know, but hey, he's only the boy's grandfather. Summer claimed that she was still gracious enough to be with Kyle, even if he had to be saddled with a kid, or something to that effect, and Phyllis stated that her family would be there to support her through such a horrible circumstance. When Kyle saw Summer later, he promised that they would somehow get through it, and it would be okay. Good grief, Summer and Kyle made his being a dad to a precious boy sound tragic. I mean, it's not like Kyle was dying.

So, Kyle picked Harrison over Jabot. Ashland ran into Tara and demanded to see Harrison. However, after Kyle spent a little time with his son, he wanted Harrison to move into the Abbott mansion. That adorable little boy was going to end up being the rope in a desperate game of tug of war. Kyle then decided it was time to fill Jack in on the entire truth. Ya think? Actually, it was way past time. I mean, the big reveal to Jack almost seemed to be a larger plot twist than the fact that Harrison was Kyle's son. Hey, what if Tara was only using Kyle as the baby daddy to gain full custody of her son, since she saw her husband as a tyrannical, controlling man whom she wanted to keep far away from her child? After all, Kyle only had her word for it. Now that would be a major plot twist.

Tessa still believed that she and the "stunningly beautiful" Mariah were a match made in heaven as she suggested that they have a date night to keep romance alive in Genoa City. Although the couple invited Abby along, she declined because she didn't want to horn in on their date -- and Mariah and Tessa didn't want to rub their happiness into Abby's face. When Victoria later stated that her sister had the trifecta with the perfect job, the perfect man, and the perfect child on the way, Abby lamented that her two loved ones weren't around, which left her feeling alone. It was great seeing the sisters do something other than bicker for a change. I can remember a time when Abby resented having trouble in finding her place in their family, and Victoria always seemed to forget all about her. See, Abby was able to find success and happiness even without her father's support. She did it all on her own.

Another crazy sibling bonding also happened to the two least likely characters, Nick and Adam, when the older brother stopped by to check on his younger bro's health. Nick even took the time to learn that Adam's interests included reading and poker and was amused at Adam's Vegas nickname, Grasshopper...uh, Spyder, when Victor arrived just in time to witness the special moment between his two sons. He was such a proud papa. Victor saw that Adam was trying to be a "new man" and decided that the name of their new company would be Newman Media. Catchy, right? That would surely get Victoria's goat. Victor still wanted the company to crush the competition, i.e., Billy, but I guess Adam could still turn over a new leaf, since it was a business "crush." Sure.

Lily continued to entice Billy with her beauty, smile, and clever wit, when she suggested some games of her own to play once his kids were all grown up, and Billy was a willing participant. As they discussed her rules and the punishment for breaking those rules, Victoria barged in. It was perfect timing, as usual, but since they were still in the workplace, Billy and Lily should turn their attention to business once in a while. Lily was completely on board to do another exposť on Adam, which was okay, because she was motivated professionally, not personally, which was where Billy kept going wrong. So, the gloves were off, and Lily was ready to take on Adam and Victor's media company, and if Victoria wanted to jump in with Newman Enterprises, she was ready to take her on, too. Go, Lily!

Billy then whisked Lily off for a little impromptu house hunting (that ended in a condo that looked exactly like the one Billy had with Phyllis, but wasn't), and Lily was thrilled. But first they ran into Victoria with Ashland in Society. They seem to bump into Victoria everywhere they go. Victoria was getting quite cozy with Ashland, as they admired each other. Victoria learned that Ashland intended on divorcing Tara, so she knew he was free game romantically, which she could possibly use as a weapon against Victor and Adam. As "kindred spirits," Ashland would be a great asset for Victoria in a power struggle against her father and brother. Nick should be glad that he was far away from this potential feud, especially if Victoria and Ashland became more than business adversaries.

Cupid was obviously flinging arrows in Moses' direction as he wistfully recollected his few past memories of his lovely fair maiden, Faith. Oh, yeah, Moses really wanted this match, because his flame was already burning red hot for his lady. But the youth showed that he was wise beyond his years by asking Devon for advice on Faith's parents. Yes, he was smart to try to find a way to get into Nick and Sharon's good graces. Fortunately, Faith was pretty gaga over the guy, too, which is always a good sign, right? It's rather difficult to pursue someone who has absolutely no interest in you, after all. Lucky for Moses, Devon knew that Nick and Sharon were good people who would be willing to give the young man a chance. Faith had just better hope that Moses didn't blow it.

Devon sure didn't need a matchmaker, because everyone knew from the moment Amanda stepped into town, they were destined to be together. And even though this current version of Amanda (hello, Karla Mosley!) wasn't exactly the spitting image of Hilary, Devon was still smitten as he supported her during Sutton's case. Even though Imani needed to be reminded that Sutton was Amanda's grandfather, too, she was added to Team Sutton once Amanda heard Imani say that even though she thought their grandfather was innocent, she believed that he was capable of killing. But although Amanda saw her spunk, she still didn't trust Imani as far as she could throw her. Aww...sisterly love.

Other notable (or humorous) items that happened during the week

It was so sad that Chelsea believed that she had no one left in the world except her attorney (a guy we'd never seen before) and Michael Baldwin, whose main desire was to make her pay for her crime. What happened to Connor? Yeah, Chelsea must be teetering on the brink of insanity if she has totally forgotten about her son's love for her.

Sally wasn't the one who spread the word about Kyle being Harrison's father, so I don't get Summer's anger at her. Summer should get smart and realize that she has a new, more threatening foe in town -- one who doesn't have red hair.

Summer knew Kyle's secret about Harrison. Summer's mother, Phyllis, knew about Kyle's secret. So, why didn't Phyllis think that Summer's father, Nick, should know? Maybe Phyllis just likes keeping secrets from Nick.

Rey obviously has never had kids, because any parent knows that you don't promise a teen something that you have no control over.

First, Phyllis messed up Summer's life, all in the name of protecting her from Sally, and then, she threatened Adam, because she felt Nick was too weak to take care of himself. Phyllis should realize that she does her loved ones no favors by creating problems that don't even exist. (Not yet, anyway.)

Nick adopted a new, terrific philosophy. "I'd like to believe there's a difference between having blinders on and keeping an open mind." Nick was willing to give his brother a second chance after Adam had saved Faith twice. It was just too bad that Victoria couldn't do the same and only wanted to have him banished from the family.

Until next time, please stay tuned.

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